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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 15 : Another Time, Another Place
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 Chapter 15

“Couldn’t stand what?” I asked as Lily suddenly burst into tears and clung onto me, I pulled her into a hug and tried to comfort her. I was as confused now as I had been before the kiss with Lily, nothing seemed to be making sense anymore. I know Lily better than anyone almost, she may be moody, short tempered and snappy at times but she’s loyal, kind and generally good natured. There is no way she’d ever cheat on someone even if it was Scorpious Malfoy.

Lily continued sobbing for a few minutes before managing to regain her composure and released herself from my hug. She laughed nervously as I gave her a confused look; she wiped her eyes and brushed her hair back into the place before taking my hands and looking directly in my eyes

“I couldn’t stand being away from you any longer” she said with a slight hiccough “And not just because you’re my best friend who gets me more than anyone else does, not because you’re the funniest, sweetest boy on the entire planet and not just because I missed everything about you. It’s because a few weeks ago I realised that I was in love with you; I’ve always loved you but I always thought it was like the way I love Hugo, Louis or even Al and James but I realised it was something different”

I gulped. This wasn’t happening.

“I realised” she continued “That I didn’t love you like a brother or a cousin, I suddenly found you attractive. I found myself getting butterflies whenever you were around me and it scared me Ollie, it really, really scared me. I freaked out, I couldn’t deal with it, and I wanted it to go away. So I distanced myself from you, found someone else, tried to make it work with him but it didn’t work. I was hung up on you”

I couldn’t believe Lily Potter was announcing her love for me. This is something I’d been dreaming of for near on six years, something that I’d always wanted so why don’t I feel happy about it? Why am I not declaring my love for her? Why aren’t we kissing?

Lily continued “Then you started dating Abi and it just crushed me. I couldn’t deal with it, each time I saw you with her it felt like a stab through my chest. That’s why I freaked at the rock the day, that’s why I had that row with Melissa for insulting you, it was because I loved you and I couldn’t have you”

She began crying again and I swiftly pulled her into another hug glancing down at my watch as I did so. It was already gone eight and Abi would most likely be downstairs waiting for me with all our friends, Hugo and Rebecca would be announcing their new found relationship to everyone, Dom, Freddie and Louis would be planning some kind of prank, Lucy would be staring at Jack who’d most likely think he’s got a smudge of something on his face. I wished I was down there, having a good time, dancing with my girlfriend, drinking with my friends

At least now I knew where I stood with Lily. She loved me. Lily Potter really loved me; she released herself from my embrace once more and kissed me again. This time I kissed her back, passionately and she ended up on top of me as we continued kissing passionately on my bed. It was wrong, so wrong but it felt so right at the same time. No matter how hard I’d been kidding myself I couldn’t deny how in love with Lily I was. I always had been, I always would be. The kissing intensified and I became aware of Lily’s hands creeping up my shirt


Not like this, not this way. I wasn’t a bad guy; I was one of the good ones. I wasn’t the kind of guy who sleeps with someone else at a party whilst his girlfriend waits downstairs. I didn’t cheat. I wasn’t James or Malfoy or Freddie. I was Oliver Benson and this was not happening, not then and not in that way


“Stop it” I said pushing Lily from on top of me and sitting up on the end of the bed “You shouldn’t have done that Lil, we shouldn’t have done that. It was wrong; I think it’d be a good idea if you just left now”

“Oliver” she said looking hurt and confused. I wished she wouldn’t look at me in that way. It broke my heart to see her upset but I cared about Abi, I wanted things to work with her and I didn’t want to be known as that kind of guy

“I’m sorry Lily” I repeated “But this – me and you – it just can’t happen. I’ve got a girlfriend downstairs who I really like, I’ve got a little brother to set a good example for, Then there’s Al, Hugo, Rose and everyone else who’d never forgive me. I can’t lose all those people Lily, I just can’t”

“Oliver, for once in your life think about yourself” Lily screamed “All you ever do is think about others, you never think what might be good for you, you never think about what you want. I know that since your dad got ill you’ve had to be a dad for Jack but you need to live your own life”

“How dare you bring my dad into this” I shouted back “That is so low Lily; even I wouldn’t have thought you were capable of that” She immediately looked as if she regretted her words “My dad’s sick, my mum had to look after him full time which means I had to look after Jack. It’s not my choice, I don’t want it. I’d love to be able to lead my own life but I can’t”

“You are such a coward” Lily fought back “Do you think I’m blind or something? I’ve known about your liking me for years and years and never said a word. It’s not like you hid it well, staring at me with your big puppy dog eyes all the time. I love you; you love me what the hell is the problem?”

“I’ve got a girlfriend” I repeated venomously “I don’t want to cheat on her, she doesn’t deserve that. She’s a nice girl, much nicer than you in fact”

“But what do you really want Oliver” Lily asked me “Do you want nice, safe Abigail Clayton or do you want me? The girl you’ve loved for years”

I said nothing and begin getting changed into my costume for the Halloween party which led Lily to roll her eyes once again. Once I had finished I pushed past her and headed for the door

“One thing Lily” I said turning back to her “Scorpious Malfoy. I thought you could do a lot better, I thought that you had more sense”

She looked shocked as I exited my room, wiped her lipstick from my lips, plastered a smile on my face and made my way down to the Halloween party



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