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Dear Diary by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 4 : Needless Worry
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Ello my lovely readers. :D Chapter 4 finally being posted and I couldn't be more pleased. I've switched all the parts that aren't the "diary entry" portions to third person so bare with me as those changes occur in the other chapters as well.

A HUGE thanks to all who reviewed the last chapter: Hedwig13, Mitten13, PainterGal, and the ever-lovely WeArePadfootAndProngs who faithfully reviews everything for me. You guys are amazing and deserve cookies or something. :P 

Disclaimer: Well I think it's a bit obvious that I'm no JK Rowling. The wonderful world and most of these amazing characters belong to her. All I own is the plot.



Rose awoke and glanced at the calendar next to her bed before groaning and slowly rolling out of bed. She wasn’t too thrilled for the day ahead of her, but if she didn’t get up now she would be tortured by her cousin Lily who was due at any moment.


Against her better judgment, Rose had made a promise to her cousin as well as her aunt and mother that she would join them on their day out. This meant a day of shopping, something Rose couldn’t stand.


She shuffled her way into the bathroom and tore a brush through her hair, wincing as it caught in the knots and tangles of her curls. Pulling her hair back, she tied it up with a ribbon, sighing as a few ringlets fell loose.


Quickly, she grabbed her toothbrush and put toothpaste on it before she started brushing her teeth as she made her way from the bathroom to her dresser.


As was usual, she settled on jeans and a t-shirt before returning to the bathroom to spit out the toothpaste and place her toothbrush back in the cabinet.


Five minutes later, Rose made her way into the kitchen just as Lily came bursting in through the front door.


“Well you look like crap,” said Lily, just in time for her mother, Ginny, to walk in behind her.


“Lily!” Ginny shrieked, gawking at her daughter. “Apologize to her, right now!”


“Aunt Ginny, it’s fine. Really,” Rose began and Ginny’s eyebrow’s raised. “I told her to tell me when I’m not “looking my best.” I realized I sort of just slack off and I’d rather know when I should at least attempt to dress a little better. Unfortunately, looks count for a lot in our world today… well, not just our world, but the world in general.”


“You realize you speak as someone way older than your age, right love?”  Ginny asked Rose, looking amazed. “You could’ve been a little nicer about it, young lady. And Rose, don’t worry about looks. You’re not even eleven dear and you have nothing to worry about, you’re always pretty.”


Rose blushed and shook her head, “Thanks Aunt Ginny, but as my aunt you’re sort of obliged to say that.”


Ginny sighed, not wanting to argue with her niece. Rose was far prettier than she gave herself credit for, but there was no use arguing such vain topics.


Rose took her aunt’s silence as an excuse to get her breakfast started and she made her way to the freezer. She pulled out a box of frozen waffles and placed two in the toaster as her aunt and cousin watched.


“Did you want any?” Rose asked them, realizing she should have offered as she was getting her own food.


“No we’re fine,” Ginny said, sitting down at the table. “Lily and I had muffins before we left. Al went a little nuts last night when he couldn’t sleep and made a bunch of food. We should’ve brought some over.”


Rose laughed, typical Al. That kid was always cooking if the opportunity presented itself.


Hermione came into the kitchen, glowing as usual in the mornings, just as Lily made her way over to sit next to her mother.


Hermione nearly floated across the kitchen and kissed Rose on the cheek, causing Rose’s nose to scrunch up.


“Morning mum,” Rose said before making her way to the pantry to grab syrup.


Hermione then bounced her way over to Ginny and embraced her, the two of them falling into conversation immediately. They then made their way to the front room to talk as usual.


“Did you want to change your clothes?” Lily asked, making her way over to Rose.


Rose sighed to herself, knowing that fighting it wouldn’t do any goo din the end.


“When in Rome, right?” Rose said and Lily squealed, clapping her hands together.


“I can go pick something out while you eat. Meet me up in your room!” Lily said, bounding out of the room. Rose rolled her eyes, Lily was always so excited about these kinds of things.


As if on cue, her waffles popped up from the toaster and Rose grabbed a place. She covered them in butter before dousing them in enough syrup to fill all the holes in the waffles and then some.


She grinned to herself as she grabbed a fork and knife and went to sit down at the table.


