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Working title: Welcome to Snowland by Joda
Chapter 15 : Resolutions
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A/N: Hey all... this chapter took awhile to get out, mainly cause it deals with... well... you値l see... but it was hard to write, for reasons that you will see later. It痴 a long chapter for the same reasons, well long for me at least, as my chapters tend not to be too much longer than 3000 words that much... but anyway... this is the last chapter I値l be posting for a bit I think, I知 not sure if I知 going to finish this bit up, or if I知 going to start working on 鍍he power of love again... I知 not sure... lemme know in a review. Anyway yeah... so uh.... I guess this is it... it痴 3am right now... sportsnet just ended so I guess I will too... as always enjoy, and don稚 forget to review... you heard me... REVIEW!!!

Chapter 15: Resolutions

he stepped into the dark entrance hall and immediately heard shrieking.

擢ilthy half-breed scum! How dare you befoul the house of my fathers?! Begone from this place! Mutants! Freaks! Leave this place!

典onks! John sighed and chuckled softly to himself as he closed the door and walked inside.

的知 sorry I知 sorry! It痴 this umbrella stand! This has to be the third time I致e tripped over it! We need to get rid of it. John chuckled as he stepped into the hall to lend a hand closing the curtain.

笛ohn, glad you could make it.

釘lood traitors! Half breeds! Leave this house!

敵lad someone is. he said with a grunt, closing the curtains, and silencing the screams coming from the portrait of Mrs. Black.

典onks this is what? The third time you致e woken her up? Tonks grimaced.

的 know, I know... it痴 this bloody umbrella stand. I always trip over it.

展ell the crisis is averted now. Dumbledore is waiting for us in the kitchen. Hello John. Molly Weasley said. John nodded and walked into the kitchen where numerous people were sitting round the table. Dumbledore was sitting at the head with Alastor Moody sitting to his right. On his left Kingsley Shacklebolt sat, with Arthur Weasley beside him. There were also three wizards John didn稚 recognize.

鄭h, welcome at last Mr. Jackson. Allow me to introduce Christopher Shanks, Jake Anderson, and Luke Shantz. Albus said holding his arm out to point out each wizard.

添ou know Albus, it痴 rude to point. John pointed out, invoking a laugh from Albus.

的ndeed it is, so let us get on to more pressing business quickly as my time away from Hogwarts is indeed short. We have interrogated the prisoner who you captured, and he has revealed the location of the temple deep in the Egyptian deserts. He had in his possession this. he produced a small round, flat disc, made of white and beige stone, it had inscriptions on it, 展e believe it is a key to enter the temple. It is made of Alabaster, an Egyptian stone, used by the ancient Egyptians long ago. We have heard the story of this Third as well, and are considerably worried that it could fall into the possession of Voldemort. Therefore the Order is launching an expedition to investigate this immediately. Part of this is there could be a way to save Jack. Albus said pointedly, looking at John.

滴ow? he asked looking skeptical.

展ell the prisoner stated Jack is indeed alive, for the moment. His soul is trapped in another plain of existence. There could be a way to retrieve his soul and return it. It is a most dangerous procedure and is known to have been successful only once in history. There would have to be some kind of anchor to keep it tied to this realm, or else Jack would have no chance. As it stands now, the soul is being anchored to a kind of containment unit somewhere in the temple.

滴ow do you know all this? John asked,

典he prisoner has told me this.

滴ow did you get him to talk so quickly. I had to threaten him within an inch of his life to get anything. Now you致e drained any and probably all of his secrets in just a short amount of time.

天eritaserum was used during our interrogation.

徹f course.... Veritaserum... why didn稚 I think of that?

典he four of you, Albus said nodding to Chris, Jake, Luke, and John will leave immediately for Egypt. I have prepared a map to the location of the Oasis, courtesy of the prisoner, as well as the method to enter the temple. Good luck. Albus stood up and placed a folder full of parchment on the table. He walked out of the room, and Alastor spoke for
the first time.

