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To Say by GinnyLilyana
Chapter 3 : Parents
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 “Pregnant!” Molly screamed, raising a frying pan in the air. “My youngest son got a girl pregnant!” She started pacing around the room, her wild hair flying around in the hurry.

“Mum, we get it. She’s pregnant. We’ve been thinking about it all day.” Ron said quietly.


“How could you be so thoughtless?” Arthur asked from the recliner. “How could you not even think to use protection or contraception?”


I decided to skip the part where we thought of it whenever their youngest daughter was asking about contraception.


“It just slipped our minds.” I said quietly. “I love Ron. And I know he loves me. At the time, it seemed to be the only important thing.”


“And now you’re pregnant!” Molly yelled again. She whirled around and faced us. She started waving the frying pan in our faces. “I understand what it’s like to be in love and I understand the urges and it was no secret that you were having sex,” she said, and then glared at us. “But we at least thought you were smart enough to use protection!”


I felt the tears rise again. I hated that Molly and Arthur were so disappointed but if this is how the Weasley’s responded then how were my parents going to react?


“And your parents! How are you going to tell your parents!” Molly raved again. She put the frying pan down, and not a moment too soon. She was waving that thing around and I thought she was going to hit Ron in the head. I saw him breathe a sigh of relief and I knew he was thinking the same thing.


“I’m just going to tell them the truth.” I answered. “I just don’t know how or when I can tell them.”


“I will send them an owl and invite them for supper.” Molly said with tight lips. “They should be back from Wales already.”


“Yes, I suppose you’re right.” I agreed.


“Now,” Arthur piped up. “On another note, have you decided what you’re going to do with the baby?”


“We’re still talking about it.” Ron murmured. He ran a hand through his hair and his dad stood up and sat next to him. Molly walked into the kitchen mumbling something about writing to my mum and dad.


“Things will be fine, son.” Arthur said. He put his arm around him and pulled him close. “Things will be fine.”


“Thanks, dad.” Ron said quietly.


Molly walked back in. “The owl is on its way. They’ve been invited to supper tomorrow evening. Arthur and I will give you kids time to talk to them after supper.” She said. She sat on the nearest chair and sighed. “I still love you both very much.” She said quietly. “But this is not how I imagined my youngest son telling me he was going to be a father.”


“We didn’t imagine it this way either.” I agreed. “But we’re going to make the most of it.”


“Yeah,” Ron said, grabbing my hand. “May we be excused? Hermione and I have a lot to talk about.”


“Yes, you may.” Arthur responded. “And, we do thank you for telling us immediately, and not waiting until the last minute.”


“You deserve that much.” I answered. We stood up and walked up to Ron’s bedroom. I sat on the bed and buried myself under the blankets.


“You okay?” Ron asked, crawling in next to me.


“I’m pregnant.” I mumbled. “I’m emotional and hormonal and I don’t want to tell my parents.”


“We’ll be fine,” Ron put his arms around me. “We will be just fine. What’s the worst your dad can do, punch me?”

“I cannot believe your dad punched me,” Ron grimaced as I put an icepack to his jaw.


When my parents got to the Burrow we sat, and ate supper. More like everyone else ate supper while my stomach churned. I thought I was going to be sick. George and Ginny were arguing with each other while Harry and my dad talked about Quidditch. George didn’t know about my pregnancy yet and neither did Bill or Charlie, who were sitting quietly at each end of the table.


Supper was uneventful, so whenever we finished dessert I felt like I was going to puke everything back up. In fact, I did puke everything back up. I grimaced and walked to the kitchen to get some rags and Molly just rolled her eyes and cleaned it up with magic. She was still a little miffed with me.


“Mum, dad, can Ronald and I talk to you in the living room?” I asked after rinsing my mouth out. They looked at each other quizzically but dutifully walked into the living room.


“What’s going on?” My mother asked.


“You’re going to want to sit down for this.” I said quietly. They sat down, apprehension in their eyes. Ron and I stayed standing and I swayed back and forth as I tried to force the words out.


“Hermione’s pregnant,” Ron blurted. “I’m sorry.”


My dad looked at me, then at Ron, then at me, and again at Ron.


“Hermione,” My mum stood up. “You’re not really pregnant are you?”


“I’m sorry mum. It’s true.”


She sat back down and my dad never broke his gaze from Ron.


“You son of a bitch!” My dad screamed. He lunged at Ron and tackled him to the floor, punching him in the jaw in the process. “We trusted you! And you get her pregnant!”


“Daddy! Dad get off of him!” I screamed, and my mum jumped up and grabbed my dad while I grabbed Ron.


“I expected that,” Ron said, wobbling around. I sat him back down and I looked at my father.


“Daddy!” I cried. “It wasn’t his fault!”


“So what are you saying? That it was your idea to have sex?” My dad cried.


“No! We agreed, together! It wasn’t a one sided decision, we made sure we were ready!” I yelled. “We just didn’t use any protection or contraception. It totally slipped our minds.” My dad put his hands in the air and then pinched the bridge of his nose. “I’m sorry, Daddy.” I cried.


“I thought we taught you better than that,” Mum said quietly. “You knew better.”