Rose ate the waffles much quicker than she’d hoped to and sighed to herself as she walked across the kitchen to wash her plate and silverware. She placed them on the drying rack and decided she’d better make her way upstairs.


A couple minutes later, Rose walked into her room before nearly having a heart attack. Clothes covered the floor and the bed and Lily was standing in the center of the whole mess, beaming.


“What. Did. You. Do?” Rose asked, horrified as she looked around the room.

“Well, all those times I’d gone out with mum and Aunt Hermione I’d convince them to buy a thing or two for you and, well, it added up,” Lily said, looking thrilled with herself.


“But why did my room explode?” Rose asked, hating the sight of her room being so messy.


“Well I had them hidden under all your clothes using a spell your mum had cast for me until one of us chose to lift it. It’s my birthday present for you but there’s no way in heck that I can wait another month and a half,” Lily broke off and laughed somewhat nervously. “So… ta-da!”


Lily spread her arms out and gestured to all the clothes. Rose began to actually look at all of the clothing around her, noticing several skirts and a few dresses. She saw several pairs of shoes, some fitted jeans, and several tops, including some frilly ones Rose wouldn’t ever pick out on her own.


“Oh goodness… well, I don’t know what to say,” Rose said nervously, hugging her arms to her chest as if in an attempt to hold onto her simple clothing.


“You don’t have to say anything. Pick something!” Lily said, now nearly bouncing up and down as she watched Rose walk among the sea of clothing.


“How about this,” Rose started, looking overwhelmed. “You get to pick out what I wear today.”


Lily’s eyes grew several sizes and she let out a small squeal. She walked around, picking up a few things and tossing them at Rose which she attempted, and failed, to catch.


“Well, go put them on!” Lily said and Rose sighed. She made her way to the bathroom, not quite sure what to expect.


A couple minutes later, Rose emerged and Lily couldn’t help but smile. Rose was wearing a teal shirt that had a black lace trim and a strip of black lace running down the right side of the front. She had on a jean skirt and black leggings, a plain black sweater over the shirt, and black flats.


Rose shifted her shoulders and adjusted the ends of the sleeves, clearly uncomfortable, though Lily was too excited to take notice.


“Perfect!” Lily shouted, running over to grab Rose’s and before dragging her down the stairs. She pulled Rose into the front room and Ginny glanced up at the girls before doing a double take. Her jaw dropped and she stood up.


“I see you’ve received an early birthday present,” Ginny said, looking at her daughter who merely smiled.


Hermione looked even more shocked than Ginny, “My goodness love. You look beautiful.”


“Thanks mum,” Rose said, adjusting her sleeves once more, clearly uncomfortable with all the attention focused on her.


Hermione made her way across the room and pulled her daughter into the kitchen. “You know you don’t have to wear any of this stuff if it makes you uncomfortable,” she said, having picked up on Rose’s nervous habits.


“Lily just wanted you to have the clothes so you had the option to wear them and not have to go out shopping with us in order to get anything; she knows how much you dislike the whole shopping process.”


Rose nodded. “I know, mum. But I figured I’d made her happy for today and when I’m comfortable, I’ll wear them. It’ll be nice to have the option to dress up a little when I want to.”


“Excellent. Just don’t grow up too fast. I worry about you already,” Hermione said, smiling at her daughter. “Sometimes I think you’re so much older than you are.”


Hermione ushered Rose back into the front room where Lily was bouncing up and down with excitement.


“So, where are we going?” Rose asked, somewhat afraid of the answer.


“Well, we were thinking we’d go to the cinema, maybe have lunch, and anything else you can think of for the day.” Ginny said, smiling.


“So… no shopping?” Rose said, hoping her voice didn’t reveal how excited that thought made her.


“No shopping,” Ginny said, laughing.


“Errm… well okay then. Shall we get going?” Rose asked, wanting to get the day started.


The four left the house, all of them excited for the day, Rose included.




                                                                                                                                                                       June 21, 2017


Dear Diary,



Today was actually an interesting one. I woke up and realized it was the day I’d promised to go out with Lily, Aunt Ginny, and mum.


We were supposed to go out shopping and I’d been dreading it all week. I hated the whole process of going from store to store to try on endless articles of clothing. I enjoyed having some nice clothes to wear every now and then, but the process of obtaining them had never been worth it to me, especially since I was picky.


