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The Eye of the Snake by Failed_and_Forgotten
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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        The flickering light filled the field. Colours of red and yellow played on the weeds and flowers that sprung from the earth. The crackling sound of the fire and breaking wood was all that could be heard. The animals that normal called the nearby wood their home had fled in fear of the extensive fire. The couch was almost ash. The walls were all but gone, only the frame of the house still standing. Pictures fell to the black floor as the corners started to glow red hot.


        A group of men appeared in front of the house with two people tied up and their heads covered with black bags. At the head of the group was a tall slim hooded figure. His fingers were longer than normal and the skin was as white as a winter cold. His face was snake-like with cruel bloody eyes.


        With a nod of his head one of the prisoners was thrown onto the dirt and she let out a small grunt as she hit the ground. She took in a slow deep breath, smelling a fire and the scent of lilacs in the distant and a nearby ocean. A sense of familiarity and dread washed over her entire being. The cloaked man grabbed her by the hair and got her to her knees. Though she struggled she was no match for the evil creature grasping her. The black bag was ripped from her head. The girl’s black hair fell down to the middle of her back, dried blood throughout it. Her piercing blue eyes were surrounded with running mascara and tears of fear and pain. Her plump lip was bleeding from a large cut. A deep bruise covered the left of her face. Blood stain her white dress. She struggled a moment, not realizing the horrid scene that was playing out in front of her. The man grabbed her hair harder and forced her to look at the burning house. The girl’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach as ice filled her veins. Her lungs overflowed with liquid anguish. A scream of a tormented soul left her crimson mouth. Tears flooded her face washing away some of the blood on her cheeks.


        The girl struggled with the man and she got away only because he let her. With the quickness of a striking snake she snatched a nearby person’s wand and ran to the house as fast as she could. She heard someone yell her name in fear for what she was doing. A flick of the wand and the door blew off its hinges. The girl ran through the house searching and screaming at the top of her lungs. No one answered back. Still the only noise was that of the crackling fire that had engulfed the whole house. She fell to her knees in the center of the house, her hands covering her beaten face. Smoke filled her lungs as she mumbled words of heartache. With a deep breath of the burning ash she let out a scream of great agony. The fire flourished and blew outwards, the windows that had not been broken exploded and the house collapsed.




[A/N: I would appreciate comments and feedbacks on this story, thank you. By the way, I had started this story on another site, and I just wanted to share it here with you all too.]

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