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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 3 : Untitled
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 Over the years Rose had proven to be right about the four of them their friendship was strong they were there for each other no matter what happened. Now they were a week from starting school and their problems were also about to start.

 At the Dursley's


 Alex had grown to love the magical world the moment he stepped foot in the majestic castle. His first year he wrote to his dad everyday telling him about his classes, the animals he began to see, and most importantly about his group of friends that were practically his family. In his second year he along with many others tried out for the quiddtch team at first he was nervous and scared but his friends were there to cheer him on as he tried out for Gryffindor chaser. The moment his feet left the ground it all felt so natural to him he flew around hitting the quaffle through the hoops scoring over and over again. The joy he felt when he told he made the team was unbelievable! His dad would join Harry and Ron in every game they could go to cheering them on like the proud fathers they really were. His third year Alex became prefect not something he was really happy for at first until he realized all the benefits the job had, his fourth year wasn't really interesting except for a few fights with the boys that had begun to bother Rose. Fifth year he went out with Lexia something but she was an overly jealous girl that drove him mad. He went out with a few more girls that year too but none lasted long. Sixth year was fun their pranks were a lot better that year even though most of the time he was the voice of reason he still enjoyed the pranks. He along with the others began to party more and girls were lining up to go out with him as cocky as it sounded it was true. He was the Gryffindor prince and he hated it and begged them to stop calling him that for a while but gave up after he noticed it was useless. He wondered what would be in store for him this year...

  "Dad I'm meeting the others to buy our school stuff in an hour do you need me to bring anything back?" Dudley had been afraid that Alex wouldn't have wanted to do anything with a boring muggle like him but he was wrong him and his son were just as close or maybe even closer. Dudley fixed things with Harry, and he soon became friends with the Weasleys a very nice family with bright red hair that had been so welcoming that he felt like he truly was a part of their family as well.

 "No thanks Alex, well actually bring me some of those wonderful Sugar quills or some pumpkin juice I ran out the other day."


 "Sure dad," Alex chuckled. "Well I'm going to change then I'm leaving so I'll see you tonight." Alex ran to his room pulling a clean pair of blue faded jeans and a black shirt with the Gun's and Rose's logo before slipping his favorite pair of black converse on quickly. Just as he was about to run out of his room excited to see his friends again he heard a peck on his window. Walking over to let the small brown owl in a feeling of dread filled him, grabbing the letter he ripped it open recognizing the handwriting- Isabel Montenegro a girl he hooked up with a few times- reading the letter over and over again hoping for some sort of misunderstanding... He dropped the letter panic feeling every inch of his body.


 "We'll talk once we get back to school. Are you sure you really are pregnant? Don't tell anyone else until we have had a chance to talk." He scribbled quickly on the back of the letter she sent him. As he saw the owl fly away with the letter a new feeling filled him and he wasn't sure what it was he just knew that this year was going to be a problem.


 At Ron and Hermione Weasley's Manor


 Rose Weasley was the It girl. The Gryffindor Princess. A title she hated but couldn't get rid of as easily as she got the damn thing. Head girl, seeker and captain, single and very beautiful, smart, and funny. Every male at her school, save the teachers of course, followed her like a love struck puppy it was sickening she couldn't understand why every girl considered her lucky. Her six years at Hogwarts she hadn't had a proper boyfriend because either they were terrified of her 3 best friend or they were complete idiots.


 Rose was tired of a few songs here and there how she longed for a real boyfriend someone who could hug her kiss her and make her feel like a queen. Her fourth year she had the crazy idea that it could have been Scorpius, but her family would never had liked that... They still didn’t like the Malfoy's even though they had proven to be good. That silly crush didn't last long or did it?


 "Mum! I'm leaving now! Need anything?"


 "No Rosie!" Hermione yelled from the other room. “Oh and Rose the Krum’s are coming over at 7 so don't be late!"


 After the war Victor Krum came searching for her mum just to find out that she was now with her dad. According to her mum Krum had been heartbroken but step away to let her mum be happy. He was in love with her and they might still have been together if the idiot didn't cheat on her in her fifth year. Years later they became friends and after Krum got married he moved away now he and his family were back visiting. Rose would have gladly missed meeting them and feeling the awkward tension but she had no choice. Little did she know that she would soon be glad her mum and Krum became friends.


