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Cheating the Bet by Ryebread
Chapter 20 : Epilogue
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Two or so years later:

Al’s POV:

I held onto Allie’s hand as we ran through the pouring rain to our house in a muggle suburb. Though it was evening, we apparated obscurely behind some trees after getting back from the Longbottom residence. Officially, we went there for dinner, but off the record, I had another motive.

She laughed as our feet splashed through the puddles and watered down our already soaked feet. Our clothes were cold and completely drenched as I grabbed my slipper keys from my pocket and unlocked the door.

We rushed inside at the same time, both of us squeezing through the door. The carpet beneath our feet was damp from the dripping water.

“Help me get this off,” Allie said, struggling with her jacket. She turned around and I pulled off the coat and tossed the wet garment onto the floor.

“Do you need help to get this off, too?” I asked teasingly, playing with the hem of her shirt. Allie laughed and smacked my searching hands away. I pretended to pout, sticking my lower lip out.

“Don’t stick your lip out like that, Al. You look like a fish,” she joked with a small smirk on her face that mirrored my own. When I continued to pout, she kissed me, hands grasping my wet, shaggy hair. She bit my lower lip lightly and skipped away before I could wrap my arms around her. Allie giggled and went towards down the hall towards our bedroom.

“Are you coming, Al?” she asked. “I’m cold.” I could see her shirt fly across the hall and hit the floor by the hall entrance.

“Yeah. Just a minute,” I called out. I needed a moment to collect my thoughts. Reaching into my coat pocket, I fiddled with the box inside it. The velvet was slightly damp. I pulled the black box out and opened it. Though the outside had gotten a taste of the rain, the inside was perfectly dry. White silk covered the inside of the box and surrounded a silvery ring.

I had bought it a few weeks ago, although I had been searching for the perfect ring for months. It was silver with three diamonds in the band on either side of the middle one. At two karats, the diamond flashed in the light and shone brilliantly, as it was supposed to, since I cleaned it every day.

I closed the box and shoved it back in my pocket.

I needed one more moment to collect my nerves.

How did I ever get so lucky? Allie was absolutely amazing and she decided to date me. How that happened, I have no idea. For a long time I thought about exactly what I wanted to say, but even now, words escaped me.

The rational part of me knew she would say yes. After all, we’d been dating for a little over two years (if you don’t count our break up period). The irrational part of me worried that I would be rejected; she was Alice Longbottom. I pushed those thoughts away and focused on what I was going to say.

When I talked to her father tonight and asked for her hand, I assured him that I had it all worked out. That was a bit of a lie. I had no idea what to say to her because nothing seemed perfect enough. Nothing expressed just exactly how I felt. What could I possibly say to show her that she was the most important person to me?

What the hell. I’m just going to wing it.

Allie’s POV:

I wiggled out of Al’s grasp and darted for the hallway leading to our bedroom, giggling all the way. I stripped out of my wet shirt while I waited for Al.

“Are you coming, Al?” I asked him seductively. “I’m cold.” Then, I threw my shirt into the hallway where he could see it. After taking off my soaked and heavy jeans, I crawled under the covers in my damp undergarments.

Minutes later, Al came in looking a little paler than usual. I figured that he must be cold because his expression displayed no outward discomfort. He had his signature smirk on his face, though it was mixed with genuine happiness, not just arrogance.

I gave him a “come hither” gesture with two fingers. His grin got broader and he slipped off his jacket as he stood by the bed. It fell to the floor right by the right side; his side. I could see his abs through his wet, light green, button-down shirt and seconds later there was no shirt at all. When he was in just his boxers, he slid in next to me and draped his arm over my waist.

He kissed me lightly before pulling back and tucking my soaking, tangled hair behind my ear.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. I still blushed and smiled stupidly every time he said that.

“You’re pretty good looking yourself,” I said. Al just rolled his eyes.

“I was being serious. You’re beautiful and brilliant and hilarious and fun and fiery and brave. You’re amazing, Allie,” he said sincerely, looking straight into my eyes. I blushed some more.

“Allie,” he said.

“Al,” I said back, mocking his seriousness. He raised an eyebrow, but other than that, he ignored my teasing.

"These past couple years with you have been the best of my life, you know that, right?”

“Even with the whole kidnapping thing and the break up and the deaths and—,” he put his hand over my mouth.

“Okay, it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns, but it’s been great, okay? Just stop talking. You’re making this difficult,” he said. I agreed to stay quiet, seeing the silent plea on his face.

“You don’t know how bloody lucky I feel that you chose to be with me. You could have any guy you wanted, I’m sure,” he started. I rolled my eyes at that last part. “It’s true. Don’t roll your eyes. You could, yet you chose to love me and for that, I’m grateful. We’ve been together for a long time and, well…,” he trailed off and maneuvered to grab something on the floor.

Al pulled a small, black, velvet box from behind his back. I stared at it with wide eyes, unable to say a word.

“Allie, will you make me the happiest person on Earth? Will you marry me?”

I kept opening and closing my mouth, not able to think of the word that I need to say. It was on the tip of my tongue, but my brain couldn’t think. Tears of joy travelled down my face and onto the sheets.

Finally, my mind figured out the word “yes”.

I wrapped my arms around Al.

“Yes,” I said. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” Each time my voice got a little louder and a little higher.

I stopped hugging Al so I could see his face. He looking at me with a surprised grin, as if he didn’t think I would say yes.

He may have thought that he was the lucky one; that he was the one who won the lottery, but Al was wrong. I was the winner. I found the love of my life and was ready to spend the rest of my life with him. I was the happiest person on Earth.


A/N: It's finally over! I know it's not long, but I wanted it short, sweet and to the point (emphasis on the sweet). Also I just want to thank everybody who read it and reviewed it. You guys are amazing. 

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