典his is extremely important to the war effort. If Voldemort somehow get痴 hold of this power then he could be unstoppable. You cannot fail. John nodded as Moody walked out.

敵ood luck. was all Arthur said and followed Moody and Dumbledore. John looked over the three wizards who were to accompany him and grimaced. He hated putting his life in the hands of people he didn稚 know, and now so close after Jack痴 fall... he didn稚 know what would happen.

展ell I guess we should get going. he said standing up and taking the folder in his hands. He opened it up, the first page was black save for three words 善ortkey to Egypt written in the middle. 的 guess this is our passage there. he said. They all grabbed hold of the paper and were pulled through space and time.

They landed in a small abandoned house, on the edge of Cairo. John stood and looked out the window, if you could call it that. All it was, was a hole that seemed to be blasted by some unknown means, in fact the entire structure looked as though it could come crashing down on top of them.

鏑ets get out of here. he said.

敵ood idea, this place doesn稚 exactly look stable. Chris replied as the other two nodded. The walked out the door, which was hanging on one hinge. And stepped into the sunlight.

鄭ny idea how we池e supposed to get out into
the middle of the desert? John asked.

展ell we could try a Portkey, though the Egyptian authorities could detect it. And we池e not exactly here legally. Luke said.

鄭pparate? Jake asked.

展e could, but none of us have been there, so we don稚 really know where it is we would be apparating to. Plus there痴 the problem with the authorities again. John said scratching his head, 努ell we need to figure this out cause we need to get to this temple.

展hat about those? Chris asked. John followed Chris gaze to a paddock holding numerous creatures. They looked like hippogriffs, except for a few subtle differences. Instead of having the rear end of a horse, it looked more like a camel, including a hump near the beginnings of the feathers, which were shorter than most hippogriffs. There were different colours as well, some had a bright red and gold plumage, while others had blue and green, or were all black. There was even one who was all white, including fur. John looked around their immediate surroundings, there were broom shops, as well as magic carpet stands, there was a wand shop about a hundred feet away. There were potion shops, some stores with books, he walked to one which was across the way. A book in the window had a title of, 羨ncient Egyptian Wizards, good and bad.

的 think we池e in the Egyptian equivalent of Diagon Alley. he said looking around.

鉄o we should have no problem getting to the Oasis then Luke said.

滴opefully. John said distractedly still taking in
the sights.

展hat is that smell? Chris asked drawing John out of his reverie. He looked over to the paddock with the animals it appeared one of them had just,

的 think it took a shit. Luke said drawing a chuckle from John,

展hat痴 wrong Chris, never been on a farm?

徹h I致e been to a couple, but they never smelled as bad as those. he said.

展ell those are our way to the Oasis. I知 going to go look at prices. John said and walked over to barter for four of the camel-birds.

敵ood afternoon? Is it? I知 not too sure of the time differences from where I was to here. he said.

敵ood afternoon. the man replied with heavily accented English.

滴ow much are these... er... camel bird things? John asked uncertainly.

典hey are called the Dorel.

鄭h, well uh, how much for four? John asked wiping sweat from his brow, Egypt sure was warm.

添ou wish to procure four Dorel.

填h, yeah... how much?

展hat would you be willing to offer in exchange for the Dorel? John sighed, and turned as Chris came up beside him.

展hat痴 wrong John? Never been on vacation?
he asked chuckling. 展e can offer you thirty Galleons. he said to the vendor.

擢ifty. These are prized Dorel.

擢orty. Not a Knut more. the man looked at Chris as though he were insane.

泥eal. You may choose four Dorel. he put out his hand in expectance, waiting for payment. Chris looked at John,

添ou池e kidding me. You think I have forty Galleons on me when travel like this? he waved the others over,

徹k, we need forty Galleons, or we don稚 get the camel birds-


典hank you. he said looking at Chris with a sarcastic grin, 的知 going to run to the bank looking thing over there, pull out some gold and someone better pay me back when we池e home. For now, you three watch the Dorel things. he took off to the bank and disappeared inside. Once he had forty Galleons he paid the Dorel vendor, the four of them picked a creature each and took off for the desert.

