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The guide through magical pregnancy by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 3 : Isnít pregnancy a wonderful thing?
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 Isn’t pregnancy a wonderful thing?

Hermione woke from a soft chuckle next to her. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up. A big bunch of red hair hung in front of a pair of piercing blue eyes. Ron chuckled again and kissed her softly.

“Good morning, you look beautiful, sleeping in really makes you glow. How do you feel today?” Hermione turned to her bedside table, her alarm clock told her it was 10 o’clock. She

hadn’t slept late, she’d slept terribly late.

“I made you breakfast. Toast with eggs and a croissant, if you like some. It’s Sunday after all.” Ron made his way to the door while Hermione sat up. The smell of roasted bread came in through the door. It made Hermione’s stomach flip, she rapidly got up and raced to the bathroom. She’d expected to be very sick, but  it wasn’t all that bad since away from the smell her body calmed down a little and she threw up only a little, since there wasn’t that much to get out. Breathing through her mouth Hermione came back to Ron, he looked worried. 


“Don’t worry, the smell of toast set me of, it’s a natural thing, though it usually does not come this early in the pregnancy. It will get worst, but in a few months I will stop getting sick. It’s natural, don’t worry. Shall we go see a Healer tomorrow? After all it has been a week since we found out I am pregnant.” Hermione walked away nervously and sat down at the kitchen table. Ron followed her, looking a little startled. He put away the toast quickly. Hermione got the eggs and loaded her plate. She suddenly felt very hungry.

It was a beautiful Sunday. The sun was shining bright in a cloudless blue sky. A warm breeze blew in through the window, taking the soft smell of dry grass with it. The smell made her happy. It made her think of holidays, lying in the grass with a nice book. She wanted to go out today and enjoy this lovely weather as long as it lasted. She put on a soft white dress and her favourite sandals.

“I want to go out today, have a little walk on the beach. Are you coming to?” Asked Hermione. Ron was putting on a light blue shirt and a pair of light brown pants. He liked wearing pants. They were a lot more convenient then robes. 


“Alright, you know I love the beach. We could ask Harry and Ginny to come.” Ron answered

“That not a bad idea, let’s do that. I would love to talk to Ginny.”

The rest of the day went by in a blur of sunshine and laugher. Little James was crawling around babbling in his own little baby language. It was such an adorable sight, it melted Hermione’s heart to see the little boy playing in the sand. She wondered what her little baby would be a boy or a girl.

The next morning Hermione woke before Ron did. She got up and dressed. All of the sudden a wave of nausea overpowered her. She barely made it to the bathroom. The sickness was starting to get worst. It was a good thing she was seeing a Healer today.

Their appointment was at 11 o’clock. Ron was coming too. The Healer had advised her to apparate  as little as possible during the pregnancy. It wasn’t all together healthy for the baby. So they were taking the Floo Network to St. Mungo’s. Spinning round and round through the fireplaces of England, Hermione felt her stomach turning again. This wasn’t a comfortable way to travel for a pregnant woman, she though. She really had to find another way of getting here in the future. She didn’t really see herself doing this with a huge belly and all that. Swirling around one last time she popped out of a big fireplace. 


The fireplace was placed at the far end of a long waiting room. This was a part of the hospital Hermione hadn’t seen before. It seemed to be underground, as there were no windows in the waiting room. The walls had a vanilla white colour, against the walls were light green furnished benches. There were little tables in between them loaded with magazines like: Witch Weekly, Touching Toddler Tricks, Being a Magical Mommy and The Tummy
. Among those were little colourful flyers about the ins and outs of pregnancy


The waiting room was empty except a tiny looking woman with thick ochre curls and a huge belly. She looked very nervous upon hearing her name, stood shakily and swayed her way into the office. Ron and Hermione sat down on the bench, only to be called up immediately by a hearty looking woman with a big, round face and a bush of shoulder long, gray hair. She smiled upon seeing the two of them and made a welcoming gesture. 


Upon entering the woman’s office Hermione looked around with wonder. The office was painted like the sky so blue. Near the ceiling there were little clouds moving around the walls on a non-existent breeze. From one of the corners came a yellow coloured light, lighting up the entire office. It was like they were outside on a beautiful summer day. The woman told them to take a seat. There was a small furnished garden bench in the middle of the room, opposite the bench stood a large rocking chair, now occupied by the Healer. With a flick of her wand the Healer poured them some tea.


“My name is Ellen Birthwisle, I am going to examine you today and if you want me I will be your Healer throughout you pregnancy. I have got quite a number of years of experience. If I remember correctly I helped in delivering you Mr. Weasley. I was only an assistant back then, mind you. You were quite a boy to deliver. Took your mother five hours to get you out. It was because of the shoulders she told me. You brother Bill didn’t come out easily too, you see. Well, she was right now, wasn’t she? You’ve got big, broad shoulders indeed, mind you.” She smiled and nodded to herself.


