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The guide through magical pregnancy by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 2 : Okay, how do I put this?
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Okay, how do I put this?


Ron left the shower, just when Hermione closed the front door. He jumped into his clothes and literally skipped into the living room, trying to put on his socks while walking. He met Hermione in the middle of the room. He scooped her up in his arms and walked with her to the sofa. Still carrying her he sat down. He lightly kissed her on the nose and then looked her over. She looked positively startled by his sudden action, but she was relaxing as he watched. In her arms she held a big, heavy looking package, wrapped in brown paper. She clutched it close to her chest for a moment and then let go of it.

Carefully she laid it down on the coffee table before wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. Rons arms were tightly wrapped around her back now. Hermione looked his deep in the eyes. His eyes never failed to amaze her, such a sparkling, happy colour bleu they were. She put one hand in his, still wet, hair and put her forehead to his. A little, mischievous smile appeared on her lips just when she leaned in and kissed him. She held her hands on his face while she pulled back. He had such a pretty face. His long freckled nose was prefect and so were his red ears.
Hermione set back onto the sofa and put het feed on his lap.

“You know I love you right?” she asked him. Rom chuckled again. She always asked that instead of just telling him she loved him.

“I don’t know, do you?” it was his favourite answer. He always got a witty answer from her, like ‘Of course I do, I love you more than a thousand books could describe, you know that!’ and then he would say ‘why would you ask, then?’ That was their kind of thing. But not today, Hermione seemed too tired to play this little game. She yawned and reached out for her book. But halfway there she dropped her hand. She looked up at him intently.  It was a real Hermione-like look. A Look that clearly told him that he should have understood what was going on by now. It was clear to him that there was something.

So Ron smiled at her and asked carefully: “What is it dear?” Hermione didn’t answer right away. She took his hand and squeezed it a little.

“What would you say if I told you that… I might.. be… you know… well, you know,” she hesitated, wrinkles formed on her forehead, “I know we did not really plan this… you know… it’s like, well. You know!” She said the last two words more forceful. Then she got up, grabbed the book from the coffee table stormed and out of the room. Leaving Ron bewildered in the living room.

Thinking hard about clues he might have missed in the past conversation Ron stood to make himself some tea. He came to the conclusion the he needed an explanation on this case, so he made a cup of tea for Hermione too and was about to go over to her study. Whenever Hermione was upset she would always go to her study. Today wouldn’t be different.

‘Maybe she has a bad period,’ Ron thought to himself, she got a little crabby when she was on PMS and he knew her back would be aching, it always did. That made her uncomfortable. He knew that, was that it then? He’d better bring some chocolate too if that was what was wrong.

Ron found his pretty wife in the study, curled up on her favourite reading chair, nose buried in a big, red book. He could not read the title of the book since it was pressed against her knees. The look on her face was one of utmost concentration but her eyes didn’t seem to be cooperating. They were shining with tears, about to get spilled.

‘It is the period, than’ Ron thought to himself. He was used to her being emotional at ‘that time of the month’. He carefully placed the cup of tea and the chocolate on her side table and sat down on the big arm of the chair. She slapped the book shut and looked up at him. His face showed that he was utterly confused.

“I brought you tea and chocolate, is that okay?” he asked carefully. “You seem to be a little touchy today, is something the matter?”

The tears in Hermione’s eyes spilled over at the word ‘touchy’. After all who wouldn’t be touchy if they found out that they were pregnant when they had not planned it and didn’t have a clue about how to deal with that kind of thing?

“Touchy, huh!” She said loudly. “I have every right to be as touchy as I want to be, don’t you think?” The tears were flowing freely over her face. Stupid telltale tears. She rubbed them away harshly. Ron put his big, strong arm around her shoulder and kissed her head.

“Bad period then, huh?” He asked her gently. He could not have seen her reaction coming. First she looked at him as if he were mad, then she slumped into her chair like all her energy had suddenly gone. She looked at him with watery eyes and shook her head.

“It’s not my period, I’m not going to have that kind of thing for a looong time.”She stretched the word ‘long’ on purpose to make it sound really long. Ron’s face grew more confused.

