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My Summer Of Love by potterfan310
Chapter 4 : Family News
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Dear Diary,

It's been three days since I told Connor, I thought Nikola was cheating on him. Except she isn't and they were never together in the first place. And I am going to Kill Dom and Phoebe for suggesting I tell him. You see Nikola is his sister and Carly the baby is his niece as it's Nikola's daughter.

It's been three days since I last saw him. It was just after he called me beautiful, just after my stupid cousin and friend walked in. Connor swiftly left leaving me still a little confused, and slightly happy. Does this means he like like's me, oh my god does he have a crush on me? EEEKKKK!!!

Love Moi (Rose)

I haven't seen Connor in three days, but his sister Nikola has been around here a lot more, as has James. It struck me this morning, that I didn't have a clue as to whether Connor and his family were magical. So far I hadn't seen Nikola use a wand when she was around here and Connor didn't seem to use one either, unless like me he didn't carry it when going out.

I know I should carry it and all times, but a long thin wand does not look good sticking out the pockets on your shorts. And if you wear a dress or skirt then where the hell are you meant to put it. So I hide mine at the bottom of my knicker drawer, whilst I'm staying here. I mean it's like anyone but me goes rummaging through it. Well I hope not anyway.

I mean it wouldn't bother me if he wasn't magical but still it would be nice to share magical stuff. Like what's the best flavour of Bertie Botts beans or how Uncle George's joke shop is the best around or how amazing Hogwarts is.

Right now I'm sat in my favourite tree, watching the world go by. Later on Victoire and Teddy are coming over for a family dinner, which means that every last one of us (Minus Uncle Charlie unless he floos over) will be here sat out in the garden. It also means I won't get any peace, especially if all of us are staying the night, also Phoebe's coming over and with her around there is no way you'll get any peace. She even talks in her sleep, bless her.

I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes, it was getting dark and then sun was setting. I carefully got down out of my tree and headed towards the house, brushing some dirt off my shorts.

"ROSE MONICA WEASLEY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Nana yelled at me, the second I set foot in the kitchen.

"I, I, I fell asleep." I stuttered.

She shook her head and carried on cutting whatever it was, "Go and get changed, Teddy and Victoire will be here soon and they say they have news for us." She told me.

I sped off up the stairs and noticed there was a fight over one of the bathrooms. Lily and Roxy were waiting outside, banging on the door. I wonder which darling cousin of mine was on the other side.

"Rose, tell him to hurry up please." Lily pleaded pointing to the door.

"Who's in there?" I asked.

Roxy sighed, "Your brother and he's taking bloody ages." She told me, raising her voice as she said the last bit.

I banged the door, "Hugo Cameron Weasley, if you do not get your arse out of the bathroom right now I'll let it slip to everyone what your middle name was going to be."

I heard footsteps and the bathroom door was ripped open, my brother stood there looking stunned wearing denim shorts and a white t-shirt that had a blue tie printed on it.

"You wouldn't, would you" He asked, looking and sounding scared.

"I might" I smirked as he scuttled off to his room. "There you go, voila" I said with a smile to my cousins

"Thanks Rose." Lily called as I left them.

"What was his middle name going to be." Roxy yelled.

I debated telling them, but then again if I do it means I won't have anything to use against him. "I'll tell you another time" I yelled down the stairs as Lily entered the bathroom.

Dom was sat on her bed wearing a towel as she searched through piles of clothes. I watched her for a couple of seconds before making my presence known. She didn't even look up as I went to look for something tidy to wear. After searching I finally decided I would wear a dress. It's so unlike me to wear a dress, I never wear dresses. You could say I'm a tomboy in the way I dress but I'm a girly girl at heart. And it's not like any one apart from my family will see me, it's unlikely that Scorpius or Connor will be there as it's a family dinner.

Phoebe's coming because she's staying the night as her parents have gone to a birthday party, leaving her to fend for herself. I also think Mrs Finnigan asked if she could stay here was because she and her husband don't really trust Phoebe on her own in the house, incase she set's it on fire (It's happened before). Phoebe's like one of the family anyway, she practically lives wherever I am in the summer.

Half an hour later, I was in the garden with the rest of my family, Phoebe and Scorpius flipping Malfoy. I know I said earlier it was highly unlikely he would be here, but why did I have to open my mouth and say it. Turns out he's not the only who's been left by his parents - When Auntie Ginny, Uncle Harry and Al arrived (Lily and James were already here), they had a certain blonde haired ferret with them.