“Yes, but what’s done is done,” I responded. “And I said I was sorry. But there’s nothing that can change what’s happened.”


“Abort it.” My dad said.


My head shot up and so did Ron’s.


“What?” Ron asked with disgust.


“Get. Rid. Of. It.” My dad emphasized each word.


“Now, John…” My mom tried to reason with him.


“Dana! You cannot honestly believe that them having a child right now is what’s right?” he yelled.


“No! I do not! I think they are still very young! But after what they went through its no surprised they sought solace in each other! And look, Ron is still here!” My mother yelled. “It was one thing for you to physically attack him but for you to make their decisions is too far.” My dad started to say something but my mum interjected. “John, stop talking.” He leaned against the couch and sighed.


“Thanks, Mum.” I whispered.


“I am not happy with you,” she said through terse lips. “Your choices have disappointed me. But you’re still my daughter. You’ve been through a war, a cross country trek, and you still managed to find love. My only requests are that you finish school and you get married.”


I looked at Ron and he shrugged. He was still rubbing his jaw.


“I love Ronald. Very much.” I said quietly. I put my hand on his. “But I’m not ready to be married to him yet.” My mom started to interrupt me but I put my hand up. “It’s my time. I’m an adult in the wizarding world and in the Muggle world. I deserve to make my decisions as such. If Ron and I want to get married we will do it on our time, when we’re ready. We might not be ready to be parents just yet but what’s happened has happened. I am not ready to be married. It just isn’t right yet.”


My mom sighed and nodded her head.


“I don’t like it. But I can’t change your mind.” She said quietly.


Ron and I sat there and I felt my stomach getting upset again.


“Is… is there anything else you’d like to ask us?” I asked, clutching my stomach.


“No, I think we’re set… Hermione?” My dad reached out to me as my eyes shut tightly as I tried to hold the vomit in. Ron tried to push his hands away but it was too late – I not only puked all over myself, but I puked on my dad’s hands and Ron’s. I cleaned myself up while Molly and Ron cleaned everything off of the sofa and carpet. By the time I got done, my parents had gone.


So now I’m sitting here holding an icepack to Ron’s jaw. It was swelling pretty bad.


“I can’t believe your dad punched me,” Ron said again.


“I can,” I said quietly. “In fact, I sort of expected it. I’m sorry he did though. It doesn’t excuse it.”


“It’s a good thing I love you. This is turning into a lot of drama.” Ron said with a grin. Well, as much of a grin that he could muster up.


“I love you too,” I said, kissing his forehead. Harry and Ginny walked in with George, Bill, and Charlie.


“Ron!” Ginny cried, and ran up to him. “What in the bloody hell happened?”


“My dad punched him,” I said tiredly. I was getting exhausted and it wasn’t that far past seven.


“Why exactly did Hermione’s father punch you, Ron?” Charlie asked, stepping forward.


Ginny’s eyes got wide and I sighed. I had forgotten that there were still three members of the family that didn’t know.


I stood up and faced them. “I’m pregnant.” I said it with more confidence this time. Bill stepped forward first. I thought he was going to hit Ron next but instead he took two swift steps toward me and hugged me.


“I understand how scared you are,” Bill said quietly into my ears. “But I have faith in you. I have faith in Ron.”


I hugged him back and let him go so he could go hug Ron. George put his arm around me and Charlie continued to just stand there.


“At least Victoire will have someone to play with,” Bill murmured. Victoire, his daughter, was nearing almost 9 months old.


“We don’t know if we’re keeping it yet,” Ron said quietly. Harry and Ginny glanced at each other and then looked up at George and the other boys. George moved forward with a pained look on his face.


“Do me a favor,” George said quietly. “Keep this baby. Because we lost our brother – my twin brother – we need the happiness of a new life.” I looked at Ron and I saw he was turning red.


“Don’t bring Fred into this!” Ron said through gritted teeth. “This is our decision. A baby is not going to fix losing Fred!” George grimaced.  “I know you miss Fred. I miss him too. But we can’t try and turn this pregnancy into a replacement for him. Because then that’s all it will ever be.”


George was angry, that much you could tell. He just waved his hand at Ron and stormed up the stairs.


“Why did I see that coming?” Harry murmured. I glanced over at him and rolled my eyes.


“Okay, well, now the whole family knows. I’d like to go to sleep now.” I felt like I was getting ready to fall on my face from sleep deprivation.


“Go sleep,” Bill said, patting my shoulders. “You’re going to feel very tired all the time. Get as much sleep as you can. You’ll need to choose a doctor soon, too.”


“I’ll go to St. Mungo’s in the morning.” I yawned. “Good night.”


I walked up the stairs and Ron followed me up. “Ronald, you can stay downstairs if you want.”


“I’d rather be with you,” He said, putting his hand on the small of my back. “It’s kind of like a war zone down there.”


“Yeah.” Was all I could mutter.


I changed into my pajamas and climbed into bed. Mrs. Weasley said that we might as well sleep in the same bed seeing as how the damage had already been done. Ron stripped down to his boxers and crawled into bed next to me, pulling me tight. As I was drifting into sleep, I vaguely noticed the feeling of his hands resting on my belly. 

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