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Ten Things I Hate Most by Livelaughlove25
Chapter 8 : Moments
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Please don't tell me you know what rules to go by
I could run away and leave you anytime
Please don't tell me you know the best for my life
I could run away and leave you here to stay inside dreaming
~Oh My God - Cults

Disclaimer: why would I want to infringe? Everyone is so much happier with this option.

Dom and Malfoy appear to have resolved their issues. At least, if their tongues in each other's mouths as they're badly hidden behind a tapestry is any indication. I shudder and continue walking. Al, who's walking with me, seems to be in a state of shock. All he can say is "urrrggghhhh."

They walk into Transfiguration a few minutes late, hand in hand. Professor Chang shoots them a cold look. "How kind of you to join us, Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Weasley."

They quickly sit in the seats behind me as Professor Chang demonstrates Undetectable Extension Charms. "Flick left, flick right, then swish, while saying the incantation."

As she sends the little pouches we're practicing on flying towards us, I turn and look at Malfoy contemplatively.

"What?" he demands.

"I think coral lipstick suits your colour better then red," I muse. He curses and covers his mouth with his hand.

"Dom, you have to stop using lipstick," he mutters.

Dom shakes her head. "I'll keep wearing the coral. She's right, it does suit you."

Malfoy glares at her, before getting up to move to a seat beside Al. Dom looks chagrined, but I chuckle.


I didn't feel like sitting with the Dominique-Scorpius lovefest this lunch, so I'm with Al at the Slytherin table. The crowd here is interesting. It seems to keep other people such as Josh Higgins away.

Malfoy suddenly plops down beside Al and I curse silently. Surely this means Dom is on her way.

But no, I hear her laugh behind me and turn to see her flirting with Josh once more, who seems sort of incapable against her. Can't blame him. I turn back around.

"I was right," Malfoy says triumphantly. "It doesn't matter to you."

I curse silently again.

"What?" asks Al.

"Of course it matters," I say, ignoring Al.

"Then why aren't you over there stopping her?" he demands, meaning Dom and her flirting.

"Who?" asks Al. Again, I ignore him.

"I'm not going to be the jealous possessive girlfriend," I tell him, smug that I've found a good reason.

"What?" demands Al, more insistent this time.

Malfoy doesn't answer him, just snorts at me. "Please. You always overreact. As if you could be that mature."

I just glare at him. But before I have a chance to respond, Al stands up, knocking over his goblet.

"FINE!" he shouts. "Don't tell me anything!"

I gape at him. Malfoy is the first to recover.

"Calm down, mate," he says soothingly. "We're just talking about my girlfriend and her boyfriend."

Al exhales, and then sits down just as abruptly knocking over the gravy boat this time.

A point suddenly occurs to me, and i follow it. "Tell me something then. Why don't you care what's going on?"

"Maybe I'm just in it for the snogging," he smirks, knowing how that image will disturb me. He doesn't think about what his best friend's reaction will be, though. Al groans again at the mention of them snogging and puts his head down on the table. Unfortunately it lands right in his rice, and conversation is halted for a while as we attempt to stop it from sticking in his hair.

"Even so," I resume, yanking at a particularly stubborn grain at the crown of his head, "you could be losing your... er... snogging source."

Malfoy shrugs. "I'll find another."

I grit my teeth and pull a little too hard.

"OUCH!" Al screams. I look in consternation from the handful of hair in my hand to the bald patch on his head. Malfoy starts laughing.

Al feels the top of his head gingerly and his eyes widen in horror when he encounters the patch. I quickly put the hand holding the hair behind my back.

"It doesn't look that bad," I lie. Malfoy only laughs louder and Al moans, covering it with his hands.

"I can fix it," I say desperately. "Al, move your hand."

"No!" he exclaims. "You must be mad!"

"I'll do it," volunteers Malfoy, still sniggering. Al takes his hand off his head. Malfoy starts laughing again at the bald area and his hand shakes as he casts the regrowth spell. There's a flash of light and a bang.

