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Harry Potter and the life after the war. by scottieclark
Chapter 1 : After the Battle
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"You've finally done it Harry Potter" Voldemort sneered. "Everyone you love and care for are now dead, all because of you! Finally it's now your turn -AVADA KEDAVRA -.


Harry woke up with a jolt, panting while trying to catch his breath and take in his surroundings. Vaguely remembering the past hours of his life. Realizing his scar no longer hurts, he puts his hand on his forehead trying to feel if it's still there.
A couple minutes later, his senses having come back to him. He looks around and discovers that he is in the seventh year Gryffindor dorm room. To his left he sees both Ron and Hermione propped up against the head board with wand hanging in their hands both passes out from clear exhaustion.

The time is 1:37pm. Outside the window the sun is shining. 'Must be May 3rd' Harry thought to himself. 'I must have slept for at least 10 hours' Harry decided to get up and go take a shower, walking into the bathroom and looking at himself in the mirror he realizing the extent of his injuries, one huge lightning bolt shape scar across his chest from the killing curse in the forest.   A few larges scars from the various skirmishes he and the trio have been involved with in the past year. His whole shoulder and stomach seem to be one large purplish bruise. His face is cut up and dry blood is encrusted all over his hairline and face.

Deciding to take a hot shower he strips his lower half and lets the steaming water pour over him for we'll over an hour.
After getting out of the shower he grabs one of the never ending supply of towels from the rack and realizes that for the six years he has attended Hogwarts he has never seen the towels run out. 'House elves must be quite efficient.' Then stops from a pain in his chest. A pain in his heart he remembers Dobby... His sacrifice that saved him and his friends from certain death from Malfoy Manor. ' I must go visit him as soon as I can' Harry promises himself.

As he steps out of the washroom he realizes he has no clean clothes to wear, and really doesn't want to re-wear the same bloodied torn ones that he feels he has been wearing for 3 months. He walks back into his dorm and sees fresh clean clothes hanging off his four poster bed frame. And Ron and Hermione eating delicious looking sandwiches quietly on Ron's old bed.
"Hey mate" Ron says offering Harry a sandwich and pumpkin juice. "Kreacher brought us food and clothes to wear"
"And Ron even thanked him! Told him how proud he was he stood up for us in the battle!" Hermione beamed at Ron for his clear change in attitude on the treatment of house elves. "How are you holding up Harry?" She inquired.

Looking between his two best friends, that followed him through Hell and back this past year. He noticed how injured, exhausted, and beaten up both of them were. He also noticed how close on the bed they were, and he chuckled to himself. 'At least one good thing came from this war'


After their brief lunch it was decided that they should go back down to the Great Hall. "Come on guys, we should get down there and see what is happening... and we should really be with Ron's family..." She started but couldn't finish as she already had tears building up in her eyes. Looking over at Ron she noticed he had gone really quite and found the floor quite interesting. "Come on Ron, I'll be with you..." She started, looking over at Harry she continued ".. We will be with you the entire time".

The trio made their way down the stairs noticing for the first time how badly damaged the building they all love was. Tapestries were torn, portraits were burned or their inhabitants were missing. Huge slabs of concrete were scattered. Dried up blood was everywhere. "Oh my god" exclaimed Hermione, as they continued to walk towards the Great Hall.

Upon arrival they noticed the huge doors were gone and inside the hall was a mass of people. They were either looking for loved ones or talking with family or friends. Most people looked worried but very relieved.

Scanning through the crowd the trio found the red headed family they were looking for all gathered in a circle.

- RON -


"I'm right here Ron. You can do this. They need you"
"She's right mate. They really do need you."
Harry looking over at Hermione and nodding added "We will wait here for you"

"Don't be a git, they will want to see you as much as me!" Replied Ron with affection to his two best friends. "Come on"

As they made their way over quietly to the solemn looking family they heard quite murmurs, and a couple times Fred's name. 

"RONALD BILLIUS WEASELY! HARRY JAMES POTTER! HERMOINE JEAN GRANGER!" Screamed an upset looking Molly Weasley. "Where have you been. The last I see the three of you was at least 16 hours ago! Explain Now!"

"Uh we.. We were.. In the dorms. We got there and just passed out" I'm so sorry we scared you Mrs. Weasley uttered a scared looking Hermione. But also a very pleased looking Hermione as well. This outburst confirmed that Molly truly did believe that Harry and Hermione were both part of the family.

"Sorry mum. Just was tired and confused."  Where's George?"

"Oh my dear boy...he's..he's.. He's with Bill and Fleur right now, with Freddie" and Molly broke down crying on the floor of the Great Hall.

Mr. Weasley had been talking to Kingsley Shackobolt heard his wife's breakdown and rushed to her side. While Ginny made short eye contact with Harry and went to sit on the floor with her mother and brother Charlie.

- Hermione -

Several hours later preparations were beginning to start to take everyone home. Minerva McGonagall had been setting up Port Keys to take everyone to their respective houses, with the deceased bodies.

"Everyone. Everyone! My I have your attention please" Yelled the elderly professor in her Scottish accent. " port keys will begin taking families home at 7:30 each head of family will already have their key which I remind you is a copy of a Transfiguration text book. The Port key will e active for 2 minutes beginning at 7:35. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and everyone one of you for what you did today. And that I am truly sorry for the terrible loss that we had to endure to preside on the victorious and right side of the battle today! I will be in touch with you all by owl in the coming weeks. For obvious reasons Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be closed until further notice. Thank you all." A tired looking McGonagall told the crowd.

'She is truly a natural born leader' thought Hermione. 'I hope to be like her one day'

Looking over at a awkward looking Harry, Hermione shared a look of understanding with the beaten up 17 year old.

"Everyone grab the book" told a tired looking Arthur who had tears running down his face as he and his two eldest sons levitated one of his middle children so he would port key home with them.

"Uh Mr. Weasley. Me and Harry were thinking you guys should go ahead. We don't want to intrude on you grieving time. We can go to Grimauld Place"

"Kreacher has it mostly cleaned up from death eater attacks. We will be fine" added Harry.

"Don't be gits. Grab the book" snapped an angry looking Ron and Ginny.

Apprehensively both Harry and Hermione grabbed the book in time to get the distinct feeling of being pulled by the navel and thrown to the ground of the burrows back yard.   
- Ginny -
After returning to the burrow Ginny went to her room with Hermione. Bill and Fleur went to the room Bill use to have. Charlie went to his room. Percy reluctantly went to his room after being confronted by an irate looking Molly who caught him trying to floo to the ministry. George stayed outside with Fred's body which was being magically sealed until a funeral date was set. And Ron and Harry went to Ron's room. Molly and Arthur sat at the burrows family dinner table discussing what needs to be done.
"Yea Gin?"
"Does he still love me? He hasn't looked at me more than once since it all ended... I can't lose Harry to. I'm so lost. I can't lose Harry and Fred." cried Ginny.
Hermione went to sit on Ginny's bed and comforted her best friend and explained how much Ginny was missed during the horocrux hunt.
"He loves you so much. He has barely said anything to any of us. He is exhausted. Mentally and physically and emotionally. Give him a bit more time".
At this both young girls fell asleep.
For the first time in over a year Molly looked over at her clock, and everyone of her children save one were pointed at 'home'.


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