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Grand Scheme by charm_the_stag
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Why, you wanna tell me how to live my life?
Who,are you to tell me if it's black or white?

-Have A Nice Day, Bon Jovi.


Year Five

Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts

Arwen sat alone at the Gryffindor table.

She couldn’t sleep well, and came in for breakfast pretty early. She sat munching on an apple and toying with her broomstick.  The weather looked good for an early fly before lesson. She did it when the dreams became worse and she needed to clear her head.

 There were only a few people present. The sixth year Ravenclaw twins, Olivia and Orillia Carter were practising hair charms on each other. They were the beaters on the Ravenclaw team. Aidan Rossi the fourth year Hufflepuff, whom she had met last year, caught her gaze and waved at her. She waved back. She had helped him in charms last year. Charms and potions were her forte.

An owl flew towards her.

That was surprising. The owls never came this early. It was flying towards her. Arwen frowned, she never received mail.

This owl was different, it was unnatural. It had sooty black feather and blood red eyes. Her owl Aurum was an affectionate bird, his molten gold eyes looked kind (bird standard) but this owl had downright frightening eyes. It sat down in front of her and turned its terrifying eyes towards her.  It stuck it leg out at her. She took the scroll from its leg and the bird set off. The other occupants seemed to notice the terrifying bird.

She looked at the scroll. The paper looked expensive; whoever sent this was rich. She looked at what was written. There were only four words, written in elegant script, ‘I like to play.’ She was confused. There was no name or anything. She grimaced at the words and mulled over its implication.

She wondered if it was some prank. She pocketed the parchment, and made a mental note to study it further later on.

After a while, the rest of the sleepy population of the school trickled into the Great Hall.

A very sleepy Gwen plopped herself beside Arwen and started pouring milk into a bowl.

“You’re up early.”Gwen commented.

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep much.” She replied. Gwen didn’t question her because she was busy inhaling her breakfast.

“You’re such a pig, dear cousin.” Stated Scorpius, taking a seat beside Gwen.

“Shut up Scorpy. I’m hungry.” Grunted Gwen.

“Ugh! You eat properly when mum is in the room.”

 Gwen wasn’t a morning person. Scorpius’ reprimanding tone was not improving her mood. She acted on her first impulse and threw a spoon full of cereal at him.

“Oh it’s on!”Proclaimed Scorpius and he poured a jug full of orange juice on Gwen. 

Gwen threw a waffle at him, he ducked and it hit Fred. Fred, being Fred charmed all the plates to throw the food at the person in front of it. It was chaos. 

Arwen quickly shielded herself, grabbed her broom and went off towards the grounds.  She had an hour to spare.

Her broom was a Firebolt Whiplash. A birthday gift from the Malfoys in her third year. She mounted the broom and took off. She did a few laps around the pitch and a few aerial acrobatics. She noticed another person coming from the changing rooms.

It was Caleb Ryan, the Slytherin in seventh year. She felt her heart flutter and she suppressed a blush. He was a gorgeous guy.  The epitome of tall, dark and handsome. His olive toned skin, curly black hair that were in a messy state, his blue eyes were dreamy...she suppressed a sigh.

God she was embarrassed by her actions. He was a mysterious guy and had a reputation of being unattainable. She had a small crush on him, hell! which girl did NOT have small crush on him. He was sex-on-legs. He was in the same sphere with James as one of the hottest blokes in the school.

His presence caused her to falter on her balance. She was just about to fall when a strong hand caught hold of her arm and steadied her. When did he get here so fast? He was just by the changing rooms!

“You zoned out. You okay?”He asked. His voice was also so dreamy. Arwen found herself blushing.

“Umm...I...Umm.”She stuttered. She mentally cursed her left for losing her bearings around him and making a fool out of herself. She tried to rein in her emotions.

‘Damn! Where’s occlumency when you need it!’

“Arwen-“He knew her name! Hallelujah!” Sorry for startling you.”He grinned.

“Thank you.”She muttered. She couldn’t look at him. “I... gotta go feed the buttergriffs! See ya!”She squeaked and took off as fast as she could.

Caleb watched at her as she flew back and grinned. Maybe he would get a chance to know her better at the party... if she comes.  

She mentally face palmed! She just said ‘I gotta go feed the buttergriffs” to Caleb bloody Ryan. There were no such things as bloody buttergriffs! She quickly went back to her dormitory, grabbed her bag. She reached class just on time.

Gwen looked at her and started laughing.

“What’s wrong?”Arwen sighed. Gwen was quick.

