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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 14 : Meeting in Diagon Alley: the past revived.
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"so Berry's having dinner with us..." Hermione muttered processing what Fred had just told her.

"yup seems my brothers a little more stupid then we could have imagined." Fred said scratching his neck.

"Haha" Hermione chuckled smiling at Fred as the walked down Diagon Alley.

"so I guess we have to get ingrediants for a dish as well as for the shop." she said looking at her list of ingrediants.

"where should we go first?" she asked thinking over the cost and store distances and calculating the time they should be finished.

"well i was thinking we should probabloy go to Potage's Cauldron shop it being closes then we can head over to Slug and Jiggers Apothcary." Fred said as Hermione calculated.

"yea if we do that we can get down in a smaller amount of time." Hermione said like she just solved world Hunger.

"Girl i swear you need a new hobby." Fred said as Hermione blushed in embarrassment.

"What i like to know things is that a crime?"

"No but it probably should be." Fred said laughing to which he recieved a "HMPH" from her.

after a few minutes of thinking Hermione looked up at the grey bleak sky.

"y;ou know what makes me curious?" she said in a deep thought voice.

"everything." Fred said half serious half not as he placed his placing his right hand in his pocket as his left one swung idly next to Hermione's he had the strange urge to just grab her hand.

"haha very funny but I was thinking.. If Berry and Fred had liked each other why do they hate each other so much and even more curious why does she like you?" she said totally serious. Fred blushed.

"Hey i take offense to that thank you!...and she doesnt like me." Fred said not even convincing himself. Hermione looked over at him like Yea right.

"oh what ever if Berry doesnt like you then im i look like a 160 year old man with a 12 ft beard?...DONT answer that." she said before he could mutter any sarcastic remarks. Fred ended up smirking as he surpressed a laugh but ended up causing Hermione to burst into laughter.Fred sooned joined in. Hermione tried to relax her laugh but only caused it to erupt more. it felt good to laugh.

"dumbledore really Hermione?" Fred said through laughs.

"i dont know!" she said but Fred suddenly stopped laughing.

"what?" Hermione said as her laugh calmed down.

"did i just hear Hermione Granger say she didnt know something?" he asked wonder aparent on his face. Hermione was silent for a few moments.

"that doesnt count!" Hermione said remembering a conversation they had about her knowing everything.

"oh that totally did you can not just play that off Hermione!" he said mocking seriousness.

"ah Fred i swear!" she said laughing but was interrupted when she knocked into a cold hard object.

'oh please let it be a person not a wall embarrassing!' Hermione thought to herself as she rubbed her head.

"im sorry" Hermione said noticing feet infront of her. she sat up and began to pick up her basket and lists and money.

"Hermione are you ok?" Fred said kneeling down with her to pick up the things. the person also kneeled down.

"Granger?" Hermione recognized that had tormented her for so long how could she not? Fred noticed Hermione stop moving at the sound of the mans voice and make a subtle movement to pull on her left arm sleeve. Fred was a little confused and suspicious. slowly looking up toward the person who had spoken Fred stared in shock.

"D..Draco Malfoy?" Hermione whispered. memories of the war flashed in her mind. to which she recieved a slight nod from him. Fred stared at the two in suspicion.

'whats going on?'





A/N sorry havent written in a while computer hasnt been very nice to me and a lot of school work so im exhausted but i also enjoy living and deaththreats seem to come with the territory of writting so here you are.

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