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Deception by DracoLove4
Chapter 1 : Slytherin
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Everything belongs to JK Rowling :)



That was the word that started it all. I hadn’t expected it. Nobody had, to be honest. I was crushed at the time. I wanted to fight it! Daddy said that the hat would take my choice into account!

It was too late though. The hat was ripped off of my head ad I sat on the stool, mouth hanging open. The room was silent. Not even the Slytherin table was clapping. It was a shock like no other. Lily Luna Potter, daughter of Gryffindor’s most famous couple, was in Slytherin.

Fast forward 3 years.

“Lily, please?” my best friend begged as we sat in the common room. It was Sunday night and of course, Scorpius hadn’t finished his essay for History of Magic.

“I can’t write the bloody essay for you!” I said, looking over my shoulder at him. He was sprawled over the couch in a pair of silk green pyjamas looking about as pitiful as I’d ever seen him.

“If you’d have done your essay on Friday when Lil and I were doing it, you wouldn’t have this problem, mate,” said my other best friend. Lorcan, Scorpius and I had been best friends since first year.

Well, my first year anyway. Lorcan and Scorpius were a year ahead of me. I got to relax more, this being my fourth year, without the stress of OWL’s at the end of the year. My blonde counterparts were not so lucky.

“Maybe you should shut the hell up for one second,” Scorpius snapped at Lorcan. He rolled his eyes. Scorpius was moody when he didn’t want to do homework. We were used to it by this point.

“Anyway Scorp, I don’t know what you guys are even learning. I should be asking you for help. You’re the elder here.” I winked. Now it was Scorpius’ turn to roll his eyes.

“Forget it. History of Magic sucks anyway. If this were Potions my problem would be solved!” he complained, putting his hand over his eyes. Very dramatic, that one.

Lorcan and I smiled mischievously at each other. Potions was kind of our thing.

We had all finished our homework (except Scorpius, of course) and were exhausted. I started heading up to my dormitory, but Scorpius stopped me.

“I’m hungry.” He stated. Lorcan chuckled.

“Well that’s really too bad. Hope you have some snack bars in your bed,” I said, shrugging. I knew what he was insinuating, but I wanted no part of it tonight.

“Please Lily please Lily please Lily please Lily please Lily please—”

“Okay! Merlin, Scorp, do you want to wake the entire house?” I said in a whisper. It couldn’t be any earlier than one in the morning.

“That could make a distraction…” The worst part was that he was seriously considering that option.

“Come on, let’s do it. Lorcan you get your behind back here!” I halfway shouted at Lorcan, who looked as though he were slowly retreating to the dormitory. He did look exhausted. Even though he wakes up looking perfect, something I’d always hated about him, he had bags under his eyes and his hair was starting to muss.

“Thanks a load, Lily Dearest…” he mumbled, pretending I couldn’t hear him. I winked.

“I thought you looked hungry.” I said smiling. He didn’t think I was too funny this late. I thought I was actually pretty hilarious. Maybe I don’t get that 5th year sense of humour.

“Can we get a move on? I’m not getting any younger!” Scorpius yelled from the doorway of the dungeon. He was going to wake up every one for sure.

We walked out of the Slytherin dungeon and down the hallway. We were trying to stay quiet, but we just couldn’t stop laughing. Causing trouble was our favorite past time. It made us just giddy.

Our laughter was echoing off the walls, so that anybody who was on the entire floor could probably hear us.

We were headed to the kitchens to knick some midnight snacks, but as soon as I stepped onto the staircase leading up to it, they changed. I screamed as Lorcan grabbed me by the middle and yanked me off before the stairs took me.

“Hold your horses, Lil!” Lorcan hissed in my ear. Scorpius was too busy laughing to care.

“Like you knew they were going to change,” I whispered back Scorpius was having one hell of a laugh at my expense. He would probably wake up the entire castle if he didn’t shut it soon!

I learned that I spoke too soon. Footsteps echoed down the corridor and Lorcan, Scorpius and I shared a wide eyed glance. Somebody was coming.

We ran for it. We were giggling and pushing each other, trying to make it back to the common room first, when we ran straight into a brick wall.

Okay, not literally a brick wall, but probably worse. It was James. My annoyingly perfect prefect brother, James. I ran straight into him and fall back to the floor. He looked at me in shock.

“Lily?” He asked, hoping his eyes were deceiving him. He never liked punishing me. I’m his little sister, and he sticks up for me when I get in trouble. Causing it kills him.

My bad.

“Hey big brother!” I smile my toothiest smile and pray for a miracle. He frowns, looking from me, to Scorpius, to Lorcan, and back again. I have a feeling I’m in for it.

“What are you doing out of bed, Lily?” He asks, sounding tired.

“We were hungry!” I answer truthfully. He gives me a stern look.

“So stealing from the kitchen sounded like a good idea, did it?” He asked me, ignoring the fact that the boys I was with were guilty as well.

“And what do you suggest I do when I’m hungry?” I asked, staring at his Prefect badge, knowing he could get me in trouble at any time.

