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Just any other year at hogwarts... by HorseMad99
Chapter 6 : Another party, a fight and a bad decision...
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A/N: Heyy guys here is chapter 6, it took me a while to write which I apologise for, but anyway it’s here now! My friend Livi (the_cauliflower_in_neverland) helped me write this so I hope you enjoy it and please leave me a review!! xxx

EDITED: 29/05/13

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.

The party , like all the others, started with everyone getting drunk early on. The quidditch after parties were the worst, especially if you won because you were already so happy from the win that the alcohol only succeeded in making you even crazier.

A group of us were already so drunk that we foolishly agreed to play spin the bottle using an empty fire whisky bottle, the contents of which may or may not have been drunk be me.

Saffie immediately appointed herself head ‘bottle spinner’ because she didn’t want to drunkenly kiss anyone but she wanted to watch us being stupid. The bottle spun round and round until it began slowing down and finally stopped, facing me.

My stomach dropped slightly, I had that awful feeling when it feels like worms are squirming around in my stomach, I had no idea whether there was anyone in the circle I particularly wanted to snog, I just hoped desperately that it wouldn’t end up on my brother.  

The bottle was spun again, my stomach clenched as it stopped and Charlie scowled. It had landed on James, James Potter as in my brother’s best friend.

The type of spin the bottle we were playing was the type you only agree too when you are particularly trashed as instead of a quick kiss in front of everyone you had to go somewhere more ‘private’ and properly snog. The bottle was charmed so that if the two selected didn’t actually kiss, it would glow and the pair would have to perform a forfeit task which usually ended up being ‘drink 10 shots’ but considering how drunk I already was, I was in no position to start downing any amount of shots.

Both James and I stood up and walked away together, our chosen ‘snogging spot’ happened to be a handy little alcove in the room. As we stood there I saw James’ eyes flit over to where Charlie was sat and then back to me. He leant forwards and kissed me quickly, his lips soft and warm, before pulling back and looking me in the eyes. Even though we had done the required kiss, we both hungered for more.

In that moment we both leant forward, my hands went around his neck, his in my hair and before I knew it my back was against the wall. It felt perfect and I didn’t want it to end but the bliss didn’t last long as I was roughly pulled away from James.

It was Charlie, he pushed me roughly and I stumbled. I probably would  have fallen if Alicia hadn’t steadied me.

Charlie turned on James who looked just as confused as I felt.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Charlie snarled shoving James backwards into the wall, “SHE’S MY SISTER. HOW COULD YOU?” he continued now bellowing.

He pulled his fist back and then sunk it into James’ gut. James crumpled and slid down the wall and I felt tears well up in my own eyes. Charlie continued to punch James and Alicia simply hugged me, why wasn’t she trying to stop Charlie. Why wasn’t I trying to stop Charlie? James wasn’t defending himself, he was just letting Charlie attack him and I couldn’t let it go on any longer. In one swift movement I pulled myself away from Alicia and lunged  in-between James and Charlie. Charlie was in mid-punch and he couldn’t stop himself, I was in his path. His fist caught me hard in the stomach and I fell backwards where James caught me. The tears flowed freely from my eyes now, I couldn’t care less whether my make-up had gone everywhere.


“Fliss!” he gasped, “I’m so so s-sorry” mumbled Charlie, completely shocked at what he had done. Alicia stopped him from continuing.

“I think you have done enough Charlie, go to bed. Sober up.” She muttered and he left, pushing through the crowd that had gathered around us.

After catching me James set me down, he clarified that I was okay before walking off somewhere, probably trying to go after Charlie. 

I can’t believe Charlie. I really can’t. He thinks he can be the driving force behind everyone’s lives, however sometimes there are things that just have nothing to do with him. In fact, this time I am going to call him up on it. I have let him control me for too long, I need to show him that he can’t walk all over me, it is my life after all.

“Should I go after him?” Alicia suggested. No one seemed to know what to say. I just shook my head firmly.

“No I’ll go” and with that I stood up, leaving the party and my shocked friends behind me. When I heard the door ‘clunk’ shut behind me, I was glad to be free from all the enquiring stares. Now I could focus my attention on the currently most important thoughts that sat at the forefront of my mind; finding and confronting Charlie.

My fast walk turned into a jog as I hoped to catch up with Charlie before he made it to the common room.

I was in luck. Charlie was leant against the wall next to the portrait of the fat lady. His features were still marred with anger. His brow was furrowed and his cheeks were flushed. He wasn’t the only one.

“What did you do that for?” I snapped, I was annoyed to say the least. His reaction had been completely out of control and unwarranted. He had better come up with a damn good explanation.

He glare back at me then shrugged his shoulders, “Why did you follow me?” he growled back.

“Because I am sick of you thinking you can control my life!”

“Control your life!? I have less control on your life than when a house elf has burnt it’s masters food!”

