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The Other Woman by IrishMyth
Chapter 3 : III
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Chapter Three


The library is peaceful as I roam the shelves in search of an advanced Potions book. It is three weeks into term and I am already ahead in Potions. Zabini suggested that Malfoy and I try some potions that are not actually a requirement for NEWTs but that will push our capabilities. It seems Malfoy has become my permanent Potions partner.

A small cough behind me alerts me to the presence of a small but slutty looking girl with a ludicrous amount of makeup on her otherwise plan face. “Rose Weasley?” she asks and I nod. “You’re the one who always gets with Scorpius when he has girlfriends right?” I just hem slightly. “Well, he’s my boyfriend now and everything has been going just great until a few days ago when he started to seem off… Has he been cheating on me with you?”


“Do you think he would?”

“I could try,” I shrug, pulling out the Potions book I had been looking for and wiping the dust off with my sleeve.

“What do you mean?”

“I could try to get him to kiss me. Then you’ll know if he really is loyal to you or not… Believe me, if there is anyone he would cheat on you with, it would probably be me,” I explain without looking at her face which I can guess is growing steadily redder.

“I don’t need you to come on to by boyfriend thank you very much! And he would never cheat on me, he loves me,” she says with an attempt at finality but I have already planted that seed of doubt in her mind and she cannot get rid of it.

“If you’re so sure, then it wouldn’t matter if I came on to him, he wouldn’t kiss me anyway,” I reply. She frowns, her face contorting into what I can only assume is her ‘thinking expression’.

“I suppose…” she mutters.

“But if he isn’t loyal to you, wouldn’t you rather just know then be strung along?”

“I guess…”

“So really, it makes sense that you want my help,” I smile, lulling her into the false impression that it was all her idea to begin with.

“Yeah… That makes sense. You could try and get him to cheat on me and if he does, which he won’t, then I can just dump him but if he doesn’t… Then I will know he really loves me.”

“It will cost you twenty galleons.”


“Twenty galleons.”

“You want me to pay you?” she asks aghast that anyone would want money for the chance to snog Scorpius Malfoy. I nod. “How about ten?” I shake my head. “Fifteen?” Another shake and I begin to walk off down the row of books. “Fine! Fine, twenty,” she snaps. “But I want to see it so I know you aren’t just making things up,” she sneers, obviously afraid I will try and break her and her precious boyfriend up for my own gain.

“Seven thirty, the little corridor leading off the main hallway to the Slytherin common room.” I instruct before slamming shut the book I had been flicking through and walking away. It was a standard meeting. I should have been in Slytherin for the way I can manipulate dumb girls like her.

And it is Scorpius Malfoy. Easy. I have pretty much been waiting for his first girlfriend to come running to me.

Returning to my study table in the far corner of the library, I notice another redhead is sitting down in one of the vacant seats. Lucy looks up and smiles as I sit down. “Hey Ro,” she sighs, putting down her quill. I nod in greeting. While Lucy is the closest thing I have to a friend, she herself, spends more time with the other girls in our dorm so I do not see her all that often. “So, I’ve been wondering when you were going to help me out with Dave,” she explains bluntly.

“I’m just laying some ground work,” I reply automatically.

“Ground work?”

“Yes, ground work.” You see, in my rather broad experiences with the opposite sex, I have discovered that some guys take more time to figure out than others. I have to make them notice me before I throw myself at them, make them curious, make them think I am interested, get into their head so they cannot help but be fascinated by me. Ironically, I have to make them think they stand a chance with me… Even though they are the taken one. Other guys like Malfoy and Flint just need a suggestive smile and they are all mine.

Lucy doesn’t say anything but I can tell she wants to. Eventually opens she opens mouth and asks: “You will help me, won’t you? I know you have history with Dave but I really like him… I just need to know if he likes me as much,” she frowns.

“Yes Lucy, I will help you,” I smile slightly to comfort her. “But remember, I will not be held responsible for what happens. Boys are fickle creatures, they are never constant and never loyal. I don’t know what Dave will do but you need to be prepared for the worst… If you aren’t, then don’t ask for my help,” I explain as I begin making notes on a Potion I want to try next lesson. Lucy just nods, clearly worried.


“Right team,” Albus bellows from the other end of the pitch and the rest of us automatically stop what we are doing and fly towards him. I flash a smile at Dave on my way, he almost flies into Lily in surprise. “Well that was an okay practice, we really need to get into shape before the opening match against Slytherin…” he drones above the racket of the wind. “Will and Lily, you’re not doing too bad for beginners but we really have to step it up an notch. Practice will now be on a Wednesday afternoon as well, okay?” he asks and is received with groans from Lily, Lucy and Keegan. Dave, oddly enough, is too busy sneaking glances at me to pay attention to Albus.