“You’re face sweetheart. You look like the love child of a beetroot and a human. “She snickered.” So what caused this lovely shade of red on your face?”

“Caleb Ryan.”No use fighting the inevitable. Gwen would have found out after giving her the third degree too.

“Ooh Captain Steamy!”She sighed. She might not date them, but she had a healthy appreciation for the opposite sex. She usually had nicknames for all the hot guys in school. Caleb Ryan, the Slytherin quidditch team captain was Captain Steamy for her. “Give me all the juicy details!”

“Nothing juicy about embarrassing yourself in front of a gorgeous guy-“

“So Ms. Mallory do you have something you would like to share with us?” asked Professor Chang, their transfiguration teacher.

“No, Ma’am.”

“Then please pay attention, this is your OWL year.”She reprimanded and continued teaching.

Arwen quickly took some time to recollect herself.

The bell rang and she went off towards the direction of the nearest girl’s washroom.

There she met the lovely and charming Kay Summer and her cronies Miranda Goyle and Olivia Parkinson. They were pretty nice when Kay wasn’t around.  

They were applying what looked like their tenth layer of makeup. They looked like the rejected applicants for The Memoirs of a Geisha, the movie. Arwen looked at herself in the mirror. No, she no longer resembled a lovechild of a beetroot and a human. 

“Hey Bitch!”Snarled Kay. Arwen internally sighed. How they loved to live up the Slytherin stereotype, though some of them were pretty cool, the others felt like they had to live up to the evil Slytherin mannerisms. Come to think of it a lot of students loved to stick to their house stereotypes too.

 She thought of the time when Fred came galloping on a wooden horse, screaming “charge” along with James into the Great Hall once. They were pretending to be knights. They kidnapped Rose and who was looking at them exasperatedly. She was arguing with Scorpius on a very important matter (Why your hair is white and not blond! Dammit! you resemble a carrot!).

“Hey Summer, it’s simply spiffing to see your lovely face in the morning.”Arwen started cheerfully. They had a wonderful relationship built on hexes and misconceptions.Kay was a pretty girl with an ugly personality.

“Stay away from Potter and Ryan!” Wow that was fast. She didn’t even know how Kay could think that she could like either, when one was a jerk and the other was unknown.

They were members of James’ fan club. A group of girls ready to annihilate (or seriously injure) any female James had shown interest in. They also had James hunts. Popular for his love for broom closets, they hoped they would get into one with him. They succeeded often, considering the fact that James was a manwhore.  Yeah, a manwhore who loves annoying me, thought Arwen.  She seemed to attract bitches and jerks. He might write five hundred letters but he didn’t mean a single word. He just liked watching her get angry. If James were a better person, she might have liked to go out with him.

“No intention of holding them back Kay.”She sighed.

“Yeah right! Bitch.”She sneered.

‘For a pureblood heiress, she sure was the epitome of class.’ Snorted Arwen internally.

“Yes I am right.”Arwen replied nonchalantly.

“You think you are so pretty but you are not! You are a charity case that the Wotters and Malfoy’s have taken up, Mudblood. They take pity on you because no one wants you!”Kay spat. “Even your own parents don’t want you! You may get good grades and be on the quidditch team, you might be Miss.Goody-two-shoes but in the end you are no one. You belong nowhere filthy Mudblood!“ She was on a roll. She hit Arwen where it hurt.

Arwen said nothing. She just turned around and left the washroom before they could see her crumple.

“Cowardly Gryffindor! You run away from everything!”Kay shouted at her retreating figure.

Arwen was quiet and ignored company the rest of the day. It happened whenever Kay lashed out like that. It was Gwen who found her sulking in the owlery with Aurum. Gwen dragged Arwen back to their dormitory before she could go hide. They had a party to get ready for!

Arwen groaned. She hated parties.

With the full moon in three days, Gwen couldn’t afford to lose control. She was pretty temperamental and morose a few days before the transformation.

Maybe she wouldn’t drink the punch this time. She could not hold her drink and became quite tipsy when the punch got spiked. Gwen was an amusing drunk. She had a tendency of talking to inanimate objects and fling food at random people and run away like a giggly mess. Albus could hold his drink. Scorpius had a good limit too. Though they ended up in pretty weird places the next day, if they got totally sloshed. Albus was once found inside a shower stall in the Quidditch changing rooms last year. Scorpius was found asleep under the Hufflepuff table.

“Aww Gwenny! Why do I have to go!? I don’t like parties!”Complained Arwen.

