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Study Habits by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 4 : Out of the Ordinary
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“Oi—Rose Weasley!”

I turned around with a jolt right as a crumpled up piece of parchment collided with my nose. I turned red, glaring at Dominique. She was smiling her “I’m innocent don’t hurt me” smile, but I saw right through it. I had known her for too long now to buy her bull facial expressions.


I quickly looked up to where Professor Radmore was doing work at his desk. Very discreetly, I slouched down in my seat and carefully smoothed out the parchment. Radmore was very strict about doing the work he assigned. Looking up, I was rather proud of myself. No one had seen me open Dom’s note, which meant I had officially accomplished the whole badass thing everyone’s always going on about.


Don’t judge. My version of a fun night is me alone in a corner wearing Power Puff Girls pajama pants as I read a good book. So not doing the independent work that the teacher had assigned was pretty riskay for a gal like me.


“Keith Partridge just asked me to go to Hogsmeade with him!!!” I read, suppressing an eye roll. Of course someone like Keith Partridge would ask Dominique to Hogsmeade. Of course she would find the request flattering.


Keith, like many other Gryffindor males in this school, is as idiotic as they come. Blame it on the Gryffindor pride if you must, but you never saw me jumping off of the astronomy tower at four o’clock in the morning wearing nothing but ice skates and my seven year old sister’s cowgirl costume from Halloween. Of course everyone found it hysterical .I specifically remembered Dominique gushing about how cute he was the day after his little tower stunt last May. Just the day before she spent a good five minutes complaining about him and how Hogwarts really needed to weed out the people who were just there for the sake of taking up space.


Just goes to show that her priorities are completely accurate. Popularity is such an amazing thing. What’s even more amazing is how stupid people will be in order to get it.


“And you said yes…?” I wrote back quickly, and not in my best handwriting. I stole a glance up to where Professor Radmore was still engrossed in whatever it was he was reading on his desk. He didn’t like me as much as the other teachers did. Albus told me it was because I was too much of a know it all. Quietly I took out my wand and levitated the parchment over to Dominique.


Looking back to the work I was supposed to be doing I sighed. This was Transfiguration, easily my hardest subject. I didn’t understand how people just got it so easily, and Professor Radmore practically refused to help me every time I asked him. Normally I would try my best and not allow friends like Dominique to distract me, but today it was harder to pay attention. I gazed towards the window where it was raining onto the roof outside. I allowed my eyes to drift over to Malfoy who sat directly to the right of the window. He was reading to himself silently but forming the words with his lips. He had one hand in his hair and the other on the page. I tilted my head sideways, so this is what he looked like when he tried.

For some unexpected reason, I couldn’t help but think he looked cute like this. Not really cute, but still, maybe a little bit. Not that I thought he was cute! Not at all! Just in this moment, actually focusing in on something, he didn’t look that bad. He seemed normal


I leaned on my hand and crinkled my eyebrows. How could he understand something like Transfiguration and not understand Arithmancy? Arithmancy was so easy—so straightforward. Transfiguration required imagination. This is something I, unfortunately, lack. If you asked me to draw myself I’d go with the safe, old fashioned, stick figure and some Crayola crayons for a touch of red to the hair.

Well, okay. More than a touch. My hair is by no means small. In fact, it resembled a burning bush on a normal day to day basis.


“Incoming!” Dom’s voice whispered from behind me. This time the parchment collided with my shoulder. I turned back to glare at her again, and this time she giggled. Both of us knew that levitating the parchment would attract much less attention and probably result in better aim, but Dominique decided to go with the good old fashioned chucking. It was more amusing on her part.


“Well no shit I said yes. Who wouldn’t?” I paused reading to inwardly think of myself before shaking my head and continuing. “I can see if he has any friends for you…or maybe you can ask Joey ;).”


Even though I knew there was no way in heck that Joey Corner could see this, I still blushed at the thought. Me, ask him to Hogsmeade. The idea was so ridiculous, and although I knew she was joking I still allowed myself to think about it. I would most likely cause some disaster or another in the brief sentence of “would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me?”. You might think me as an over reactor, but putting me out of my comfort zone usually promised some awkward conversations.