“But you are not here for me delivery memory, now are you?” She asked, half to herself. “No, no, you are here because you’re having a baby for yourselves now. Let’s see, let’s see.” She looked at Hermione intently and then smiled. “You glow like a young pregnant lady. A young pregnant lady indeed. Did you take a home test, my dear?” Hermione nodded, tongue-tied for a moment.


“I was a few days late and it worried me. I brewed up a potion from my Magical Care book. It was a very simple potion, but I think it worked just fine. It turned green when I dropped in a hair, which was supposed to happen.” The Healer nodded and smiled.

“Yes dear, that sounds right. Was it a lovely purplish lilac colour before?” Hermione nodded.

“Then you did it right. There is no doubt you are having a cute little baby inside you, growing and growing. You know, you shout really take good care of yourself now. Living as healthy as possible. Eating good, nice food. Oh dear, you’re going to have a whole lot of fun with the little miracle. Mind my words, a whole lot of fun. Now, shall we take a look at it now? It is very small still, but we have to see how old it is and all that. Did you get sick in the morning dear?” She talked on and on with her soft, sweet voice. It was a soothing voice which calmed the entire room. 
“Come over here, dear. Don’t be scared just put up your shirt a bit, so that I can see your tummy properly. Very well. Now mind you, this is going to tickle a little bit.” She raised her wand and pointed it at Hermione’s abdomen. 


A soft white light flowed out of it circling her belly. It made a little cloud over it and hovered away. Hermione giggled, the little cloud tickled indeed. It now flowed face high. The middle of the cloud broke open, the hole that appeared grew bigger and bigger. With the opening of the hole came a little, very soft tapping kind of sound. Though it wasn’t really tapping, it was a teeny tiny, but very very fast, little heartbeat.


In the cloud formed the picture of a red chamber. In the middle of it was a very small, prawn like creature, only 8 mm big. 


“Well, there you have it. The little baby. It’s not that big now, is it? But is will grow. It’s about 6 weeks old now, if you count from the moment of conception. Next week it will be twice it’s size. Isn’t it amazing. It will get his arms and legs and handy little things like that. Well it looks all good and health now, the little thingy. You can put you shirt down now, dear. We’ll leave it in piece now.” She waved her wand and the cloud disappeared, as did the little tapping sound. 


Hermione let down her shirt and took her place on the bench again. Ellen sat down in the rocking chair waving her wand again. 


“I have got a bit of information for you, dear. All about what to do and not to do and all that. It’s very useful to read it all. It’s your first, so you have to prepare yourself.”

“Looks like you're not finished reading after all, love. And you didn’t even have time to memorize the book first.” Ron said jokingly to his wife. Hermione took the handouts she was handed.

“Now dear, I am going to tell you a few things you should be really careful with from now on. Cause they are known to be able to hurt you and the baby. First apparating is not very good for your baby, but in this stage it doesn’t really hurt it too much. You shouldn’t ever try and take a Portkey. The force of it is known to cause miscarriage. Later on it has caused a lot of premature deliveries. As did apparating, mind you. Both will have to be avoided if possible. Now I do fully understand that later on, when you are have a huge belly and all that, it will be hard to come here with the Floo. That’s why I go and see you at you place from now on.” Ellen said with a smile. 

“Whenever you need me just send me a call. When the day of delivery comes near I will give you my card. Press it and I will come to you as soon as possible. Do not worry dear, I have seen it all. In 6 weeks we will meet again, unless you need my help in the meantime. As you know, this period of the pregnancy is very vulnerable, it’s best to not tell to many people about it. Mind you, it isn’t very strong and it can go wrong. When it is 3 months it will probably stay. It is a lot stronger then, mind you.” Ellen said, nodding her head now.

“You will experience sickness, tiredness, aches and pressure on you bladder. This is very normal for the coming 6 weeks. After those weeks it will all get better. I promise you, dear.” She smiled again.

“Now be careful with potions and self-transfiguration spells, they can be harmful. Always make sure to read the warnings, mind you, you wouldn't be the first to have their baby come out with a pig snout because they were not careful. 
That’s all now, off you go again. Take care for now and don’t worry. Have a good day, now.” She led them out of her office, still bidding them good day.

“Well, now we know for sure. Though it has to be kept a secret for 6 more weeks.” Hermione giggled at the thought of it. She tugged the handouts in her pocket and took Ron’s hand. “What do you think?” She asked softly. He hadn’t
really said as much as he would have. Ron squeezed her hand.

“I’m thinking how very small the baby is. It would fit on my finger. It didn’t even look like a baby. Is it really 6 weeks old?”

“Yes, isn’t it amazing? It is going to be twice as big next week.” Hermione’s eyes shone. It was clear that she was very happy with the little thing.

“I think it looks like a shrimp. I’ll call it Shrimpy from now on.” Ron chuckled. It really was a Shrimpy, he thought. Hermione shook her head. She knew her husband long enough to know he meant it well.




I do not own any of the characters that you love. The are JKR's! Of course!

I do own the rightto thank Mystique for her beta reading! She she great and really helps me out! Thank you!!! 

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