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw him and I tried to head inside to change, but Al came over to talk to me, followed by Scorpius. Al sent him off to get drinks and announced that he was staying with them as Draco and Astoria were still on holiday. Al has no idea that I have a crush on Scorpius and I hope he never will, god know's what he'll do if he finds out I've been dreaming about his best mate.

Luckily when Nana announced dinner was ready, I managed to sit inbetween Phoebe and Lily and opposite Dom.

"Can I have everyone's attention." I heard Teddy call and saw that he had stood up, as had Victoire who was glowing with happiness.

"Myself and Teddy have some very big news." Vic said.

"Bet she's up the duff." I heard Dom whisper and I giggled which got me a glare off Nana and Auntie Fleur as they were only sat a couple of seats down.

"Teddy asked me to marry him and I said yes." Vic squealed.

Teddy put his hand up for quiet and we became silent once more. "We've set the date and we plan on getting married a month today, on August fourteenth."

All of erupted us into cheers and congratulations as Nana and Auntie Fleur burst out crying. One month and their getting married, that's only thirty-one days.

"And we want all of you to be bridesmaids and pageboys," Vic announced once everyone had given their congratulations. "And of course Little Lucy will be flower girl," Vic added as she made her way over to me, Dom and Phoebe where we were discussing wedding dresses. "Dom, I want you to be my chief bridesmaid." Vic asked.

Dom who just stood there gawping at her sister, like she had grown and extra head or something. "Of course Vic." Dom gushed, hugging her sister.

"And your invited of course Phoebe, since your practically one of the family." Vic added looking at Pheeb. I noticed my best friend looked delighted. "Oh and you guys are all welcome to bring a friend to the reception." Vic called to our other cousins.

Leaving them to discuss stuff, I excused myself and entered the kitchen to get a drink and guess who I bumped into...Scorpius.

"Uh, Hi." He said.

"H, Hi," I stammered, "Do you want a d-drink."

Why do I becoming a bumbling mess around him. I thought I was meant to be getting over him. Damn hormones, I mean I still like him, but now Connor's here. I'm thinking I have a crush on him as well.

"No thanks," Scorpius replied, "Already got one." He said showing me his glass before heading back outside.

Great, looks like I'm the fool again.

"Ahh Rose," I looked up to see Nana smiling at me, "Why don't you ask if Connor and his family want to come over. Turn this into a bigger celebration." She said.

"Uh huh." I replied as I helped myself to butterbeer.

I left the garden and crossed the green. I picked up the knocker and let it drop causing a hell of a noise. Then it crossed my mind that Carly might be asleep, so I knocked softly. It didn't seem like anyone was in so I turned around to leave, but stopped when I heard my name.


I turned back around and walked to the door. "Hi," I smiled, "Um my Nana just wanted to know if you and your family would like to come over. We're having a celebration because my cousin is getting married."

Connor grinned at me, "Sure we'd love to come. Wait there." He told me, disappearing back into the house.

Five minutes later Connor came back our carrying Carly who had on a little pink dress, her hair in bunches again. "They're coming now." He informed me.

"Shouldn't she be in bed." I pointed out.

"Nah, it's only six o'clock." He replied.

There was silence as we walked across to The Burrow, except for Carly babbling. I stopped outside the gate to let them in, Connor stopped and looked at me a grin that could rivalled Teddy's at this precise moment was plastered on his face.

"What!" I demanded. Was my hair a mess or had James and Fred stuck a piece of parchment to my back saying 'kick me' like they did once before.

He smirked and entered the garden.

"What!" I called as I tried running after him. It's pretty hard to run after someone when your wearing a long dress, knowing my luck I'd fall flat on my face so I stopped and that's when I saw Dom and Phoebe whispering to each other as they saw us.

Not far behind me came Nikola who headed straight to James, their brother (who I have no clue what his name is) and their nan Ivy. As I started walking again, Nana went over and introduced herself to Ivy and Lucy was looking curiously at Connor's brother. Lucy is my youngest cousin at a meer seven years old, she's like a mini version of Molly. You see they both have the same brown hair and eyes like their mother, neither of them seem to have inherited Weasley gene's. Lucky kids.

