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Confunded by the_unknown_marauder
Chapter 2 : The Hogwarts Express
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    "Rose this --" Scorpius starts to say with a shaky voice. He's paler than usual and his hands are trembling violently.

    James sees the cover of the Daily Prophet and looks from the paper to Scorpius, and back to the paper. "Fucking hell Malfoy..."

    It suddenly gets freezing cold and everything feels darker and more depressing than it already is. A skeletal black hand slides open the door. Slowly. My first instinct is to get out my wand.

    Expecto Patromum

    A bright white light in the figure of an eagle flys out from my wand. I have never done this spell before and the powerfulnesss of it takes my breath away. I drop my wand and stumble forwards, gripping the edge of the wall for support.

    "That was fucking brilliant Rosie! Bloody hell, not even I could have done that!" James sets a hand on my shoulder. He's overreacting. It's just a simple spell to ward off Dementors. Even Harry, James's dad, could do that spell at age 13. Well, this is James I'm talking about...

    I just sit down unteadily, gasping for as much air as I can get. I notice that Scorpius still looks sick, a pale green colour.

    "What's up with you Malfoy?" James asks with sudden distaste. What is up with him? Then I remember. His dad is back with the Death Eaters. Scorpius's dad is a Death Eater...

    Why the hell am I so surprised???

    "I've got to go..." Scorpius coughs out, standing up and walking out to the dark hallway of the train.

    I breathe out a sigh of relief. "Did you know that your bloody boyfriend's dad is part of the group that followed the man who killed the man I'm named after?!" James spats out. When he's pissed off he doesn't make any sense. At all.

    "He's not my boyfriend James!" THe train lights flicker back on and the frost on the window starts to melt at the speed of a Hinkypunk that got its one leg chopped off.

    Finally, the train begins to move, and even though warmth is flooding though the train again, the depressing feeling of Dementors still lingers.

Scorpius POV

    Bloody hell, when am I ever going to get to explain things to Rose...?? I know I should've said something earlier about it...but...errr, well I can't come up with a reasonable reason, yet.

    I bet if I tell her that the reason is that it's for her own good...she'll hex my arse off. Yep, classic Rose.

    I wouldn't be surprised if her animagus is a blast-ended screwt...

    Ok, now I'm just being a bastard. That's most likely what Rose would call me.

    As I walk down the empty corridors looking for someplace to sit, someone calls out my name.

    "Oy! Malfoy!"

    I turn around and to my joyful surprise, (note the sarcasm), it's Denis Dursley. Oh bollocks. I can't see how he is a a wizard. He's a huge 7th year, in Slytherin too. Figures.

    "What the hell do you want Dursley?" I sneer.

    "I heard your daddy is a Death Eater."

    "Oh did you now? Care to join him?"

    "Actually I do. I think only those of Pureblood family are the ones that should be kept alive."

    Well this wasn't expected...

    "Oh really? Because from what I've heard, you aren't exactly Pureblood. Your parents are muggles. But that's just from what I've heard..."

    Denis comes closer to me, pounding his fat fist on the palm of his fat hand. He gets up in my face. His breath reeks of firewhiskey.

    Right when he's about to bring his fist up to meet my face, Professor Hermione Weasley steps out from a compartment.

    "Mr Dursley, do you mind backing away from Mr Malfoy?" She says casually but sternly. Definitely not how Rose would've handled it...

    I really need to stop thinking about Rose. It's obvious she hates me. But no matter how bloody annoying she is, she still manages to take up about half of my cranium.

OK?! How was that? Sorry it's so short, it's just a filler chapter. Honestly, I hate fillers, but hey, what's life without them? Tell me if you like hearing from Scorpius as well! Things are going to get a bit rocky in the next chapters, well, its already sort of rocky anyways eh? I need your constructive criticism !_!

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Confunded: The Hogwarts Express


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