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Sudden Heart Rush by KnightRoseSword
Chapter 1 : Snowy in the Astronomy Tower
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Huge thanx to Juicy_Moosey @ TDA for the chapter art =D

To Asya. Please don't make me write a Harry/Hermione again. Although I admit I ended up loving this one.
Thanks to Clark for the help on writing.

Another winter afternoon had arrived with a soft snowy breeze. Alone, on top of the Astronomy Tower was Hermione Granger, leaning forward the grey brick wall with her elbows over it, leaving her arms to the free air and looking down at the rest of the students walking in and out of the castle, only having a few long threads of her curly brown hair bounce around with the wind if they had gone out of her winter hat. She was just standing there quiet, doing nothing more or like having no thoughts on her mind. But after a while passed she closed her eyes, taking a deep breath when she spotted a couple of Beauxbatons boys approaching two Ravenclaw girls and, for what it looked like from up there, asking them out to the ball.

-"Oh look..." –said Hermione showing false care –"Two more out to the bunch. Good." –She sighed now with a dash of disappointment. From that moment on she started sort of thinking out loud, more like whispering to herself, standing, keeping her position, moving only to relax her legs or take the hair away from her face.

-"All the girls are wandering around so excited for the ball." - She started saying it like it was a headline on The Daily Prophet and then turning it into a soft voice as she continued. –"Ginny's going out with Neville,"- she started marking a count with her fingers and looking up front to the Quidditch Pitch. –"Lavender will go with a Hufflepuff boy, and Katie is going with one of the boys of the team, Angelina's working her way with one of the twins and even Parvati has been plotting something… With someone in Gryffindor that's all I know".

She sighed again and stayed still for a while enjoying the breeze and taking deep breaths but finally shouting and putting her hands on her face in regret while looking back down to a blank point.

-"I just can't believe I actually said no to Victor Krum! Ahg! And all because I was still waiting for Ronald to ask me out..."- She said with an angry voice, so mad at herself. –"Why have I tried to extend my silly childish crush on him is something I can't figure out yet".-She scolded herself, but then pausing, lowering her arms again but placing her chin in one fist, staring down to the white snow in the ground with rather sad eyes, keeping the whispers but adding a hopeless sound to them. –"Harry's going after Cho so I guess that one card is lost too. I might just go roll in the dorm and skip the stupid ball! ... Why did Harry have to go for Cho?" -Right after that she looked straight on with her eyes wide open, raising one eyebrow and shouting at the air –"Oh Hermione, come on! Harry? Seriously? -She said now standing straight and once again scolding herself. –"Just because Ginny already got a date doesn't mean you can go after Harry! And much less think of him like more... Ah..."–She lost the hardness of her voice- "Who am I kidding?" -She said giving up on the matter, letting her arms fall down, shaking her head a few times. –"This has nothing to do with Ginny going out with Neville or me going alone to the ball... Harry has just always being near for everything and he's a caring friend, a brave man taking his chances and yet he’s fun and... Oh quit it Hermione!!!" –She raised her voice once again, bringing a hand up to her forehead, now feeling bluer, helpless, and still face down.

For a moment she gazed down at the grounds,saying those last few sentences in her head, even letting a couple of tears down her eyes. Just few days till the ball and not only she had said no to Krum but she was starting to see Harry in a different way, even calling him her best friend didn’t seem enough. At the end she crossed her arms, holding herself and letting another tear down. –"You're here,-she began to say, failing to recover the normal -and now weepy- sound of her voice –"alone, up in the Astronomy Tower, talking to yourself, wasting time despite you’re going to be late for Snape's class but most ultimately-

-"Hermione? What are you- are you crying?" -Harry Potter came out of the stairway looking slightly worried but now clueless of Hermione’s red tearful face when she turned her head at him quickly as she heard his voice.

-"Harry! Wha- what are you doing here?" –Her weepy voice was replaced by a surprised one, matching the shock on her face. She was scared now. What if Harry had heard anything of what she was saying? How long had he been there? –"Oh this is nothing, don’t worry." -She lied quickly drying her tears away.