It stunk that I was the nerdy awkward one. All of my girl cousins seemed to be great with guys. Lily, although only fifteen, had had an array of all different boyfriends (some known to her maniac brothers and some not). Roxanne was sporty, so naturally she was a goddess among the Quidditch boys in her year. Victoire was a motherfucking model, so there’s really nothing more to be said about her. Lucy, although a whiner, had mostly blokes as her friends. I supposed it was because girls didn’t have the patience to put up with her. Molly’s success with males surprised me the most. As weird as the girl was, she had had a good number of guys interested in her. Mind you, none of them were what I call normal, but still, they were males. Then there was Dominique, who drew in practically every guy with eyeballs. Not to mention her outgoing personality.


I was the one in the midst of it all, and at most times overlooked. Occasionally a creeper such as Oscar and Olson Newbury that would come along, but that was it. I was beginning to think it was going to be me and a cat after I graduated alone in a big house.


I say big house because I will be rich, that is one thing I’m absolutely sure of.

Well, not one hundred percent, but a good ninety five. When you dedicate the majority of your life to schoolwork it is usually how you end up in the end.


“Ha ha ha,” I wrote back sarcastically. “You’re hysterical. I’ll probably wind up going with you? Awkward threesome?”


I levitated the note back to Dominique and sighed again. Today had been going on for ages. All I wanted was to curl up in a ball on my warm bed and sleep for a good twelve hours. I loved my sleep, and if I didn’t get it I turned into a downright monster. Just ask any of my roommates. I became more of an emotional wreck than I already was.


“Miss. Weasley.”


I jolted up in my seat. Nervously I looked up to where Professor Radmore was standing across from my desk. Just as I was about to say yes, Dom’s whisper voice muttered something incoherent from the back as she launched our parchment at my face.


But instead of hitting me, it hit Professor Radmore square on.

I must say, I died a little on the inside. Dominique had just attacked a teacher. And not just any old teacher, Professor Radmore. Did she not know that they expelled students for this? She could wind up in Askaban! This was a new one, even for her. I quickly glanced back, hoping to share a look of dread, to find her perfectly normal. In fact, she was flipping through her textbook with her usual mock reading facial expression as though nothing had happened. Trembling, I looked up to Radmore with flushed cheeks.


“Er—I’m sorry sir!” I managed to squeak out. “It wasn’t supposed to hit you!”


“Miss. Weasley,” He repeated my name and picked up the note from where it had landed on my desk. He was talking loud enough for the entire class to hear now, which was most likely his goal. “Was the assignment to viciously blast paper balls across my classroom?”


“Please Professor,” I started. “I didn’t—”


“Is your little conversation with Miss. Weasley more important to you than my class?”


“No, not at all! We were just—”


“Quiet.” He snapped at me, allowing the irritation to show on his face. I flushed even redder, gripping my quill tightly. I was torn between the urge to burst into tears and the urge to attack him. “Dominique Weasley, anything to add onto Rose’s story—or lack of?”


I couple kids sniggered. I sank lower in my seat, hoping that I could somehow disappear. From the back, Dominique said, “Me?” In the most honest voice.


“Don’t pretend to be blameless Miss. Weasley.” He snapped.


“I didn’t throw that parchment with the green and purple ink on it!” She said in a not so innocent voice. “It was Kirk!” Dom pointed to the small boy with glasses who sat next to her.


“Silence!” Radmore snapped before turning back to me. “Now Rose, did Kirk tell you to, I quote ‘Go and find your own date, bitch’?”


The entire class roared with laughter. I really wanted to cry now. Behind us I could hear Dominique’s dramatic gasp as she slapped her poor seat buddy, yelling “Kirk you rude boy!”


“Detention, the two of you, tonight with the other incompetents.”


I took a breath in, I took a breath out. Detention.


Of course I knew what it was, but the word had never before been directed to me. I felt as if everything was crashing down. I had heard the terror of Radmore’s detentions before. Dominique was a frequent visitor there, and she had plenty of stories that would scare any person out of wanting to ever going there. How could this be happening? What had gotten into me?


“Now hold up just a minute here!” Albus had stood up, drawing all attention to himself. “Tommy Fredericks sleeps all class. Cindy Melendez and Elizabeth Macmillan pass Merlin only knows how many notes within the double period, and I just witnessed Eugene Whittaker eat six doughnuts in less than two minutes!”


Professor Radmore viewed Al with obvious dislike. This wasn’t the first time Albus had disrupted his class to prove a point, usually in the end poor Al got so confused about what he was talking about that he wound up losing whatever it was he was protesting, but still, at least he tried. It’s hard to win an argument with a Ravenclaw, especially the head of the house.


