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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five: Telling The Truth
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 "Are you sure, M'ione?" Ron asked Hermione, wide-eyed.

 "Yes, now be quiet, someone will hear!" Hermione hissed at him.

She and Ron were sitting in his bed with the curtains closed in Gryffindor Tower, and Hermione told Ron what she knew so far, and what she had guessed what happened. Ron's reaction was what she expected; eyes huge, mouth gapping, and looking for a way to prove her wrong.


"But, how could of the Horcrux inside Harry of been destroyed? You-Know-Who couldn't of possibly of had Basilisk venom on him, he couldn't of used Fiendfyre, Neville had the sword, there are no other ways to destroy what was in him." Ron explained to her.




Hermione rolled her eyes and looked at him.


"That's exactly what I'm worried about- what did he do to him? I doubt Voldemort-of stop whining Ron- knew Harry was one, from what all I know, Harry himself just discovered it."


Ron looked down at the red blankets that covered them, and tried to hide the fear that he felt for Harry from Hermione. In fact, he was truly terrified for Harry. The memories of the locket came to mind, making Ron shuddered, trying to imagine having something like that inside him, for 17 years. Harry's anger also came to mind, it reminded him of what he looked like when he had the locket on, the feeling of anger. Ron couldn't understand how Harry could lived with a piece of Voldemort inside himself, dealing with the emotions that came with it.



"Do you think we should ask him?" Ron asked her, his voice cracking slightly.


Hermione's stare softened slightly in hearing that crack, and bit down on her lower lip. She wanted to ask Harry how Voldemort hurt him, destroyed the Horcrux that had once lived in him, but shuddered at the thought of his reaction.


"I don't know. You saw how he reacted before when we asked about the forest, he shut down. And with that temper he has, I would just wait until we have enough information about it." Hermione answered.


"He shouldn't have a temper like that anymore." Ron told her.


"What are you hinting towards?" Hermione asked, interested in what Ron thought he knew.


"Think about it, You-Know-Who's temper, Harry's temper, are pretty damn close. Harry got his anger from the part of You-Know-Who inside him, that temper would of gone away. Now we really get to see Harry's real temper, everything real about him, without V-Voldemort getting mixed up in it." Ron responded.


"That's true-" Hermione started, until she noticed something, "You said Voldemort's name."


"Yeah, haven't you and Harry always wanted me to say it?" Ron asked her.



"Yes, you just took me by surprise." She stated.


Ron gave a small chuckle and put his arms around her waist, pulling her onto his lap. Hermione giggled quietly and snuggled into his chest, blowing his hair out of her eyes. Hermione could of stayed there forever, holding one another in the silence, but they needed to continue their conversation.




"Your right." She started again, "We'll get to see the real Harry, but look at him, Ron. He's wrapped up in all this guilt, its killing me to see him like this."


Hermione could feel her throat burn as she held back tears, and felt Ron hug her tighter, trying to comfort her.


"I know, I hate it too. But it takes time, the pain is still fresh, with losing Tonks..Remus...Dobby.......Fred."


As Ron talked, his throat tightened at the loss of everyone, he stopped at Fred as he felt the tears spilling down his face. Hermione looked up and found Ron had broken down. Hermione reached her hand towards his cheek and wiped away his tears, feeling her own fall. Hermione looked into his watery eyes and gave him a small smile, leaning in towards him.


Ron smiled and tilted her chin up, and kissed her. The kiss was small but lingered, meaning more than time to them both. Hermione rested her head on his chest, and closed her eyes, falling into a light slumber. Ron looked down and smiled, shifting himself so they were both laying down. He looked at the watch on his wrist and saw it was already three-thirty. Ron then settled himself on the bed and let his head fall onto the pillow, instantly falling asleep.




Harry woke up to the sounds of whispering next to him, and opened his eyes. Ron and Hermione were sitting next to his bed, eating toast and whispering a conversation. Harry reached for his glasses on the stand next to him and caught the attention of both his best friends.


"Hi." Harry said, his voice sounding horse.


"Hey." Ron responded, smiling with Hermione.


Harry pushed himself up into the sitting position and heard the faint whimper of pain escape his lips as his chest flared with pain by his action. Hermione's eyes snapped to his chest and glared at it, while Ron glared at him. Harry looked away from the both of them and looked at his surroundings.


