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Karma by Aitchy
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5: Homework, homework and more homework
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Disclaimer (I usually forget these): I am not J.K.Rowling :(


"LILY! HELP!" I shouted. Was I hurt? No. Was I being attacked by Death Eaters? No. Was I dying? No. Was I stuck on homework? Of course. I was sat in the common room with about ten books surrounding me, on tables; on my seat; on the arm rests; everywhere. I had a ink smudge on my face and hand and one quill behind my ear and another in my hand, parchment trailed from my lap to the floor.


Lily didn't know my reasoning and ran as fast as is possible down the stairs (without falling) with her wand drawn. "What?"




Lily narrowed her eyes, put her wand away and folded her arms. "You called me all the way down for me to do your homework?"


"Yes!" I wailed. "I have this to do for tomorrow along with Potions! And I also have Charms, Herbology and Defence Against the Dark Arts!!"


"That's all our subjects!" Lily exclaimed.


"I know! HELP ME!"


"Ok! Ok! Let's go to the library, it should stop you screaming and stop the Marauders interrupting us." She grinned. Then grabbed some of my books and raised an eyebrow, waiting for me to move.


"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" I jumped up and grabbed any remaining items of mine, we then both left the common room. Once we reached the library we dumped my stuff onto a table and sat down, Lily pulled a piece of parchment towards her.


"Ok, so the Transfiguration homework. Do you understand it?" She asked me.


"I know it, but I can't explain it." I replied. "Help me with the introduction?"


"How about this, I write up on blank parchment an introduction for each piece of homework and if necessary some notes on what to write. The rest I am not doing for you"


"Yes!" I whispered-exclaimed. Lily laughed and started writing on the first piece of parchment, once she'd finished she pushed it towards me so I could complete it. She then started writing on another piece of parchment.


About three hours later (although I am prone to exaggeration) I was finally done. The pile of mess that had been my work was now organised, there was a pile of books on the left hand side; a pile of spare/unused parchment in the middle and a pile of completed essays on the right. Sighing, I glanced at my watch.


"Oh shoot! I'm late for quidditch." I whispered, I started to gather up my stuff.


"Don't worry about this, I'll take it back." Lily whisper-replied. I smiled at her gratefully.


"You'e a life-saver. I'll pay you back!" I sprinted out of the library and to the quidditch pitch as fast as I could. By the time I got there I was gasping or breath and everyone was in their quidditch gear and watching me either disapprovingly (James) or bemusedly (everyone else). "I'm so sorry! I was doing homework" I apologised, still out of breath.


James raised his eyebrow at me and Sirius coughed behind him, everyone else sniggered. "Really?"


"Yes!" Judging by their expressions they didn't believe me, still. "Aren't you supposed to be playing quidditch? I'll be back in a minute." I turned around defiantly and walked towards the changing rooms. I changed quickly and grabbed my broom from the corner, if I didn't leave it there each time (locked up with many charms of course) I'd end up being even more late than I usually am. Once I grabbed my broom I left the changing rooms and back out to the pitch, where everyone was already up in the air and practicing. I mounted my broom and joined James, Marie and Eliza by one of the goal posts. "What are we doing?" I asked.


"Same drill as yesterday. We need to keep our skills sharp for our match tomorrow." James replied as Marie threw him the quaffle, without waiting for a reply he sped towards Eliza and shot to the left post — scoring. Eliza flew down to catch the falling quaffle before passing it to me to start over.


I managed to lose track of time, something I never do whilst doing homework. But James stopped us when it became too dark to see very clearly, the team the changing rooms and changed into our normal clothes. Luckily this time I didn't have to wait so long for James and Sirius to change, they were not long after me. Yes I know that I call him Sirius now, I have some (slight) respect for him since I 'met' Regulus.


"So, why were you late?" James asked on the journey back up to the castle, all three of us had our wands lit and held in front of us.


"I told, I was doing homework." I replied, scowling slightly.


"You scowl a lot." Sirius commented, making me scowl more.


"So how much homework did you do?"


"All of it. Well, for now, I'll probably get a pile more to 'start preparing for our N.E.W.T's' It's only the start of the year!" I exclaimed, both James and Sirius rolled their eyes.


"You'll cope."


"I'd better." We fell into a comfortable silence, although of course it was with me so the silence didn't last. "When's our first Hogsmeade trip?"


"December I think, but I'm hoping something more exciting will happen sooner." James winked at us, immediately catching our attention.


"What?" We both chorused. "Whats happening?"


"It might not happen yet." James started walking at a quicker pace. "Lily knows more about it than me." I looked over at Sirius and guessed he had the same idea as I did, nodding slightly we pretended to drop it.


