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Stuck in the Clouds by lovestings
Chapter 4 : Chapter four: Flashbacks of the Forest
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A/N: I don't know how many of you guys read my original chapter four but I decided to delete it cause I didn't lke how it went. I like this one much better. This is dedicated to my first reader to review (Twice!) and her username is Sundowner! Thank you so much for reviewing and please, if you like the story or have any input let me know in a review. Just to clear the air, since Sundowner did make some great discoveries about some mistakes I made - Rose has short hair not long hair, Slughorn is the potions teacher (SlugClub for life!), and James Potter has gorgeous hazel eyes. Enjoy! 


 I walked down the semi-busy corridors, trying my best to keep my bag stable on my shoulder as I balanced four books and a few spare pieces of parchment paper in my hands.  I managed to make it all the way to my common room successfully without dropping a thing.


Zoe: 1 Clumsiness: 0


“Password?” The portrait of a few scattered fruits in a bowl asked me, all growing eyes as they peered at me. A lot of people got Hufflepuff’s portrait confused with the kitchen’s portrait, mainly because we both had portraits of fruit bowls on ours.


“Sugar quills,” I spoke before the door swung open and I gladly took steps inside to the loud common room, not even bothering a glance to anyone in it before making my way straight up the stairs to the seventh year girl’s dorm room.


“Zoe, its Saturday tomorrow.”


“And your point is what, Evelyn?” I said, dumping my immense amount of stuff on my bed and letting out an exasperated sigh.


Yeah I was dramatic, get over it.


“My point is that tomorrow is Saturday and I am not letting you sit up in our room doing work all day until your rounds. As your best friend it is my duty to banish all thoughts of doing your homework until the very last minute on Sunday.”


Okay, did I forget to mention that Evelyn wasn’t really the number one student? I mean, of course she was naturally smart (she had everything, looks and brains, insert my jealousy) so it wasn’t hard for her to apply herself and manage to get O’s. I, on the other hand, relied on re-reading my notes and studying countless hours to get my good grades.


I let out a soft chuckle, nodding my head as I pulled my brown locks into a high ponytail. “Whatever you say, mum.”


“I don’t think you should call me your mum unless your mum is encouraging you to post pone your school work.” She smirked as she answered, sitting criss-cross on her messy bed.


“Touché,” I threw myself on Amanda’s bed (mine was already full of my books, remember?!) enjoying the comforting feeling before speaking again. “So what do you have planned for me to do instead of my foot long transfiguration essay?”


“That’s for me to know and you to worry about.” She winked before elegantly pulling herself up from the bed and quickly taking refuge in the bathroom as Rose left it.


“Let me guess, she told you she had something planned for you to do tomorrow?” Rose asked, arching a dark eyebrow at me. I nodded as a response. “She said the same thing to Amanda and I during divination.”


“As long as it doesn’t turn out like last time she had something planned for us, I’m fine.” I said, letting my memories float back to the last time we trusted Evelyn.


“Guys, c’mon! Stop being such babies.” Evelyn pestered as she placed small hands against her hips, smirking at us. Her long locks were tied back in a messy bun even though she still managed to look beautiful against the eerie setting of the forbidden forest behind her.


“Eve, there’s a reason why we aren’t allowed in there- it’s forbidden.” Amanda said, bringing a thumb up to graze the edges of her teeth before nibbling on it. Once of her habits that she tended to do when nervous.


“I can’t believe you guys are going to chicken out when we already got this far. Who would think that I was the more outgoing one in the group?” Evelyn let out a huff as she looked over at the three of us with disappointed eyes. We knew Evelyn just wanted us to do something fun and daring during out last week of school as sixth years but was it really worth it?


“Screw it,” I looked over my shoulder to see the voice of the speaker. “I’m with Eve on this, let’s just do it. We won’t be in there long.”


I wasn’t surprised to see Rose was now standing next to Evelyn a look of determination on her face. Her black locks came to her shoulders though I knew by next year’s time they would be half the length they are now – she was cutting them for some muggle thing called locks of love.


“Yeah, thank you Rose for seeing it’s not really that big of a deal!” Evelyn beamed at Rose’s response. “What do you think Zoe? You’ve been quiet this whole time.”


They all turned to look at me. Amanda was silently pleading with her eyes for me to side with her but Rose and Evelyn were giving me a look that read agree-to-agree, warning me that if I chickened out I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Well, whatever, it couldn’t be that bad could it?


“Fine, but if I get eaten by something I promise to be the most annoying ghost ever.”


“Even worse than Moaning Myrtle?” Rose said, her usual grin reappearing on her lips.


“Ten times worse.”


Amanda hesitantly agreed to join us, not wanting to be left alone outside the forest at such an unruly hour in the morning. It wasn’t that bad when we first descended into the unknown area because the castle kept it light enough for us to see without us using our wands and it was pretty peaceful. After about ten steps in the castle’s light slowly started to fade and we were all forced to light our wands. The calming silence besides our whispered changed as well, the creepy sounds of the forest entering out ears.


A crunch here, a swish there, and a drawing in of breath as we scattered our surroundings. Every two minutes we were all sure we were going to get attacked but Evelyn kept on pestering that we moved on deeper. So, naturally, we kept on going.


“Stop making that noise Rose, I know it’s you.” Amanda yelled in a quiet tone, annoyance written all over her face.


Rose scrunched up her nose, shaking her head. “I swear, Manda, it’s not me! We’re in a fucking forest for merlin sake.”


There was a collected whisper of,“Shh!”, from us all.


We heard the crunching of the leaves again, for the fourth time that wasn’t from our feet. But there were all a lot of animals in the forest so we couldn’t really freak out, could we? Accept now there were multiple crunching, like a couple sets of feet.


“Ew!” Evelyn screamed, jumping in the air as a rat came scrambling from in between her legs before repeatedly hitting himself into her left towards the way we had entered.


“What do you think it wants?” Rose asked, leaning forward to look at it.


“Looks a bit mad to me,” Amanda said, scrunching up her nose.


“I think it wants us to leave?”I said skeptically, not really understanding why the rat was attacked Evelyn’s leg. Maybe it had a thing for Asians and wanted to mate, but that was pretty creepy. “Do you think it’ll bite if I pick it up?”


“Don’t pick it up, Zoe! It’ll bite you and give you some disease.” Amanda cried, slapping my outstretched hand away from the rodent.


I blinked a few times numbly, shaking my head (both literally and metaphorically) to get rid of the memories. I didn’t have to dwell back on that experience, or at least not now. I looked around to notice both my friends had taken up different activities to occupy themselves before dinner so I decided to do the same.


I took Evelyn’s advice and ditched my homework on the floor and took a nap until Amanda woke me up by pouring a glass of water on me. Bugger. 

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Stuck in the Clouds : Chapter four: Flashbacks of the Forest


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