I step away and stand with my mouth open. Malfoy shuts up abruptly and stares. There is a dead beat of silence in the entire Hall, before all the students who can see simultaneously break out into laughter. Al looks very, very worried. "What did you do?"

I can't bring myself to tell him. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it's not necessary. He catches his reflection in the side of a goblet and gasps. "!"

"Erm... At least it's grown back," Malfoy offers weakly. Al punches him and runs out of the hall, probably to the hospital wing.

Malfoy turns at me. "This is all your fault!"

"Me?!" I demand. "You were the one to cast the spell!"

"Yes, but you made the bald spot!"

The students at the Slytherin and Ravenclaw tables are staring at us.

"And I would have fixed it!" I yell, standing up. "And properly!

The Hufflepuff students look over.

"Oh, please!" He's on his feet now, and sneering down at me. "You can't even pick a boyfriend. What makes you think you can handle spell casting?"

The whole Hall, now including the Gryffindor table, lets out a collective "oooh!"

My vision goes red. And then suddenly, I remember something I missed in my morning routine. Inconveniencing the arse in some way. So I use a spell out of my mother's favourites: the evil little canaries. He screams ad covers his head as they dive at him and attempt to peck his eyes.

"Who can't cast spells, Malfoy?" I ask sweetly, then sweep off, leaving him to the mercy of the birds.


It gave me a tremendous sense of satisfaction earlier today when Malfoy walked into Arithmancy because of the shallow scrapes all over his face. He had glared at me balefully, then gone to sit beside Al (Dom had chosen not to take this class). Al had gotten his hair fixed before class started without too much inconvenience, and therefore had forgiven Malfoy and me. In fact, James had even convinced him that he would go down as the first in Hogwarts history to have been both bald and purple-haired within two hours, and this cheered him up immensely. Sometimes I just don't know about those boys.

James is currently yelling at me to stop dreaming - we're just about to start Quidditch practice. I sigh and roll my eyes at him before kicking off and flying to the goalposts.

James is tossing the Quaffle up and catching it. He yells to our chasers, Kim Jordan, Ariana Bell and Perceval Dalrymple that they'll be trying a new move on me.

"It's called the O'Malley Attack," he calls above the wind. "It's named after that chaser on the Irish team who scored enough goals to gain a 530-point lead. I'll demonstrate first. Rose, try to stop me."

He flies backward to about halfway down the field, then flies right at me as if to tackle me. But I'm not fooled. I just know he's going to duck under. So when he does, I flip backwards in the air and attempt to knock the Quaffle out of his hands, but he cuts left and tries to throw around me. Luckily he's throwing at an angle that, when I complete my flip, allows me to catch it out of the air.

James pulls back and starts to turn red. There are snickers from our team. "Maybe you should stick with Seeking," Kim calls.

"It's because Rose did well," he waves it off. "Now I want all of you to try."

The Chasers take turns attempting to score on me, while James talks to the Beaters. None of them gets it past me. Eventually they move some way down the field, discussing variations briefly. I look around idly, and see Malfoy coming out the side entrance of the school, broom in hand. He stops when he sees us, and looks annoyed. But then I think he sees me looking, smirks and turns around to walk back in.

At the same time, something whistles past my ears. Ariana shouts happily. "Finally!"

I turn slowly, and the Quaffle is hovering on the other side of the goal. Bollocks.

Janes flies over to me. "Rose! What the bloody hell do you think you're doing? This isn't a game here! This is Quidditch!"

I open my mouth to correct him, but he doesn't let me get a word in edgewise. "You must be losing it! What were you thinking of?"

"Nothing important," I say, meaning it.

"Then don't let it distract you," he says with one last glare before flying off.

Merlin. You'd think I had missed the school exploding, the way he's talking.

The Chasers start trying the O'Malley attack again, and I save them as usual. Practice is quite monotonous today. As I get used to the attack, I do it more automatically.

