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To Say by GinnyLilyana
Chapter 4 : Decisions
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 A/N: Hey guys! I usually don't do these but I figured since the awesome validators are getting stories updated so quickly I'd throw this in here.


I'm getting oodles and oodles of reads on this story - for which I thank you! But I've had three reviews, which is mildly disappointing. If you like it, please, please let me know! What do you want to happen next? What do you think? Am I writing Hermione/Harry/Ron/Blahblahblah well enough? If you hate it, please tell me why! 


I can only get better if you give me your feedback. Thank you so much and happy, happy reading!



Today was the day I went to St. Mungo’s to set up an appointment. Ron and I used the Floo network to get there, and it was very slow in the baby ward.


We walked up to the front desk and a kindly woman looked up and smiled a pleasant smile.


“Hello there, what can I do for you?”


“I need to make an appointment with any MediWitch or Healer available.” I said quietly. “I just found out the other day that I was pregnant.”


“Oh my goodness, congratulations!” The lady said happily. She lifted her wand and motioned for a folder to come her way, and she hummed while she looked through the papers.


“It seems to me that we have an opening today, in about twenty minutes. Will that do?” She asked with a smile.


“Yes, absolutely!” I said with a grin. “Thank you!”


“Not a problem my dear. Now if you’ll take this clipboard over here and fill out your basic information, I’ll inform Healer Wilson of your arrival. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.”


I grabbed the clipboard with a smile and we walked to the chairs in the waiting area. I read through all of the basics, name, address, school, blood type, medical history, blah blah blah.


“Have I ever experienced the following cravings of non-food items? What the…?” I murmured. “Ashes, paint chips, dirt, drywall… what is wrong with some of these people? I’ve heard of pica before but this is weird.”


“That’s bloody disgusting,” Ron muttered. “Thank god you don’t do that.”


“But, oh! I’ve a sudden craving for a nice light blue paint chip!” I said, throwing my hand on my forehead. Ron nudged me with his shoulder and I laughed as I finished filling everything out. By the time I was done, the Healer was ready to see me.


“Miss Granger, hello. How are we today?” Healer Wilson asked me.


“Well, I’m doing fine,” I said, picking at my fingernails. “I’ve just recently found out I was pregnant, so there’s that.”


“I see. Well, congratulations. I need you to pee in this cup, just so we can do a final test to be sure. Then we’ll do a few unpleasant things then we’ll try and see how big your little baby is. Sound good?” Healer Wilson said with a smile.


I nodded and Ron squeezed my hand. I took the cup and walked to the bathroom, and thought about my doctor. He was handsome, in a forty year old male kind of way. He had brown hair with gray streaks in it and he had eyes that basically said he had seen it all. He’s probably seen kids way younger than me with babies. I peed in the cup and walked back into the room.


“There we go. Easy as pie,” he said, and he took his wand and said something that I couldn’t quite catch. My urine turned a powerful green color, and he took notes in his little notepad.


“Well, you are definitely pregnant. And by the strength of the color green, I’d say you’re close to being ten, eleven weeks. Does that sound accurate?”


Ron and I had discussed this beforehand. We had guessed eleven weeks.


“That sounds about right.” I said with a nod.


“Alrighty then,” Healer Wilson said. He added a few more notes, and then he slapped on some gloves. He reached into a cabinet and pulled out a gown. “I’m going to walk out, and while I’m gone I need you to slip this on. It’s going to feel very breezy. Please leave your underthings off; I need to check your cervix and a few more things.”


He gave us a curt nod and walked out. I looked at the gown and then I looked at Ron and I sighed.


“I can step out if you need me too,” said Ron, who was leaning with his elbows against his knees and his chin resting in his hands.


“No, you can stay. It’s not like you’ve never seen my naked before,” I said with a nervous chuckle. I took my clothes off and put the robe on and Healer Wilson was right. It was very breezy. I used my shirt as a blanket of sorts, just to feel like I still had something covering my lady bits.


I heard a knock on the door and before I could say ‘Come in,’ Healer Wilson was walking into the room.


“Alright Hermione, I need you to lie back on the bed, just like that. This is going to be the uncomfortable part.” He pulled up two metal things on the edge of the bed and put my feet in them. As instinct, I kept my knees together but he nudged them apart.


“Let them relax as far as you can away from each other. I need you relaxed otherwise this can hurt.”


He stuck a weird feeling instrument up my lady bits and I looked at Ron the entire time. He kind of just glanced up and down a lot, silently hoping that it would end soon. At least, that’s what I was guessing. After a few very long, very uncomfortable moments, he was finished.


“You’re healthy,” he said with a smile. “And I was correct. You’re eleven weeks along.”


I smiled back. “When do we find out if the baby is a boy or a girl?”


“Well, we can try and find out at sixteen weeks, but I like to do it at twenty weeks to be sure.” He answered. “I’m going to prescribe you a prenatal vitamin, take it once a day.” He wrote down the prescription on a piece of paper.


“Yes sir,” I said, taking the piece of paper from his hands.


“Would you like to see if you can see your baby?” He asked with a smile.