-"Mmm… I was just looking for you." -Harry said still worried, walking towards Hermione. He came closer and just stood beside her with a questioning yet friendly face. –"So, nothing, huh? What are you doing here alone, then?" -said he, leaning towards the tower's wall, taking a snowflake from her hair.

-"Oh I'm just..." –She searched for an answer in her head. What could she say without giving herself away? –"I just wanted to pull away from all the cheerish-cheeky ball moods." –With that one Harry’s face turned into one big question mark. But Hermione changed subjects before he could think of saying anything. –"How did it go with Cho?"

-"It didn't. I didn't ask her." - Harry stood shaking his head carelessly and turning around, looking away to the Pitch with his arms over the wall.

Harry was looking straight at front and Hermione was turned to him but she didn't know whether to keep asking or not. She felt confused and kind of bad because she thought he might have seen her with someone else, but deep down she was feeling a little bit relieved.

Shutting that last feeling down, she crossed her arms and asked her with a caring tone of voice. –"What do you mean you didn't ask her?"

-"Well…" -He began to explain, looking for the right words. –"I walked by her and mumbled the question but Cedric came in the way before I could really say anything right". –He kept looking straight at front, wiping a snowflake off his face.

-"Ouch. I’m sorry, Harry." –Replied Hermione running her hand down his back trying to comfort him but at the same time, deep down she was seeing a light of hope for her day.

-"Hermione I…"-Harry turned towards her, looking down and then to her eyes, having a hard time putting words together. –"I didn’t ask her. I didn’t ask her at all."

Hermione tried to say something. She wasn't getting Harry’s point at all. Harry kept talking before she could start. –"I was going to ask her, that was the first idea. Then I was in the grounds, looking for her and looked up to see"–raising a mischievous grin –"this very smart girl turning like crazy because it looked like she was talking by herself." –oh Gosh…-Hermione broke in, taking a hand up his eyes in shame. –"No, no, let me finish." –Harry said, expanding more his grin, turning it so fine now. –"And… All the sudden everything became so easy. That moment I knew what I had to do. I wondered why the hell I'm still going after Cho, and even more when the girl that's been beside me since this whole thing started, the girl I've had stuck in my head since then."
Hermione's eyes went wide open. She became more nervous the more Harry would talk. Harry finished that last sentence with a soft voice, gazing at Hermione straight to her eyes but with a kind look. He finally reached out a hand and grabbed one of hers; looking down for a moment and then back to the brown eyes he had started to appreciate more, those eyes that were now shining in excitement, despite the confusion inside.

-"Hermione… I can't really tell you why or how this started. All I know is spending time with you in all this chaos brings up calm and light to me. And being honest," -he said leaning closer and fancying a smirk –"I think myself a fool for not noticing how beautifully your eyes shine when you're"-

Snowflakes were falling slowly. Hermione raised a hand quickly to Harry's lips and shushed, leaning forward, removing her hand softly away. She was about to say something but she ditched the words, coming even closer to Harry and closing her eyes. Harry joined the act, leading it, understanding Hermione's intentions. The hand that was holding Hermione's now started making its way up to Hermione's shoulders and their lips met. Firstly in a shy touch and then opening so one another would feel their warmth in a low kiss. The softness became passion when their tongues decided to join the game. Harry's was daring, Hermione welcomed it with her own while she stroked Harry's messy hair as he was driving free his hand in her back. It all went right, as it was meant to be since the year started. The kiss ended with both of them holding one another, not wanting to break the connection. Finally Harry gave her a small peck before whispering, keeping her close.

-"Hermione, would you go with me to the ball?"

-"Yes." –She whispered without opening her eyes. She was going to kiss him again if it hadn't been for the sound of the clock, indicating Snape's class had just started. She backed off worried. –"Oh no! We're late!"

Harry turned to see around and they were the only ones out. He took Hermione's hand and said bringing a smile up. –"See? That's what I meant, that desperate look of yours. Let's go. Snape can't already hate us more." -Hermione blushed up and crossed her fingers with his to walk down the tower. Now she was actually looking forward to the ball night.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and... Please pretty please... Leave a review =)

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