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Such is Life by timeturner_4197
Chapter 2 : Daydreams and Day Drags
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I walk to potions on a Monday morning with a determined skip in my step when I feel a hand on my shoulder.

“Hey, Rosie! Where’s the fire?”

I turn to meet the face of my cousin Dom smiling at me.

“Oh, hey Dom. How’s your morning?”

“Eh, okay I guess. I woke up with this awful headache and that’s why I wasn’t at breakfast and…”

She starts rambling and I sort of tune her out. Dom is one of my best friends. She’s in my year (sixth) and in Gryffindor also. Being part veela, she’s absolutely gorgeous. The way she flicks her strawberry blonde hair and winks her sparkling blue eyes drives the boys mad (and even some girls.)But don’t be fooled. She is knocked down a couple of scales by her lack of manners and clumsy essence. And she’s just as crazy as the others. But I like her that way I suppose.

“So did you write your potions essay? I heard Slughorn is grading this one really hard,” she says.

“Of course I did, Dom, who do you think I a-,” my sentence is cut short by my cousin Al and his best friend’s arrival.

Oh gosh. I can feel my heart start to speed up and my hands getting sweatier. Excuse me, but I might throw up.

Scorpius Malfoy. The one I was telling you about. He drives me crazy. I’m completely infatuated with him and it’s kind of embarrassing. Even though he is best friends with Al, I act like I hate him. It’s kind of our job to hate each other since our dads are enemies, you know, tradition and stuff. But I don’t hate him. I’m kind of in love with him but no one in the past four years has noticed since they are all preoccupied with their own lives. I act really weird around him, too like I’ve never seen a specimen of the male species before. My face gets all hot and I don’t look him in the eye and then I’ll randomly shout stuff like, “NICE COMB OVER MALFOY.” But he doesn’t have a comb over and now I’m rambling.



Like I said, he makes me crazy.



We’ve had some civil conversations though. Like in fourth year he told me he liked my hair when I wore it in a pony tail. And I ran into him in the corridor one time and I said, “Oh, sorry.” And he said, “You’re fine.”

Oh and that one time when we might have snogged at a party James had over the summer...

But, you know, those are very uncommon.

“Hey guys ready for some potions? That essay was killer,” Al says.

“Yeah, I was up until about one finishing it,” Scorpius adds.

Isn’t it so cute how dedicated he is?

“In the morning? Holy shit I would rather ride a hippogriff than stay up that late doing potions. I tip my hat to you Malfoy,” Dom pipes in. She has a terrible fear of hippogriffs. “Did you think it was hard Rose?”

“Uh, no not really I finished it about a week ago like a responsible student.”

I think Malfoy takes offense to that. He looks a little taken back and kind of raises is eyebrows in a weird way. Good.

Oh man he’s kind of glaring at me now. I feel red.

“Uh, alright let’s get a move on. We don’t want to be late,” Al says breaking the awkward stare off between me and Scorpius.


I walk over to my assigned seat when I arrive to class. I quite enjoy potions. I find brewing very relaxing.

“Good morning, good morning!” Slughorn greets us. “Why don’t you pass forward those essays and we’ll start our lesson for today!”

I half mindedly passed forward my essay and Slughorn starts teaching. He mentions something about a wolfsbane potion and my mind starts to wander off. It’s quite unlike me to not pay attention but this class was different. Scorpius sits right in front of me and it’s not uncommon to find a puddle of drool on my desk when I wake up from my daydreams.

I start to think about that kiss we shared over summer…

It’s not like it meant anything. I keep telling myself that. I know it didn’t mean anything. We were both drunk and he probably doesn’t even remember. If he did he probably really regrets it or doesn’t care. Everyone snogs people when they’re tipsy. Heck, even I made out with Frank Longbottom once at Dom’s sixteenth birthday party.

Ew. Now that is something I regret. I hope Frank didn’t think anything of that kiss like I think something of mine and Scorpius’.

I tune back in.

“Now for this project I will pair you up. You will write an essay on the potion and brew it together. Now let’s begin.”

Ugh I hate working with people. I’m smarter than everyone so I’ll probably be doing all the work.

Wow, I’m kind of a bitch.

“Sam Anderson with Parker Nott,” Slughorn begins.

Maybe I’ll luck out and get paired with Al or someone.

“Albus Potter with Caroline King.”

Oh, poop.

“Dominique Weasley with Thomas Henry.”


“Sarah Wood and Mark Elliot.”

Come on Slughorn get to it, mate.

“Ryan Oliver and Janna Goyle.

Oh darn. Ryan is kind of hot.

“Rose Weasley with Scorpius Malfoy.”




Oh, uhm, shit?







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Such is Life: Daydreams and Day Drags


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