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Wounded Vexation by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 8 : A Few Mishaps
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Draco woke up confused. The light had gone out and the room had filled with that empty darkness that he had always connected with Death Eaters. Only this time above him, were a pair of bright green eyes that were, as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, filled with tears.

"Amelia?" He asked as he started to sit up with a bewildered expression plastered to his pale face. "What are you doing here?"

Amelia backed away as he sat up. "It's my... my flat." she started to say when Draco noticed that she was quivering.

"What about your flat?" He asked her even more confused than he had been moments ago.

She put her hands up to her cheeks to brush away the free falling tears that stained her skin. Then spoke very uncomfortably, "It's been ransacked! When I got there everything had been pilfered through and then I had this feeling that I was being watched. I didn't know where else to go." she finished in a defeated tone.

"Wait," Draco told her as he held up his hand. "Let me get this straight. You left here after the funeral and when you arrived at your flat this evening it had been broken into?" He finished watching her tremble in fear as he ran through everything she had just explained. "Did you see anyone?"

"No." She responded simply.

"Did you contact anyone about this?" He gave her an apprehensive look.

"No." She replied again shaking her head this time. "Draco what am I going to do? I can't go back there." She told him hysterically.

Draco stood up and walked over to her and took both of her hands in his. He didn't notice until now how short she actually was and what bothered him is that someone would find her to be a threat."First of all," he squeezed her hands gently, "you need to calm down. You're safe here and you know that."

His eyes watched hers trying to find that calm and understanding Amelia that was hiding so far inside of herself at the moment. When she made eye contact with him, she instantly calmed down.

"But what about my flat?" she asked in a less frantic tone.

"I know just who to contact about that you leave it to me. For now, we should probably get you to bed." As he finished saying this his cheeks automatically turned a pink hue and his eyes widened. "I mean we should probably get you upstairs to your room." He stammered out as quickly as possible.

Amelia nodded as Draco let go of her hands and when he turned to walk towards the stairs, she called out to him. "Thank you Draco."

Her voice was soft and kind, but Draco could still sense the fear laced in the sound of her words.

"Come on." He gestured to her. "I'll go ahead and sleep in my mother's room tonight so if you need me I am right there."

"Oh, no Draco you don't have to do that." Amelia insisted as they walked up the grand stairs. The oil lamps sprung to life as they climbed each step.

He stopped on the landing and turned to her. "I know I don't have to Amelia." He told her firmly, "but I want to."

Amelia nodded and they continued to walk this time down the corridor. When they reached the bedroom door, Draco insisted upon looking over the room before bidding her good night with a small kiss on the cheek. Amelia blushed as she watched the hem of his robe disappear behind the door and she let out a breath that she hadn't realized she'd been holding onto.

As the night went on, Draco lay awake in his mother's room reflecting on what had happened in the past month. So much of his life had changed. The war taught him humility and until he met Amelia he didn't see it that strongly as he did now. 'Amelia' He thought quietly to himself, as he pictured her smiling face and bright green eyes. She could always light up a room even if she was terrified. He was internally grateful that at this moment a wall separated the both of them because he didn't know how much longer he could keep his thoughts and feelings to himself.

Somewhere between his thoughts of Amelia and the quiet darkness he again, drifted off to sleep. He woke with a start when he heard a girl scream. He quickly jumped up and ran to the other room slamming the door against the wall in his haste. He was shocked to see Amelia asleep in the bed.

'It had to have been her.' he told himself. 'It couldn't have been a dream. I know I heard a woman scream.' He walked slowly over to the bed where Amelia lay soundlessly sleeping. 'It couldn't have been.' he thought. She looked like an angel so peaceful and content under the duvet that rose and fell with her calm breathing. As he took a step closer he admired her small frame, but as he brought his other foot up to stand next to his other one, he tripped.

