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My First Kiss When a Little Like This by mrsronaldweasley262
Chapter 1 : Fourteen isn't too young to learn how to kiss, is it?
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 I strode up to my best friend, James Potter, as confidently as I could.

"James?" I said tentatively. 

He looked up from his Quidditch textbook and grinned at me. It made me feel even more self-consious and awkward. "Vanessa, what's up?"

"Um, well..." I stuttered nervously, my hands shaking slightly. "Richard Thomas just asked me out to Hogsmeade and I told him I'd think about it."

"That's great, Ness! But why'd you tell him you'd think about it? I thought you liked him?"

"I do!" I cried hoplessly.

"Then why didn't you say yes?" James frowned at me, looking utterly confused.

"Because I... I don't... I mean I don't know how... I don't know how to French Kiss!" I blurted and blushed bright red. He spluttered for a minute  before starting to laugh. Tears welled up in my eyes and spilled over my cheeks. I had thought that my best friend would be understanding, but all he did was laugh at me because I was so pathetic.

"Oh no, Ness, I didn't mean to make you cry!" He stopped laughing immediately and hugged me to him. "I'm sorry for laughing at you."

"I thought that you of all people would be the least likely to laugh at me." I sniffed and pulled away from him. "I'm only fourteen, it's not that bad that I haven't snogged anyone... is it? I have kissed before but never with tongues and- and all that!"

"Why are you even worried about that?" James frowned.

"Because Violet Brown said that when she went on a date with Richard last year they snogged at the end. He's going to think I'm such a LOSER if I can't snog." I dropped onto the couch miserably.

"Oh. Okay... so why are you telling me this?" He asked.

"Becaues I was hoping, that maybe... You would teach me." I mumbled the last part and blushed scarlet, not daring to look at James as I anticipated his reaction.

"Me?" He choked out.

"Well, yeah. I mean, that's why I said maybe to Richard." I said, still blushing. "I didn't want to cheat on him, so I thought maybe someone could teach me and then I would say yes and it wouldn't be cheating."

"But, but, but.. Why me?"

Because you're my best friend! You've snogged plenty of girls before and I figured it would be easy for you to teach me, or just show me how it's done." I shrugged. "You're the one person I would ever feel comfortable asking. I know it'll be weird, but I really need your help."

"Can't Roxy teach you?"

"Uh, no, James. That would be ever more weird than this." I scrunched up my face.

"Right, yeah. Sorry, stupid suggestion." He nodded.

"So will you help me?" I asked, making my eyes wide and pouting my lips. My puppy dog face always works. No one can resist my big blue eyes.

"Oh, alright. Fine." He huffed.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" I jumped up and hugged him. "So where should we do this?"

"My dorm tonight at six thirty. All the guys will be at dinner so we'll be alone. We can get something from the kitchens after." He said.

"Okay, I'll meet you then." I nodded and ran up to my dorm.



By the time it was six twenty-five, I had brushed my teeth fifteen times, chewed fifteen packs of gum, eaten ten tic-tacs, and sprayed breath spray in my mouth five times. I was fully prepared. I didn't know what I should wear so I settled on my grey comfy shorts (made of sweatpant material) and a black tank top. My pink bra straps (I'm a 32B) were showing becaue of the thin spagetti straps of my tank top, but I ignored them. It didn't matter if I looked good or not, it was just James and he had seen me looking far worse. Though, I did put on cherry lip balm. I knew it was his favourite so I had decided to wear it. I left my long, strawberry blonde hair down but had an elastic on my wrist if I needed it.

I made my way to James' dorm and stood outside for a few seconds. I calmed myself before knocking on the fourth year boys' dorm door.

"It's open!" James called and I pushed open the door.

"Hi." I chewed the inside of my cheek nervously.

"Hi." He closed his potions book at put it on his bedside table. He was sitting cross legged on his bed and patted right in front of him, the universal sign for sit.

I crossed the room and sat down right across from him, mirroring his position.

"So how does this work?" I asked.

"I'm just going to kiss you and you follow my lead. If you have any questions after, just ask." He looked me in the eyes and I shifted awkwardly.

"Okay." I nodded. "But first, one question. Where do I put my hands?"

He laughed. "Hips or shoulders are fine. Just do what feels natural."

"Okay." I squeaked.

He scooted closer to me and put one hand on my cheek while the other held my chin. I blinked rapidly as he leant closer. He was an inch from my lips when he stopped and whispered, "You should also close your eyes."

I blushed and shut them. I could practically hear James' smug smirk. I was so distracted that when his lips pressed softly against mine, my eyes flew open. I slammed them shut and focused on his lips pressing against mine.

His lips parted slightly and his tongue traced my lower lip. My hands clenced on on his waist in surprise. It felt amazing.

Suddenly his tongue was pushing agaisnt my lips and he forced them open. I gasped against his mouth and he kept goig. To my utter surprise, I seemed to know what to do next. I pressed myself closer to him and stared to tease his tongue with mine. It was such a strange - but good - feeling.

One of my hands moved from his waist and into his hair. I tugged lightly on the soft strands and he pressed himself against me eagerly. I pushed his tongue back into his mouth.

I had seen this move in the movies (I'm a muggle born) and I wanted to know if it really did drive boys crazy. I grazed my teeth along his bottom lip before biting softy. I let it pull out from between my teeth as I pulled away from him.

James gasped as I did it and both of our eyes flew open. His smouldering, liquid gold eyes stared into my dark blue ones.

"Whoa." He breathed.

"Was that really bad?" I asked nervously, slightly breathless from the kissing.

"Van, that was really good. You sure you've never done this before?" He stared at me in shock.

"Positive." I stated resolutely. "Was I really that good?"

"Best kiss I've ever had." He said honestly. I grinned happily at him.

"That was the best kiss I've ever had too." I laughed. "I didn't realize that I was missing out on so much."

"Glad I could help."

"Thank you, James." I hugged him tightly. "Now maybe I won't look like a total amateur with Richard."

"Maybe we should practice one more time." He winked. I laughed loudly. 


I should have realized that kissing your best friend can only lead to trouble. At the end of the day, who could have known we would end up together in the end?

That kiss was the kiss that started it all.



AN: So I've written another one-shot. I was thinking of turning this into a full story of when Vanessa and James are in seventh year and the kiss really comes into play, but I'm not sure. Maybe I will, but I think I'm going to focus on shorter stories.

Thanks for reading, and please please please review! I'll love you forever if you do ;)

Nat <3 

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My First Kiss When a Little Like This: Fourteen isn't too young to learn how to kiss, is it?


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