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Secrets by MusicLover17
Chapter 5 : Friends!
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Hermione's POV

I'm still awake why can't i sleep this is never happened before i've always loved sleep and it seemed to love me aswell but, it won't seem to come to me tonight. It's Draco i keep thinking about him, it's his fault and i'm going to blame him for this. I laugh to myself thinking about what he would say if i told him, i sit up at look out the window, i glance at my alarm clock it reads 3.24am i frown and look back out the window i wonder what he's doing...uh duh he's sleeping. I throw myself back down and stare at the ceiling, why is he effecting so much i mean i only just found out he liked me and now i'm acting like this.

I sigh and close my eyes seeing his eyes stairing right back at me i smile to myself and drift into some well deserved sleep.

Draco's POV

There she is in her usual seat beside Potter and the girl Weasley with the Weasel across from them, i make my way over to the Slytherin table and sit where i have a clear view of her lucky Blaise is sitting beside me and Pansy is nowhere in sight.

"You alright mate?" Blase asks me quietly. I glance at him then turn my attention back you Hermione.

"Yeah i'm fine why?"

"You seem a little distracted this morning mate."

"Do i? Hadn't noticed." At that Blaise trys to follow my gaze, him now looking at Hermione.

" that's what it is, your finally realising that you like Granger."

"What?" How does he bloody know.

"Oh please Draco mate do you think i'm stupid of something?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?" I say but Blaise ignores my question.

"You've been in love with her for years Draco, every Slytherin knows well sorta."

"Again what?"

"Draco no guy gives a girl that much attention if he wasn't falling for her."

"So everyone knows then?"

"So you admit it?"

"Alright Blaise i'm in love with her and we've been talking and she's going to give me a chance but she wants to be friends first which i think is fine but, oh god.."


"Blaise everytime i see her i just want to kiss her and hold her and i don't know...but i do know this is going to be tough."

"I'm sure you'll figure something out mate, don't worry."

"Look at her Blaise i mean she's so perfect." Blaise looked over to Hermione as she was just leaving with Ginny.

"Yeah if you like Brunettes."

"She's not just a Brunette Blaise her hair is like thick, dark chocolate."

"Okay man if you say so but i don't see her that way, i have my eyes on someone else right now."

"And who might that be?"

"Let's just say she's a friend of Granger's." I frown at him and then it hits me.


"Yeah Ginny now she's perfect."

"Yeah if you like red heads."

We both laugh and finish up with breakfast.

"So what are you going to do then?"

"About what?"

"About Weasley?"

"Don't know i've liked her for more than a year now any suggestions?"

"Uh..yeah just one TELL HER."

"WOW and that's good coming from you, who has been in love with the same girl since first year and you've only just told her."

"Look i have an idea what if i spoke to Hermione about this then maybe she could put in a good word for you to Ginny?"

"I don't know man i think it might be a bit much, you know with you just telling Granger and then for Ginny to find out about me, they might think this is a complete joke."

" have a point, alright well what if we all hang out together?"

"Do you think they would be alright with it?"

"We can only ask?"

"Okay you do it."

"Fine i'll do it, it will give me a chance to see Hermione anyway."

"Good luck."

I make my way out of the Great hall i search of Hermione. I wonder were she is, i'll try the library first she used to always be there. I make my way to the library in hopes that she would be there. I walk throught the doors and search all around, suddlenly i see a flash of dark chocolate hair throught one of the book shelves, and i see her and Ginny sitting at one of the back tables. Perfect i'm killing two two birds with one stone here.

I walk over to them with a smile on my face, my eyes fixed on Hermione.

"Hello ladies."

They look up and me Ginny with a frown on her face and Hermione with a smile.

"Hey Malfoy."

"Hermione please call me Draco." I send her a big smile and see her blush slightly, God i love that.

"What can we do you for Malfoy?" said Ginny snapping me out of it.

"Glad you asked, can i sit down?"

"Yeah sure." Hermione said smiling up at me, i make my way and sit in the seat beside her.

"What are you two doing this evening?"

"Well you know i'm not busy why?"

"Don't think i am earlier and yeah why?"

"Well i was talking to Blaise and we were talking about you and I Hermione about our new...friendship and well i was just thinking we all should hang out, you know get you know eachother a bit more. What do you think?"

"You told Blaise about us?"

"Yeah well i figured you would have told Ginny here and he is my best friend Hermione."

"She did tell me and Blaise has agreed to this?"

"Yeah he's fine with it."

"Well okay i'm in i have nothing else to do."

"Great, Hermione how about you?" I say giving her my best puppy face.

"Fine i'll come." she said turning away from me, i frown and look at Ginny she shrugs and looks back to Hermione.

"Great well i'll let Blaise know. Hermione can i talk to you for a minute in private."

"I'm just gonna go read this over there." Ginny said and walked away.

"Hermione have i done something, it's not because i told Blaise it is because he would never say to anyone i would trust Blaise with my lif..."

"It's not that." she said cutting me off.

"Well what is it." I ask taking her hand.

"It's just...nothing."

"Hermione." I say and she turns to look at me, i reach over and cup her cheek. "Tell me!"

"It's just i thought we were meeting tonight,"

I try my best to hide my smile and the delight in my eyes, knowing that i am falling she gives me a small smile.

"Hermione listen the only reason i'm doing this is because Blaise well he, okay promise you won't tell anyone least of all Ginny, promise me."

"I promise what is it?"

"Blaise likes Ginny."

"Really okay now i understand." she gives me a big bright smile.

"Don't tell her okay or Blaise will have my head."

"I won't."

"Good meet us in the room of requierment tonight after dinner okay, tell Ginny"

"I will." I smile at her and stand up.

"I'll see you later alright i need to report back to Blaise."

"Okay see you later." I smile at her one last time and turn to leave.

"Draco!" I turn around to see Hermione behind me holding out her arms.

"You didn't give me a hug."

I laugh and oull her into a big bear hug smelling the scent of strawberries coming from her hair.

"That's better." she said giving my cheek a quick kiss.

I stare at her as she walks away to find Ginny, oh yeah i could get used to that. I make my way back to the great hally hopeing Blaise would still be there, God i love her she's so amazing and she doesn't even know it.

So tonight should be interesting two Slytherins and two Gryffindors i wonder what fun we'll get up to, Blaise is gonna like this.

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