In the few seconds that it took him to fall many things happened. Amelia heard him grunt as he started to fall forwards and she screamed, Draco landed on top of her, and a small pop echoed around them announcing Gibby the house elf frying pan in hand ready to knock out any intruder within her tiny arms reach.

"Master Malfoy!" Gibby yelled. "Whats you doing in here? Who have you brought home with you?" She questioned him in a mothering fashion.

Draco looked flabbergasted at the position that he had found himself in. Here he was laying on top of her with his head on her stomach. Amelia's eyes were wide with shock.

"I-I-I." he spluttered but nothing coherent left his mouth.

"Ms. Amelia is that you?" Gibby questioned lowering her hands and the pan down and dropping it to the floor with a thud.

Draco and Amelia scrambled apart quickly. Amelia pulled the covers up to her neck and Draco shuffled to the other side of the bed as the curious elf watched the pair of them. Their faces, both a red rosy hue, matched perfectly together.

"Hi Gibby." Amelia called out to her with a small wave when she was satisfied that she was completely covered up.

"Whats you doing here? I didn't know that you stayed." Gibby asked her honestly.

"I didn't stay Gibby..."Amelia began before Draco cut her off.

"Look Gibby, " he said crawling off the end of the bed and standing up to straighten his pajamas. "Amelia is here because something happened at her flat. I wanted to wait until morning to do this, but Gibby I want you to go to her flat and hide yourself. I want you to wait and see who comes around for a couple of days. Do you understand?"

Gibby bowed low and her ears bounced precariously on her large head. "Yes, Master Malfoy."

Just as she was about to snap her fingers, Draco cut in. "Gibby," he started, "don't let anyone see you."

"Got it." She announced to the both of them before she disappeared.

"Oh I hope she'll be alright." Amelia whimpered staring at the spot where Gibby was standing and at the lone frying pan on the floor.

Draco glanced back at Amelia, "She'll be alright." He assured her. "You saw the way she was ready to take our heads off with that bleeding pan."

They both smiled.

"Besides Amelia, I won't let anything bad happen to you."

"Draco, I..." she started to say when he began to walk over to the edge of the bed and sit down.

He sighed heavily as if his response was going to take a lot of effort. "Don't." he told her as their eyes pierced one another. "I want to be here with you."

Amelia leaned over and placed her head on his shoulder. "I know you do, but I am afraid Draco."

"Of what?" he asked her with a quizzical look on his face.

"Of getting hurt." She simply replied as she lifted her head from his shoulder looking him square in his steel colored eyes.

He mulled over his response in his mind before he finally uttered, "Then would it surprise you if I said I felt the same way?"

Amelia was stunned. How could he think that she would hurt her? Could he, Malfoy, the boy she knew from school that liked to pick on her and torment her, be for real? "What's changed?" she asked him pointedly.

"What hasn't?" He challenged her back his one eyebrow raised.

She gave him a hardened look. "No really Draco. What has changed?"

"Look I have done a lot of things in my short life." He scoffed before continuing, "and a lot of them for which I am not very proud of. But because of what I've done and the things that I have seen have changed me. I know what it is like to be broken beyond repair. I know what it is like to have everything and always be second best. I know what it is like to lose both parents and not have a say. Frankly Amelia I don't want to be the Draco Malfoy everyone thinks about when they hear my name. I want to be Draco Malfoy the one who changed. I want to live in a happy world that isn't torn between right and wrong or light and dark. I don't want people to die for stupid causes that have taken me years to fully understand."

Amelia was surprised. "I didn't know you felt that way."

"No one has ever asked." he told her as she lifted her hand to his cheek and tracing a small circle with her thumb.

"So Draco, I guess the only thing left is not hurting one another."

He watched her eyes for any sign of explanation, but quickly closed them as she planted a kiss on his lips. Their kissing grew more and more passionate as dawn approached and after a lengthy snogging session they could both be found wrapped up in one another's arms asleep on the bed. What they didn't see was a set of cold eyes gazing at them through the window.

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Wounded Vexation: A Few Mishaps


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