“Mr. Potter. What you have said holds no relevance whatsoever. Now sit down before you say something regretful.”


“My point is, sir, that you seem to favor the Ravenclaws in the class.”


Albus Severus Potter, I love you.


Radmore took a step towards Al and glared at him. “That is both preposterous and insulting. Now, you will shut your mouth and join both Weasleys in detention. I will not tolerate being accused of such things.”


Albus just rolled his eyes. “Sounds fantastic.”


Radmore looked towards Al with obvious disbelief. He had always seemed to have something against our family. I didn’t know what we had done, but he looked for ways to throw someone in detention. “Mr. Potter, I could care less how you feel. Now it down.”


“You mean couldn’t.” I blurted out before even thinking. I clamped my hand to my mouth, wondering why in hell I had said that out loud. The mental barrier between what was said in my head and what came out of my mouth seemed broken today. I was Rose Weasley, model student. I didn’t correct my teachers, especially not when I was already in—the d word.


“What did you say?” He snapped at me, obviously annoyed that I had continued the conversation.


“You—you said could. You said I could care less how you feel. But really, that’s improper grammar. It should be ‘I couldn’t care less how you feel’.” I paused realizing I was rambling. “Couldn’t, or could not is proper. Without it, sorry, but your statement makes no sense.”


I realized then that I had said the worst thing possible. There was silence as Radmore eyed me with shock, and then, miraculously, I heard laughter. My head whipped from his to the corner by the window to look for my savior, and then my stomach switched off from nervous butterflies to deadpanning. Scorpius Malfoy, yes, the annoying bloke I tutor in Arithmancy, was cracking up at something that I had said. He didn’t seem to care that the rest of the class was still silent, or at least attempting to hide their snickers. He was clutching the side of his desk for support as he seemingly laughed himself to death. Relief flooded through me. Radmore looked at me with what appeared to be absolute hatred and then over to Malfoy with surprise. Slowly people started to laugh with him. First Dominique and Albus, then Florie and Stacie Clearwater, and finally the whole class—even the Ravenclaws. By the time he had shouted for silence, I was the only one not laughing. This was because I was too afraid that if I did I’d be punishable to the death.


“Mr. Malfoy, I will not tolerate that sort of rudeness. You will join the others in detention, and if anyone says another word for the rest of this class you will all be helping Mr. Filch clean the bathrooms for a month.”


Everyone immediately went silent. Being anywhere near Filch was scary enough, let alone having to clean multiple bathrooms with him. Malfoy didn’t seem fazed at all by his detention. He was still smiling, and it still wasn’t his usual smirk. He was genuinely amused.


When the bell rang I bolted out of the classroom before Professor Radmore could possibly call me back. Once I was out in the hall I breathed in and breathed out. I, Rose Weasley, had just been given a detention. My first one ever. Did this go on my permanent record? Did they send an owl home for my disruptive behavior? I hoped not, my mum would most likely send me a howler before going into cardiac arrest and my dad would die from a mixture of pride and shock. So, basically, I would be visiting them both in St. Mungos.


“My my my Rosie!” Dominique threw one of her slender arms over my right shoulder. “Who would’ve known, the one time you bloody stick up for yourself it’s to preach about grammar.”


“Rose the grammar freak.” Florie giggled from next to Dom. “The look on his face was priceless. He was so shocked!”


“That was brilliant Rose!” Albus had thrown his arm around my left shoulder. Together he and Dominique had made some sort of Rose sandwich. If my brain wasn’t racing a thousand miles a minute I would have come to my senses and thrown them off. “That one’s going in the hall of fame, mark my words. When James hears about that…” Al trailed off and shook his head. “Well, you’ll be legendary. It’s got a fair shot on making the book.”


The book?” I asked, taken aback. All of my troublemaking cousins had what they called a book, but it was more of a list of quotations stapled together on all different sizes of paper of memorable moments at Hogwarts. I once suggested typing it all up and making it look nice for the future generations to read, but they didn’t like that idea. Apparently they’re too classy for that one. Teddy and Victoire had started it, and they passed it down when the rest of us came to school. The Weasley Potter legacy was being documented people.


“Yes, the book!” Al was way too excited for me. I was still too shocked to really form an opinion about what had just happened. I had sassed a teacher, aka an elder, aka my superior.


Oh, what was this world coming to?


“Well done Weasley.”


