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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 15 : Differences
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A/N: Hallo my readers! Next chapter here, good news, theres some serious James/ Mae here!



“FUCK OFF YOU FREAK!” I yelled out my window to another photographer. He squeaked and with a ‘pop!’ he was gone.

“Serves you right little sneaks,” I muttered, pulling Modern Wizard History off the floor. My room was a mess from my rampage of staying locked indoors. Books were everywhere and so were clothes.

I moaned and decided to clean up my room so Fleur didn’t have a heart attack when she walked in to tell me dinner was ready, she was already a bit shocked from seeing it last night.


“Go away Dom,” I groan.


“Dom!” I moaned.


“Mother of Merlin!” I cry, striding towards the door and throwing it open, ready to insult Dom.

But there was no one there.


I turned around and silently pushed the door shut, before noticing a fluffy thing outside my window tapping.

My owl, Nalia.

Oops, sorry Dom.

“Hello, welcome back,” I sighed letting her inside.

Nalia softly landed on my bed and dropped two letters before resting in her cage. I ran over and split open my first letter, the fat one. It read,



I’m having my annual New Year’s Eve party tomorrow and I really want you to come.

We don’t even have to be in the same room if you think the paparazzi will get in, and let me tell you, they won’t. Mum’s gone berserk since the article came out and has ordered all these security guards for the party.

I’ll meet you at my fireplace at seven o’clock (the party starts at seven thirty) so we can talk about something.


I sighed, I really didn’t feel like going, I didn’t even feel like leaving this room. Then I noticed a small piece of parchment with James’s letter,


~Lily (and Ginny)


Thanks Lily and Ginny, love you too. All I want is space. Is that so hard?

I grab the next letter and tear it open.


Mae, did you get invited to James’s party? Well that’s a dumb question, of course you did your best friends *cough fiancée cough*. We both did too! I’m (Carolyn) going with Ian! He asked me out! I’m so excited! I’ve got to look perfect.

I (Robyn) don’t have a date but I’ll hopefully pick one up there.

You are coming to this party Mae! No matter what you say, you are coming! This is the best party of all you want miss this one.

Lots of Love,

Carolyn and Robyn.

Ps. Dom invited us over for the day tomorrow to get ready, we’ll be there at one.


I sighed and decided I might as well go. Four- no five people including Dom- will be dragging to me if I say I won’t, so I might as well not fight it. I quickly grabbed an ink pot, quill and spare parchment off my floor and replied,



Don’t worry, I’ll be there. I’m in the need of some hard liquor.

What do you want to talk about?



Lily & Ginny,

I’m coming don’t worry! Carolyn, Robyn, Dom and I are all getting ready together.


Ps. James invited me over a little early- I hope that’s ok with you!


Carolyn & Robyn,

Good for you Carolyn! So proud of you! Don’t worry Robyn I’m doing the same.

Can’t wait to see you two tomorrow, but I will be at the party early; I have to sort something out with James about the article in the Witch Weekly.

Lots of Love,



I joined Nalia across the room where she hooted happily and stuck out her leg. I silently tied the letters on and whispered to her while stroking her feathers,

“For James, Lily, Ginny, Carolyn and Robyn, ok?”

She hooted.

“Thank you,”

And she flew out the window and disappeared into the night.


* * * * *


“You look perfect!” Carolyn squealed, clapping her hands together. 

I grinned at my friends as they stared at me and feeling proud of their work. I hadn’t been really into getting ready for tonight, but as soon as Carolyn and Robyn had arrived, Dom and themselves had gone into full blown party prep mode.

I’d been scrubbed and plucked and poked for hours on end because I had no mental strength to put up a fight against them all. They had spent the whole day on me and somehow they all looked amazing, Robyn was defiantly going to get a guy.

“Do you like it?” Robyn asked, flicking her now straight hair.

“Yes!” I cried, fawning over the dress.

The dress that hugged my body was my cherry red colour and was extremely tight, I could barely breathe. The dress had sleeves that went to my elbow and was a style that went off my shoulder- a bit like a halter. There was a cut in the dress in the back so you saw pretty much my whole back but the part covering my bra strap and there was also a cut in the front so you could see my cleavage, the girls had made me wear a push up bra.

Oh dear.

I was wearing nude heels and my hair was straight but went wavy at the end. My lips were cherry red and my mascara and eyeliner looked wicked. I was wearing all my jewellery from Ginny (minus the ring). I looked gorgeous.

But the girls had made me wear my wand attached to my leg under my dress by a garter.

Yes, a bloody garter.