The side door opens as I catch another and throw it out to the field. Malfoy and Dom come out, hand in hand, walking towards the Forest. I save another attempt and toss it to one of the Chasers, watching Dom and Malfoy out of the corner of my eye.

A little way inside the forest, they start kissing again. I catch yet another Quaffle, paying even less attention to it now. They keep kissing, and I turn my head a little more, I can't seem to look away. I'm angry, and disgusted, and also...something else, but I can't seem to put my finger on it...


Something hard and red hits me in the face.


That really, really hurts. I try to fly down, but I seem to be going sideways. I lose my grip on the broom.

Janes catches me and supports me on his broom, cursing as he gets me to the ground. Or at least, I think it's ground - the way it's waving makes it seem like water. Strange.

James shouts something at me and I cringe, because the inside of my head is now an echo chamber. Plus, it's really not fair that there are four of him, all ganging up on only one of me. He/they gets me into the school, and I cringe again at the overly bright gas lamp on the wall beside us before it all turns black.


I'm swathed in something warm and soft. It's comfortable, so comfortable I don't want to open my eyes, but then I hear a voice.

"Rose, I know you're awake!"

It's Dom. I open one eye. "You're very sensitive."

"You moved," she shrugs. I open my eyes fully, taking in the faces of James, Al, Lily, Josh, the entire Gryffindor Quidditch team, Dom, and... Malfoy.

As soon as he sees my eyes open, his expression changes from emotionless to bored. "Yes, she's awake. Can I go now?"

"No, stay," Dom tells him.

"No, go," I say.

But he doesn't, maybe because he knows Dom will not be happy.

I sit up. Surprisingly, there's hardly any pain at all. Lily hugs me. "Rose, I'm so glad you're alright!"

"Don't be daydreaming next time," James tells me sternly, but I can tell he feels bad. I smile at all of them.

Madam Pomfrey walks in. "You're fine to leave, if you'd like."

"Thank you so much," I say to her.

"You're welcome," she replies. "Just lucky you didn't break anything. But take this potion, you might have a headache tomorrow." She hands me a little brown flask before going back to her office.

My family and I walk down to dinner. I know from experience that the potion in the flask tastes awful so I mix it with my pumpkin juice.

In other news, Malfoy's ignoring Dom again. I don't know if he thinks it'll make her appreciate him more, but if so he's wrong. Dom likes boys who will do absolutely anything for her. And I suppose I don't. At least, if my experience with Josh has been any indication.

Speaking of Josh, he's coddled me since I got out of the hospital wing. It was sweet at first, but really, you'd think I was disabled. How do I tell him nicely that I can open my own damn doors sometimes?

Oh, Merlin. He's feeding me now.

He grins at me, lifting the fork to my mouth. I smile back at him with my teeth clenched, after swallowing. Dom is staring across the table with barely concealed envy and Malfoy is staring with completely unconcealed disgust.

As I'm making note of this, Josh taps my lips. "Open wide."

I grudgingly open wide.

Malfoy snickers, imitating Josh. "Open wide, Rosie, here comes the broom! And would the ickle baby wike some stwained cawwots and a bottle?"

I can't help smiling a little, though I snatch the fork from Josh as if I'm embarrassed. (Which I am.) But it was exactly what I was feeling like. Josh takes great offense and glares at Malfoy who smirks back unconcernedly. It really smells like testosterone in here.

I do my best to ignore them and just eat my food. Hugo walks past, informing on his way that my muscles are tense, and I need to breathe deeply and check my chakras, and would I maybe like to learn how to do that at his yoga lessons, only two Sickles per class? Erm, no thanks.

He shrugs and walks on. I guess, as the Rama Rama, rejection doesn't bother him. I wonder how it will affect him when Spandex Girl turns him down - she has to get tired of him eventually.