I guess I should explain that prior to the beginning of summer, Lily and I had one of our usual long talks in the field and I’d brought up wanting to have an actual wardrobe. A set style perhaps. Even before we’d had this conversation, I knew I never really dressed all that well. I’d made Lily agree to tell me when I wasn’t looking my best so I’d know and could make a conscious effort to work on being less lazy.


Well, long story short, today I’d rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes, and tossed my hair up. So, when Lily arrived she’d told me I looked like crap and I’d agreed to let her help me choose something to wear. When I’d made my way upstairs after letting her up there for about five minutes alone, I’d found my room to be a complete mess.


Apparently, every time Lily had gone shopping with mum and Aunt Ginny, shed convinced them to let her but some stuff for me so she could surprise me with a “new wardrobe”. It was her very early birthday present to me, something she couldn’t wait for anymore so she revealed it early. I let her pick something out and we made our way downstairs to show mum and Aunt Ginny.


I had to admit, I actually liked a lot of the clothes but I didn’t know how often I would wear them by choice.


Mum told me I didn’t have to wear anything if I didn’t want to and that Lily had merely done it knowing how much I disliked shopping. I was beyond grateful and touched by the gesture.


I did find the whole thing rather odd though, I mean I was eleven for Merlin’s sake. I had plenty of time before I had to worry about dressing well and all that jazz, though I suppose I had to start somewhere. Sadly, looks meant a lot in the world today.


I was even more shocked when I found out that they’d decided that we wouldn’t go shopping today and would instead be going to the cinema and lunch, and figuring out what else to do at that point. Needless to say, I was actually excited when we started the day.




Since everyone had something to eat before leaving the house, Hermione while the girls had been upstairs, they agreed to go to the cinema before eating lunch.


There was some new romantic comedy that had come out that Ginny couldn’t stop gushing about. No one else had a real preference as to what they went to see, so they purchased tickets for the one Ginny wanted and made their way inside.


The move was another typical romantic comedy, which everyone but Rose thoroughly enjoyed- she merely pretended to laugh at the funny parts to please them. It wasn’t that she hated them, she just preferred movies with more substance.


The four witches made their way through London and seemed to blend in completely- something Rose had always loved. Because Hermione was muggle born, they all loved going to Muggle London and exploring, Hermione showing them around.


“Any ideas for lunch?” Ginny asked as they walked along the Thames.


“Sandwiches alright with everyone?” Hermione asked, having a certain little sandwich show in mind.


Rose and Lily nodded both hungry after the movie and having walked around for a couple of hours.


“Sounds good to me!” Ginny said, smiling.


Within ten minutes, the four were making their way into the show, taking in the warm, rich smell of fresh bread.


They ordered their food and made their way to the outside tables. The weather was overcast, but not rainy. It seemed as if just about everyone were out and about today, the streets teaming with people.


“Where else would you like to go, Rose?” Hermione asked as she took a sip of her water.


Rose thought about it for a moment before a smile spread across her face.


“Can we go to Diagon Alley? I really want to check out the newer brooms,” Rose said, actually sounding excited with her plan. “Plus I need a good broom care kit and I want to get a few new books before we pick up my school books and I’m swamped with work.”


Ginny laughed, “She really is your daughter, ‘Mione.”


Rose blushed as her mother answered, “Sounds like a plan, love. I need to visit Flourish and Blotts anyways, plus, as an early birthday present, we can visit Eeylops and at least get an idea of what you want to bring to Hogwarts. Your father and I decided that would be a part of your present.”


“I can’t believe you’re leaving me and going to Hogwarts. I’ll be all alone,” Lily said, looking disheartened.


“You have Hugo,” Rose started, not wanting her cousin to be upset. “Plus, it’s only a year and I’ll be home for the holidays, not to mention we can write.”


Lily seemed to feel somewhat better but before they could respond, the waitress came out, placing their food on the table.


The four began to eat, not making any conversation beyond small-talk.

They finished their food and left the shop a few minutes later, Rose buzzing with excitement. Even though she’d been to Diagon Alley the previous week with Al, she was somewhat excited to actually go into some of the shops… which was something she never thought she’d say.


After making their way through the Leaky Cauldron, the four of them made their way into Diagon Alley and straight to Quality Quidditch Supplies. Rose found herself beaming the moment they walked in, feeling right at home.