“Thanks guys,” I cried, hugging them all, “I know I’ve been a bit of a downer this holidays…”

“A bit?” Carolyn cried. 

“You’ve been terrible!” Robyn exclaimed.

“I’m so sorry guys, it’s just that article got me hard,” I explained.

“We know,” Carolyn smiled.

“We just wish James and you would break the bloody sexual tension between you,” Dom murmured.

“What?” I yelled.

“You two have the biggest amount of sexual tension around you!” Robyn cried.

“We do not!” I yelled.

“Who cares?” Dom yelled, “You’re expected at the Potter house in one minute!”

“What happened to being fashionably late?” I asked.

“This is James,” Dom whispered, pushing me out the door, “You look beautiful,”

“Thank you Dom, you are truly the greatest best friend ever,” I smiled.

“I know,” Dom admitted, “Now get going! Don’t keep that cousin of mine waiting!”

And she slammed the door in my face.


I grinned and made my way down the stairs.


* * * * *

“Hello,” a voice greeted, as I stepped out of the fire place.

“Hey,” I smiled, giving James a hug.

“Right on time,” James noticed, checking his watch.

“Dom,” I sighed, “Shall we go talk?”

“Sounds good to me,” James grinned, offering me his arm which I took and he led me up the hall. We walked in silence, the only sound was my heels on the floor. We came into a room far away from everything and James led us in, I found a comfy chair to sit on.

“Now what do you need to talk to me about?” I asked James.

“Two things,” he said, “First, the baby,”

Shit, I’d forgotten about that.

“Oh,” I whimpered.

“How many weeks are you?” he asked nervously.

I counted, “Around three and a half,”

“Still can’t check then,” James mumbled.

“Well my periods due next week, so we should know by then,” I explained.

James raised his eyebrow.

Oops, I think I just over shared.

“Anyway, what’s the other thing you needed to talk to me about?” I asked, taking the subject of my period.

James jumped up and started pacing the room running his hand through his hair like he normally did when he was nervous.

James Potter nervous?

No way.

“Well,” he began, “It’s hard to say…”

“Maybe stop pacing the room and sit still!” I cried, pointing to his chair.

He did one more lap and sat back down, still running his hand through his hair.

“Mae,” he said, “Oh my merlin…”

“Spit it out!” I cried, “We’re best friends, remember? We can tell each other anything,”

James sighed and leaned forward in his chair, taking my left hand in his.


Time actually stopped when he said the next five words.

“I’m in love with you,”


* * * * *


Oh my merlin.

James Potter just admitted he was in love with me.

And I was sitting there silently shocked with my mouth hanging open.


Quick Mae! Say something! What should I say?

I thought of smiling and running my hands through his hair and snogging him then pulling away and saying,

“I’m in love with you too,”

Or maybe just snogging him.

Or maybe then having passionate love on the floor.

For some stupid reason though, I didn’t do any of those ideas.

Instead I ran.

I jumped up out of his grasp and ran. I ran on and on and on, through his house and getting lost. When I felt I was far enough away from him, I slowed to a walk.

I hated waited four whole years of James to tell me he loved me, so why in bloody Merlin had I run away when he had admitted it too me?

Why am I so dumb?


I heard music in the distance and drifted towards it, I needed a real girl talk.


* * * * *


That’s not what I expected to happen.

Teddy said she would admit to loving me too, he was certain that she was in love with me too.

Stupid, lying prat.

I kicked a chair in frustration. Why the hell had I followed Teddy’s advice? Gahh!

It was true, I was in love with Mae. I loved her, it was as simple as that.


* * * * *

Mae's P.O.V


It was hard to have a real girl talk when all my friends were drunk and snogging boys. Dom was with Ryan, practically half naked on a couch, Carolyn snogging Ian in a corner and Robyn was with Lucas, a sixth year Hufflepuff. Even Lily was drunk, she was dancing in the middle of the dance floor with a pack of hopeful boys. Albus was eyeing them all down, but stopped after he saw a very curvy girl walk past and wink at him, he followed her like a lost puppy.

I decided not to get drunk tonight as I had too much to think about. I just chatted with people who preferably weren’t drunk and did a bit of dancing here and there with the girls. I was snorting with laughter seeing them drunk with the things they were doing, especially Dom. Dom’s not the best dancer sober so seeing her drunk and dancing made me have to sit down to control my laughter.

Dom, Robyn, Carolyn and Lily had asked what James and I talked about, but I just told them it was nothing, when obviously it wasn’t ‘nothing’. 