I looked behind me slightly to see that Malfoy’s smirk had returned. I tried to scowl, but I wasn’t ever good at hiding my emotions. After about two seconds of a contorted looking mean look, I broke out into a smile. The first genuine smile I had ever given him. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Thanks for laughing. He probably would have killed me right then and there if you didn’t.”


Malfoy shrugged his shoulders as well. “Anytime.”


This whole badass kick I had going was really working out to my benefit.


“See, even Scorpius admits that that one’s good!” Al let go of my shoulder and fell back to walk with him. Malfoy neither agreed nor denied Albus’s statement. Together the five of us made our way into the Great Hall for lunch. Lunch had always been my favorite meal at Hogwarts. Dinner was a mad rampage for the best food on the table, and breakfast was too boring. If people were going to skip a meal, they would skip lunch. Therefore it was less crowded and there was more food for everyone.


Today Albus decided to sit at the Slytherin table for once. He walked with Malfoy, energetically discussing something or another. The two of them had always been friendly, but never really friends. I think it had something to do with their dads hating each other, but I still think my father hated Mr. Malfoy more than Uncle Harry. He still goes on long rants about how he saved his life and whatnot when he’s had a bit too much firewhiskey.


“Are all systems in check?”


Across the table, James was whispering in what looked to be a Wiz-talkie. I crinkled my eyebrows in confusion. The only people my cousin associated himself with was Fred and Anthony, and they were seated right next to him trying (and failing) to not look suspicious about something.


“James?” I asked him in a calm voice. “What are you doing with a Wiz-talkie?”


“You’ll see in a minute.” He whispered to me, distracted before pulling the antenna up again. “Falcon Breath, can you hear me?” There were muffled words that I couldn’t quite make out on the other end. “Brilliant! Two minutes and counting!”


“Two minutes till what?” Dominique snapped. “If you plan on destroying the Great Hall, at least let me eat some food first. I’ve got a figure to keep up you know.”


“They aren’t destroying anything, right James?” I asked in a high pitched voice, not really trusting what I had just said. Chances were that something bad was about to happen. Whenever the three of them looked up to no good, they were up to no good.


“Who’s destroying what?” Steve sat down next to Florie and pecked her cheek. Florie giggled like a little girl and Dominique pretended to throw up into her salad. Just a typical five second scene over here at the Gryffindor table.


“James and co are about to do something stupid.” Dom rolled her eyes at him. Steve gave her a look that clearly said he hadn’t been asking for her to respond.


“Rose got a detention!” Florie squealed, distracting Steve from the fact that he hated Dominique. Instead of glaring at her he turned to me in shock.




“Yes.” I said somberly.


“She corrected Professor Radmore’s grammar.” Florie said with a wry smile. She seemed to find my predicament hysterical, and although I must admit that his lack of understanding the English language was funny, being in detention was not. In fact, it was a nightmare.


“You didn’t…” Steve trialed off in awe.


“Didn’t you just hear Florence?” Dominique asked him shortly. “She said that she did, moron.”


“It’s an expression, Dominique. Now why don’t you just go to your adopting a baby dragon plans and leave the rest of us alone.”


I slammed my head into my plate. And we had just forgotten about Delilah the dragon…


“Oh I will, thank you very much!” Dom huffed and shot him daggers. “You better watch out, Stevey. You may just be the first target of baby Alby jr!”

“I thought you weren’t naming it that?” I asked her.


“Well I’ve changed my mind! And since Albus seems to be the only one supporting me with this I figured he deserved to have it named after him!”


Florie was about to scream at Dominique for threatening her beloved Steve, I could see it by her flushed cheeks and angry eyes, but before she had the chance a large piece of blueberry pie came whipping in our direction. Before anyone could react, it slammed Steve right in the face.


Everyone fussed around him, but I looked quickly to where James had his head buried in the Wiz-talkie once again, laughing. I followed his gaze over to the Hufflepuff table to see more food being thrown, then to the Ravenclaws, and then to the Slytherins.


“Rosie watch out!”


I screamed, but instead of moving I allowed the salad dressing to hit the left side of my head. Before anyone could really react there was more food headed in our direction. In fact, there was food everywhere. A bowl of jam nearly hit Dominique square on.


“What the hell?!” Dom yelled, grabbing my hand and dragging me under the table.


“I don’t know!” I screamed back at her. Food was flying everywhere. “It’s James!”