"Where's Ginny?" Harry asked.


"At breakfast, she said she'll be back soon." Hermione told him, finally looking up at him.


"Good." Harry whispered vaguely. 


"He just wants a good morning kiss." Ron joked.


Hermione giggled and clamped her hands over her mouth, making Ron laugh with her. Harry couldn't help himself as he starting laughing along with them. Apparently even laughing caused him pain, as he stopped suddenly and clutched his chest, coloring draining from his flushed face. Hermione and Ron looked at him, concern and anger etched in their faces.


"Tell us what happened in the forest." Ron suddenly blurted out.


Harry's head snapped up towards Ron, and saw the agreeing face of Hermione staring at him as well. Harry sighed and let his hands fall to the side, feeling the pain start to subside.


"Why do you want to know?" He asked, grabbing at anything he could to ignore answering.



"We want to know how Voldemort killed the Horcrux." Hermione whispered to him.


Harry eyes widened as he stared at Hermione, all of them unaware that Ginny slipped into the room and was behind the curtains.


"I-I don't know what your talking about." Harry stuttered, feeling the pain in his chest burn again.



"You know what I'm talking about about!" Hermione snapped, her voice full of confidence, "Harry, we know you were a Horcrux."


Ginny had to hide her gasp at the words, and started to feel faint as this thought. It wasn't possible, was it? Harry felt shame spread through him, and couldn't look either of them in the eyes, afraid of their reaction to him confirming it.


"How did you know?" Harry whispered to them, feeling a sob build up inside him that he was pushing down.


"You were muttering about something you wanted destroyed inside you. The pieces clicked together after that. The only thing I don't understand is, how did Voldemort destroy it? What did he do to cause it to be destroyed, and leave this wound?" Hermione answered, pointing at his chest.


Ginny decided it was time to come in, and pushed the curtains out of her way, stepping in.


"It's true, you did mutter it." She whispered.



All their heads snapped towards her, and she saw the look of fear and shame cross Harry's face. Ginny felt a tug at her heart by it.


"Not you to." Harry whispered, more to himself.


"It's not your fault." Ginny told him, walking over and sitting on his bed, taking his hand in hers.


Harry tried to pull his hand away, but she had a death grip on it. The tears Harry was holding were finally escaping without him realizing it, and looked down at his blanket, shame pushing every other emotion out of him.


"Will you tell us how Voldemort destroyed the Horcrux inside you?" Ron asked quietly, then checked behind the curtain, and muttered a Silencing Charm around them.


After that, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron watched as Harry fought a battle inside himself.


Harry desperately wanted to tell them everything, but couldn't bear the fear and disgust that would be on there faces after the whole story was told. Harry sighed, and reluctantly looked up at everyone, feeling more pain in his chest, he ignored it for as long as he could.


"I went to the forest because of the threat Voldemort made to all of Hogwarts, telling me to meet him as he did. I had watched Snape's memories before I did, and discovered I was the 7th and final Horcrux. I knew I had to go, to die. I walked and before entered the clearing, I pulled out the snitch Dumbledore gave me, and whispered 'I'm about to die.' The Resurrection Stone fell into my hand. I turned it and saw my mum, dad, Sirius, and Remus appear in front of me. We talked, and they gave me the courage to continue. I entered the clearing and looked at Voldemort, waiting. All Voldemort said was my name, and 'The Boy Who Lived.' After that he-he fired the Killing Curse at me."


Ron and Hermione held onto each other as they heard Harry give himself up to Voldemort, and as Harry revealed being hit with the Killing Curse. Ginny was trembling with tears falling down her face.


"I felt nothing. I found myself in a peaceful place, and Dumbledore showed up. He explained some things to me, things I needed to know. At the end I had a choice, to either stay or come back, and I chose to come back. Then I opened my eyes and was on the forest floor again."


Harry's voice cracked at the end, and as soon as he finished, he didn't looked at anyone, absorbed in self-pity and pain from his chest. Ron, Hermione, and most of all Ginny, looked at him, concerned. Ginny feared that Harry was falling apart at the pieces, and moved herself so she was on the bed holding Harry. Harry accepted her and embraced her back, the emotions he had inside him spilling out of him as he started to sob on her shoulder.


A/N: Thank you for all the reviews so far, they are what 's keeping me going! So please R&R!

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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Five: Telling The Truth


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