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My Secret Admirer! by MusicLover17
Chapter 3 : Birthdays!
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I stare at my reflection in the mirror, my eyes keep drifting to the beautiful necklace around my neck. I still can't believe some would by this for me i mean it's just to much to spend on someone your not even with or like married to i don't even think my father would by something this expensive for my mother. I sigh and turn away leaning against the table, maybe if i write down everything i know about him, it might help me to figure it out, well it's worth a try.

I grab my notebook and make my way over to my bed ans sit down to start on my list, okay so:

1: He owns an Eagle.

2: I know he is in some of my classes.

3: I see him everyday (sometimes more than once)

4: He must be quite rich to by a necklace like this.

Okay so this is all i have to far, this could be anybody theres nothing personnal or anything to work with. I sigh again and stand up to make my way down to the great hall and try to think about something other than my secret admirer it's actually driving me insane not being able to solve this right away, whenever i had a problem trying to find answers to something i could always go to the library but i really doubt there will be a book called 'How to find your secret admirer' or something like that, the library i haven't been all year i have been reading i guess maybe a few chapters before i go to sleep but that about it, i think what i need is a new scene somewhere that isn't Hogwarts not that i don't love Hogwarts i do but well i guess i'm just ready for cha..."OWW" change.

"Granger watch where your going." I look up to see Malfoy watching me with a confused look on his face.

"Uh...sorry Malfoy i..wasn't really paying attention."


"Look i said sorry okay, can you drop it now."

"You obviously weren't looking were you were going either or you would have seen me."

"Whatever Granger, what were you thinking about anyway?"

"Why are you interested Malfoy?"

"I'm not i just don't want you to bump into me again, you know because of your germs."

"Screw you Malfoy your just a stupid little ferret boy who needs his daddy for everything, now get the hell out of my way you pathetic excuse for a human being."

"Wow what was that for."

"Just move you git."

"No make me."

I pull out my wand but Malfoy beat me to the punch and his was already out, i raised my wand to his face, though his was still lowered.

"I don't think we need to use theses Granger."

"Why Malfoy are you scared?" I said giving him my best impression of his own smirk.

He smiled at me. (a genuine smile) He looked into my eyes and stepped closer to me my wand now pressed into his neck and he whispered.

"Terrified Granger."

I took a moment to look at him there was something in his eyes i didn't notice before but i couldn't really understand it, I slowly lowered my wand still looking him in the eye.

"Why do you always do this Malfoy start a fight with me?"

"Because Granger your the best person to fight with you are smart enough to keep up with me." He said still in a whisper. He took another step closer to me staring me in the eye.

"I have to go i'm not wasting anymore of my time on you Malfoy."

"If you say so Granger, fight you later." He said his usual smirk back on his face.

I walk round him when he grabs my arm, i stop and frown up at him. He gives me a look i don't understand and i've never seen before like he looking to ask if we are okay. I stare up at him and give him a small smile and pull my arm away, he lets go and i say.

"You better go wash your hand Malfoy you might have some of my germs on it."

I walk away from him before he can answer with a smile on my face knowing that i had won, Malfoy and i have always had a stranger relationship but i think that last fight was the strangest of all.

I turn the last corner and walk into the great hall making my way over to the Griffindor table, theres no sign of Harry, Ron or Ginny but i take my seat anyway, wonder what's taking them so long. Just then all the owls fly in with the morning post, my owl dropped infront of me giving me a letter from my parents then he flew off again just in time for the same black eagle dropping a letter infront of me the fastest i've even seen it i watched as it headed the same way the rests of the birds were. I grabbed the that letter first opening it before the guys showed up it read:

Dearest Hermione

You look so amazing this morning i wasn't planing on writing to you until tonight but i just had to, to let you know that i think about you all the time to day that when i sleep you are the one who is in my dreams and when i saw you i just had to let you know. I also see that you are wearing the necklace i'm so glad you like it and especially glad that you are wearing it. I know i haven't giving you very much information about who i am but i'm going to give you somethings now that might help might. I'm in your year (but i'm thinking you already new that), I play Quidditch for one of the teams, and here is a big one, We have known eachother for a very long time. I hope this gives you some clue Angel, have a great day and try not to let Malfoy get to you.

Love your Secert Admirer

I've known him for a very long time okay but that still could be anybody, i sigh and rest my head in my hand, he must have saw my fight with Malfoy but how we were in an empty corridor unless he was hiding behind a pilar i don't know.

I pull my bag up onto the table and pull out my note pad okay here we go again

1: He owns an Eagle

2: I know he is in some of my classes

3: I see him everyday. (sometimes more than once)

4: He must be quite rich to by a necklace like this.

5: He is in my year. (I already new that)

6: He plays Quidditch (Don't what time team) That would tell me his house though. Hmm..

7: I've known him for a long time. (That doesn't narrow it down)

I stare at my list for a while trying to think of anything else i know but i can't seem to think of any.

"Hey Hermione, are you okay?" I quickly shut my book and look round at Harry.

"Oh hey Harry, i'm fine just..uh..doing some studying you know."

"Oh okay."

"Wheres Ron and Ginny?"

"Oh they should be alone soon."

"Harry what took you so long to get here breakfast ends in about ten minutes."

"I..uh.. slept in so did Ron, well you know what he's like and Ginny well i think she had some homework to finish so she went to the library."


"Is that a letter from your parents 'Mione?" I look down on the table and see it.

"Oh yeah i forgot about that..uh i'll just open it." I opened the letter and quickly read what was inside.

"Well what did they say?" Harry asked watching me.

"Oh you know same old, hows school, how am i, are you excited about your birthday? All that."

"And are you 'Mione?"

"Am i what?"

"Excited about your Birthday you are turning eighteen you know."

"I haven't really been thinking about my birthday to be honest Harry."

"Well you should it's in like two weeks."

"Haha yeah."

"Well i'll see you later i'm gonna see if i can find Ron he's taking longer than he said."

"Okay Harry see you later." He gives me a quick hug and heads out.

My birthday i'm turning eighteen great! Maybe Harry's right i should be excited i mean i only turn eighteen once. I smile to myself and place my note pad back in my bag, the bell rings and everyone scambles to get to class, wow i can't believe Ron missed a meal, something i definitely up.

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My Secret Admirer!: Birthdays!


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