Malfoy is chuckling at Hugo. Excuse me, but I'm the only one allowed to laugh at my brother! I kick him under the table, hard, and he chokes on his potato. Dom has to thump him on the back repeatedly, until it eventually flies out straight across the table and hits Josh in the face. He looks completely repulsed. When we all start laughing, me included, I can't help it, he looks extremely offended and marches off, presumably to a bathroom somewhere.

"You can thank me now," Malfoy says arrogantly after he's done coughing/laughing.

I stare at him in utter confusion. "Why the hell would I need to thank you?"

"I drove him off for you," he shrugs.

Now I'm confused about what to say, because I do sort of appreciate that, but that'll be admitting he's right. Luckily Dom takes the matter out of my hands. "Why would she want to drive him off? He was being so wonderful!"

Malfoy snorts. "Because he was mollycoddling and bloody spoon-feeding her like a baby?"

"I would love that," Dom sighs. "You never do anything like that for me..."

"And I'm not going to, either," he retorts. It's almost as if they've forgotten I'm there. I'm staying. This seems like it's getting good.

"I wish you would," Dom sighs, laying her head on his arm.

"Maybe you should date Josh, then," he replies caustically, moving his arm. Her head drops and hits the table. She sits up very straight, looking extremely offended.

"Maybe I will, then!" she exclaims angrily.





Dom huffs and stomps out. Malfoy continues eating. I stare at him in shock.

"What?" he asks after swallowing.

"She just broke up with you, and you don't care?" I say incredulously.

"She'll come around," he sighs. If I didn't know any better I'd think it was regretful.

I just shrug. If he's hellbent on committing social suicide - Dom can be quite vicious - there's nothing I can do. Not that I would do anything even if I could. Because it really doesn't matter to me. I finish and get up to leave.

"Leaving already?" he says. "I hope it's not to go chasing after your pansy of a boyfriend."

"What does it matter to you where I go?" I demand suspiciously.

"It doesn't," he shrugs. "But if it did I'd tell you not to waste your time."

"You did tell me not to," I frown. This is getting weirder by the second.

"No I didn't," he insists.

"Yes, you did!" I shout, throwing my hands up in the air in exasperation. He's really getting to me.

"No," he says calmly. "If you recall my previous words, I think you'll find they were "I hope it's not to go chasing after your pansy of a boyfriend" and that implies distant disapproval."

"Distantly disapprove this, Malfoy," I growl, sticking my finger out at him. He just smirks in response, then pretends I've stabbed him in the heart. Rolling my eyes, I walk up to my common room.


Dom and Malfoy have apparently made up again, since tonight they've decided to play tonsil hockey. I shudder and leave the common room, deciding to go on a wander again. I've been doing this a lot lately.

As I turn off the staircase I see Josh hurrying towards me. I sigh - I don't want to deal with this now. But he's seen me, so there's no way to avoid it. I turn to face him as he arrives.

"Rose, I forgive you," are the first words out of his mouth.

Well, this throws me. What am I being forgiven for?

"I forgive you for laughing at me earlier," he clarifies in response to my blank state.

I blink. "Erm, I didn't apologize."

"I know your Weasley pride stops you," he says, "but I know you're feeling wretched on the inside."

I am? This is news to me.

"So I've decided to forgive you," he continues condescendingly. As if he's saint whatever and I've committed a horrific sin.

"Glad to hear it," I deadpan, but he doesn't pick up on my sarcasm.

"There are conditions, though," he says, lifting a reprimanding finger like a damn teacher.

"Conditions?" I repeat, in a low, dangerous voice, which again he doesn't pick up on. Merlin, this boy is so clueless!

"Very easy to follow," he assures me.

"Oh, that's good," I reply, my tone drowning - forget dripping - in sarcasm again, but it's lost on him.

"So firstly, you just have to make sure you don't speak to Malfoy," he begins, "but that should be easy. Because I don't like the way he looks at you. I'd really prefer you don't talk to any boys, other than the ones you're related to, and me, of course, but I'll be realistic. Secondly, be beside me at all times. Thirdly, you have to quit the Quidditch team - your team beat ours last year, mostly because you were Keeper, and we want a turn. I promise next year I'll quit so you can have a turn to win. And lastly, when we get married, I'd like to choose the wedding colours. That's all. Love you. Bye!"