Sure enough, James was now standing with Fred and Anthony on the top of the lunch table dancing and throwing all food in sight. Slowly I crawled back out from under the table to get a good view of what was going on. The teachers were all over the lunch room trying to stop people from throwing food, but it seemed impossible. Just as food would be thrown more would appear on the tables. It must have been some kind of multiplying charm the boys had set. And here I had thought they hadn’t mastered past third year magic…


“Take that!” Dominique screeched as she grabbed a sandwich and flung it at Fred’s head. He whipped around, spotted us immediately, and threw a tray of cookies at us. I screamed, putting my arms over my head. I grabbed a ham sandwich from next to me and let out a warrior cry.


Oh, it was on.


I found myself laughing as I flung food at anyone I could see. Florie was trying to look pissed off with Steve, but I could tell she was fighting back a smile from her safety position underneath the bench. Dominique threw an entire bowl of salad at them and I giggled. Across the hall Olson Newbury was trying to get some sort of goop out of his brother’s hair. This only made me laugh harder. I crawled across the lunchroom with many other people as I searched for Al. I spotted him next to Wendy Peterson and Heather Goyle from his house. The three of them were using food trays as shields as they grabbed the replenishing food.


“Albus!” I screamed. When he saw me he laughed.


“Oh Rose, what have you done to your hair?”


“Shut up!” I laughed at him, grabbing food and throwing it. He picked up something sticky and started to chase me with it. I screamed, running for my life in the opposite direction. Unfortunately I’m about as athletic as an obese person, so he caught up quickly. I dodged the unidentified stickiness and grabbed a stray bottle of ketchup. Just as I was about to squirt it at his face, it was wrapped out of my hands.


“Oh no you don’t!” Malfoy’s deep voice said.


I turned around quickly with a scowl. “Malfoy, give it back!”


“You look lovely Weasley. Why don’t you do your hair like that every day?”


I let out a strangled sort of scream and jumped on him. He was so shocked that he fell over, and both of us hit the ground at the same time.


“Ouch!” I squealed, grabbing my ankle. “You made me twist it!”


“I made you twist it? You’re the one who just attacked me for some damn ketchup!”


I thought about slapping him. I thought about grabbing the ketchup and spiriting him in the face. Instead I just laughed, forgetting why it was I was mad. This was so ridiculous. Not only had I corrected a teacher and gotten in detention today, but I had also participated in the largest food fight I’ve ever seen and knocked Scorpius Malfoy to the ground. I gripped my sides as I cracked up, leaning on him for support. After a few seconds he was laughing with me. I rolled over so I wasn’t on top of him and laughed so hard that my insides started to hurt. He shook his head at me as he continued to laugh, sitting up a little.


“Oi—you two!” Al had jam spread across his cheekbones like a warrior as he beckoned me off the floor. “Get your arses up and fight!”


“I’m not on your side!” I shouted indignantly. “I’m a Gryffindor!”


“There are no sides Rose!” He shouted at me. “It’s every man for himself!”


Just as I was about to grab a handful of food there was a loud boom from the doorway to the Great Hall. The screaming and laughter died down as everyone’s eyes traveled to where Headmistress McGonagall had her wand pointed in the air and a livid expression on her face. I dropped the ham in my hand and allowed my mouth to gape open. Behind her, the ancient janitor Filch was wheezing. By the look on his face it was a wonder he wasn’t having a heart attack right there.


“What is the meaning of this?!” McGonagall shrieked. I stepped back onto Malfoy’s foot with a jolt. He pushed me back forwards and I turned to give him the typical glare. “Who is responsible?”


I, along with the majority of the great hall, looked over to the right side of the Gryffindor table where James, Fred, and Ant were seated, eating some of the stray food still on the table. McGonagall’s jaw twitched as if she were going to scream again, but instead she turned around to Filch and whispered something. He responded, his eyes popping out wider than ever. McGonagall nodded to him before turning back to her silent students.


“I am very disappointed in all of you who participated in this atrocity!” She was still screaming, but she no longer looked livid. Instead she just looked wary. “I would have expected better of you! And to whomever is responsible,” Her eyes traveled over to James, Fred, and Ant. “I would hope that your conscience will feel responsible enough to take responsibility!”


I didn’t know if McGonagall thought that the whole guilt trip would work, but it obviously wasn’t going to. James stared at her with a pleasant expression, Freddy was focused on the sandwich he was currently inhaling, and Ant was whistling in the direction of the ceiling. She leaned on the wooden cane she had taken to using in her later years and sighed. “Very well, everyone will stay in this room until the Great Hall is as clean as it was when you came in!”