“So how do you explain tonight then?” I proceeded to yell back.

“HE WAS USING YOU” he roared

“HE’S you best friend” I spluttered in disbelief, how could he talk about his friend like this? How could he not realise that spin the bottle was just a game.

“He WAS until he messed with you!”

“CHARLIE! It was just spin the bottle! It meant NOTHING!”

“Well the look on his face obviously meant something”

This stumped me, what did he mean by ‘the look on his face obviously meant something’ what was he even saying. I just needed him to shut up and apologise. He was being stupid, surely he could see that.

“What are you going on about?” I asked, my voice no longer raised.

“I know when someone is bullshitting Felicity!” he groaned.

“You’re still not explain, or making sense!”

“He doesn’t like you Fliss, he uses people. That’s just what he does. You have to accept that. He pretends to like someone then he ditches them a week later! I-I don’t want you to get hurt” he finished softly.

“CHARLIE! It was only a kiss; it doesn’t mean we’re going out!” I pleaded with him, then his face turned yet again from concern to anger.

“So you’re the type of person that goes around throwing kisses at people as if it is nothing, maybe you and James as perfectly match after all!”

“Are you calling me a slut?” I screeched at him.

“Yeah, maybe I am. I never thought I would say it to my own sister but you’re right. You’re a slut Esmie, biggest in the school if I am not mistaken” he spat at me. 

His comment hit me like a slap in the face. I had never expected this, least of all from my own brother.

“Fine, I’ll go. You wouldn’t want to be seen with ‘the biggest slut in the school’ then” I mumbled before leaving him and walking through the portrait hole. The fat lady who had been listening to the entire conversation gave me a pitying look as the door swung open. The common room was deserted because it was about 12pm by now. I was just thinking about going to bed when a drunken thought came to my head as they always do when I am far too drunk to realise what a bad idea it is. If Charlie thought I was a slut, maybe I would act like a slut. Surely it wouldn’t make much of a difference and if it did Charlie might realise that he was stupid and wrong.

The party had continued after the drama between Charlie, James and I. (As previously mention we love to party and won’t let a small thing like a fight ruin a perfectly good party.) Fortunately no one noticed when I snuck back inside now with extra make up and my skirt now considerably shorter than before.

Upset from what had happened, I gave up caring. I didn’t care what I drank, who I danced with or even who I ended up kissing. I didn’t care what people would say about me nor what they would think about me. Being called a slut by my own brother had made me give up on such trivial things. I couldn’t even begin to describe how horrible it felt, how betrayed I felt. Right now I needed someone to vent to, tell everything and just cry but instead I was simply drinking more and more. I sort of gave up on everything, why should I care anymore?

I didn’t see Ava, Saffie, Evie or Rose for the rest of the night.  Saffie and Ava had probably already gone to bed, Rose was probably with Scorpius and Evie was god knows where. I didn’t see them and I don’t think that they saw me either, I’m sure one of them would have stopped me from making such a stupid mistake. Whether they had seen me or not, they didn’t recognise me as I was busy snogging some random guy so they wouldn’t really have been able to see my face.


To be honest I couldn’t remember half of what I did that night or who I kissed. For all that I remember, it could have been a variety of people. You see guys are so amazing, they know exactly how to take advantage of people that feel really vulnerable. Despite my lack of knowledge of what happened, I vaguely remembered sharing at least one kiss with Aiden Shaw who was a 6th year Ravenclaw. He was a bit of a player but I didn’t care, he must have been a really good kisser for me to remember him because I was so drunk that I was surprised I hadn’t passed out sooner.



 When I awoke, I became immediately aware of the fact that I had a pounding headache and the worst hangover I had ever experienced. I lay on a chaise long (I had always wanted to get one of those) in an unfamiliar room. Other than the chaise long there was only a small coffee table on which sat a small vial of purple liquid and a steaming mug of what looked and tasted like very strong coffee. I drank both hastily, hoping that the caffeine would kick in soon so that I would be able to survive the day. I quickly rose and left the room. Looking around I realised that I had spent the night in the room of requirement. Fortunately I had spent it alone, I couldn’t imagine how horrible it would be to wake up and find myself lying next to a random guy. I didn’t want to lose my virginity to a random stranger while completely drunk.


Before anyone could catch me, I scurried off back towards Gryffindor tower.




EDITED: 29/05/13

A/N: *looks at word count and dies* yeah so sorry this chapter is a bit short but it is co- written by the_cauliflower_in_neverland she is amazing and made me write this chapter. So anyway, things go a bit down-hill for Esmie in this chapter, what do you think? What did you think about the fight between Charlie and James?? So basically please leave me a review, hopefully I will update soon after I find a spade to dig myself out from the mound of homework I am currently buried under.

 Thank you everyone :)

Beth x

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