“Is that possible? How did you manage to do that?” He asked flustered.

“Well, I couldn’t take all the credit, you helped.” Hermione said making him even more diffused. Then she decided it wasn’t fair to let him puzzle on this. He wouldn’t come up with the right answer, she was sure about that. So she turned over her new book. Looking up at him she whispered: “I think I’m pregnant.”

Ron got up from the arm of the chair, “Blimey!” was all he could say. He shook his head and looked at Hermione. To her surprise his eyes were full of joy. A dazzling grin spread across his face.

“You mean for real?” he asked still highly surprised, but with a strong hind of suppressed joy in his voice. It looked like he was pretty happy about the news so Hermione went on:

“I think so. I mean it has been ten days. I’m ten days late. That has never happened to me. I did a little home test this morning to be sure. It turned green as you have seen. That means there is a little baby inside. A real, live, little baby. That’s why I went out in a hurry this morning, you know, to buy a book on this kind of thing. I know we didn’t really plan for this to happen. I could have waited and everything, but we can’t really postpone it now, I guess?” It was all out in a hurry and Hermione was quite sure Ron had only caught half of it, but she really needed to tell him.

“Well,” he said with a steady smile “It’s a good thing we moved here, then. We’ve got enough space for a baby here. I guess this is brilliant, isn’t it? I figure this asks for more than chocolate. What about some warm apple pie?” Hermione’s face lighted up. She had definitely not expected this reaction. Before she could say anything Ron had turned around and disapparated. Hermione stared at the spot he just disappeared from then opened her book again. She didn’t know what he was doing, but knowing her husband he would be back before long.

She read her book in silence and was now reading a chapter about the first 3 months. Those month where hard for the mother, but they resembled a normal muggle pregnancy. There was a long description about morning sickness, tiredness and other physical changes. A five page long paragraph on  emotions and mood swings and a nice collection of helpful potions and spells. It was a very interesting chapter and Hermione was just about to start reading the section on hormones and magic mixing inside, making her spell work less accurate, when Ron got back. He was holding two little cake dishes, both containing a large piece of apple pie and a dollop of whipped cream.

Hermione started to laugh, “Where did you get that?”.

“Oh I went to mom, she he just baked it.” Ron laughed as well and put her piece into her hands, scooping two forks from his back pocket. “She did have a good laugh out of it too, I apparently was the third one apparating on her doorstep since she had pulled the pie out of the oven. She sends you all the best wishes.” He dug his fork into the pie and put a big mouthful of pie into his mouth.

Hermione stared at him blankly, “You didn’t tell her, did you? About, you know… the baby a all that?” she looked really worried. Ron didn’t know why she would look like that. Wasn’t it obvious he hadn’t? If he had, his mom would have undoubtedly come with him to examine Hermione herself. And so he told his wife, she looked seriously relieved, but why he didn’t know. She dug into her pie too.

“I think you should see a Healer one of these days, just to make sure everything is alright, before we tell anyone about this. What do you think?” Hermione nodded at this suggestion. That would probably be best. Though she really wanted to tell Ginny about it. She sighed and opened her book again.

“Anything useful in there?” Ron said playfully nicking her book and flipping through it. “There are so little pictures in here.” He muttered, then he found the ‘daddy’ section of the book. It was right at the far end of the book. It was a page long description of what a soon-to-be father had to do for the woman who carried his baby. It said to ‘always listen to her an show your interest’ (‘like I would try and not do that, normally’ Ron thought), ‘to be helpful and understanding when her magic misbehaved’ and above all ‘to always be supportive and gentlemanly’ because ‘she did not have an easy job to do there.’ Ron laughed when he read it. Like he wasn’t doing all those things for her anyway. He gave the book back, kissed Hermione on the forehead and left the room. She probably wanted to finish it before lunch so he’d better leave her to it.


Of course I still don't own any of the characters or the world, they are my favorite toys, created by JK Rowling. 

A big and well deserved Thank you for Mystique17, who beta-read this chapter for me!

I hope you enjoyed!

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The guide through magical pregnancy: Okay, how do I put this?


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