The trip took four hours during which no one spoke. That could have been attributed to the volume of the wind passing them by, the smell that they gave off, or that the four of them didn稚 want to open their mouths for fear of throwing up, due to the awkward nature the Dorel flew. When they finally touched down in the Oasis they let the four Dorel sit on a patch of grass near a river, and fruit tree.

展ell... who would誕 thought... John began as he took in the surroundings. The Oasis was huge, it was almost a jungle. Hogwarts could have easily fit in the Oasis, with room to spare. There were trees of many kinds, there was a river that flowed from somewhere. The Dorel were eating fruit off a nearby tree.

鼎ome on, lets go. We should follow the river downstream.

展hy? How do you know downstream is where we値l find the temple? Luke asked.

鼎ause people need water, and water flows this way... if they were to tap the river upstream then the water wouldn稚 be up to the edge of the banks. Chris looked at him like he was crazy. 展hat痴 wrong Chris? Never been camping? he asked chuckling, 斗et痴 go, and be quiet. they began to walk downstream keeping just off the main trails. After fifteen minutes of silent walking they came to a large stone wall, the colour of limestone, angling up, like a pyramid. There were vines growing up, along the wall. John waved everyone to come to him.

鏑uke, you and Chris go around the left side me and Jake will go right. Don稚 stop until you get to an entrance. And, try not to shoot anyone. We don稚 want to make the locals mad, if we can try to convince them that we want to come in and try out... or whatever... they nodded and Chris and Luke took off around the corner. John felt in his pocket for the stone. Upon confirmation that it was secure in his pocket he got up and jogged to the corner. He walked along looking at the wall for any spot where the disc could be inserted. He turned the first corner, then the second, then the third, when he turned the fourth corner he stopped. He saw Chris and Luke on their knees with two people standing over them, holding staves to their heads. Jake tensed, ready to attack.

展ait. Remember, we don稚 want them to think of us as hostile. John thought for a moment, 吐ollow my lead. he slid his wand back in his pocket and walked out of his hiding place.

展hat is the meaning of this? he demanded walking towards the guards who holding his partners. Upon noticing John they turned their staves on him 努hy have you done this to my aides?

添ou池e aides? They are spies! Sent to infiltrate the sacred temple!

展hat is this nonsense? John demanded, acting indignant, 鍍hey are my aides, here to help me in my quest to locate and harness the power of the Third! when John said this the guards paused, looking at each other then at John.

添ou lie. How do you know of the Third?

的 killed someone who had this on him, he attacked me, before he died he spoke of this place. It has interested me. I wish to harness this power. he said pulling out the stone disc that the Cultist had. John noticed for the first time that these two men were not of the cult that Eve had formed.

添ou will release my aides and allow me passage into this temple. he said forcefully.

的f we do not?

典hen you will see why the power of the Third is mine to claim. the guards looked at each other again, then back at John. The lowered their weapons.

添ou will be permitted access, as will your aides, but be warned, you will be watched. and with that the two men disapparated away.

展ell that went well. John said as Chris and Luke got to their feet.

滴ow did you know what to say?

的 didn稚. Now, we need to find the hole for this disc to go in. they looked around the wall they were in front of until Luke spoke up, signaling he had found it. John slid the disc into the round hole and stepped back. The wall in front of him parted with a loud groan.

徹k, we go in, find out where this power is, see if we can get it, and find out where the anchor thing is to get Jack out of here. John paused, 殿nd you guys pretend to be my aides... he couldn稚 help but laugh at that.

添eah yeah... you池e going to get yours for that, don稚 you worry. Luke said.