“Shut up Arwen. Let me think!” Snapped Gwen, looking at Arwen’s wardrobe critically. They were standing in front of Arwen’s wardrobe. Gwen suddenly started tossing things out furiously. The other girls in their dormitory were getting ready too.

“No...Not this...definitely not this...Nope...Arwen how could you buy this!? Too many tee shirts...Nope...Nope...Nope...”Mumbled Gwen.

Arwen just stared at the pile growing on her bed.  June looked at Gwen ravaging through Arwen wardrobe, widened her eyes and then went back to applying her makeup. Rose and Alice were taking a shower.

“You’re cleaning that.”Arwen stated.

Gwen snorted.

“Here this will be great!”She said.  She tossed her a lacy eyelet forest green and white dress.. She went over to her side and flung a pair of green heels at Arwen. She caught them with the reflexes of a chaser. Arwen grumbled about Gwen being a violent person and Gwen replied with a rude hand gesture.

She then went off to look for something for herself. Gwen loved clothes.  She and Dominique Weasley spent a lot of time discussing different fashion houses and flipping through fashion magazines.

Assuming Gwen didn’t want to get into the Muggle Liaisons Department, her next option would be to become a fashion designer but if her lycanthropy comes between her choice of career, she would have to become something like a writer or potions maker.

“Why do I have to go Gwen?”

“Cause I said so, love!”

Arwen gave up trying (for now) and went for a shower. She dried her hair and put on the dress. She started putting her makeup on.

“Wait I’ll do that.” Arwen turned to look at her. Gwen was looking amazing. She had a little black dress on. Her hair was mussed up and her makeup was heavy.

She started working on Arwen.

“Well we’ll get there by eleven.” Gwen looked around; the others seemed to have left already.

“I’ll be happy if we don’t ever have to get there.”

“Hey! stop being a party pooper. You look amazing. Maybe Ryan will notice you.”



“Slag. Why are we doing this again?”


“Rotten tomato.”

“Arwen...Rotten tomato?”

“Hey don’t diss my comeback skills.”

“There should be some skill...that was pathetic! “Mumbled Gwen.”You never had good comebacks. My best friend has horrible comebacks!! Merlin!”

“Heard that!”


“Want to get going?”Gwen nodded.

They headed towards the Room of Requirement. Fred and James usually hosted the parties. How the faculty never found out was a wonder. Maybe everyone was careful. Students below fourth year were not allowed. The parties were usually pretty intense and someone (Fred or James) usually spiked the punch.

They entered the room. It was pretty packed. The music pulsed and there were a lot of people on the dance floor. All the people, fourth year up, were there.

Arwen looked around. There was a fountain which was pouring butterbeer. The usual tables were set up. The lighting was intense. She looked around for Scorpius and Albus.

She spotted several red heads. Wotter clan-sighted.

 She felt her gut wrench when she thought about Kay’s words. She shook her head and walked towards them.

Albus and Scorpius-sighted. Scorpius and Rose looking at each other angrily. Everything looked normal.

Maybe one day she would find out what’s wrong with the two of them.  June and Alice were beside Rose talking to Louis. Rose shot Scorpius an angry look, spotted Eric Holt nearby and she grabbed his hand and led him towards the dance floor. Scorpius had a pained expression on in face for a second, and then it became expressionless. She would ask him about it later.

James was nowhere in sight, so she went over to Fred who was tending the bar without his second-in-command-bartender. Gwen left her and went to chat with the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw girls in their year. Albus looked like he was betting with some of his housemates. They were pretty sneaky and they knew how to make good profit. Albus helped them run the Hogwarts black market. His connections came in handy when they needed something.

Dominique was flirting with Stephan Krum (nicknamed Hot-Hell Raiser by Gwen, his temper was impressive; he was a sixth year Ravenclaw). Roxy was lounging on the couch, secretly charming the hair colour of already drunk people. She was Fred’s twin…Didn’t expect anything more than that.

“Hey Freddie.” Fred gave her a huge smile. “Hey Arwen! Did Gwen have to drag you?”

“Yes.”Sighed Arwen.  Everyone knew she didn’t like parties.

And just as she was about to start a conversation, a couple of girls came in and blocked Freddie from her view. The gaggle of girls were throwing themselves at him…Not that he wasn’t bad to look at. He was a hot guy.

Arwen spotted Aidan Rossi and went over to chat with him.  He was a pretty cool guy.

They started talking about quidditch. Aidan was a chaser in the Hufflepuff team. That was when Caleb Ryan made his second appearance of the day. He crept up behind her.

