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Hermione Zabini?? Why me... by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 18 : Togas and Rumors
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“Draco…” My voice came out in a whisper.  I couldn’t believe the sight before me.  So this is what he was doing after his last class, secretive lil devil.


Taking a step inside the room my foot met with something springy.  I looked down to see a carpet of moss.  The whole room looked like an enchanted forest surrounding Athenian pillars.  Fairy lights and candles hung from all the trees giving the room a faint glow.  Boughs of ivy and flowers were also draped from the trees.


And Draco stood in the center in a small clearing.  The land beneath his feet was strewn with flower petals and a cream table cloth had been placed there.


I took him in.  He looked incredible and had the most beautiful of smiles upon his face.  I felt myself starting to drool as my eyes grazed over his bare chest.  He was wearing a green and silver toga that draped across one shoulder bringing my eyes to linger on his strong arms.  He also had a crown atop his golden hair; his was silver and looked like the spikes of a sun.  He was barefoot which I was pleased to see.


“Oberon I presume?”  I addressed him, his face lit up even more.  Closing the door behind me I gazed at the room again.


I can’t believe he would go through this much trouble for me.  For ME.  I deserve this right?  One can only hope.


Taking a step forward, Draco spoke.  “Hermione, you look… you look exquisite.” He held out his hand for me and I accepted.  We walked to the clearing and I noticed he had arranged a picnic for dessert.


“Draco this is so beautiful…so romantic and-”


“All for you, my Gryffindor Princess.” He caressed my cheek and brought my hand to his lips to place a gentle kiss upon it.


“You… you’ve created ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ for me.  From the names on the note, to the clothes and then this room.  I…”


“You like it?”


I shook my head and his smile fell.  “I love it Draco.  I’ve never had a better birthday.  Thank you.” We embraced each other then he pulled back to present me with a single purple flower that he said was called a viscaria.  The note attached simply read:


Will you dance with me?’


I smiled and nodded.  He held my hand in his and slid his other over my back, sending shivers up my spine.  He pulled me closer into his body.  I ran my fingers up his ivory skinned arm and watched his muscles contract beneath my touch.  My eyes followed the movement as my fingers trailed lightly over his broad shoulders, down to his collarbone and up to his neck.  I leaned in and brushed my lips against the soft skin there and heard Draco sigh.  Looking up at his face I saw him watching me, his eyes dark and longing.


I wasn’t afraid anymore.  This was perfect.  He was perfect.


I continued my trail up his neck, across his jaw and to his pink lips.


Perfection… I continued my examination of his face, moving my fingers over his cheeks, his nose and back to his lips as we swayed to the music that the room had provided us.


“Kiss me…” Draco’s hot breathe and hushed words fanned across my fingertips.  Gazing into his eyes I raised myself on tiptoes and left light kisses, slowly starting from the edge of his jaw line to his lips.  With every kiss he brought me closer into his body.  When I reached his lips I placed a gentle tender kiss there and pulled away.  His eyes lingered on my lips and he leaned in.  I lightly brushed mine over his and pulled away again.


I heard him growl deep in his throat at the game I was playing and all of a sudden his lips crashed onto mine.  I didn’t pull away this time.  He was hungry and so was I.  Desire pooled in the pit of my stomach as he deepened the kiss.


I moaned as he ran his hand over the tender skin on my back from my neck down to where the V of fabric stopped right above my bum.  Entwining my hands in his hair I brought him even closer.  Starved of air I finally broke the kiss, my chest heaving against his.  He took advantage of the break to trail his lips down my neck. 


Draco continued his assault on my body and trailed his fingers up to my shoulders.  My mind was a jumble by what he was doing to my mouth; I only faintly noticed his fingers sliding the fabric off my shoulders.  The first shoulder fell, but I didn’t care.  I ran my hands over his exposed torso.  His sculpted body trembled at my touch.


Suddenly the second strap was off and the top half of my body was bare.  In retaliation I pushed the top of his toga off his shoulder.  Draco smiled then wrapped both arms around my lower back to lift me in the air up to him.  I encircled his waist with my legs to help hold my weight.  I ran my fingers through his hair and gazed into his beautiful eyes. 