Mostly through the night was that my brain wouldn’t stop thinking about James. I kept hearing his words in my head all through the night.

I’m in love with you.

Why had I run off? I mean seriously Mae, I am in love with him too and had been since second year. I growled and walked off to dance with my drunken friends, but I was pulled away by a certain blue haired someone into the next room.

“Hey Mae, how are you enjoying the party?” Teddy asked.

“Fine,” I mumbled.

I’m in love with you, shut up brain!

“How’s James?” he asked.

“Fine, only talked to him once tonight,” I admitted.


“Yeah, before the party,” I admitted, “We were talking about some… issues,”

“Issues like pregnancy and love?” Teddy asked.

My mouth hung open in shock.

“You – you know?” I asked.

“James tells me everything,” Teddy smiled, “He came to me for advise the other day,”

“About me?” I asked.

“Yeah, about how you slept together and you could be having a baby and how he has realised that he’s in love with you,” Teddy explained, “He did tell you? Didn’t he?”

“He did,” I whispered.

“How did you respond?” Teddy asked.

“I… I ran out of the room,” I murmured.

“You WHAT?” Teddy cried.

“I ran out of the room,” I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks, “I just freaked out and ran!”

“It’s ok,” Teddy murmured pulling me into a hug.

“Why did I do it though?” I muttered, “For Merlin’s sake I love him too…”

“You do?” Teddy asked.

“I have since second year,” I whispered.

“Yes! I knew you loved him!” Teddy grinned.

“You did?” I asked.

“Watching you two… you can tell,” Teddy smiled, obviously quite amused, “I figured it out at the Ball,”

“Do you think anyone else knows?” I asked.

“The magazines can guess, but you have to know you two to know the difference in one another when you are around each other,” Teddy said, “James is an arrogant jerk when he’s not around you, he actually acts like himself when you’re around. You bring out the best in him,”

“I do?” I asked.

“You do,” Teddy grinned, “Are you going to tell him how you feel?”

“I don’t know, he probably hates me right now,” I cried, “When you tell a girl you love her, it’s a bit of a self-esteem downer when she runs from the room,”

“Mae you listen to me right now,” Teddy said, looking me in the eyes, “James will just be a bit upset, he’ll have put his arrogant jerk wall back up. You go to him and you tell him how you feel before he finds some girl to feel better on,” Teddy looked at his watch, “It’s one minute till midnight! Go!”

And I was pushed right out the door.

How rude.

I snapped into concentration mode and scanned the crowds in search for James.

I’m in love with you

 James I love you too.

I ran through the crowds of drunken people and I still couldn’t find him, where was he hiding? I ran outside to the large party gazebo just as the dj screamed,



“TEN, NINE, EIGHT!” people screamed.

I ran through the large crowds, still with no James in sight, I begun to freak out.


What if I found him snogging another girl, I’d think I’d die right then.


I could see a head of messy ink black hair just in front of me.


I squeezed out of the crowd and I could see James chatting up a random slutty Hufflepuff seventh year.


I raced towards the two of them as she took a step closer.

“James!” I called as I ran on.


I could see the girl start to reach up to snog him on New Year’s…


I launched myself into James’s arms, pushing myself past the slutty Hufflepuff. My lips crashed on his and my arms went automatically into his hair. I felt time stop at this moment. I snogged him passionately, trying to tell him my message through my kiss. He kissed me back, his arms wrapped around my waist and pulling me closer. I felt his tongue slid into my mouth and I eagerly let it in. Someone was hitting me on the back and I felt James push that person away and they growled, stomping their foot. Our kiss came to a stop and I felt James smile against my lips before I said only loud enough for him to hear,

“I love you too,”

James smiled and pushed my hair out of my face before leaning in to kiss me. Before I kissed him, I saw a blue haired male a few metres away smile and put the thumbs up sign at me. I stared at him and mouthed, ‘Thank you,’ because without Teddy, this wouldn’t have happened.


* * * * *


I smiled to myself as I curled up in James’s arms as the party wore on. People were absolutely stuffed, so we had this moment to ourselves. I knew Teddy was watching us, but I didn’t care, he was the person who had driven us together.

“When did you figure that you loved me?” I asked James as he fiddled with my hair.

“At the Ball,” he answered, “But I’ve had feelings for you since the start of the school year,”

“You’ve liked me since September first?” I asked.

“I saw you in the prefect carriage with Albus and I remembered your face from over the years,” he told me, “I saw you talking to him and when I said that I didn’t know who you were, I could see the hurt in your bright eyes. When I saw Freddie start to flirt with you my heart ached and I just thought it was for Alessandria, I thought I was in love with her,”

“You thought you loved Alessandria?” I was shocked.