“Hello Arwen…”He murmured softly in her ear.  “Fancy a dance?”

Arwen without thinking quickly turned towards the source of the sound. Sadly her hand smacked Caleb on the face. Her eyes widened as she took in who she had just slapped.

“Oh God Caleb! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know –“Arwen started off. She was so embarrassed; she felt her cheeks heat up.

“Wow, you’re face turns really red when you’re all flustered. “He murmured into her ear.  Arwen shivered at the sound of his sexy voice.  “Or would you like a drink milady as I assume that you have fed the fictional buttergriffs? “

Arwen took a deep breath to calm down and try to be like the normal self rather than a blithering idiot.
“Ah! A gentleman! Aren’t you a gallant young man? Yes, go fetch me a drink.” Replied Arwen loftily. Her eyes sparkling with mirth.  She decided she was done being a beetroot. She continued their seventeenth century flirting. She ignored the buttergriff comment.

“Anything my lady desires.”He said and kissed her hand. She tried to control a blush that was threatening to grace her cheeks.  He took her hand and pulled her towards the bar. “Butterbeer?” She nodded.  He got two butterbeers for them.

“Your drink, fair maiden.”He smiled at her. “Must I say, you have stupefied my heart! You look wonderful.”

“Why thank you kind sir. You don’t look so shabby yourself.” Oh, how she wanted to tell him that he looked like a Greek God dressed in dark wash jeans and black shirt.

“My offer stills stands milady. Would you care for a dance?” And then he curtsied. Arwen burst out laughing.

“You looked like a duck when you did that Caleb!”She told him when he raised a brow at her.

He laughed. “I try. So Arwen Mallory will you dance…Oh what the hell!”And he dragged her to the dance floor without waiting for her answer.

They danced around for a while, Caleb was a great dancer. They swayed to and fro during the slow songs. She was having fun but sadly her feet started aching. Damn Gwen for putting her into such high heels.

“Hey Caleb, I’ll catch up with you later. I’m a bit tired.”

“Okay. See you later Arwen Mallory. It was nice meeting you. ”He said and leant in to give her a kiss on her cheeks. She felt her cheeks heat up and went off to find a place to sit. She started an internal argument with herself on how easily she blushed; she was annoyed with herself. She took a seat beside Roxy who had a new set of pranks.

“Hey Arwen! How was your dance with Ryan?”She asked.

“It was wonderful.”Replied Arwen dreamily.

“You know James looked like he wanted to tear him limb by limb, but then he grabbed the nearest pretty girl he could find and started to snog her senseless. I just put an acid pop into her drink.”She smirked.

Arwen glanced at where Roxy was looking. James was near the bar and he looked like he was devouring the face of some poor girl. The drink in her hand was turning green slowly. 

“Tell me when she takes it.”

“Roger that. “Replied Roxy and started twirling her wand, waiting for the girl to drink.

A tired Gwen came and threw herself beside Arwen. She had also been dancing for quite a long time.

“I’m so tired!”She moaned.

“You know we could have skipped this party and stayed in the dorm or roamed around.”

“Yeah, and as if you weren’t enjoying dancing with Captain Steamy.”Smirked Gwen. Roxy snorted. “Did you feel his muscles? Have you seen his muscles during the Slytherin quidditch practice?”

“Yeah that was amazing!”She gushed.”Gwenny were you spying on the Slytherin practice session?” She saw Gwen smile sheepishly.” You’re such a creep!”

“See! do you regret coming out tonight? I doubt it...Looked like he was interested in you.”

“Yep damn right he was interested in her.”Said Roxy, twirling her wand in her hand.”Ooh look! She’s jumping up and down now.”

They looked at the poor girl in James arms. She was jumping up and down and shrieking. James looked horrified.

“I think James doubts his kissing skills.”Snorted Gwen.

James suddenly looked at them. He looked annoyed as hell. When he caught Arwen’s gaze, he looked angrily at her.  He stalked off to some unknown place after that. Roxy laughed.

“Hey! look over there.”Gwen pointed towards the direction of Scorpius and Rose arguing heatedly.

Granted, he was usually so cool and collected when they fought but this time he looked so frustrated, it seemed unnatural. Gwen looked concerned. Rose was as usual looking a bit haughty and indignant. Their arguments usually contained insults and sarcastic comments.

This looked serious.

“-Why do you even care?”Asked Rose coldly. Scorpius and Rose were pretty close so, they could hear what they were saying.