鉄ure, but right now there are more important things to do. Let痴 go. with that they walked into the temple. The entrance was a long downward slope, lit by torches spaced every 20 feet. After a walk of that took two minutes, during which no one spoke, they came to a fork.

的 wonder where the mess hall is... I知 hungry. John said.


展hy not? John nodded to the left hall and they began walking down, there were doors on both sides, they walked to an open door and looked inside. There was a footlocker, located beside a bed, there was also a desk. It was lit by a single torch.

鼎ozy. Luke said.

添eah, real homey... John responded absently, 田ome on, whatever we池e looking for isn稚 in here. they walked to the end of the hall but there was nothing more there.

的 think that this hall is just for living quarters. Chris said.

擢or who? Besides the two outside, I haven稚 seen anyone here. Luke said. No one answered, because no one knew. They walked back to the fork and took the other path along this hall there were dueling rooms with no doors, the four of them looked in and saw two people fighting with staves. They oddest bit about that was there were no incantations, or spells. They moved on, there was a room full of wand boxes and staves, there was a library, or, what could be called a library. There were plenty of books, but there was only one topic. The legend of the Third.

鏑uke, you and Chris stick around in here. See what you can dig up, anything that might help. Jake you池e with me, we need to look for this uh, soul sucking thing. Chris and Luke started walking through the library looking for books and Jake and John turned and walked down the hall. They peeked into every room they passed, looking in every door stopping only when John looked in a room full of shelves, on the shelves were off white clay looking jars.

撤sst! Luke. In here. he jerked his head in the door. He stepped inside and looked around. There were hundred痴 of shelves, and thousands of jars.

展hat the... he heard Luke ask behind him. He began to walk among the shelves looking at the jars. There was nothing to signify what was in them. He looked over to his right as one of the jars glowed a bright red then shook slightly before dying down and becoming still once again. He walked over to the jar and reached out his hand to pick it up when he heard,

展hat are you doing in here? he spun around and looked into the fiery eyes of an angry looking man who stood about six foot eight, who towered over John. In his left hand was the same kind of staff that Jack was hit with. His arms were like tree trunks, roughly the size of John痴 abdomen.

的知 um... Jake do you, uh, wanna field the nice giant's question?

展hy are you in the chamber of souls? the man asked again.

展ell, uh, you see I came here to find the power of the Third. I just got here not long ago, I知 not really sure where I am even.

添ou wish to attain the power of the Third. the man looked at John skeptically, as though not believing him.

填h yeah.

添ou are standing in the chamber of souls. It is here that the souls we offer for sacrifice reside.

徹h good. I kind of wanted to see this place, you see there was a guy who I ran into the other day. You might have seen him, he had red robes, with black stripes running down.

的 know of this man. Why do you seek him?

的 don稚. You see I killed him after he told me of this place, but he shot my best friend with his staff thing.

徹nce a soul is captured, there is not way to bring it back, not without the power of,

典he Third yeah I figured, except there may be a way. And I want to try it. I need to know where his soul could have been sent to.

添ou expect me to believe that you know how to recover souls. the man said laughing a deep rumbling laugh.

展ell not me, but someone I know. Look I could really use your help but if you wont help me then get out of my way and let me do it alone. John said looking the man in the eye no longer feeling intimidated by the mans height. The man laughed for a moment as though expecting John to say he was joking, however upon seeing the resolve on John痴 face his own face lost the laugh,

的 think not. he grabbed John by the throat a lifted him off his feet and threw him back ten feet. John slid to a stop by crashing into a shelving case. Throwing his hands up to protect his head from the jars that came raining down on his head. The large man brought down his staff aiming at John when he heard,

摘xpelliarmus! the staff flew out of his hands and skidded along the ground landing with a clatter. John pulled out his own wand and joined the fight,

鉄tupefy! before his spell made contact with it痴 target he pulled out a wand and cast a shield charm then retaliated.