There were outrageous cries from all over, but I looked towards the headmistress and smiled. She was smarter than we all gave her credit for. Obviously, she figured as much as we did that James, Fred, and Ant had planned this. She also knew their weak spot—having people hate them. If the entire student body who had come to lunch today was forced to stay back the hour or two that it would take to get the Great Hall back to normal, then the entire student body who had come to lunch today would hate the three of them for a very long time. My eyes drifted through the throngs of people to where James had his head bent in with the other two. The stupid Gryffindor pride was about to outshine their chances to get away once again. Fred nodded solemnly towards James and Ant, and then he stood up on the bench shooting sparks into the air. This did the job, immediately everyone focused in on him and stopped their arguing. Headmistress McGonagall almost looked pleased with herself, but she covered it up quickly.


“I’m responsible Minnie!” Fred shouted. There was no trace of resentment in his voice. He knew just as well as the rest of us that this would probably mean at least a months’ worth of detentions. But Ant had taken credit for when they drilled a hole into the Divination classroom’s roof last month, and James had taken credit when they tried (and failed) to put a muggle bomb onto the Hogwarts Express at the end of last term. So, naturally, it was Fred’s turn to take the heat.


“Mr. Weasley,” McGonagall addressed him with her mouth in a curt line. “Come with me.”


Fred nodded eagerly and gave the Great Hall a deep bow before jumping off of the bench and making his way over to McGonagall. Several people clapped, James and Anthony went as far as giving a standing ovation and wolf whistling. I just rolled my eyes. Only Fred would be so nonchalant about admitting to starting a huge food fight. Once he had made his way to her, she turned to the Great Hall again.


“The rest of you will please proceed to your next class!”


There was a lot of movement towards the doorway that she had just disappeared out of holding Freddy by his collar. I wondered if he was going to have to clean it all up by himself. Dominique made her way over to me. She still had a crazed look in her eyes, obviously not over the whole adrenaline rush she’d just experienced while hauling mad food across the room.


“I can’t believe it! What a sod!” She exclaimed. “I would never have taken credit!”


I just shrugged. “It’s how they are.”


Sure enough, James and Ant were already nowhere to be seen. They were most likely on a hunt for McGonagall and Fred to offer their service to help him clean the Great Hall. As insane as those boys were, they really came through for each other when it mattered.


Dom and I had Defense Against the Dark Arts next, so we made our way in the direction of the classroom. By the time we had gotten there, Dominique had not failed to mention how the Mayo that was still slightly in my hair clashed horribly with my skin. Five times.


“We need to have those more often!” She said when we had arrived outside of the locked classroom.


“It’s kind of juvenile though.” I said, beginning to think about how embarrassed I was for getting so into it. It was an awful lot to clean up and a waste of so much food.


“Juvenile? Like a delinquent?” Dom asked curiously.


Instead of clarifying I just rolled my eyes at her. “I just mean that they’re really stupid for doing that. Fred could get in a lot of trouble.”


“Well at least you have some sense!”


I turned around and practically died. Joey Corner was standing there, nodding his head in agreement. Agreement with me, agreement with something I had said. I breathed in, breathed out. Then, out of nowhere, Dominique had elbowed me hard in the gut. So the whole breathing in and out thing kind of stopped for a few moments.


“Er—yeah.” I managed to mumble as I felt my face go super red.


“I mean, everyone’s going on and on about how great they are. Every time they do something like this they just prove themselves to be idiots, don’t you think?”


I nodded, but I didn’t really know what to think. It was okay if I called James, Ant, and Fred idiots, it was okay if they called themselves idiots, but it wasn’t really fair for Joey, who didn’t even know them, to call them idiots. Thank god I didn’t word blurb all of this out, instead I just walked into the classroom with a smirking Dominique.


“I think he likes you Rosie.” She whisper giggled to me. I glared at her, but I couldn’t help but think, I was the only one who had sense. Smiling to myself, I sat down in my usual seat in the middle and opened my textbook like it was any other day, even if I couldn’t have been any less ordinary.





Soooo...what do we think? This chapter's pretty big. Can you believe that Rose corrected a teacher and participated in a food fight all within the boundaries of one chapter? And, she and Scorpius didn't fight once this whole entire time! Yaay to that! 

Thanks for reading and please review!




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