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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 28 : Chapter 28
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This chapter is a little shorter than usual but I hope you enjoy it! Prepare yourself to read chapter 28...

Hermione sighed as she finished packing her trunk only leaving out the necessities that she’d need for the rest of the day and tomorrow morning. The weeks had flown past and she and George had never finished the conversation they had began in the back room of the joke shop something that troubled them both. She sighed deeply and there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” she called.

“You alright?” Ginny asked as she came in.

“Yeah, did you just knock to enter your own room?”

Ginny shrugged, “you have to give in sometimes, you haven’t let it out yet I thought you might be crying.”

Hermione gave her a quizzical look, “What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean, Hermione. You and George the other day, when Ron interrupted you, you haven’t let it out.”

“So...? Maybe I’m fed up of crying okay? I don’t want to be sad anymore,” Hermione snapped.

“I know that,” Ginny said softly.

“Why Ginny? Why is it that every time we come close to admitting our true feelings that something kills the moment?” Hermione asked her.

“It’s not time yet clearly,” Ginny said and Hermione hated it.

“How do I know it will ever be time? Sometimes I hate loving him so much but I can’t stop it,” Hermione said.

“Do you not want to love him?” Ginny asked.

“No I want to love him for the rest of my life but not if it’s going to cause me this much pain, I’m fed up of hurting.”

Ginny hugged her as she cried. After a while Hermione began to laugh and Ginny watched her curiously as she pulled away.

“I guess I did need to let it out,” she smiled.

“Told you,” Ginny sung.

“Yes and yet I’m the know-it-all,” Hermione laughed.

“That my friend you are,” Ginny joked. “Where are you going?” she asked as Hermione slipped on some shoes.

“To the joke shop, you coming?”

“Maybe later,” Ginny shrugged.

“In other words you’re going to see what Harry is doing and follow him around like a love sick puppy?” Hermione teased.

Ginny threw a pillow at her playfully. “Remind me why exactly you’re going to Fred and George’s joke shop?”

“To see my good friend Fred Weasley of course,” Hermione laughed and threw the pillow back at Ginny.

“Uh-huh whatever,” Ginny said sarcastically.

“Have fun stalking Harry,” Hermione called as she stepped out the door of their room.

“Have fun talking to your good friend Fred Weasley,” Ginny smiled as she left.

Ron who had been coming down the stairs had heard the last two exchanges and looked at Hermione curiously but she burst into laughter.

“I’m not even going to ask,” he said with a grin.

Hermione told Mrs. Weasley where she was going before flooing out.

Hermione stepped into the joke shop which was busy but thankfully not to the extent where she felt claustrophobic. Customers browsed shelves and the twins sat at the counter just talking.

“Excuse me do you have the right qualifications to be using this type of magic?” she asked in a posh voice.

“Of course we passed our NEWTs with flying colours and...” George began but looked up to meet a raised eyebrow and sceptical look on none other than Hermione’s face.

“Funny because you dropped out of school before you finished your NEWTs,” Hermione laughed.

“Hello to you too Hermione,” Fred rolled his eyes.

“What brings you to a joke shop? Finally going to abuse the powers of a prefect?” George asked.

“No what brings me to this joke shop is the two fools behind the counter,” she teased.

“Ah you mean the two handsome, charming geniuses behind the counter?” Fred asked.

“No I meant the two fools behind the counter,” she smiled.

“Ouch Granger you could have at least played along,” George said.

“Back to school tomorrow, huh?” Fred asked.

“Yeah I’m excited but it won’t be the same because these two idiots that liked to disobey the rules won’t be there anymore so my job as a prefect won’t be as stressful,” Hermione said.

“Sound like a couple of fun guys,” Fred said.

“Yes they are,” Hermione agreed.

“Hey you’ll get on fine without us,” George said. “We’ll miss you though,” he said as he wrapped an arm around her.

“Correction. He’ll miss you but I’ll be enjoying some time away from the constant insults,” Fred grinned.

“I can owl some to you every now and then if you want?” Hermione laughed.

“No thanks,” Fred smiled.

“I’ll write at least once a week, okay?” George said.

“That’s a lot of letters I mean I know you’re obsessed with me but really every week?” Hermione smiled before continuing in a more serious tone. “That better be a promise George Weasley because I will hold you to it.”

“I promise,” he grinned. “You better tell me everything that’s going on there okay?”

“I have no secrets,” Hermione shrugged. “Keep me updated with everything here.”

Hermione spent the rest of the day there leaving only to bring the twins some lunch and she helped out with the store and chatted to customers.

“Hermione you need to think about applying for a job here,” George said as she handled the cash register and explained products to customers.

“Not just yet George,” she smiled, “maybe one day.”

“I’m going to hold you to that,” George chuckled.

By the time they were closing down the shop and heading home the shelves were empty which Fred fixed with a simple flick of his wand.

Once they were back at the Burrow they had dinner and then everyone just relaxed around the house.

Hermione sat in a corner with a book but she didn’t digest any of the words as her mind wandered to how much she’d miss it here, to how much she’d miss George. The chair sank beside her and out of the corner she saw a glimpse of red hair. ‘Great that narrows it down at least now I know it isn’t Harry,’ she thought sarcastically as she closed the book she hadn’t really been reading and looked to her new company.