Hermione and Lily wandered the store together, not really interested in anything. Ginny and Rose on the other hand were in heaven. They ran from item to item, examining everything closely, beyond thrilled with everything on the shelves.


“Aunt Ginny!” Rose cried excitedly upon finding the newest broom on display. She stared up at the Firebolt 4, longing dancing about in her eyes and displayed clearly on her face.


Ginny approached her niece, just as awestruck. They stared up at the sleek black bristles, the silver-painted handle, and the blue engraving at the end that read Firebolt 4- 2017. It had been nearly ten years since they released the latest model, and this one was supposed to be unbeatable.


“It’s amazing,” Ginny said breathlessly.


Rose sighed and tried to tear her eyes away from the broom. She failed miserably and ended up turning around in an attempt to focus on something else, running straight into someone and falling on the ground.


“I’m so sorry,” Rose muttered, more towards the ground than anything. Someone put a hand out to help her up and she allowed them to pull her to a standing position. She found herself face to face with the blonde boy from the cemetery.


“You have a habit of running into people, don’t you?” He asked, smirking.


Rose nodded, not sure what to say. She cursed herself for being such a klutz when it came to anything aside from flying.


“Rose!” Lily called from behind and Rose seized the opportunity to leave.

“Gotta go,” she whispered and ducked away from him, running over to her cousin.


“Who was that?” Lily asked curiously and all Rose could do was shrug. She could honestly say she didn’t know.


Lily looked skeptical but in the end decided not to push.


Hermione walked over, looking anxious. “Shall we go to Flourish and Blotts?” she asked, looking hopeful to leave the Quidditch shop. It wasn’t that she hated the sport, she just wanted more than anything to be among her books.


Rose laughed at the sight of her mother and nodded. “Sure mum. Can I get a broom care kit though?” she asked, smiling up at her mother who sighed.


“Of course, love,” she started, loving her daughter’s enthusiasm. “Go grab one and I’ll be in line.”


Rose ran off and found a good care kit. Her broom at home was one of the original Firebolts, the same broom Al and James had, making it fair when they all played together.


She found Hermione towards the front of the line and within a few minutes, they’d paid and were making their way from the shop and towards Flourish and Blotts, both buzzing with excitement as Ginny and Lily trailed behind, eying the fronts of other shops.


“If you two want, we can meet in front of Eeylops in a little while? Let’s say in an hour?” Hermione said to Ginny and Lily who she could tell would be bored a few minutes into book shopping.


“Sure!” Ginny said, grabbing Lily’s hand as the two headed off the opposite direction.


Much to Hermione and Rose’s dismay, the hour flew by much quicker than they’d hoped. They left the store with five books each, and that was trying to limit themselves. They shuffled their way to Eeylops where Lily and Ginny stood, laughing as soon as they saw Hermione and Rose.


“Come on, let’s get Rose an animal. Or at least make some sort of decision,” Ginny said, putting an arm around Rose and leading her inside.


Rose had been inside several times to get food for Pigwidgeon or Clara or to just look around with Al on a few occasions.


After looking around for a few minutes, Rose made up her mind. As much as she’d always wanted her own owl, she could use the school owls or her parent’s. She wanted an animal that she could actually take with her and who could stay in her room, so she decided she wanted a cat.


“I’ll make the actual decision on which animal to get next time I come. I want Al to be here as well, the cat kind of needs to get along with him,” Rose said and Ginny laughed.


“I’m so glad you two always take the other into consideration,” she shook her head and kissed Rose on the cheek. “I love how close you guys are.”


“At least I know someone will be keeping an eye on her while she’s there,” Hermione said, laughing.


“Oh you can bet your butt there will be someone keeping an eye on her. I mean you’ve got Al, James, and Teddy. Plus we can always have Hagrid keep an eye on her as well,” Ginny said, winking at Hermione.


“Please… you guys know I’ll behave. What sort of mischief would I get into?” Rose said, looking up at her aunt and mum with a quizzical look.


“Oh dear, you clearly don’t know what blood runs in your veins,” Hermione said, ruffling her daughter’s hair.

“Which might discount the whole James and Al watching her, huh?” Ginny said, shaking her head. “They’ll be an interesting trio.”


