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I've always loved you by HPismygodson
Chapter 1 : I've always loved you
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Surely the world has come to an end. There is no way the world can continue." This thought keeps circling through my mind as I stand in the doorway to the Great Hall.
Everyone is hurt, so many people are dead. I can't seem to move. I just stand there looking at all the carnage. Then I hear it. At first I can't figure out where the sound is coming from. Then I realize that the screaming is coming from a circle of red haired people. Even though I know I'm running I feel like I'm moving in slow motion. I can't get there fast enough. Please Merlin no. Please don't let it be him. Please don't let him be dead. I silently plead. So many people I know and love are dead. Please Merlin don't let me lose the man I love too.

I come to stop just behind the group of people that I've been trying so desperately to get to. I can't process what I'm seeing. It can't be. Fred can't be dead. I look at the group and see that their all crying and trying to comfort each other. I realize that the scream had come from George. He looks beyond help, beyond reach. All he's doing is holding his twin and crying. The occasional scream coming from him.

I slowly make my way to him, falling to my knees next to him. "George," I whisper,"George I'm so sorry. George, please you have to stop screaming please."

Just like that he stops screaming. What follows is even worse. My sweet wonderful George usually so full of life just sat there staring at me. Not moving, not saying anything. Just sitting there clutching Fred to him. "George," I whispered placing my hand on his shoulder, "George I'm so so sorry. George, please it's been two hours since the fighting ended. You need sleep. You need food. Please George come with me. Please Fred wouldn't want this. Please, we'll go down to the kitchens and get some food then we'll go sleep. I promise I won't leave you. Please Georgie."

"I can't. Hermione I can't leave him." George whispered his voice hoarse from the screaming.

"I won't leave you George. I promise." I begged tears coming to my eyes. "He's not alone you know. He's with Remus and Tonk and Sirius."

"Go with her George." Ron said leaning across Fred's body. "I'll stay with him for now. Percy and I will stay with him. I promise. Go eat, bring us some food. We'll all take turns. I promise George he won't be alone."

"Come on George. It'll be ok." I said trying to pry has hands from Fred.

"Ok, food. We'll get food. Don't leave me Hermione. Please don't leave me." George begged with tears in his eyes.

After eating we took some food back to the Great Hall. We found Ron and Percy sitting with Fred, not speaking just staring into space. We gave them food then I managed to drag George off to an empty classroom that looked to be relatively in one piece. I conjured a bed and convinced George to get in bed. Just as i was about to conjure another bed for me George spoke up, "Please Mione."

He didn't need to speak again for me to know what he was trying to ask. I climbed into bed next to him and tried to get comfortable. All of a sudden I felt George's arms around me and heard him whisper, "Thank you Hermione."

I rolled over and without thinking I kissed him. "I will always be here for you Georgie. Now go to sleep."

My last thought as I drifted off to sleep was that even with all the death and all the destruction that had happened over the last couple of years, especially in the last 24 hours, there was still goodness in the world. There was still love. The last thing I saw before exhaustion over took me was a small smile on George's face.

I awoke later in the day to find George still sound asleep with his arms still around me. I wanted to just let him sleep for days on end, but I knew he had to wake up. I could hear people walking around outside and knew his family would soon be looking for him. I gently kissed him on the cheek hoping it would be enough to wake him. "Wake up Georgie." I whispered. I giggled as he groaned and tried to roll over not realizing that one of his arms was trapped under me. "Come on George. It's time to get up. You're family is going to be looking for us soon. Come on Georgie. Get up."

"Fine, fine. I'm up." He groaned. "Hermione there's one thing before we leave and go back to face the world."

"What is it George?"

"I love you Hermione Granger. I have for years. I was just to afraid to say anything. Fred's death made me realize that you never know when you're time will be up. I know I..."

With that I kissed him. "Shut up George. I love you too."

"Really?" He asked sounding amazed.

"Really. Now come on let's go see what we can do." I said finally crawling out of bed. When I reached the door I turned and wrapped my arms around George. "I'll never leave you George. I promise. I love you." I said as I kissed him.

With that we left the room and faced the world. My arm around George's waist and his around my shoulders. I knew we would face whatever the day might bring together and would be there for each other until the end of time. 


This is my first one-shot. I would love some feedback.

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I've always loved you: I've always loved you


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