And he kisses me on the forehead before running off.

My mouth is hanging open in shock. What the bloody hell? Who does he think he is? If I wanted someone to tell me what to do all the time I'd go talk to Uncle Percy!

Someone starts slow clapping behind me and I turn around. "Merlin's arse, Malfoy, why are you following me around?!"

"Merlin's arse doesn't have much to do with it," he smirks, maddeningly calmly as usual. "This just provides constant entertainment. It's too bad I didn't have time to go down to the kitchens and have some popcorn made for me."

"Shouldn't you be off doing something highly inappropriate with my cousin right now?" I ask, annoyed.

"This is more fun," he shrugs.

"Really?" I ask skeptically.

"When she's angry, yes," he admits.

I raise an eyebrow. "Angry?"

He scowls, seeming to realize he's given something away he didn't mean to. "None of your bloody business. Aren't you not supposed to be talking to me, anyway?"

"That's the only reason I am," I tell him. He considers this for a moment, then bursts out laughing really loudly.

"You're different," he finally says, still chuckling.

"Glad you figured it out," I say sarcastically.

"One month," he adds, suddenly.

It takes me a while to get it, but I realize he's talking about me and Josh. "Not a chance."

"You're right," he agrees. "Maybe we should lower it to two weeks."

I sigh, because he's probably right. But I'll never admit it, meaning I'll have to stay with Josh for at least two weeks. I guess the dictator was right about one thing: I do have Weasley pride. I start walking down the stairs, away from Malfoy, but he starts walking with me. "Where are you going?"

"To Timbuctoo," I reply sourly, but he just stares at me confusedly. Muggle metaphors are lost on him.

"Look," I begin, "either go make up with Dom or go break up with her, just leave me alone."

"That's not nice," he smirks.

"Your mother isn't nice," I mutter. "Go away!"

"I like it here," he says irritatingly.

"Merlin, Malfoy," I growl. "Get a life!"

"Get a better boyfriend, then we'll see," he smirks.

"What is with that boyfriend obsession?" I demand.

"I don't like him."

"I don't like you," I inform him, "yet I put up with you going out with my cousin."

"But you're not my cousin," he says randomly.

"What does that have to do with anything?" I shout, throwing my hands up.

"It has everything to do with it," he says quietly.

"I'm glad we're not related too," I growl. "You drive me crazy enough as it is."

"Thanks," he grins.

"You're like a pendulum," I say helplessly.


"You swing back and forth so much!"

His brow furrows. "No, I've always been straight. Is that not obvious?"

"Not that, you imbecile," I roll my eyes. "Your moods!"

"And now that I know you hate it, I'll do it that much more." He ducks away from the slap I aim at him, and I end up hitting the stone banister.

"OW!" I scream.

He starts laughing again. "It is just not your day!"

"You broke my hand!" I yell.

"No, you broke it," he denies. "And I highly doubt it's broken."

"You wouldn't care either way!" I snarl, pressing it between my other hand and my chest. He looks at it. "No, I'm fairly sure it's fine."

"Shut UP! Just shut up! This is so unfair!"

"How exactly is it unfair?" he chuckles.

"How come you couldn't break your hand?" I demand. "How come it had to be me?"

"Firstly, because you tried to hit me. If you hadn't, you'd be fine. Secondly, I doubt it's broken, as I said before. Thirdly, I think you should go to bed. You're not exactly making sense."

I know I'm being somewhat irrational, but I refuse to admit it to him. "I'm making perfect sense. You're not making sense. And you dont care if it's broken or not!"

I trip over a protruding bit of the banister suddenly and scowl down at it. "Who put that there?"

He rolls his eyes. "Go back up to your dorm, Weasley."


"You're so stubborn," he sighs. "What do people do with you?"