“Wait until breakfast, maybe?” He suggested with a smile, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“I don’t think so. Can we go now?” I asked, trying to push past him. I was the only one who could get away with this. Not only because he was a prefect, but nobody else would dare push past the eldest son of Harry and Ginny Potter. Especially the one who looks exactly like Dad did when he was James’ age.

“Sorry, Lil, but I can’t let you do that. You can either go back to bed, or we can go talk to Headmaster Flitwick. It’s your choice,” he said. Well, at least he was giving me a choice. I looked pointedly at Scorpius and Lorcan.

“Let’s go. No fun is allowed at Hogwarts.” I said, looking at James. He looked hurt, but I just waved and said, “’Night, Brother!”

We scurried off back to the dungeon and sat down on the couch. I stared into the wall, which was made of glass and had a view of the underside of the Black Lake. We always saw the strangest creatures swim by. Once or twice I’ve seen merpeople. They didn’t seem all that friendly though.

“How are we supposed to have any fun with your damn brother running around? That stupid prefect badge always shining off his chest… I’m bored. This is a nightmare!” Scorpius complained, pacing back and forth through the common room.

“It’s almost 2 am, Scorp. It’s not Lily’s fault. Let’s just go,” Lorcan said, leaning over the back of the couch.

“I’m not blaming her… I just wish we had a way to get around without getting caught all the time… Is that really so much to ask?” He shrugged, and nodded toward me.

“Night, Lil’s.”

“Can’t I sleep in your dorm tonight?” I asked with a frown. I truly hated the girls I had to bunk with, and most nights I slept in the extra bed above Scorpius. The only boy that would mind is Sean Westley, and that’s only because he’s a prefect. He liked his sleep though, and when he’s not on duty to roam the corridors looking for troublemakers like us, he went to bed early. With him going to bed at 10 at night and waking up at 10 in the morning, I had a perfect window to sleep without being disturbed.

“You know Westley is on Prefect duty tonight. Do you dream of expulsion?” Sadly, when he was on Prefect duty, he came in around 3 am and made sure everything was as it should be. For example, making sure no little redhead girls were sleeping on the top bunk.

“No, I simply dream of Katey and Karlie’s untimely death!” I countered. Scorpius scoffed. Katey and Karlie Carrow were twins, about as identical as they come. They always say that twins skip generations, but not in the Carrow family. Their mother, Hestia, who never married, had a twin also. Her twin had twins, who are two years below me.

The whole lot of them were mean. Katey and Karlie though, had a special spot in their black hearts reserved for me. I had a guess that it had a lot to do with the fact that I hung out with Scorpius and Lorcan. It was no secret that Katey had a crush on Scorpius, and thinks I’m taking him or some nonsense. They aren’t the smartest girls, the Carrows.

Sadly, with Westley coming back from ruining the fun of other students, I had to retreat back to the dorm with them. I waved good night’s to Lorcan and Scorpius and walked down the stairs.

“The hell have you been?” Karlie asked as I walked into the room.

“Nice to see you too, roomie.” I said dryly. It was no secret that we didn’t like each other. Katey gave me a grimace.

“Hanging out with your little boyfriends again, hm?” Katey asked.

“As per ushe. And by ‘little’ boyfriends I’m assuming you mean the boys who are a year ahead of us?” I added sarcastically. I liked getting under Katey’s skin.

“Whatever. I’m hanging out with Lysander tomorrow so rightly, it doesn’t matter to me!” She said with a smile, expecting me to feel… what, jealous?

“Wow, that’s really awesome, Katey!” I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm, “I heard Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders. Maybe he can find that heart of yours!”

“Oh shut up, Lily. Nobody asked you,” Karlie chimed in. Why were these girls awake this early?

“Girlies, can’t we just get along?” This was Tilly Jane. She was short and thin, kind of the size of a first year. She looked our age in the face, though. She was really pretty, with her long blonde hair, and was friends with just about everyone, regardless of house. She was one of those people who are so sweet, you kind of wanted to gag. Like, even when you had a bad day, she would tell you to ‘look on the bright side!’ She was happy every second of every day, even if somebody had just put her down. I didn’t trust people like that, who were always happy.

The weirdest part was, she was a Mudblood. Nobody really knew how she ended up in Slytherin.

“Tilly, no offense, but stay out of it,” Katey said. Tilly smiled and shrugged, going back to her reading. She was always reading. It was slightly unnerving.

“I’m going to bed now. Anyone mind? Didn’t think so,” I snapped, turning off the lights with my wand.

“Hey!” shouted the girls.

“It’s two in the morning. Go to bed.”

The lights didn’t turn back on, and for that I was glad. It’s heavily possible that they were going to kill me in my sleep, but that’s kind of what you deal with in Slytherin. At least half the people sitting around in the common room were related to Death Eaters.
Regardless of that, I fell into a dreamless sleep, wishing I could stay that way forever.

A/n Hello all! Thank you for reading! If you read this before, you’ll know that this chapter changed a lot. I didn’t like how the old story started, so here we are! A brand spanking new beginning. It’s starting off slow, to get to know some of the characters, but there will be plenty of action, I promise. You know what would make my day/life? Reviews :) Thanks you thank you!

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