“Draco…” I whimpered.  “Make love to me Draco…”


His lips were back on mine, sucking, teasing, biting, loving me.  

“I want you so bad Hermione… I don’t know how much more of this I can handle…” His chest was heaving.

I put my feet on the ground and made him unwind his arms from my waist.  He looked like he was in pain.  He didn’t understand.  I took a step backwards and when I was free from his grasp I let the fabric of my dress fall and pool around my feet.  Draco let his toga fall off his hips.

He took a step forward and I took a step back.  He looked like a predator stalking his prey.  Another step and I was met with something hard but soft.  I turned around to see the most gorgeous bed.  Four posters made from bare trees, vines and flowers strung between them.  Soft lilac silk sheets and fluffy pillows adorned the bed.  I was brought out my thoughts when I felt Draco’s arms wrap around me in a loving embrace.

His mouth found my neck again and he bit down with a growl.  I didn’t feel the pain.  I didn’t even care if I had a mark there tomorrow.  Tonight was the only thing that mattered.  Draco was the only thing that mattered.


He moved next to me to the edge of the bed and crawled on then turned around on his knees to face me.  I crawled onto the bed as well and continued to move around him to lie back onto the pillows.  Draco’s eyes followed my every movement.  He came to join me and hovered over me looking apprehensive.


“Are you sure about this?” I could hear the fear of rejection in his voice.  I nodded.


“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life…” I whispered to him lovingly.  His face broke out into a smile and I felt my heart soar.  He lowered his head to kiss my lips gently then continued his kisses down my neck.  I could feel my heart beating rapidly.


His teeth skimmed my skin and he shed both of us of the rest of our clothes.  I felt alive, free.  Heat was building up in my body; I couldn’t take much more of this.  I wanted him.


“Draco please…” I begged and in response he just lightly kissed me again.  


“If I hurt you in anyway tell me and we’ll stop alright?”


“Yes.  I love you Draco.”


He waved his wand over me and murmured a contraception charm.  Thank Merlin he remembered, my brain didn’t register anything important at that moment.


He brought his lips down to meet mine in a fiery passionate kiss.  “I love you too Hermione.”


Draco was amazing, loving, tender.  He made sure I was comfortable and felt safe in his arms.  It was the most intense experience being loved by him... I finally fell back onto the bed and my body hummed in pleasure.

“Bloody hell Hermione…” Draco swore and breathed out my name.  Panting heavily he fell against my heaving chest.  We both lay there, trying to catch our breaths.


A few minutes later Draco leaned on his elbows to look into my eyes.  I sighed in happiness and brought his face down to mine to tenderly kiss and suck on his lips.


“I love you…” I whispered against his mouth.  I felt him smile and kiss me again.


“I love you more than anything Hermione.” I kissed him again until he pulled away to look at me with nervous eyes.




“Was… was it ok?” He looked to the side and furrowed his eyebrows.  I cupped his cheeks and he worried his lip while bringing his eyes back to mine.


“What do you mean?  It was perfect.  Absolutely amazing Draco.” I reasurred him. “What’s wrong?”


“Well I- I’ve only done it once before.  Right before the battle of Hogwarts.   I didn’t want to die a virgin…” Draco admitted and I was astonished.


“How?  I mean… the rumors; you’re the Slytherin Sex God.  Wha- I don’t understand.” He smiled a bit and shook his head.


“Rumors, that’s all they were love.” He sat up on the bed next to me while I lay there confusedly in the silk sheets.  He traced my curves with his hand.  I closed my eyes while a smile lit my face.


“Sure, I may have dated or kissed a bunch of girls, but… I felt like something was missing.  What I felt the first time I kissed you… that was what was missing.  You were what was missing.” Draco spoke his last words softly.  I opened my eyes and looked up to him.  His gaze was sweet and loving, passionate and true.  I sat up and embraced him.


“Draco… you were what was missing from my life too.  I’m so glad you were my first.”


“I wasted so many years without you… hating you.  I wish things would have been different.”


I laid my head on his shoulder and planted small kisses on his collarbone.


“If things were different back then, we wouldn’t be here now.  I’m exhausted.  Let’s get some sleep.” We laid back down on the bed in a tangle of limbs and sheets and peacefully fell asleep in each others arms.