“Yes,” Ron answered immediately. I looked at him in shock and he smiled.


“Excellent. Hermione, get changed back into your clothes, I’m going to bring in a Muggle ultrasound device. The goop will be cold.” He said with a grin as he shut the door.


“You want to see the baby?” I asked quietly as I put my clothes back on.


“If I see the baby, I might be able to connect with it more. You’ve got the baby inside you… Maybe once I see it, I’ll… I’ll… maybe I’ll be able to come to grips with it, and be able to make a decision as to what I really want.” He said quietly. I pulled my shirt over my head and sat back down on the bed.


The Healer did a quick two knock tap on the door and walked inside with a huge machine. He instructed me to lie down, and he turned the lights low. He had me pull my shirt way up high, and unbutton my jeans so he could tuck a towel along the waistline. He poured the goop on my stomach and put the little gray device on the goop. I waited for the Healer to say ‘Just kidding! You’re not pregnant!’ but it never came. He made notes with his free hand and continued to move the little wand all over my stomach.


“I’m looking for a heartbeat,” he murmured.


“Is there something wrong?” I asked quickly.

“No, no! Sometimes it’s just harder to find a heartbeat this early in the- aha!” He exclaimed. He turned the volume up on the speakers and we heard it. Babump Babump Babump Babump Babump. Over and over again. It was fast and it was beautiful. He kept skimming and finally he found the outline of the baby. He kept clicking buttons and eventually zoomed in.


“See the round part right here? That’s the baby’s head. And here is the arms, and the legs.” He pointed out all the body parts and told us of the baby’s development. I looked over at Ron, who was holding my hand, and he had tears in his eyes. After a few more moments, the Healer turned the lights back on and wiped my stomach off. He grabbed some papers from the machine and handed them to Ron.


“These are your baby’s first pictures,” he said gently. “They’re for you.”


I stood up and looked at them. He caught the baby’s profile, its little hands and feet, even the baby’s spine and the physical pattern of the heartbeat.


I thanked him so much for everything. The Healer looked at Ron and I and then gave us a sad smile.


“After everything you kids went through, you deserve happiness. Babies can be difficult. But they are blessings. They grow up so fast. They truly do make a person’s life complete.” Healer Wilson said quietly. “I want to see you again in a month. I’ll have Trudy set up an appointment for you.” And then he walked out.


Ron still had tears in his eyes by the time we got home. He took the ultrasound pictures all around the house, just looking at them. Molly was dusting off some knick knacks of Arthurs when he bumped into her.


“Ron, what’s the matter?” She asked, and then she saw what he was looking at. “May I?”


Ron nodded and handed them over to her. She looked at each picture and sighed.


“This is real,” She whispered. “This is really happening.”


“Yeah,” Ron responded. “She’s eleven weeks.”


Molly pulled Ron into a hug and held him tight. He started crying, harder than I’ve ever seen him cry before. I decided to give them a moment of their own time and started to find Harry and Ginny. I wandered upstairs and knocked on Ginny’s door and heard nothing. I walked into Ron’s room and saw Harry and Ginny sitting in there, seemingly waiting for someone.


“You’re home! How’d it go?” Ginny asked excitedly.


“Ron got very emotional about it,” I answered with a smile. “We got to see the baby. And hear the heartbeat.”


“That’s awesome!” Harry said with a grin.


“How far along are you? Are you keeping it? Do you want a boy or a girl? Or do you want both?” Ginny asked.


I chuckled.


“Do you want me to answer one at a time or all of them together?” Ginny rolled her eyes. “I’m eleven weeks. I don’t know if we’re keeping it. If we keep it I want a girl. I can’t handle both. That’d be crazy.” I responded.


“Do you have pictures?” Harry asked.


“Yes, but Ron is downstairs showing his mum and dad.”


“Oh that’ll be fun,” Ginny sighed. “It’ll be a sobfest everywhere.”

Harry and Ginny left after I had expressed being tired. I lay down on the bed and thought about Ron’s reaction. It seemed he almost wanted to keep the baby now.


I managed to drift off to sleep for a little bit, and when I woke, it was night time. Ron was sitting in a desk chair looking at the ultrasound pictures.


“You okay?” I asked, my voice hoarse.


“Yeah,” he said, almost dreamily. “Yeah I’m fine.”


“Whatcha doing with the pictures, love?”


“This is our baby,” Ron said quietly. He moved from the desk chair to the bed and cuddled me. He drew a circle around the baby’s head. “This is our child. Our son or our daughter.”


“Yes, it is,” I whispered softly. He put his head on my shoulder.


“I heard the little heartbeat and I knew, I knew we had to keep this baby.” He kissed my forehead. “I’m daft, and sometimes a little ignorant, but I love you, Hermione Granger. And I love this little baby.”


“I’m glad to hear that,” I whispered quietly. He put his hand on my stomach and kissed me passionately. “I love you too, Ronald.”


“Let’s make love,” he whispered.


“You want to?” I asked excitedly. I didn’t think he was actually going to sleep with me ever again after I got pregnant.


“I want to,” he whispered before kissing me with a grin.

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