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Love Is Difficult, No Matter What Time You're In by The_Dark_Side_Gal
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: Oopsie
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A/N: Hi everyone. So this is one of my more far-fetched stories but I really hope you enjoy it. Please write a review so I can help make it to the best of my ability. Thanks :) TDSG xoxo

Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter (J.K Rowling), Merlin (various authors but I'm using the BBC books) or Inkheart (Cornelia Funke) no matter how great they are :P 


She smiled shyly at her friends. Harry and Ron grinned back. It was the first time they were to witness what she had been hiding all this time. They had known something was up with her reading as she had always refused to read out loud directly from the book. She always paraphrased, hoping no one would notice. But Harry and Ron did. As her best friends for the past seven years, they noticed everything. Hermione had always refused to answer the questions and always had an excuse not to read aloud to them. But she had had enough of hiding her secret. She wanted her friends to know and there was nothing that could stop her now. She had nothing to hide now that they had defeated the Dark Lord. No one could stop her from being who she really was.


In myths, she was known as a Silver tongue- The creator of real-life stories. While someone wrote down their stories, she was the one who made them come to life. She was what made characters real. Like really real.


“Guys, it is really important that you stay calm while this happens as I have no control over this. In fact, I’d rather you guys weren’t even in the same room as me but then you can’t see what I need you to know. So, I’m apologising in advance in case something awful happens.” Hermione said as she picked up the book she had chosen to read to them. “Merlin: The Last Dragon Overlord.” ‘How fitting’ she scoffed to herself. She was the last of her kind also. Turning to the page which she had chosen, she took a deep, shaky breath and quickly glanced at Harry and Ron. Harry gave her an encouraging smile, while Ron looked bored. She rolled her eyes at him and turned back to the page.


“’As usual, Merlin knew that an instruction like that meant work for him. Arthur ordered him to make the necessary preparations for the sortie. For the next hour Merlin worked at full speed, checking the prince’s armour, gathering the provisions for the journey and saddling the horses. Finally, with all Arthur’s requirements met, Merlin was able to deal with his own.’” Hermione read out loud. She had ignored the winds which had picked up while she was reading and dismissed the falling armour pieces and apples. However she looked up when she heard a yelp. Harry was being crushed by a half armoured up blonde man, and on the floor next to him, was... “Merlin” Ron breathed.


“Eurgh. Yes?” The other man said, clutching at his head. His dark hair was cropped close to his head, and his face narrow, he looked extremely familiar. His clothes were not from this period of time. Ron looked at him confused but just ignored him.


“Hermione, would you like to explain?” Harry asked as he shoved the blonde man off. He looked offended at the shove and was prepared to say something, but Hermione interrupted quickly. She paced back and forth, muttering under her breath.


“This has never happened before. I am such an idiot. It had to happen today, didn’t it? God I am never reading aloud again.” She started to cry and Ron and Harry wrapped their arms around her. The two new boys just stood there awkwardly. The blonde started tapping his foot impatiently but the other one placed his hand on his arm gently, and he stopped.


“Sorry subjects but where on earth is this... place?” He looked around the library where they were sat disgustedly. The three of them looked at him sharply. Hermione’s eyes narrowed as the tears finished. She was always an emotional wreck after reading aloud.


“Excuse me, but who do you think you are? Calling us subjects?” She asked sharply. His eyes widened slightly, and a small smirk settles on his lips. His chiselled features obviously made him arrogant. He was the kind of person she had always avoided, with his obvious beauty always leading to the assumption of him being a shallow person.


“Merlin, please tell this... peasant who I happen to be.” He addressed the dark haired boy. Their style was very different, even their auras suggested how different they were. The blonde, a shallow, egotistical man who thought he was God’s gift was obviously the superior one compared to the brunette, whose aura suggested he was quite the opposite


“Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to the Prince of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon.” The man called Merlin introduced him. They gawped at the two men, shocked that it had happened. They, well Hermione, had actually produced Merlin and Arthur out of the book.


“Well, Arthur, Merlin. Welcome to the 21st Century.” Hermione stepped forward, out of the grasps of Harry and Ron, to greet them. She curtsied slightly, while Arthur stood smugly and nodded his head at her. She looked at Merlin, who smiled at her.


“Who are you people? What do you mean 21st Century?” Merlin asked. Arthur just rolled his eyes at his questions and sat down on the sofa behind him.
“I’m Hermione, and this is Ron and Harry” she said, pointing to the boys behind her. “I accidentally performed a... spell which brought you two out of the book into our real life. I am so sorry. I will need to send you back as soon as possible.” She apologised profusely. Merlin smiled at her and placed her hand on her shoulder in a comforting gesture.


“What do you mean by spell? Don’t tell me you’re an enchantress as well? Merlin, you seem to have many of your kind around.” Arthur snorted. Hermione disliked him very much. She thought meeting a prince would be a pleasant experience. But then again, she had always planned on meeting a Prince or two from the muggle world at some point. They had always seemed nice enough. This prince however, was mean. Oh how childish she sounded. This was her fault; she should be welcoming them to their time, instead of giving the Prince such dark looks.


“I have a certain power which others don’t have, but yes the three of us here are wizards and witches. You make it sound like that’s a bad thing, Sire.” Hermione spat at him. Arthur looked shocked at her tone.


“Oh wench, if we were back in my time, I would have you imprisoned for talking to me in such a way. However, here you are forgiven; obviously manners are a thing of the past here.” Arthur snapped back. Hermione stalked up to him and jabbed her finger at his chest with every word she spoke.


“Well you are not back in your time anymore, Your Highness, so I would prefer it if you kept your thoughts about my time to yourself. You have to earn respect around here and Witches and Wizards are of the norm in this area, so keep this” grabbing his lips together, “shut. Got it?” She said, gripping his lips even tighter between her forefinger and thumb. He nodded, fear in his eyes, and Hermione let go of his lips and took a couple of steps back. Her eyes were wet with anger, and Arthur felt a stab of sympathy going through him. He would never apologise until he was proven wrong though.


“Merlin, how are you?” Harry greeted Merlin with a hug. The confrontation between Hermione and Arthur temporarily forgotten at this statement, in fact the whole action surprised all three not involved.


“I’m well Harry. I’m sorry about how our friends don’t seem to be getting on, but it’s good to see you again old friend.” Merlin said, patting him on the back. The two seemed comfortable, like close friends. Arthur, Ron and Hermione just watched as the two started conversing. Harry asked after Gaius and Guinevere, while Merlin asked about the Dark Lord’s defeat. The two joked for a couple more minutes before noting they had an audience. Ron just stood there, mouth open like a goldfish, while Arthur and Hermione had the same look on their face. Crossed arms and their eyebrows rose, both pouting. Harry couldn’t do anything but snort at their similar posture.


“You two know each other?! Like... know each other?!” Hermione exclaimed, unable to hold back. Harry knew how much she enjoyed the Merlin book series. She had always told him how he was one of the characters she wanted to meet if she could. It was the one Wizarding card she had looked for when she bought Chocolate Frogs.


“Hermione...” Harry started to apologise for hiding his friendship with the man known as the Greatest wizard if all time. But Hermione was too upset to notice. She had thought there was going to be no more secrets between them now she had spilt her gift about being the last of the Silver-tongues. Of course she had to be wrong. Hermione Granger just couldn’t be right all the time.


A/N: So how did it go. Please review so I can know. Thanks TDSG xoxo


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