“Draco love… it’s time to get up.” It was 7 am the morning after my toe curling, absolutely wonderful, better than chocolate night with Draco.


I feel like singing, jumping around, just making a total fool out of myself basically.   


“Draco we have class in an hour, please wake up my Slytherin Prince.”  Ouch how corny was that.  Oh well, at least that got him to smirk and open one of his eyes.


“I don’t wana go.” He pouted and pulled me on top of him.  “I could stay here forever.  We have a bed, Winky and my house elf friends could bring us food, the room will provide us with a bathroom and clothes.  And I have you right here with me.  I don’t need anything else.”


“I know love, but… mmmm…” I started to counter his offer, but when he started running his hands along my body and nibbling my ear I was done for.  “Ok, ok… we can stay.”


Draco skipped 2nd class as well.  I had a free period so I didn’t mind.  We spent about 2 ½ hours in bed just exploring each other.  By the time we were done with the 2nd time since we woke up we were exhausted again.  Draco wanted to sleep but I was not going to have us missing anymore classes.


We hurried back to our dorm, showered… together… got dressed, grabbed our books and were out the door both smiling like fools.  I stopped a few times along the semi empty halls and pulled Draco into the shadows for a quick snog session.


“Damn, it’s like a switch was flipped.  You’re attacking me every chance you get.  I like it.” I laughed at Draco’s analysis and pulled him the rest of the way to the dungeons for DADA.


“Do we have to?  Seeing him is going to ruin my day.” He whined when we got to the classroom.  I nuzzled my face in his neck and kissed my way to his ear.


“If you’re a good boy then I’ll reward you tonight.” I whispered seductively.  He made a growling sound and crashed his lips onto mine.  This was how Blaise and Ginny found us, snogging outside our classroom.


“Get a room.” Ginny sounded disgusted but when I pulled away I could see the corners of her lips twitch upward.


“Sorry.” I smiled because I wasn’t sorry at all.  Ginny furrowed her eyebrows at my obvious ecstatic mood then her face turned to pure shock.  I gave her a ‘please not in front of Blaise’ look.  With eyes wide she clamped her mouth shut and nodded.


Thank Merlin Ginny; I don’t need a dead boyfriend and a brother in Azkaban.


Throughout class Draco held my hand in his and kissed my palm every once in a while.  Blaise kept making gagging sounds behind us.  When the period was over Ginny pulled me out of Draco’s grasp claiming she needed help with something ‘girly’ and that we would meet them at lunch and sit at the Slytherin table today.


When we got into the girl’s bathroom she checked under all the stalls, locked the door and cast a Muffliato before rounding on me.


“YOU HAD SEX!” She was jumping up and down like the news somehow changed her life for the better.


“Ginny!  How did you know so quickly when you saw us?  Are you an Occlumens?  Oh Merlin, is Blaise??!!  He’s guna kill Draco if he finds out.” I sunk to the floor and felt like I was having a panic attack.


“Hermione breathe.  No I am not an Occlumens and neither is Blaise.  I just saw that you were glowing and there was just something different in your eyes, Draco’s as well.  You just looked connected, I don’t know.  I think it’s something only a girl notices.”  My breathing was returning to normal and Ginny helped me to my feet.  “So, how was it… how was he?”


“Ginerva Weasley I am not sharing something that private with you!” I yelled into the air.


“Really?” Ginny pouted at me and I had to laugh.


“Of course I am!” She smiled and punched me on the arm.  Hard.  “Oww, Weasley’s are all so violent.  Anyway.  It was amazing.  He set up the entire ROR like an enchanted forest from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ which is my favorite Shakespearian play.  He even bought us outfits to be the King and Queen fairies and used their names in a card he placed on top of my dress.  It was magical, cliché I know, but there really aren’t any other words.”


Ginny sighed and leaned against the wall.  “You’ve got one romantic boyfriend there.  Sure Blaise is romantic in his own way, but Draco just goes above and beyond normal standards.  So was he good?  I mean he had to be right, he’s had a lot of experience.”