“Seriously mate?” Keegan moans and Albus responds with a death glare.

“I’ll see you then but I expect you to be training regularly every day. Laps, a bit of flying, some target practice... Anything, I just want you to be doing something to improve your fitness,” he barks. “Now let’s go get changed before the measly Hufflepuffs invade the pitch.”

Keegan starts a mud fight with Lily and Albus on the way to the changing rooms, leaving Lucy, Will, Dave and myself in an oddly awkward silence. Will is still a bit shy around the rest of us as he is the new guy (Lily doesn’t really count because she is related to three of us anyway) so Lucy takes pity on him and starts a conversation about the other teams tactics. This leaves Dave and I walking in silence. We fall behind Lucy and Will and Dave continues to sneak glances at me until he is practically staring at me. Oh the things a single smile can do. The people who smile too much never quite realise the potential of what they could do with that smile because it becomes a common thing to behold. Those who smile rarely can truly appreciate the wonders of a smile. I am one of the latter.

“So Rose,” Dave starts when we are almost at the changing rooms. “I haven’t seen you around much lately, what have you been up to?”

“Not much, just studying for NEWTs,” I reply with an extra effort not to come across too cold.

“Right, yeah, NEWTs,” he mutters. One smile and he is a stuttering wreck. I should try this tactic more often; it is rather amusing to be honest. I push open the door and begin to pull off my Quidditch jersey, causing Dave to blush and look away. I just continue to strip off my outer garments until I am in only my pants and a vest top. Lucy and Will enter behind us and Lucy flashes Dave a smile that he does not notice because he is too busy watching me walk over to the showers. Lucy frowns before turning back to Will and flicking her hair over her shoulder and fluttering her eyelashes at him.

Dave still doesn’t notice.

As I step into the shower and out of the slightly unexpected situation in the changing room, I begin to mull the thought over in my head. After almost three years of awkwardly trying to avoid talking to Dave, all I had to do was smile at him and he was already hooked. To think of all the times I have thought of excuses to avoid him, all I had to do was pay him some attention and suddenly he was in the palm of my hand.

Something about that does not seem right. Something is not as it seems and I am determined to get to the bottom of it. I may be a Gryffindor but as I have already mentioned, I really ought to have been a Slytherin. I have the determination to rival most of those in Slytherin House. If I want something, I will get it. Almost every time.


Seven thirty finds me waiting impatiently for the slutty Slytherin girl I am supposed to be meeting here. Due to Malfoy’s infidelity, I am more than accustomed to the slight damp of the dungeons but that does not make it any more comfortable. Unfortunately, I did not ask for the girl’s name so the Map is somewhat pointless. I can see Malfoy on in though, sitting at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall with some of his cronies.

“Have you got the money?” I ask bluntly as the girl finally sashays around the corner. Her bottom lips turns up in disgust as she hands me a small pouch. Knowing we have a bit of time before Malfoy comes down, I count out the money to make sure it is all there. “You’re missing five galleons,” I drone. She glares at me but when I make no move for a deal, she grudgingly shoves her hand into the pocket of her robes and pulls out the other five. “Good, now you can stand over there, by that statue…” I point to the stone goblin a little way down the corridor. She turns her nose up at the slight of it, shoots me one last glare before frolicking over to where I had pointed.

This is not the first time I have sincerely questioned Malfoy’s taste in girls. It seems to have gotten progressively worse over the last few years. I mean really…. She actually frolicked.

After a few minutes, someone speaks.

“Good evening Thorn,” murmurs a deep and unsettlingly familiar voice. “Are you lost? Or have you just come to seek out my company?” he purrs, stepping into the side corridor where I am leaning against the wall.

“That latter of course Malfoy,” I shoot him a fake, sickeningly sweet smile. He just smirks and steps closer.

“Still haven’t gotten over your obsession with me then? I was wondering when you were going to come and find me. You must have missed me terribly over the summer…” He is now standing so close our bodies are almost touching. “I don’t suppose you’ve heard that I have a girlfriend now, have you?”

