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Tyrant Thoughts by kalanapatheis150
Chapter 2 : The eyes are the door to the soul
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 The girls celebrated Luna's birthday in the dormitories. When it got late they got to talking. Sitting by he window, they were discussing about how things were in their lives after Voldemorts defeat. They did have a lot to say to each other but the scars from the war still remained in their hearts hurting them in a way none of them realized.

Luna started talking.


“I feel I lost a big part of me in the war. Its like something, some piece of me stayed there. The hardest part for me was when my father was taken in Azkaban. I was so upset. I didn't know what to do. But I always knew Harry would destroy Voldemort. I wouldn't give up on him, ever!!” said Luna “Anyways, now he is out. He didn't stay in for a long time. Right after that, me and dad repaired the house. It took us two day to fix everything and until then we slept is a tent right under some trees by the hill. It was fun actually. We should have stayed longer.”


“Luna, I have to ask, what's going on with you and Neville?” said Ginny.


“At the final battle he came to me and told me he was in love me. Everything was a blur and I didn't have the chance to tell him that I love him too. But now he is different. I know he has feelings for me but some kind of distance grew between us. Maybe I should do something about that.” said Luna.


“Yes I think you should” said Hermione


“Your turn Hermione” said Ginny.


“No, i'm not in the mood for talking now. I'm sorry Gin. You should say what you feel and I'll go after you”.


“I have pretty much blocked everything related to the battle, out of my head. Every time I think about it Fred is the first I think about and it makes me ache...”


The girls immediately ran to Ginny, sat by her side and got together in a big honest hug. Molly and Arthur lost a son, Ginny and the boys lost a brother and Hermione, Ron and Harry lost a friend. You could see the agony in their faces. Ginny continued.


“You don't need to worry about me, I have come to terms with that, there is really nothing I can do. Everything changed after that. All is different, not in bad way, but not in a good way either. I lost someone, but I found someone. I found Harry. He hasn't left my side since then. I feel so happy and comfortable with him. I love him. And I haven't told him yet....”

“And after all I have you too. I'm so happy you are both in my life.” said Ginny with a smile.


Her honesty and her ability to confront her feelings is what made Hermione admire her a lot. She knew Ginny was strong but not this much.


“Hermione, I think you should speak to us. Its going to help you” Luna said


“You know what happened” started Hermione “I feel like its a joke, like someone is pulling a prank on me but ok, I've talked about it enough. Its still fresh and painfull and I don't wanna talk about it.”


“Ok since you don't want to then its ok” said Ginny.


“Ron?” asked Luna.


“Ron what?” said Hermione.


'Oh come on what's going on?”said Ginny


“Oh nothing really. After the battle and Freds death he has pulled himself away from me. Only now that I lost my parents he started approaching me again but only for comfort. I know he feels awkward. Maybe he still has feelings for me, maybe he doesn't” said Hermione.


“How about you?”


“I'm confused”.


It was late, Its was cold. They decided to go to sleep to dream their troubles and their thoughts away. They felt something. Somehow the battle wasn't over.


The next morning they were all eating breakfast in the Great Hall. They were all there discussing about how lucky they were to have McGonagall as their Headmistress this year. She was know to be strict as a professor but her love for Hogwarts and for her students was limitless.

As they were talking someone got Hermione's eye. Right across them in the Slytherin table, sat none other than Draco Malfoy.


“Oh my God!!”Hermione said. “Malfoy!”


They all automatically turned their heads. Harry, Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville.


“Well that was discrete!” said Neville. “What the hell is he doing here?”


“He's got some nerve coming back here! How dare he?” Shouted Ron.


Malfoy turned his head as he obviously heard what Ron said. But a second later he went back to his breakfast. He heaerd them but he ignored them.


“Weren't the Malfoys supposed to be in hiding?” asked Luna.

“Yes, along with the rest of the death eaters. I heard that the Malfoy family changed the location of the Malfoy Manor. Its like they literally took their house with them. Its nothing there where it used to be.” said Harry.


“I don't feel good about him being here...I feel like he is up to something” said Hermione and when she put her eyes on him she realized he had been staring at her. Draco Malfoy was looking right through her eyes. You know the phrase “the eyes are the door to the soul”? Hermione felt like he was trying to open that door and definately not for a good reason.

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