“George,” she smiled and acknowledged him with a nod.

“Hermione,” he grinned. “Almost your bed time since you have an early start and there will be no one to sleep on for the train journey,” he laughed.

“Um Harry? Ron? Ginny? Dean? Seamus? Neville? Luna?” Hermione suggested.

“Fine no one to sleep on that will be as warm and comfy as me,” George said.

“Ok that I agree with,” Hermione smiled and leant into his side.

“Did I mention I’m going to miss you like crazy?” George asked.

“Once or twice,” Hermione said.

“Well I really am going to miss you,” George told her.

“I’ll miss you more than you know,” Hermione said softly. A comfortable silence consumed them and they sat there both deep in thought and just enjoying each other’s company. After a while Hermione broke the silence.

“George the day of the Grand opening you started to say someth-...” George stopped her speaking.

“Not now,” his voice was almost pleading. “Not when I know you have to leave tomorrow.”

Hermione nodded, “I understand, probably best that you wait and tell me when it’s more- more...” she struggled to find the right word.

“Practical,” George supplied and she nodded.

“Practical,” she sighed.

Hermione moved closer into George and he hugged her tightly as they lay on the sofa together in silence knowing they wouldn’t have quality time like this together for a while.

As the hours passed they stayed as they were it was only when George realised she was about to fall asleep that he decided to get up.

“Hermione bed time,” he whispered.

“I don’t want to leave you,” she whispered her response.

“And I don’t want you to leave,” he told her softly.

“So let me stay,” she pleaded gently.

“You mean you want to stay up all night just to spend time with me?” George asked her.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“You, Hermione, are a lunatic,” he chuckled. “And as much as I’d like to stay here with you all night I know that it will make your journey to Hogwarts tomorrow absolute hell.”

“Fine,” she sighed, “I’ll go to bed if you want to get rid of me that badly.” She began to ascend the stairs when a hand grabbed hers and pulled her back down, whipping her around to face him with his eyes full of resentment.

Hermione broke into a smile and laughed lightly. “Got you,” she whispered.

George grinned at her, “You are getting good Hermione, ever considered being an actress?”

She shook her head, “I am going to miss you.”

“That better not be an act because I’m going to miss you terribly,” George joked.

“Not an act I swear,” she promised.

“Good, I want you to have fun even without me, behave yourself I know how bad you can be but you need to stick to those rules bend them occasionally just don’t snap them in two. Keep an eye on Ron, God knows he can’t look after himself, keep Ginny away from Potter or I’ll kill him and you better not get a boyfriend because I’ll kill him too, okay?”

“Oh come off it! Who would you rather Ginny go out with than Harry? Who could you possibly trust more?” Hermione asked.

“True but I swear to God if he breaks her heart I’ll break his legs,” George said darkly and Hermione laughed.

“Of course, ever the over protective brother aren’t we George?”

“Only one sister, have to look out for her,” George shrugged.

“Fair enough but when have I ever not stuck to the rules unless you were involved?”

“When Harry and Ron are involved,” George answered and Hermione nodded her agreement.

“What’s wrong with me getting a boyfriend?” Hermione asked him with a smirk.

“I’ll have to murder him regardless of who it is,” George told her solemnly.

“I am fine with that,” Hermione admitted, “the only guy I want to be dating isn’t at Hogwarts this year.”

“Oh really?” George asked curiously.

“Really,” Hermione confirmed.

“Good night Hermione,” George said softly as he glanced at his watch.

“Good night George,” she whispered as she hugged him tightly before they walked up stairs together. Hermione stepped into her room and sighed as she closed the door behind her, the tears followed suit but they weren’t sad they were happy, she was content with her current position in life.

George heard the stairs creak behind him and his wand was out in seconds as he whipped around. As far as he was aware everyone else besides him and Hermione were in bed.

“Harry,” George sighed, “gave me a bloody heart attack.”

“Sorry, I went for a walk,” he explained.

George nodded and they walked up the stairs together.

“She’s going to miss you,” Harry told him.

“I know I’m going to miss her too,” George said.

“One thing; she’s serious about you George it’s not just a crush for her this is the real deal,” Harry explained.

“I’m serious about her,” George said.

“Break her heart and I’ll break your legs,” Harry told him. George laughed. It was clearly a well known phrase.

“I would never hurt her and if you break my sister’s heart you can expect the same,” George promised.

“I love your sister I wouldn’t hurt her,” Harry said seriously.

George’s eyes widened. “You love her as a sister?”

“If you want,” Harry shrugged.

George gripped him by the shirt and pulled him slightly. “You feel the same for her as she does for you?”

Harry just smiled.

“Then why the hell haven’t you done something?”

“Because Voldemort is after me and anyone close to me, I’m not risking her safety,” Harry explained.

“Thank you then, there’s no one I’d rather she be with,” George admitted.

“Hermione’s like my sister and I trust you,” Harry said.

“Night mate,” George said.

“Night,” Harry said and grinned as George shook his hand. Fred and George were the first of the Weasley’s to realise who he really was when they’d helped him with his trunk. They were strangers then and now they were practically family.

So what did you think? Hope you enjoyed it and if you did I want to hear it! If you didn't enjoy it please let me know why so that I can improve in the future! Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it! Please review because I love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Hope you continue to read and enjoy the story! Jenna :)


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