At the Potter's Manor


 "Oy Slytherin Prince where are you off to?" Albus Potter was a very handsome young man with raven hair and his father’s eyes and a strong built body in was no wonder why he was one of the most eligible blokes at Hogwarts. "Malfoy still pissed that you took his title?"


 "Stuff it James you know I hate it when people call me that and no he isn't pissed since he is the other Slytherin Prince. Bye." Al rushed out of the door wanting to be away from the insufferable git his brother was being after his break up with his girlfriend, Natalia.


 He couldn't wait to get back to school it was the only place he could do as he pleased the one benefit he had from that stupid title. Al was Slytherin seeker and captain, prefect, and a great prankster. His charm and personality got him almost anything he wanted but he was also a nice guy who just wanted to go on with life and live it to the fullest.


 Once he was outside the gate he apparated a small town near London. His destination was a large white house with a bright red door, the garden was large and yet very empty just covered with dull green grass. After a few seconds of knocking on the door it swung wide open reveling a beautiful girl with long tan legs wearing a dull white skirt and a plain black shirt. Her hair was a dull brown her eyes a plain blue. Everything about her screamed boring! Something Al grew to hate over the four months they had been together sure she was a great lay but far too clingy and boring for a real relationship.


 "Al baby! You got here just in time! My parents just left! Want to watch a movie?"


"I can't-"


"Why don't you come upstairs and we came have some fun?" Al would have said yes any other day but not today, today he was a man on a mission.


 "Sorry Jacky I think its best that I don't or you'll end up hating me."


"Al sweetie what are you talking about come on at least a quickie on the couch?" Damn he was so tempted to say yes but he knew if he did he would be the world’s biggest arse. She pulled him in to a tight embrace kissing him passionately and pulling him inside the house. They moved to the couch straddling him kissing him and removing their clothing. Al was lost in lust and his plan slipped right out of his mind the moment they became one.


 "Wow Al that was the best!" Jacky stated trying to control her breathing. "So babe what were you going to tell me?"


 Bugger Al thought how could he break up with her now? If he hadn't been so weak he could have been long gone by now. He knew he had to do it sooner or later. He quickly pulled on his cloths and stood up walking towards the door then he turned to see her looking up at him from the couch realization crossing her face.


 “I came to tell you that what we have is over Jacky. You are too dull for me I need some one more exciting someone who'll keep me on my toes. That's what I needed to tell you before you pulled me on the couch... I'm sorry it's really over." Al said before walking out the door feeling like a git.


 "Albus Potter," he stopped in his tracks but didn't turn to face her. “I’m sorry I was too dull for you." Then the door shut behind him leaving him feeling worse than ever before.


 Al he thought to himself as he apparated to meet his friends you deserve to be given the award to the world greatest areshole.


 Malfoy Manor 2


 His dream had been amazing. He was dressed a black tux standing in front of the aisle waiting for his beautiful bride to make her appearance. She stepped into view his heart beat faster as she came closer. He had this dream many times but not once had he seen her face she was a mystery to him but this time he saw her... Her beautiful blue eyes her straight red hair and pale skin... Rose Weasley.


 Scorpius Malfoy could have any girl he wanted except for one, Rose Weasley, it killed him not being able to call her his or to hold her in his arms. She was the Gryffindor Princess and he was the Slytherin Prince, which like his father he hated. Girls would say Scorpius was the sexy bad guy that they all wanted, he was Head boy and chaser but what good was any of that if he couldn't have the girl of his dreams.


 Unlike Al and Alex, Scorpius had only been with one girl and that was in his 6th year he had seen Rose snogging some 7th year who had one hand down her skirt and the other was grabbing a handful of her breast, he had been so angry that he grabbed the closest girl around him and pulled her into an empty classroom. The rest of the year she was his escape from the world every night he spent with her meant nothing to him. True no one knew that with all the rumors that spread last he heard he had been with almost every girl from 5th year and up.


 No, Rose was his dream girl but he knew it would be impossible to ever be with her. After all this time his dad and her family hadn't realized they were the best of friends. No matter what his dad did to prove he was a good man they were to blind to accept it and his father was filled with anger and prohibited Scorpius to talk to the Potter's or the Weasley's. This year was going to be different the four of them agreed it was time the truth of their friendship was revealed. This year Scorpius would tell Rose he fancied her ever since they were in potions class back in fourth year.


 This year he would get his ferret..... Hopefully.





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Family Encounters : Untitled


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