“And when has that ever stopped you from succumbing to me before?” I whisper in his ear, sliding my hands up his chest. Seducing Malfoy is getting far too easy. It is almost like he wants to get caught…

“My, my, little Thorn,” he sniggers. “Being a little bit forward are we?” I just smirk up at him and he rests a hand on the wall by my head while the other comes up to remove a strand of hair from my cheek. “You never change do you?”

“Why are you still talking?” I mutter, making him laugh slight before bring his lips to meet mine. He kisses me gently and I just let my mind go blank. Kissing boys is my job. The hand he had used to move the strand of my hair now buries itself deep into my red curls to fasten my face to his as his tongue slips out and traces the curve of my bottom lip. I normally do not need to go as far as tongues but Malfoy’s girlfriend must be in shock as she has not said a word yet. Opening my mouth, I allow his tongue entry.

Although I would never admit it to him (or anyone else for that matter) of all the boys I have snogged – and there have been quite a few – Malfoy is probably one of the best kissers. He just has a way of making you want just a little bit more each time he changes the tone of the kiss. As much as I do not like the guy, his kissing makes up for the amount of times I have had to seduce him.

Finally, his girlfriend breaks her silence.

“You fucking wanker!” she screeches. “You said you hated her! You said you wouldn’t go near her and that she was just your play thing and that you didn’t need her now that you had me! How could you do this to me, Scorpy? How could you do this to us? We’re perfect for each other Scorps, had could you ruin everything for a kiss from that slut?”

Seemingly reluctantly, Malfoy pulls away from our kiss, leaving us both a little short of breath. He rests his forehead against mine and looks me in the eye. There is a twinkle in them that suggests he knew he was going to get caught. I honestly will never understand his twisted mind. Ever.

“Hello Clarissa,” he sighs, turning away from me. I simply pick up my bag, sling it over my shoulder and walk off while Malfoy stands there, listening to slutty Clarissa’s rant. Well that was an easy twenty galleons. And I would bet half of it that he will have another girlfriend by the end of this week. That is, if I had anyone to bet with.


As always, the Gryffindor common room is almost empty by the time I get up there. The Fat Lady glares at me in what has become our evening ritual before letting me through. Sometimes I wonder if she ever tells other portraits about the lateness of my appearances and, in turn, if any of them has ever told any of the Professors. I have never been queried about it so I can only assume they have kept it to themselves. Either that or the Professors are willing to turn a blind eye… Or would rather just not know what I get up to.

Of course, the Map lets me know who is still lurking in the common room at this time and I spot a name hovering by the fireplace. I should have guessed. This is getting too easy. Bracing myself, I climb into the dimly lit room and head over to the fireplace, throwing my bag carelessly into the person lying down on the couch, as if I had not known they were there.

“Fuck–” they jerk up as my bag lands on their stomach. “Rose! You scared the shit out of me!”

“Merlin, sorry, I didn’t see you,” I lie, retrieving my bag and moving around to the front of the couch to sit by the fireplace. “What are you even doing down here this late?”

“Waiting for you,” Dave murmurs. “I know you never come back till late.” I keep my gaze fixed on the fire. Something is definitely off.  “I just wanted to catch up with you… It seems like we haven’t talked in ages,” he shrugs and I can tell he is faking nonchalance.

“We spoke at Quidditch practice,” I frown.

“Not really, I just wanted to know how you were… You seem kind of distant,” he mumbles.

“I am the same as I have always been,” I lie. Lying is becoming too easy for me.

“No you’re not Rose,” he sits up rests his hands on his knees. “You used to love life, now it’s like you are just enduring it. What happened to the Rose I knew? What happened to the Rose I… I loved?” My breath catches and I turn to look over my shoulder at him, putting the fire poker down, just in time to see him lower his head and mutter those last words.

“She never really existed,” I reply coldly before getting up and grabbing my bag. Never, in the three crazy months I was with him, did he ever tell me he loved me. Not once. So why on earth is he confessing how he felt now? After three years? Something is most certainly not right. And I do not want to be a part of any game Dave McLaggen is playing.

“Rose…” he protests as I walk away from him. “Damn it Rose,” he curses, more to himself than to me, as I disappear into the darkness of the staircase leading to the girls dormitories. Well that may have put a dent in my plans to seduce him for Lucy. Why on earth did I agree to that again?



“You’re early,” she murmurs from her bed.

“I’m tired,” I reply dully, heading into the bathroom.

“Was Dave downstairs?” she whispers. I hesitate only a moment before replying.


Author's Note:

Hello there, hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts either here, or on my blog for this story (link on author's page). Thank you so much for reading, you're wonderful, IrishMyth.

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