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Trouble Comes In Three by tragicYETmagic
Chapter 4 : She's a Genius
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Last time on Trouble Comes in Three:

Draco yelled out raising his hands to the ceiling” THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAVE IS YOU”

“Denial” she sang with a smile.

Before Draco could kill her, she quickly added “Now Fred and George are coming over in a bit so play nice” without waiting for a reply she walked off

Draco stood there for a moment and said “I am so getting her back.”


 “And who is it that you are getting back Malfoy?” 

Draco turned around to the common room entrance to see the Weasley twins leaning against the portrait, both with identical lop sided grins on their faces. Typical.

“That’s none of your concern Weasels” he glared as they laughed and sat on the couch, kicking their feet up on the coffee table like they had lived there all their lives.

“Now Malfoy, Hermione has told us to be nice to you, though we don’t see why” Fred began stretching out his arms and placing them behind his back.

“But we just wanted to give you a pep talk and let you know that there is no way you could possibly out prank Hermione” George grinned.

Fred laughed in agreement and then puffed out his chest, “she has learnt from the best”

Draco smirked at this statement “Listen, I’m Draco Malfoy, not that it’s any of your concern but I think I can handle a bookworm in her rebel stage”

“Oh boy you have no idea what your gonna get yourself into” Fred lightly slapped his brothers shoulder “Gerogie, are you listening to this rubbish, he’s totally in for a wakeup call”

 ‘He’ll see what happens when you start a pranking war with Mione”

Draco rolled his eyes, of all the nonsense he’s heard, its bloody Hermione Granger, she’s obviously putting on some act this year but she can’t keep it up for long. No, she will just go back to her old self and he wanted to give it a little kick start. No one messes with a Malfoy.

“You’ve all lost your minds, the bloody three of you” he muttered while taking a seat in the corner, glaring at the twins.

This did not dishearten Fred and George who mimicked his actions and scoffed “Is your father going to her about this Draco?” George smiled

Draco admitted “Not likely, if I were to mention this whole situation to my father, he would disinherit me and that’s not something I want to risk, is it” The twins actually laughed at this and even Draco had to crack a smile.

It suddenly got quite awkward as Draco realized that he had actually shared a joke with the Weasley twins, and he had to thank Merlin that Granger decided to grace everyone with her presence. He was confused though as to why she was dressed in black with a beanie on her head and black paint stripes on her face.

Hermione jumped on top of Fred and George and squished herself in between the two on the couch, despite their protests.

“I thought I heard laughter coming from down here, are my best friends bonding already?”

“No” they all said in unison while darting glances at each other.

“Well, okay then” Hermione laughed knowing that they actually loved each other. Somewhere deep down. Really deep down.

“Where exactly are you going dressed like that Granger?” Draco asked still staring at her absurd outfit choice.

“To the library to study of course” She grinned

Fred and George however began to protest, “What, but I thought we were…” Fred managed to say before Hermione gave them both a meaningful look and a shove for good measure.

“Oh yes the library, I’ve always wondered what’s in there” George quickly laughed

“Books you idiot” Hermione answered while rolling her eyes

Fred groaned, “Why would anyone want to go in there?”

“To learn things for class” Hermione sighed, “not everyone is happy with educating themselves on strapping fireworks to Mrs Norris to see if she flies”

“It would have worked too, if she didn’t end up biting me” Fred muttered darkly

“This library place sounds horrible, why are we going there exactly?” George complained

“We aren’t really going George, Hermione just said that” Fred began but then looked at Hermione’s death glare “I mean…”

“So where are you really going?” Draco interrupted with a raised eyebrow (TN*: it’s astonishing how he can do that without looking like he is constipated such as Magic) (MN*: Hey I resent that)

Hermione suddenly started staring at the wall behind Draco and getting up she pointed towards it saying, “Oh look a distracting thingy!”

Draco who didn’t even blink at the random outburst stood up too “Did you honestly think I would fall for that? I’m not stupid”

“Well you learn something new every day, gotta go!” She yelled while running for the portrait hole. “Don’t wait up” she called back as she turned the corner.

Draco sighed and muttered some curse words, he did admit however that this would be a perfect time to work on his prank, and as if a light bulb went off in his head he grinned and began making his way to the head girl’s room.