"They leave me alone!"

"That may not be safe right now," he murmurs, eyeing my hand which is still pressed against my chest, then my foot, which is sore from the recent trip.

"I was fine until you came along!"

He grabs my elbow and starts pulling me upstairs. "Come on, Weasley."

"Let go of me!"

He ignores me, his grip warm and firm.

"I swear, Malfoy, if you don't let go I'll - I'll -"

"You'll what?" he demands, looking down at me. "Call your pansy - sorry, boyfriend - on me? Yeah, I'm terrified."

He has me there, so I shut up. We reach the portrait door. I stand stubborn and silent, so he sighs and gives the Fat Lady the password (which I don't even want to know how he found out). "Grouch."

"I am not!" she says grouchily, then swings open. I stand there still, until Malfoy raises his eyebrows at me and I step in grudgingly before slamming the door in his face. I think I hear him chuckle quietly, but I can't be sure. I march upstairs and into bed.

Dom turns in her bed. "Why the loud footsteps?"

I stare at her, forgetting all about my annoyance at Malfoy. Her eyes are puffy and her nose is red. For once, doesn't look flawless. "What happened to you, Dom?"

She curses under her breath. "Forgot about that."


She takes a deep breath. "Scorpius and I... We fought."

"Did he hurt you?" I gasp, because if he upset her this badly, he'll have me to answer to.

"It wasn't his fault," she sniffles.

"Then what happened?" I ask.

She rolls her eyes. "It was so stupid, so small... I told him he was not always very nice to you-"

"This is about me?!" I interrupt, feeling suddenly guilty.

"No! Just listen!"

I clamp my mouth shut and listen to Dom. She resumes her story. "So anyway, after I told him that, he said he wasn't aware it bothered you. I told him it probably didn't, but I'd like if I could be around both of you at the same time and have you not constantly at each other's throats. He replied that it wasn't going to happen, at least until you broke up with - and I quote - that pansy in a suit of armour."

I can't help laughing at the phrase. But then I realize what she's said. " broke up because of Josh?!"

"It's complicated! Just listen!"

I pantomime zipping up my lips and am rewarded with a small giggle. She continues.

"So I defended Josh, and your taste. I told him Josh was a wonderful boy and would do anything for you. And then he said, 'You're serious? You wouldn't find that claustrophobic?' "

That's exactly what I've been feeling. Strange.

She hiccups a little, then goes on. "I said I wouldn't. I said I'd love to have someone do that for me, and he never did. At that point, he just put up his hands, told me motto expect anything like that, and left."

I'm feeling extremely guilty right now. "Er, Dom, maybe I should break up with Josh if he's causing-"

"No, no, no!" she exclaims. "That's not what I'm saying. Rose, I would never ask something like that of you!"

Bollocks. Then I would have had an excuse to give Malfoy when he said I told you so.

"But...I don't know about Scorpius," she says doubtfully. "Should we - I mean, should I -"

"No, you shouldn't," I tell her grudgingly, knowing as I say it it's going to turn around and bite me in the arse. "Believe it or not, he's not all bad. I suppose he has his moments."

Not that I actually know where these moments are - probably somewhere around Kazakhstan with my unicorns - but I suppose he has to be something other than a bossy prick at some point.

She smiles gratefully. "Thanks, Rosie."

Turning over, she begins snoring almost immediately, and I lie awake, wondering why the bloody hell I told her to stay with him when I had never wanted them together in the first place. And why it bothers me that I told her that.

Hey, I'm back! Pretty darn soon! Okay, so the first thing I would like to say is my sincerest apologies to aguyonnet, who is not actually a guy, but has the awesome French last name Guyonnet (which is pronounced gwee-oh-neigh, as I recently found out). But you have to could happen! ;) And you're still completely awesome!
Secondly, we've crossed the 1000 view mark, the 25 review mark, and the 10-favorite mark! Let's reach for the 30 review mark next, and if we feel ambitious maybe 35, hmm?;)


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