Having finally caught up with Connor as he stopped near Al, Scorpius, James and Fred and introduced himself and Carly, I noticed he emphasised as he said niece and winked towards me.

"Mumma." Carly cried.

"I best give her to Kola." Connor said, walking away from us.

"Got yourself a little eye-candy have you." Fred smirked at me.

I turned around and saw Connor was still in hearing distance. I hit him, hard. "No, why you saying that for." I hissed, suddenly becoming more aware that Scorpius was stood here as well.

"Because it looks like you like him. Does Rosie Luuuurve him." Fred sang.

I hit him again just as Connor came back over.

"So Connor, do you-" Fred started to say, I raised my eyebrows at him and he got the message. "where do you school." Fred asked.

"You guys might not have heard of it but St Luke's Wizarding School for boys, it's in Northern Ireland." He told us.

Looks like I'm not the only one with a confused expression as the look on James, Al, Fred and Scorpius's faces matches my own. Well at least I know he's magical then.

"So where do you lot got to school then?" Connor asked seeing the expression's on our faces.

"Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry." I squeaked.

"Never heard of it." Connor said as I regained my voice.

"So, so you're magical." I spluttered.

He smiled, "Of course. Didn't you think I was?"

"Well no," I admitted as the other's moved away leaving me and Connor alone, "You never seemed to carry a wand and Ivy, your nan was doing things the muggle way." I indicated to the house with my hands and we started walking.

Connor smiled again and I noticed a little dimple above his right cheek, "Well my nan tends to do things the muggle way, my Bamp was a muggle you see."

"So you've never heard of Hogwarts." I asked him as we made our way into the kitchen.

He shrugged, "You don't generally hear of other Wizarding schools or anything in general back home."

I poured us both a glass of butterbeer and handed it to him. The next couple of minutes passed quickly as I raided the fridge watched by Connor. "What?" I demanded.

"Care to dance?" He asked.

I nodded and we went back into the garden, someone had turned the radio on and the Weird Sisters song ended just as we stopped on the 'dance floor'. Ok so it wasn't a dance floor just a bit of grass that was now surrounded by floating lanterns. The next song was slow and Connor pulled me closer to him, his one hand on my waist.

I could see dad over Connor's shoulder and he looked like he was having a fit, mum was beaming with happiness. Maybe she's realised her baby girl is growing up at last. As for dad well mum's now pulled him up to dance. One by one my uncles and auntie's joined us on the dance floor as well as Nana, Granddad and the happy couple:Teddy and Vic.

Once it reached nine, Ivy took Carly home whilst Connor and Nikola stayed. Nana and Granddad went off in the house with my parents and my uncles and aunties leaving us kids outside. I stayed up til eleven dancing the night away with Phoebe,Connor, my cousins and shock horror I even danced with Scorpius.

After dancing for the first time with a boy who wasn't my cousin (i.e. Connor), I loosened up when Scorpius asked me dance and hoorah I didn't become a babbling mess and I didn't even act like a fool. Maybe I am growing up.

The song was jazzy and upbeat as Scorpius twirled me around the floor, we nearly crashed into Fred who was doing some weird dance with Phoebe and I laughed.

"Sorry." Scorpius muttered as we left the floor and went into the kitchen, "Drink?"

I nodded since I was slightly out of breath from dancing. "Thanks." I said quietly as I took the butterbeer from him.

He shrugged and for some reason I felt myself blush, I was stood in a kitchen with none other than my crush. I had known him since we were little and I very suddenly very awear that he was stood inches away from me taking the bottle from my hands.

"You look really pretty in that dress Weasley."

"Thanks, you look pretty as well." I said before realising, "I-I, uh I mean handsome not pretty. I mean you're a boy, boy's don't look pretty they look handsome. Why can't boys be pr-."

I stopped mid sentence as Connor entered the kitchen and Malfoy pushed passed me. "Sorry Weasley." He sneered as he grabbed his butterbeer off the counter behind me before leaving the room.

"Are you ok Rose, you look like you've seen a ghost?" Connor asked as he came over and put an arm around me pulling me close.

"I'm ok." I muttered as I leant my head on his chest and shut my eyes. He smelt great and I inhaled his smell, I opened my eyes quickly incase Connor thought I had gone insane and had started acting like a dog.

He smiled down at me and kissed my forehead lightly, "You coming back outside?" He asked.