The clock struck one o’clock when Hermione got back to her common room, after previously saying good night to both Fred and George and congratulating them on a prank well done. The candles were dim when she entered and the fire was almost extinguished. Obviously Draco had gone up to bed some time before, and on that thought she stifled a yawn and began to make her way up to bed.

Using her wand as the only source of light she entered her room, lit her lamps and took a look around. She knew Draco would have planned some sort of revenge prank, so she was not surprised in the least to find her room redecorated in green and silver with a Slytherin banner hanging on the wall above her bed.

Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at how predictable Malfoy was; this could hardly be called a prank at all. Where was the humiliation?

Changing into her pajamas she got into her bed but before heading off to sleep she made a move to put the room back to the way it was. It wasn’t healthy to see so much Slytherin at once.

Instead of turning her room back to its normal colours, a light drizzle of rain began to come down from the ceiling, wetting her and the room’s contents.

“Well this is just great” Hermione said out loud “but still easily fixed”

She pointed her wand and muttered “Finite incantatum” and the drizzle immediately stopped.

Hermione was about to yell “suck on that Malfoy “when all of a sudden rain began to fall and much heavier than when it started.

“Finite incantatum” she said while getting out of bed.

The rain got heavier.


Thunder boomed throughout the room and dark clouds started to disperse, turning the rain into a full blown storm.


Hermione had no idea but Draco had been wide awake since she got back and was waiting with glee for this moment. He couldn’t stop laughing as he left his room and made his way towards her door. He was met with a very soaked and murderous Hermione Granger.

“Trying to wash off the stench of Mudblood, are you? I’m afraid I don’t think it quite worked” He smirked while barely containing his laughter.

“You think your funny Malfoy, but you have no idea what I am capable of” she said glaring, her teeth clenched in a murderous rage.

Draco Laughed, his mouth formed into a perfect smirk “Seems to me that instead of dealing out empty threats you should be worrying about the hurricane in your room”

“Empty threats? You wait and see what happens” Hermione snarled

Shrugging as if he really didn’t give two sickles about the matter, he turned to go back into his room but before he did so, Draco faced her again and asked with a smirk, “Let me know if you need any help Granger” and left with a wink.

It took Hermione about 10 minutes to realise that the spell that could stop the storm in her room was Meteolojinx Recanto. She should have known to use it in the first place; only this counter- spell would work against any weather modifying charms that had gone wrong. She needed to think smart if she wanted to out prank Draco Malfoy, she realized this now. There would be no more assumptions anymore; she used to think that compared to her, Draco’s pranking skills would be less than satisfactory. With this lesson learned she was going to make sure he regretted the day he started a pranking war with Hermione Granger. She would show no mercy.

“So he jinxed your room into a hurricane?” Harry inquired at lunch a few days after the incident occurred

“Well more or less” Hermione replied before taking a bite out of her sandwich

It was good to have some one on one time with both Harry and Ron; even if she had changed she didn’t want to drift apart from the boys. They had been through hell and back during the war and it had only made their friendship stronger in the end. Hermione didn’t want to lose what they had even if she wasn’t the same frizzy haired nerd that they had come to love.

Hermione took a glance at Ron who was starting to turn red in anger, “Do you want me to hex him Mione? I think I can make the shot from here” he began to take out his wand

“No Ron, that would be too easy, I want to make him suffer” She smiled sweetly, “But thanks anyway, I’ll let you know if it ever comes to that”

Ron put his wand back but still maintained a glare at Malfoy for a few moments before Harry caught his attention.

“I hate to think of you having to live with him, the common room isn’t the same without you” Harry looked a little crest fallen at the thought of the three of them being separated, even if it was just the sleeping arrangements.

“I know! We can have a sleep over at my house” Hermione said giddily, the boys rolled their eyes

“Do we look like bloody girls Hermione” Ron stated, pointing at him and Harry

“Yes?” she questioned, still smiling “Come on it’ll be fun”

After little thought both boys groaned “Fine”

‘Let’s get out of here, Remus is expecting us for tea and we still need to go visit Hagrid”” Harry lightly shoved them as he got up, the other two following.


 Meanwhile back at the ranch…

While Hermione, Harry and Ron were having their conversation, Draco had been sitting at the Slytherin table with Blaise watching them, trying to read their lips.

“Do you think she’s planning her attack against me yet” he glared at where Hermione was currently sitting, muttering darkly to himself.

“I don’t really care” Blaise said while rolling his eyes at his idiot best friend.

