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Second Chances by Drunaforever
Chapter 6 : Defense Against the Dark Arts
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Sorry for the late update! I was busy with other stories and such. If you didn't know, I changed the last few chapters. If you don't wanna read them, just know that Cho is the Charms professor, that's all that's really important. Ginny, Luna and Audrey are also like a little friend trio too. Here's a new chapter for you all, enjoy!


Professor Harper was sitting at her desk shuffling some papers when I walked into her class the next Tuesday. Only half of the class was there so far.


I smiled at everyone as I made my way to where Draco was sitting at a table by himself.


"Mind if I sit here?" I asked, indicating to the empty seat beside him. He jumped, as if he had just noticed me.


"Go ahead," He said quietly.


I smiled again and sat down, pulling out my wand for DADA.


I drummed my fingers on the table as I waited for everyone to arrive and class to start.


"So, how was your weekend?" I asked Draco.


He shrugged. "It was okay."


I nodded. "That's good."


"How, er, how was your, um, weekend?" He said awkwardly. I chuckled to myself. He was new at this.


"It was great, thanks for asking!" I replied right before Professor Harper stood up and cleared her throat.


"Now that we are all here, let us begin. Last lesson we talked about the importance of N. E. W. T.s, so today we will begin getting ready for those. There is a lot to learn and, though it may not seem so, so little time. Our lesson today will be about the Patronus charm. Does anyone here know how to produce a Patronus?" She said it as if she expected us to shake our heads and wait for her to explain how to do it. Indeed she was surprised when my hand, along with Hannah Abott's, shot up.


"You two? My, my, where did you learn so at your age?" The professor asked.


"Dumbledore's Army," I said simply, and Hannah gave me an air high-five.


"Ah yes, how I wish I could've done something like that when I was in school! I heard all about in the Prophet. Would you girls mind demonstrating?"


"Sure," Hannah said and I agreed. I raised my wand and so did she, and we both said "Expecto Patronum!"


A few students gasped in awe as a silver hare and a bear cub erupted from our wands and dashed across the room.


"Excellent, great job girls! Ten points to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff! Would you fine gals mind helping me teach today?"


I glanced at Hannah and she nodded. "Not at all Professor!"


She cleared the desks with a wave of her wand and everyone spread out.


"Now, first what you need to do is think of the happiest thought you have. Concentrate hard on that thought."


Some people had their face screwed up in concentration.


"Next," She continued. "You wave your wand and say 'Expecto Patronum!', still thinking hard on that happy thought. Whenever you are ready, you may try. Myself, Hannah and Luna will walk around to help."


I began wandering around, observing some and adjusting their grip or swishing of the wand on others.


After a minute or two, a silver raccoon was darting around the room as a Hufflepuff had gotten the spell down.


I smiled at people who were doing very good. I reached the very back of the room where Draco was trying half-heartedly.


"You've got to think of something really happy!" I encouraged him.


He sighed sadly. "Death Eaters can't produce patronuses."


I put my hands on my hips. "Professor Snape could, he wasn't really loyal to Voldemort. Were you truly on the dark side?"


He seemed to think for a minute before he closed his eyes, muttering to himself. His eyes opened again. "Expecto Patronum!" He shouted.


He gasped as a silver wolf burst out of his wand tip. His eyes followed it in awe. He looked at me and tried to speak several times.


I just smirked smugly and walked to go help someone else.




I was walking to Herbology, my last class for the day, when Draco jogged up to me.


I smiled at him.


"Listen, Luna," He said. "Er, thanks. For helping me in Defense Against the Dark Arts."


"Of course! I knew you had it in you," I replied.


He gave me a small smile and we continued walking to class together.


"Well well well. Isn't this cute? Draco and Loony! Ha!"


The two whipped around to see Pansy, Chloe and Zoe.


"What do you want, Parkinson?" Draco growled.


"I don't want anything! I just was watching you two lovebirds."


"We are not lovebirds," I said, my face growing hot.


"That's not what it looks like! Come on, Drakie. You'd do so much better with me." She walked forward and petted his arm, tugging it lightly.


He shoved her off him. "I already told you. No."


She looked offended. "Oh, so now you're resorting to the crazy crowd?"


I looked down, embarrassed. Glancing back up I saw Draco glaring menacingly at her.


He stepped forward to her slowly. Pansy even looked a little frightened.


"She's my friend. And she is better than you ever were, so shove it." He gripped Pansy's tie and pushed her hard.


Chloe and Zoe seemed to snap out of a trance and picked Pansy up, looking confused as they walked inside the castle.


I was beaming at Draco. "Thanks!"


He looked a little angry but softened at my smile. "Sure." He looked confused when I was still beaming at him.




"You called me your friend." I said softly.


He looked shocked. I just started skipping to the greenhouses slowly so he could catch up.


A/N: Ah shnap! That's two times in one day that Luna left Draco shocked! Please review this chapter, I love to hear from you guys! 


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