撤rotego! Petrificus Totalus! Stupefy! Lumos! he
shouted. The man blocked the first two offensive spells the light however blinded him for a crucial second during which Jake stunned him with a well placed stunned hitting him in the head dropping him.


哲o problem, now where is Jack?

的 don稚 know. Go find the other two and get back here, we池e going to need to get out of here quick. Jake nodded and ran back to the library. John got up and started walking, slightly quicker this time, and looked for something that could help him. He stepped up on a stone platform. On it was a pedestal with numerous large buttons around a large black round stone in the middle. At the top of the pedestal was a small round hole, about three inches deep. He looked at the hole with scrutiny. It looked as though he could fit one of the jars in this hole.

閃aybe I can find out who痴 in these jars. he thought. He thought for a moment, then,

鄭ccio Jack Blough. he hoped it would work. When a jar came flying at his face he was so surprised he almost didn稚 catch it. At the last second however he got his hand up and stopped the jar. He placed it in the hole and looked at the pedestal.

鼎ome on Jack... what do I do? he asked no one in particular. He looked at the buttons again, then at the jar, then at the big black stone. He closed his eyes and put his hand down on one button, feeling it depress into the pedestal, then he felt a whooshing sensation. When he opened his eyes he was no longer in the temple, he was standing in a field he looked over to his left and saw a lake. Over to his right he saw a cabin. This was where he first met Jack, in his first year of school.

滴ello John. he turned around and saw Jack standing behind him, smiling.

笛ack. How you doin? he asked, trying to keep the emotion that was creeping up, out of his voice.

的知 good, never better actually. I致e uh, not been alone here.

展hat do you mean? John asked,

鉄omeone visited me here, a couple times actually. She uh, made me an offer, and I know it痴 a huge cliche, but this is one I can稚 refuse.

笛ack, I still don稚 know what you池e talking about.

的t痴 time for me to move on. When you get out of here don稚 bring me to Dumbledore, push the big black stone on the pedestal.

笛ack what are you talking about? John stepped forward.

的t痴 uh, hard to explain, it痴 kind of like reaching enlightenment, only there are some very basic differences. Anyway I can稚 really get into it too much 祖ause I really don稚 know all the details.

鉄o what? You池e just giving up? You池e not even going to try to come back?

哲o! No, I知 not giving up, trust me on this. he looked over to the lake, John followed his gaze his mouth fell open when he noticed it was glowing. 添ou remember when you pulled me out of that lake? I thought I could play hockey but the ice was too thin and I fell in. If it weren稚 for you and your broom I would have died there that day.

哲ow instead you池e going to die here this day.

哲o John, it痴 not death. Dumbledore once told me something once at the end of the summer, when you were recuperating from the Spain thing. He said 奏o the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure. well, I知 ready for that adventure. John please, this is what I want. John looked at his feet then back at Jack,

鉄o what? See you around? Jack smiled.

的, I don稚 know. they stood in silence for a moment just looking at each other. 的知 gonna miss you all. John couldn稚 hold the emotion out of his voice any more,

添eah... you too. he said as he wiped a tear out of his eye.

迭emember, the big black stone. Jack said. As he walked toward the lake John felt a tug behind him and he was standing in the room again in front of the stone pedestal.

笛ohn! What happened? John vaguely heard Luke ask behind him. He stood in front of the pedestal staring at the large black stone in the center of the round pedestal. He slowly raised his right hand and set it on the stone,

鉄ee you. he whispered and let his weight depress the stone. He watched as the jar in front of him glowed white and disappeared.

笛ohn! What is going on? Come on we need to get out of here. I uh, don稚 think we池e welcome anymore. Chris was saying as he stepped up the stairs. John turned and looked at him. This wasn稚 the time or place to mourn for his friend, he had a job to do. He looked at Chris and nodded. They both looked up at the sound of the door blowing open and thirty Acolytes spilling into the chamber. John sighed as he brought his wand up, this would get rough.

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