“Listen here poetry boy; if I go down, I’m dragging you with me”

Blaise yelled out “For the one hundredth time, I do not write poetry,” this provoked a few snide looks from the other Slytherin’s. Draco just laughed.

“I know that, but they don’t” he gestured towards their fellow Slytherin’s who were still watching the pair eagerly.

Blaise looked mortified “Okay okay, what’s the plan?”

“Shut up! Granger either said more or less… or Draco in a dress”

“That would be so hilarious, I’d pay to see that” The blonde gave him a look

“If it wasn’t you” Blaise quickly replied saving himself.

Draco looked toward the Gryffindor table once again “Great now Weasel is glaring at us, quick put on your best ‘I think your scum’ look”.

The pair looked at Ron with the upmost hatred for a few moments until he turned back around and continued talking to Hermione and Harry.

“That was close, we can’t let Granger know we are on to her” Draco told Blaise as he went back to reading their lips, trying to figure out what they were saying and if it had anything to do with him.

After a few silent moments Blaise threw up his hands in frustration “This is ridiculous, I can’t understand a bloody word they’re saying”

Hermione’s laugh could be heard from the other side of the room “That’s it, I’m screwed”

“What?” Blaise muttered confusingly.

“Every time Granger is happy I end up humiliated”

“Why are you even worried about her mate, didn’t you get her back with the hurricane?”

“Yeah but you didn’t see the look she gave me, I mean it was hilarious and all, but I can’t help but think the threats she made are actually going to happen” he whispered darkly

“You didn’t let her know you were scared did you” Blaise questioned while raising his eyebrow

“Of course not, who do you think I am” Draco said scathingly “And I wasn’t scared”

‘But you just said”

“I know what I said, you weren’t there man, you don’t know”

Blaise and Draco watched the Golden trio leave the Great Hall, and Draco could not help but feel that he had not experienced the full extent of Hermione’s wrath and with a little note of panic thought that perhaps the worst was yet to come.

“Well at least you don’t have to worry about any of her pranks tonight mate, she has her detention with Snape” Blaise soothed trying to bring his best friend back to his old self.

“Oh that’s true” Draco grinned relief washing over him.

Straightening up a bit he put on his familiar smirk and the evil glint in his eyes returned.

“Do you want to go hex some Gryffindorks”

“I thought you’d never ask” Blaise grinned


*Quote by William Shakespeare from the romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet

*Magic's note

*Tragic’s note

Magic: Hey guys we finally have a new chapter up

Tragic: I think it’s quite hilarious if I do say so myself

Magic: I had an idea while writing this, I thought that maybe at the end of some chapters we could write a little extra humorous scene that would contain a few of the characters.

Tragic: Kind of like a deleted scene that we couldn’t integrate and even some bloopers as if we were directing the characters to play their roles. Ha-ha

Magic: Here's the first one, let me know if you like it.

“That’s a wrap people” Magic yelled, beckoning everyone to the forefront of the great hall.

“Thank Merlin, I’m off to the library to study” Hermione commented while grabbing her bag to leave.

“Oh no you don’t” Tragic grabbed her, “you’re going to stay in character”

“I think I know what to do in the next scene”

“Well you’re a method actor now so go methodize stuff” Tragic added while pushing through the people gathering around Magic for their next instructions.

Hermione huffed while mumbling that the correct term was actually actress but no one was really paying any attention.

“Look Malfoy you can’t have possibly forgotten your next lines, Tragic and I haven’t given them to you yet” Magic explained while rolling her eyes at the panicking blonde.

Harry started laughing at the exchange between writer and character but was silenced when Tragic turned her glare towards him.

“Don’t get me started on you!” She yelled

“Why, what have I done?”

“You need to add more feeling, make the audience believe what you’re trying to say”

“I had like two lines throughout the whole chapter” Harry argued, “maybe if you put Ron and I on more..” he was cut across by Tragic

“Look if you have any complaints go see Magic, I don’t deal with that shit.”

“Don’t bother I’m already here” Magic said while shooing away some of the students that had no importance whatsoever.

“Harry, you and Ron get to do so much more come next chapter okay, for now go do something productive while I have a word with Tragic.

After the chosen one left with the others, both co-writers could take a moment to see where they were at.

“So what’s happening with the next chapter?” Tragic asked while going to sit in Dumbledore’s chair

“I think we’re going to have to wing it”



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