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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 16 : Fireworks on Halloween
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 Chapter Sixteen

I entered the party which already in full swing, people were clearly drunk and the music, some song about party and bullshit, was blaring out very loudly. Keeping the smile on my face I made my way over to Abi and tapped her shoulder. She turned around and embraced me immediately before kissing me multiple times on the cheek, she was clearly drunk.

“Where have you been?” she slurred poking my chest “I have been waiting for you for about an hour; surely it can’t have taken that long to get ready”

“I don’t feel too well” I said quickly trying to think of an excuse “I must’ve eaten something dodgy this afternoon”

“Well I had the same things and I feel fine” she said ruffling my hair “My poor Ollie; you look gorgeous tonight you know. I mean you look gorgeous all of the time but tonight you just look out of this world”

“You look out of this world as well” I said taking her hand. She really did, she looked absolutely beautiful I just wished she had more confidence in herself. She was soon blushing, at first that had irritated me somewhat but now I just found it very cute and endearing. Everything that Abi dad was kind of cute and endearing to be honest, she snuggled her face into my chest as the song about party and bullshit ended and a slower song came on

Soon enough I found myself slow dancing with Abi in the middle of the common room; everyone was getting progressively drunk except for me I actually hadn’t managed to touch a drop yet. Abi wouldn’t let me out of her sight and I was quite glad of that in a way it made me feel a lot less guilty about what had just nearly happened upstairs with Lily who still hadn’t come down yet. I looked around the common room at all my friends and considered what I had to loose

Hugo and Rebecca were snogging like there was no tomorrow in a far corner both looking drunk out of their minds; Leila and Melissa were sitting on Lysander and Lorcan who had both passed out; Roxy, Dom, Ryan, Freddie, Melissa and Louis were all being taught a muggle dance by Ben and Lucy, Jack and a few friends were helping themselves to any remaining food. Albus, in his vastly superior way, had put a charm on the alcohol which made it taste like pond water to anyone under the age of 16

The boy is so uptight sometimes. Except for now, now he’s dancing in just a pair of boxer shorts with a lamp shade balanced around his head. Rose would’ve looked unimpressed but she and her Ravenclaw boyfriend were swaying drunkenly about the dance floor. As Abi’s friends took Ryan, Ben, Freddie and Louis for a dance as a faster song came on I noticed Lily finally make her entrance into the party

She hadn’t put her costume back on; instead she was wearing a little short red dress that made her look ridiculously attractive. Abi’s jaw dropped as Lily made her way towards Declan Finnegan, Ravenclaw 7th year, and proceeded to begin dancing with him

“She is such a slut” said Abi scathingly as she and I flopped next to Hugo and Rebecca on the sofas “I mean honestly, I don’t like Malfoy but you’d think she’d have the decency not to have a dirty dance with someone else”

I caught Lily’s eye as she danced with Declan and I noticed the mischievous spark that had been missing for some time had reappeared. I was looking at Lily until I heard shouting and tilted my head to see Ben and Louis squaring up to eachother aggressively in the corner of the room. I looked around and no one else seemed to have noticed except me and it looked as if they were both about to kick off big time


“What’s going on you two” I groaned as I reached them. They were both very drunk, Louis seemingly couldn’t stand up straight, but I could tell there was genuine anger between them that stemmed a little further than drunken anger. There was a real tension between these two. Louis and Ben made eye contact for a moment, Ben shook his head and Louis seemed to understood this meaning

“He just spilt his drink down me” Ben said it was clearly a lie as Ben’s shirt was dry as a bone but feeling very tired I decided not to press the matter and returned to Abi who was in stitches as a drunk Hugo tried to explain exploding snap to her

“Ollie, Ollie, Ollie” said Hugo with a slur as I reached him “I cannot be-believe that your woman doesn’t know how to play exploding snap”

“I just never learnt” shrugged Abi. At this point the music stopped and I noticed Lily kissing Declan, this angered me and I left Abi to be lectured at by Hugo. Bumping shoulders with Declan as I reached Lily I spun her round to face me

“Oh hey dude, wanna dance” she asked enthusiastically. She was another one who was clearly drunk; was I the only one at this party not three sheets to the wind. I raised my eyebrows at her and she gave a little, albeit quite sexy, giggle and took me by the hand to the staircase

“What is going on with you” I whispered “You’re seeing Malfoy in secret, you kiss me and then you are all over Declan Finnegan. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“You know what’s wrong with me baby” she said with a slur putting her finger on my lips “My problem is that you, Oliver Jordan Benson, are a complete dork who has no idea what to do when a girl comes onto you. But somehow, you manage to find a medium where you’re very cute. You’re confusing” she finished sounding angry and poking me in the chest

“And you are drunk” I responded as she gave another sexy little laugh and tilted her head against the wall

“Do I look pretty tonight Oliver” she asked taking my hand “Because it’s all for you, I hope you realise that. But it isn’t because I want to impress you, it’s because I want you to have an idea of what you’re missing”

She kissed me on the cheek and put her hands threw my hair before exiting the staircase and walking back into the party. I sighed and sat down on the step putting my head in my hands trying to collect myself until I heard a pair of drunken people stumble towards me. A pretty but barely dressed Hufflepuff girl squeezed past me in a fit of giggles. I looked up and saw Al grinning at me in his moronic fashion

“She’s a nice girl that Stephanie” said Al sitting down next to me “I think that’s her name, I didn’t catch it. She wanted to know where the loos were so I said I’d show her; I think I’ve pulled”

I smirked. “Do you actually have any kind of conscience” I asked him, he laughed and shoved me “Her name is Stacey Downes by the way” I added as Al passed me a beer bottle

“What’s up with you then Benson” Al asked putting his arms around my shoulder “Is Clayton not giving you enough? Is she even giving you any at all?”

“Believe it or not Al, some people aren’t all about sex in a relationship” I replied. Al gasped in fake horror which made me laugh; he wasn’t a typical player and was nowhere near James or Freddie level but when he got a drink down him he turned quite flirtatious shall we say

“Come on then man” he said patting my back “What’s eating you up? I can always tell when you’re depressed Oliver, you take yourself away and try to make yourself invisible”

I did want to tell someone about what had happened with Lily. Really, I did but I needed to tell someone who couldn’t be biased about it in anyway and Al was not that person. I felt horrible about what I’d done with Lily, I looked as Abi, Megan, Melissa and Dom all danced happily together and had to fight back tears. That beer had gone straight to my head

“What do you think of me Al?” I asked “Really? What do you think?”

Al looked surprised and thought for a moment

“I think you’re a great guy Oliver” he said, he sounded like he was being honest “I think you’re a really good friend for Hugo and Lily; they can both get ahead of themselves sometimes and you keep them on planet Earth. I also think you’re one of the kindest, most loving people that I’ve ever met. You’re a bit of a dork and a moron at times but to be honest I really value your friendship”

Al patted me on the back once more as Stacey reappeared and dragged him back onto the dance floor, he certainly had pulled. I was hoping my conversation with Al would’ve made me feel better but in reality it made me feel worse. Much, much worse

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