“He’s using you and you are too thick to see that.”Snapped Scorpius. Arwen guessed they were talking about Clive Maclaggen, the sixth year Ravenclaw. She saw Rose snogging him on the dance floor a while back.

“He hasn’t done anything wrong. What if I wanted to snog him? You just seem to assume everything. Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

“I never thought you would behave like a whore.” Rose was seething now. Fred, Louis, Albus and James and just come in, they looked that him murderously. Scorpius didn’t acknowledge them. He looked furious at her.

“How dare you call me that!? You disgusting Death Eater spawn!”Scorpius cringed; Rose knew she hit a nerve with that comment. She had never called him that before.  Seems like it was I’m-going-to-hit-you-where-it-hurts-day.

“Glad to know how you feel. Go snog Maclaggen, I don’t bloody care anymore Rose. I’m sick of this.” His expression was blank.Before Rose or anyone could react, he turned on his heel and quickly disappeared in the crowd.

Her three cousins looked at her furiously.

“You kissed Maclaggen?”Asked Albus angrily. They had gone into the protective brother mode. Maclaggen was out of bounds for someone like their Rosie.

“Why do you care Albus? Huh? Why do you care? You never seem to care what I do or do not do?”

“I’m your brother Rose. I always care for you.”Said Albus quietly.

“No, you don’t. You left me for those people and I don’t know you anymore.” She said those people like his friends were outcasts. She did not mask her annoyance. Albus had his poker-face on. Arwen knew him well enough to know he was getting pissed.

“You had no right to call him that. Maclaggen is trouble-“Arwen and Gwen stopped listening. Gwen pulled Arwen away from the family affair. They had to look out for their family. Knowing Scorpius he would have disappeared somewhere to calm himself.


Scorpius was heading towards the Ravenclaw tower. He was so angry and hurt. Even after all this time...his family’s history tainted his image. He cursed Rose. Yes, they argued a lot but he liked it. He liked arguing with the fiery, competitive red head. Yes, he had a crush on the girl who always sized him up as her competitor and now she used his history against him. It hurt.

Scorpius was so distracted he failed to sense that someone was shadowing him.

Suddenly, someone hit him on his back. The blow knocked him to the ground. Before he could get up and reach for his wand. Another blow came upon him and then another. Scorpius didn’t know when but his eyesight was getting blurred and he lost consciousness.


Arwen and Gwen were getting worried. They looked for Scorpius at his usual haunts but he wasn’t there.

“Damn where is the map!?”Asked Arwen.

“It is with Scorpius.”Answered Gwen. Her voice was laced with worry.

“Let’s head up to the Ravenclaw tower, maybe he decided to talk to Malcolm.” Malcolm never went to parties. Scorpius pretty close to him, not as close as to Albus, but Albus had family matters to attend to. Malcolm was a cheerful guy; maybe Scorpius thought talking to Malcolm would make him feel better.

They sprinted towards the Ravenclaw tower.

Gwen suddenly halted to a stop and screamed. Arwen looked at Gwen and turned to the direction Gwen was looking at. Gwen senses were sharper; she picked up scents and sounds better.

Arwen looked and she suddenly froze.

On the ground, fifty meters ahead of them was Scorpius. He was laying eagle spread in a pool of blood. His blood.  

They sprinted towards him.

Gwen started crying.

“Arwen, Arwen...! I can’t get a heart beat Arwen!”She cried out frantically, tears were streaming down her face.

Arwen was so scared. No she couldn’t lose her rock, her best friend.

They reached his body and turned him around. There was blood everywhere. His skin was deathly pale.

“Arwen do something!”Gwen looked like she was about to lose it.

“ Scorp, don’t leave us!”Said Arwen as she felt for his pulse. There was none.

She started pumping his chest. 

“Common Scorp! Please please please!”Cried Arwen. She reached for her wand and sent her patronus. It was difficult to think of a happy memory at such notice. She tried to remember the healing spells.

“Scorp! Scorp! Please...”Gwen hugged his bloodied, battered body. Arwen tried healing him, sending shock-waves though his body.  His body flopped like a fish. She tried it again.

“Gwen close his wounds. Now!”She barked.” We have to wait for help. I’ll try everything till then!”

“Scorp! Come on Scorp...!”

 Arwen frantically tried every spell she knew.

She felt hopeless. He could NOT die now!

“Scorpius!” She cried out in frustration.

She repeatedly sent shock-waves though his body.

She checked for a pulse. There was none.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognise. Bon Jovi’s Have a Nice Day or Harry Potter. Do share your thoughts about this chapter!

Thank you!

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