“Ugh. Mum, can’t I go to Hogwarts this year?” Lily asked, looking upset.


“Love, you know as well as I do that’s not possible. Besides, I had to wait just like you did. But you know what? You’re lucky. You still have Hugo to wait with you and you’ll have six whole years with Rose and Al. Be patient dear,” Ginny said, hugging her daughter.


“Are we ready to go home?” Hermione asked, exhausted. It was nearly supper time and she figured they should be getting home. Harry had volunteered to make dinner and they all knew how well that might turn out.


“Yes! I need to make sure my husband hasn’t burned down the house,” Ginny said with a sigh.


They made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron and apparated back to the Potter’s house.


Smoke billowed from the kitchen window and Ginny let out an exasperated sigh. “Not again.” She muttered and made her way inside.


They followed her in and found Harry pulling something that looked like a black log from the oven and running past them and out the door.


Al stood in the corner of the kitchen, laughing and wiping a tear from his eye.


“Seriously, mum. You need to teach your husband how to cook properly,” he said between laughs.


“Let’s crack all the windows open and I’ll find something for us to eat. I’m sure there’s something that’s edible,” Ginny said and they all went to open windows as Ginny started bustling around the kitchen.


After an hour or so of frantically running about the kitchen and Harry apologizing profusely, the Potters and Weasleys sat around the table, looking at a nice salad and pasta that Ginny had managed to whip up, with the help of Hermione.


After dinner, the Weasleys made their way back to their home, where Hermione retired early, wanting to get a start on one of her new books. Hugo crashed on the couch and Ron made his way to the bedroom shortly after Hermione, exhausted.


Rose made her way up to her room and groaned as she saw the mess still spread across the floor.


After nearly half an hour of folding clothes, she’d managed to make a few piles next to her dresser and made a mental reminder to have her mum expand her dresser so the clothes would fit.


She crawled into bed, grabbing one of her books along with her diary, content with how the day had gone.




We went to the cinema and saw some new romantic comedy that Aunt Ginny was dying to see. It was alright, but not really my cup of tea. I would have rather watched a movie with a deep plot or something, but it wasn’t all that bad.


After the movie, we walked around London for a bit, just enjoying the decent weather and the chance to get out of the house for a bit.


Mum showed us this nice little sandwich shop right off the river, somewhere she used to go with her parents, and then they made me decide where I wanted to go next.


I’d been dying to go to the Quidditch shop to check out the new broom and possibly get a good care kit for my broom, and I also wanted to get a few books before I got my school books and would be loaded down by all the work I had to do. Mum needed some new books as well, and she wanted me to get some idea of what animal I would like to bring to school, as she and dad were planning on buying me an animal for my birthday.


We made our way to Diagon Alley and Ginny and I went a bit crazy in the Quidditch shop. We must’ve spent a good half-hour staring at the Firebolt 4. I love my Firebolt, but that broom was beautiful.


I ran into the blonde boy from the cemetery again... literally. I seemed to have a talent for running into things… and people. I couldn’t seem to form any words when he talked to me, but luckily Lily called me over when I should’ve responded and I used that as an excuse to walk away. I don’t know what’s wrong with me or who that boy is, but I get an odd feeling about him.


I made my decision on what animal to bring to Hogwarts! I really want a cat… I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely love cats and I can use mum’s owl- Clara or Pigwidgeon if I need to, or even a school owl. And a toad is just out of the question.  I want to go back again before my birthday with Al so we can pick a cat out that gets along with both of us, I know he’ll be around it almost as much as I will so it’s sort of necessary.


It ended up being a fairly long day but I got five new books and a broom care kit. We went to the Potters for dinner and Uncle Harry managed to burn dinner so mum and Aunt Ginny had to find something else to make.


We all sort of went our own separate ways after that and here I am. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how well today went and I’m sort of looking forward to the next time I can go out with everyone.


I wish I knew who that boy was, but I guess maybe I can find out when I go to Hogwarts… Oh well, no use worrying about it now.



OK so I'm letting that be a test run for the whole "third person" thing and was wondering if that was better or worse than the previous chapters. Let me know so I can either fix this or go back and fix the others. :) I have one vote for the style this chapter was done in, any thoughts are highly appreciated!! S2 

Much love until next time,


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Dear Diary : Needless Worry


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