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This changes everything by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 9 : A surprise
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“Boss, what makes you so sure he’ll pay?” The man's voice broke the silence, although it was no louder then a whisper. The two men were sat in darkness, a candle had once illuminated the small room, but it had burned out and the fire had burned itself to ashes long ago.

“Do you doubt me? Do you not have faith in me?” The second voice was no louder then the first but this one had a ring of authority to it, a hint of leadership.

“Of course I do sir, complete faith sir,” the voice muttered hurriedly and the second man nodded, happy with this reply. It wouldn't do to have his followers lose faith.

“Listen closely, I know the fool will pay, because unlike you I know that the prisoner has supplied us with a secret weapon that I plan on using if he doesn't pay up,” His voice became more quieter as he spoke and the first man moved ever closer so he could hear what he was saying.

“What is it sir?” He asked, his breath catching on the question. His leader laughed and grabbed him by the collar, pulling him up so that they were face to face.

“What is it? You expect me to tell you, do you?” his voice was silky, deadly “Well I'm not going to, this is why I'm the leader, not the other way round and you'd do well to remember that the next time you think it's appropriate to question my method. Do I make myself clear?” The first man nodded, his breathing becoming more laboured as his leader spoke into his face. His leader laughed a high cruel laugh before sending him flying, his head banging off the concrete floor.

“Now go check on the girl,” he ordered. Slowly, the first man got to his feet and made his way to the door, adjusting his cloak as he went. Once the door was firmly closed behind him he pulled out his wand and proceeded to light the candles that were hanging on the wall. The candles flooded the stone hallway with light and he started to walk to the prisoners’ room, his footsteps echoing off the high ceiling.

Standing outside of the prisoners’ room, he listened for any noises but it was all quiet, maybe a little too quiet. Pushing the door open slowly he held his wand out in front of him and searched for the prisoner but he couldn't see her. Slamming the door open he made to leave when he heard a small groan from where he had just shoved the door. Moving round he saw the girl, bent over clutching her stomach.

“Trying to hide were we? Thought you could out smart me? Well you were wrong, weren't you?” The girl didn't answer but instead she fell to her knees, her hands still wrapped around her stomach. Grabbing the back of her hair he pulled her to her feet and chucked her across the room, she had almost lost him his job if not his life.

“Please, just leave me here!” She half shouted, half cried at him as she pulled her self up and sat in the corner, her brown eyes locked onto his grey one's almost pleading with him to understand, to sympathise. He hesitated. No matter what he had done he had never killed anyone before, and certainly not someone who couldn't even fight back. He watched her as she sat curled up on the mattress, her brown hair sticking to her face, both wet with tears. She shivered ever so slightly and before he realised what he was doing he handed over his cloak to her. Surprised, but grateful she accepted it with a small nod and wrapped it around herself. Backing out of the room he locked the door and walked out on to the grounds, he couldn't believe what he had done.

If his leader found out that he had been helping the girl then he was done for, he wouldn't even get a chance to explain. As the wind picked up he made his way back inside and to his leader, with any luck he wouldn't realise his cloak was missing.

“The girl is still there sir,” he announced, shutting the heavy metal door behind him.

“Good, good. Now, I must go for I have things that need attending but I want you to stay here, keep an eye on the girl and make sure she doesn't escape, understood?”

“Yes boss,” he nodded before continuing. “When should I expect you back?”

“I won’t be gone long” there was a hint of a threat in his voice “When I return, I will decide what to do with the girl,” With one last look of contempt at his underhand he strode out of the room, an air of confidence following him. The underhand waited a while before making his move, he wanted to be sure his boss was definitely gone. Slipping out of the door he made his way to he small, but stocked kitchen and warmed up some soup and bread before walking towards the prisoners’ room. Knocking before he entered, he placed the soup on the mattress next to the girl who just stared at him, confusion in her eyes before picking up the soup and eating it, all the while never taking her eyes off him.

“Why?” She asked when she had placed the bowl back on the floor, every last morsel had been devoured.

He only shrugged, he didn't know himself and even if he did he wouldn't, no he couldn't tell her. Almost as if she could read his mind she pulled off the cloak and handed it back to him.

“Wouldn't want you to get into trouble,” She whispered and he noticed her voice sounded drained off energy, void of any emotion. He took it off her and picked up the bowl before heading towards the door.

“Wait,” she called and he stooped and turned around, nodding for her to continue. “Am I going to die? Are you going to kill me?” He ducked his head as the words left her mouth, she barley sounded upset more like someone who knew what was to come and had accepted it with good grace. He didn't believe that though, especially if she had a secret he didn't know about.

“Depends,” he muttered but he couldn't just leave it at that. “Sorry,” he added and once more turned towards the door.

“I'm not you know, I'm not going to die here, he’ll come for me, both of them will,” he heard her mutter and he managed a smile before shutting the door and walking towards the kitchen.

It was a while before he realised he hoped she was right.

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