"Sure, I'll be there now. Just need to go to the loo."

He nodded, "I'll wait here for you."

I left and went upstairs, I went in and looked in the mirror. My hand went up to my forehead and I touched the place where he had kissed me gently. I re-applied some lipgloss and went to the toilet before going back down.

Connor was still in the kitchen and he had a funny expression on his face. "What's wrong?"

"Um, I'm not sure but there was a little brown haired girl running through here and then she kissed my knees."

I snorted as I realised he was on about Lucy."Probably just my cousin Lucy, she was eyeing up you're brother earlier. Maybe she though you were him." I suggested as I tired not to laugh.

"You have a huge family." He stated as I linked my arm through his.

"Nah not really, Just eleven cousins, Teddy, Nana, Granddad, Grandma Jean, five uncles, four aunties, mum, dad and brother. Oh and a best friend who I consider a sister."

He looked at me, "Wow that's big. So all these people here tonight, that was just family?"

I nodded, "Every one except for your family, Phoebe but she's technically family and Malfoy." Connor furrowed his brows in confusions and I added, "The blonde that was in here a minute ago, he's my cousin Albus' best friend and his parents are on holiday so he's staying with them."

"Man you're family's huge."

"I know. It can be great sometimes but other times it's really annoying." I told him as we walked out into the garden. I noticed that Malfoy was glaring at us as he talked to Al, so I directed Connor over to the bottom of the garden where my oak tree stands. I climbed up once I had pulled my dress around me and told him not to look and took a seat on my favourite branch.

Connor followed me up and sat on the branch next to me. I threw my head back and looked up at the stars which were just visible through the branches and leaves. "So they're all your cousins." Connor asked?

I looked down over the garden and nodded, "Pretty much. Lucy the one that just kissed your knees is my youngest, she's seven. Then there's Roxy, that's the one with curly brown hair who's talking to Louis, the blond who is Dom's brother and they're both talking to Lily, the one with long red hair."

I paused for a minute and made sure that he was listening and that he hadn't fallen asleep because I know I would to be honest.

"After Lily it's my brother Hugo, he's over there by the back door." I said pointing at him and I saw Connor smile.

"He looks like you." He commented.

"I think that's a compliment, but I really hope I don't look like that."

"No you look girlier." He joked.

"Oh haha."

"Carry on then Rose."

I sighed, "Then's Molly, Lucy's older sister. She's got brown hair and none of the Weasley genes, lucky girl. After Molly it's Dom, one of my best friends and then Al who is the one with black messy hair and green eyes. He's currently talking to Malfoy. And then it's me."

"The lovely red haired, blue eyed Rosie." Connor added and I blushed.

I ignored his comment and carried on, "Fred had dark skin and brown hair and is currently throwing up in the flowerpots. Oh boy Nana is going to kill him tomorrow." Connor chuckled while I decided to think of the best possible way to say this, "James is currently getting off with your sisters and then lastly it's Vic who is my oldest cousin and then Teddy who's as good as my cousin."

"Your family's mad."

"I know. What about your's?" I asked just as the back door opened and there stood Nana in her blue dressing gown.

"Come on you lot, get to bed." She yelled.

"Guess I'll have to tell you another time."

We got down from the tree and made out way back to the others. I gave Connor a hug and muttered, "Goodbye."

"Bye Rose." He called as Nikola pulled herself off of James' face long enough to thank Nana for having them over and then left.

I entered the house and woke Phoebe up who was asleep on the kitchen table before going up to my room with her and Dom. Phoebe flopped onto the mattress between mine and Dom's bed and was snoring softly within seconds.

I grabbed my shorts and top and went into the bathroom to get changed. When I re-entered the room Dom was already in bed but she wasn't asleep.

"You look happy." She said.

I nodded as I got into my own bed, "It's been pretty eventful."

Dom smiled, "Oh really, tell me everything."

"I will in the morning, right now I need sleep." I told her as I snuggled down.

She shrugged as she flicked her wand towards the light switch and the light went off. "Night Rosie."

"Night Dom."

My thoughts were fighting between Connor and Scorpius and who I liked the most. Would Malfoy have kissed me if Connor hadn't walked in? Why was Malfoy so mean afterwards?

And Connor, he's been so nice to me and I think he really likes me. I'm so torn between him and Malfoy. What can I do?

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