“That’s the thing Gin, I thought he did too, but when we finished he had this really weird look in his eye.  When I asked what was wrong he told me it was only his second time; that all those stories girls told were just rumors.  That’s exactly the face I had on.  He said he didn’t want to die a virgin during the war and then he was waiting until he found a person that filled the void that was missing with every other girl he kissed.  And as for how he was… think of your favorite chocolate, multiply it by infinity and it will still never be as good.”


“Wow, even Toblerone?” I nodded.  “You are one lucky girl Mione.  Never let that boy go.”


“I definitely won’t.  And I’ll ask Draco to give Blaise some tips on how to be more romantic.  Come on, I’m starving.  Draco and I missed breakfast.” Ginny shook her head and laughed.


“By the way, nice bite mark on your neck.” She slipped out the door laughing.


“Shit!” I put a concealment charm on it and took down the spells on the room before joining her in the hall.


When we got there we walked to the Slytherin table and sat with our boys.


“Hey Mi, do you know what’s got Draco here all cheerful today?” Blaise questioned me.


I froze in my seat and looked towards Ginny.  She was trying to hide a smile as well as Draco.


“Bloody hell you guys had sex!” Pansy who was on the opposite side of Blaise loudly whispered accusingly across the table.


“Thanks Pansy I don’t think the guy at the end of the table heard you!” I whisper yelled back.


“YOU WHAT!?” Blaise stood up and was gripping his wand tightly, ready to attack his best friend.


“Blaise calm down please, we can go talk about this somewhere else.” I tried to calm him down but he wasn’t having any of that.


“Malfoy, a word with you!” Draco looked terrified.


“Blaise mate maybe we should deal with this later.” He slowly got up and walked backwards towards the exit as Blaise followed him out.


As soon as they were out the Hall doors we heard Blaise shout.




Ginny and I looked at each other and panicked.  Everyone was hurrying out of the hall to see what was going on and Ginny and I had to push our way through them.  We rushed out the front doors to see Draco running towards the Black Lake and Blaise not far behind.  The two of us ran after them.


“BLAISE ZABINI YOU STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!” I screamed at the top of my lungs but didn’t get a response from my brother.  “He’s really going to kill him.”


Ginny looked at me with fearful eyes and we ran even faster.  When we reached them Blaise had forced Draco into the lake.  Why didn’t he just use his wand?


“What’s with my brother and having to use his hands instead of his wand?”


“I don’t know but we better get in there before Blaise drowns your boyfriend”


“Right.” We trudged into the murky water and grabbed on to Blaise.


“HOW COULD YOU MALFOY!  SHE’S MY SISTER!” Blaise was still screaming and struggling against us.


“Blaise don’t make us use our wands!  Ginny knows some pretty harsh spells.”  We finally got him out of the water and sitting on the bank.  He was breathing heavily and had his head in his hands.  Draco walked out of the lake in the same condition and took a seat next to Blaise.


“Blaise listen, I’m sorry you’re reacting this way.  But… I don’t regret it.  Oh don’t give me that look man.  You know I love her.  You’ve know me since we were kids.  Have I ever been this way with anyone, ever?”


“No.” Blaise’s reply came out in a whisper.


“Exactly.  I’m head over heels in love with her and I’m going to marry her some day.  You don’t have to worry; she’s completely safe with me.”  Draco clapped Blaise on the back.


“Sorry mate.  I just… I don’t know what I expected, I mean hell.  Ginny and I have been going at it since the summer.” Blaise laughed then looked up in horror at Ginny.


“GINERVA MOLLY WEASLEY!” It was my turn to run after Ginny.


How could she not tell me!  Not that I really want to know, it is my brother, but still!  I chased her past the students on the lawn and back into the castle.  The two soaking wet boys ran after us and Draco finally caught me when I had Ginny cornered in the Great Hall.


“Why didn’t you tell me?!” I half screamed at her.  She flushed red from embarrassment.


“It’s your brother; it’s weird.  I didn’t know how you’d take it.”


“One- good point and two- apparently not well.  Ugh whatever, I gota get to class.” I pulled out of Draco’s grip and grabbed my books for class.


During Arithmacy, I received a bouquet of ivory tea roses with the note:

‘I’ll remember… always.’




A/N: I do NOT own anything from Shakespeare including ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ Obviously.  Nor anything associated with Harry Potter.


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