"Fine, I'll ask her later."


James looked relieved and worried about our drop of the subject, usually when either Sirius or I want something it isn't fun (for them) so both of us together…. No wonder he started walking quicker.



"LILY!" I yelled when we entered the Common room. When there was no answer I yelled even louder. "LILY!!!"


"Willow, you do realise how late it is right?" James asked me.


I stared at him like he was crazy. "Of course I do." I then turned back towards the stairs. "LILY EVANS!"


Finally a disgruntled Lily walked down the stairs. When she saw James and Sirius she, along with James, went bright red, Sirius smirked and I laughed. Lily was wearing a blue tank-top and beige short shorts, very short shorts. "Willow, it's ten o'clock and I'm tired and in my pyjamas. This better be important." She growled. I would feel threatened if she wasn't as red as her hair and I couldn't see James also the same red out of the corner of my eye.


"Yes it's important. James hinted at something cool happened and won't tell us, what is it?" James, still red, sighed at my question. Well, of course I wasn't going to drop it!


"You're asking me this now?"




"I'll tell you in the morning."


"No!" I wailed. "Now!"


Lily growled at me, an actual growl. "Willow, I'm not getting into this."


"Fine." I beamed. "So, you'll just tell us now?"




"Lily!" I mimicked.


She narrowed her eyes at me, again. "Willow. I am going back to bed. If you leave me in peace I'll tell you tomorrow." She spelt out.


"I'll hold you to that."


"Do that. I'm going back to bed." She turned around, but before she go upstairs I interrupted her.


"I'll wake you up at one minute past twelve then." I told her laughing, next to me Sirius sniggered.


Lily froze and turned back around. "What?"


"Well you said you'll tell me tomorrow, technically one minute past twelve is tomorrow." I love my logic sometimes, especially if it's against Lily. It makes me feel intelligent.


"You are insufferable sometimes." She muttered.


"Love you too!"


"Fine! I give in!" She exclaimed.


"Too easy…" Sirius muttered udder his breath, yet he was also silently laughing.


"Shhh." I shushed him, smirking.


"You really want to know? We - James and I - are asking McGonagall to let us have a winter dance."




"Yes, she hasn't got back to us yet. Happy?" Lily asked.




"Now I'm going to bed." She turned around and stormed up to our dorm.


"G'night!" I yelled after her before turning to James. "Are you going to look at us now?" I smirked.


"Shut up." James grumbled, both Sirius and I burst into laughter.


"You were both so red!" Sirius chortled.


"It was hilarious!" I added in.


"I said shut up!"


"For now." I grinned. "So, this dance thing?"


"Like I said when you told me you'd drop it." He glared at me slightly. "I don't know much about it."


"That sucks." Sirius replied.


"OH MY GOD!" I yelped loudly.


Both James and Sirius stared at me. "What?"


"A DANCE MEANS A DRESS!" I don't care if I wake people. I am not wearing a dress. Not happening. Hear me Lily? No way am I wearing a dress. No. Just no.






"It's not that bad." Sirius said. I glared at him, a proper say-that-again-I'll-kill-you not a you're-annoying-but-amusing-at-the-same-time.




"Woah Willow, taking it a bit out of proportion. We don't even know if it'll happen!" James said, backing up slightly.


"I never take things out of proportion." I replied, collapsing into the sofa and grumbling.


"You're not going to bed?" Sirius questioned, before then sitting next to me.


"Nope, Lily's probably waiting to either discuss dresses." I shuddered. "Or to kill me for a) Annoying her. b) Embarrassing her in front of a certain somebody."


"She shouldn't be embarrassed in front of me." Sirius grinned, James glared and I laughed.


"Yes, because she dedicates her whole life into looking good around you." I rolled my eyes.


"She should."




"You've said."


"Still true."


"Your point is?"


"I hate you."


"That's a bit harsh."


"It's true though."





"I'M GOING TO BED!" James interrupted. "Merlin, you're like an old married couple."


Both Sirius and I stared at him in horror.


"No way…"


"Prongs! No!"


"Don't even joke…"


"Not funny…"


"I hate you…"


"You hate a lot of people." James commented. "Goodbye." He then half ran out of theroom to his dorm, as we were both close to jinxing him.


"Ew, how could he say that?" I shuddered again.


"You're as scarred as I am."


"Not possible."


"So is."










"We'd do this for hours."


"No, only until you'd admit you're wrong."


"But I'm not."


"You so are."










A/N So, chapter 5 is up! I'm hopefully going to be update every week (although I'm not the most organized person ever). Thank you to all those who has review and/or added this story as their favourtie! I feel so honoured ^_^

So, again I'll say this: Please review!!! 

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