“I thought I did, I was extremely confused. When I saw you snog Freddie outside the train, but heart ached again and I released that I must have had a crush on you. When I walked you to class the next day, it took me everything I had not to snog you. I decided to avoid you,”

“I knew you were!” I cried.

“I tried to distract myself with Alessandria and put the feelings I had for you into Alessandria, I almost forgot about you, then I saw you at Quidditch. You were quiet towards me and when Freddie ran up and kissed you like he did on that day, everything came back stronger. I hoped that you weren’t good enough to make the team, but you were the best by far, you got on the team. You came to ask me what was wrong and I pushed you away and made you hate me, I thought it was the best way to get over you. I saw you throughout the school and at Quidditch training, you ignored me as you were angry with me and I thought it was best this way even though I was hurting on the inside. You looked happy with Freddie and I reminded myself that he was my best mate and I couldn’t lose him as well. Every time I saw you I had to hold myself back from snogging you senseless. As days weeks went on, we hadn’t spoken once and I felt Alessandria and I grow apart. At the time I thought it was because of my feelings for you, but now I know it was Alessandria because she was cheating on me…”

I ran my hands through his hair to comfort him, but stayed silent as I listened carefully.

“I broke up with her and then I had nothing to distract me. I gave Dom your invite to the party and I put my wall back up, I got with random girls. When I saw you on the ground completely drunk that night, I couldn’t stop myself from helping you; you looked so lost and innocent. When you cried on my shoulder and I held you, I couldn’t believe what Freddie had done to you and where it had left you. When Freddie found you, he looked distraught and upset but I couldn’t help but hate him for what he had done. I carried you back to your room and put you to sleep, leaving a hangover potion for you as I knew you’d need it. I didn’t see you the next day but Dom told me you were a wreck. When you told me the next day what you’d screamed at Fred, I decided to help you through it. We became friends,”

I smiled up at him as he continued.

“When you flirted with me on the day in Three Broomsticks, I almost fell off my chair. I couldn’t believe that you had flirted with me. I went with you back up to the castle and told you’d I’d be there for you forever and gave you a kiss on the cheek. I had let my wall collapse, but the next time I spoke to you I pretended it hadn’t happened and put my wall up again, this time stronger than ever. What really ruined me was when I woke up the morning after the end of semester party and remembered everything from the night before,”

James sighed and I felt his expression fall. I softly stroked his cheek and he smiled weakly down at me.

“I couldn’t believe what I’d done. When I told you on the train and you freaked out, I felt everything I’d built against you crumble as down as you yelled. I couldn’t believe that I’d been so stupid.”

“We were both stupid,” I admitted.

He smiled at me pressed his lips to my forehead.

“I didn’t release that I was in love with you till last week at the ball, when you broke down,” James admitted, “Seeing you like that and because of me… was terrible. It tore me apart, when I figured out how much you mean to me. Teddy found me the next day and asked, I told him how I felt and about the baby. He understood me and helped me, telling me the only thing I should do is tell you my feelings as he was fairly sure you felt the same way about me. I was going to tell you as soon as I saw you again but when you came the other day furious from the magazine article… I wasn’t ready and then you walked out.”

I smiled.

“Today obviously didn’t go to plan, with you running out on me,” he muttered to my hair.

“I’m really sorry about that,” I whispered.

“I would have done the same,” James grinned, “To be honest I expected you to scream. But when you run out, I knew all my chances were gone and I had to move on. I found a random girl to snog for the rest of the night but the next thing I knew, you were in my arms and snogging me, telling me you loved me. Now here we are,” he glanced around the party with me in his lap, “What about you?”

“The first time I saw you, was in my second year, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I got a crush straight away, and then when you talked to me, I fell in love,” I explained.

“You’ve been in love with me since you were in second year?” James replied.


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You wouldn’t have looked at me twice, I was ugly,” I sighed, “I would have told you this year but then there was Freddie,”

“Did you love him?”

“I – I don’t really know, I could have loved him, I may have not, it was a close call,” I explained, “It was nothing compared to you,”

James grinned, “Good,”

He leaned down and kissed me lightly, his hand softly at the back of my neck. When he pulled away ever so softly, he smiled and I whispered,

“I love you James Potter,”



A/N: .... how did you like it? Mae and James are finally together! Don't worry! This doesnt mean the end of the story or anything! Question for you all to answer in the little review box, Who's the couple, besides our mains obivously, you want to see more of? See you next time!

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