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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 22 : Christmas At The Weasley's
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Chapter 22

“So Fred, I heard you got a girlfriend,” Bill Weasley stated, “Who is she?”

It was Christmas Day and the entire Weasley family was having dinner at the burrow, all in their Weasley sweaters that Molly continued to make over the years.

“Her name is Jessica Thomas,” Fred replied.

“Dean’s daughter?” Ron asked.

Fred nodded.

“I can’t believe my son has finally settled down,” George said, “I never thought it would happen.”

“Now if only James would settle down as well,” Ginny sighed.

“I’m right here you know,” James mumbled.

“All he ever does is snog a bunch of bimbos in broom closets!”

“Who the hell do you have spying on me, mum?”

He turned to face his brother and sister, the two most likely suspects. Albus just looked normal while Lily was smirking. She was definitely the spy.

“You’re spying on me for mum?” James asked angrily.

“As a matter of fact, I am,” Lily replied, standing her ground, “It’s a good source of money.”

He turned back to face his mum.

“Well, if your spy was actually accurate, you would know that I haven’t been snogging anybody in broom closets for a while,” James stated.

“He’s telling the truth,” Louis said.

“What has caused you to stop snogging in broom closets?” Harry asked, “Do you have yourself a secret girlfriend?”

“He wishes he does,” Fred mumbled.

“What was that, Fred?” his mum, Angelina, asked.

“I believe he said, ‘he wishes he does’, “Fred’s little sister Roxanne replied.

“So James, who is this girl that has sparked your interest?” Percy asked.

This received quite a few glances between the other members of the family, for Percy never usually talked about interesting things like this. However, no one said anything, desperately wanting to continue on the conversation.

“It is none of your business!” James exclaimed.

“We could always slip him some veritiserum,” Ron whispered to Hermione, earning him a slap on the arm.

“That’s illegal!” Hermione exclaimed.

“How about we play a game,” Fred said, “You ask me questions about this person that James fancies and I’ll answer with yes or no.”

“Sounds good to me,” Harry stated, and all the other relatives agreed.

“No!” James exclaimed, sending a stunning spell across the table at his cousin.

There were advantages to being seventeen. One of them was that a person could use magic outside of Hogwarts. That meant that Fred and James could legally duel across the Christmas dinner. Fred managed to block James’s stunning spell. James kept sending spells at Fred, who kept blocking them.

“Is she in your year?” Grandpa Arthur asked.

“Yes!” Fred replied.

“Does she play quidditch?” Charlie asked.


“Is she in Gryffindor?” Grandma Molly asked.


“Is she in Ravenclaw?” Percy’s daughter Lucy asked.


“Does she have any relatives in Gryffindor?” Rose asked.


“Merlin’s pants! James fancies Kristen Wood!” Albus exclaimed.

“I knew it!” Lily screamed.

“No I don’t!” James lied.

“Yes you do!” Rose argued, “Now it makes sense why you wanted to go up to her dormitory with Andrew after Joey Renolds said all of those terrible things and you beat him up!”

“James! Why in Merlin’s name did you beat this guy up?” Ginny asked.

“He said such horrible things to Kristen though, mum,” James replied, “He called her fat, ugly, a bitch, said that all her friends were bribed, and said she’d end up being a crazy cat lady and be forever alone because she didn’t want to go as far as he wanted to go!”

“Those are awful things to say to someone!” Audrey, Percy’s wife, exclaimed.

“How did she react to those things?” Hermione asked.

“Well, she seemed really upset when Andrew forced her to tell us what happened. It looked like she was trying not to cry. When we later went up to her dorm, her friends said that she was on the quidditch pitch and had brought a beater bat. It seemed like she was pretty pissed off as well,” James replied.

“Who wouldn’t be pissed off if someone said those terrible things to them?” Victorie asked.

“Wait, isn’t this girl the one you almost killed last May?” Teddy, Victorie’s husband and Harry’s god son, asked.

“Yeah that would be her,” James replied.

“She’s Andrew’s twin sister right?” Ginny asked, “What did he have to say about you fancying his sister?”

“He wasn’t too happy.”

“That’s an understatement,” Fred stated, “He practically screamed his head off at you when you confessed to fancying her.”

“It wasn’t a very pretty sight,” Louis added.

“I know exactly how he feels,” Ron stated, glancing sideways at Harry.

“How did you get over it, Uncle Ron?” James asked.

“It took a while, but eventually I realized that Harry wasn’t planning on hurting her and that he really loved her. That just because my best friend was in love with my sister, I didn’t want to lose my friendship. Of course, if Harry were to hurt her now, I would still beat the crap out of him, even though it’s been 24 years.”

James hoped that Andrew would be able to get to that point. He’d really hate to have to choose between them. However, if he had to, he’d choose his best friend.




***Well there's another chapter! I hope you enjoyed reading it :) ! Thanks to all of you who have read this story so far (Almost 6,000 reads!!!!!) and a special thanks to all of you who have reviewed!!!! As always, I hope you continue to do so!!!! :D

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