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Fairy tales are hope in disguise by ForeverCharmed
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5- Friendship, Fights and More Fights
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I do not own the following stories: Charles Perrault author of Cinderella, Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont author of Beauty and the Beast, Brothers Grimm are the Authors of Snow White and the author of the Ugly Duckling is Hans Christian. Thanks to these wonderful authors I was inspired to write this Fan fiction.






After deciding that she would not be able to do any more research on her boyfriend’s sudden mood change until she got home to pick up her dress for the ball Pansy went to go find Draco to see if he was ready to apologise for being rude to her earlier and ask her to the ball.






Pansy left the library much to the librarian’s pleasure and started to head to the common room where she was sure he would be. As she was walking to the common room she received much attention and whispering. Finally having enough she stopped a Slytherin first year by the name of Lucy Hay.






“HAY!” The girl jumped high into the air with a small squeal at the same time. “Why is everyone looking at me?”






The girl was very frightened of Pansy having known what she had down to first years like her in the past.






“uhh, b-b-because of the f-fight you had in t-t-the great-t hall with D-D-racooo”  she managed to stutter out before running away as quickly as possible.






“Uhh!” I couldn’t help but scream out inn frustration, now people would think we broke up even though we had not.




 I lay on the couch in the Slytherin common room and watched as that first year Lucy Hay run past crying her eyes out and looked horrified upon seeing me glare at her. I wonder what her problem was, knowing exactly what was wrong when Pansy entered the common room looking slightly annoyed. She was searching the room for someone and since she hadn’t notice me yet I decided to make a sudden leave of absence not wanting to be in her presence any longer than necessary. Luck was not on my side today as she caught my arm as I got to the common room door. I spun around and she smiled sweetly at me making me want to throw up instantly.











“Draco did you having something t me” she purred out making me want to gag twice as much.






“No” I answered receiving a very accusing look.






“Don’t you want to apologise for making me look like a complete idiot at lunch by yelling at me for no reason” She looked pissed.






“Nah I will pass on the apology as YOU deserved to be yelled at. YOU NEVER leave me alone, YOU think I’m yours , and last but DEFINITELY not least YOU are a B***H, so live with it” I yelled at her once again.






“YOU ARE MY BOYFRIEND! YOU DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! YOU CAN’T TREAT ME LIKE THIS ESPECIALLY NOT AT THE BALL YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MY PRINCE CHARMING” She screamed back by this time we had everyone in the common rooms attention much to my displeasure. I hated this sort of attention.






The next thing that really confused me was that we weren’t even dating and I was definitely not taking her to the ball.






“WE ARE NOT DATING, I AM NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO THE BALL TOGETHER” I felt a weird tingly feeling pass over my face and then looked at Pansy to see a horrified expression on that pug looking face of hers, the tingly feeling passed and she ran from the common room in tears.






I turned to look at everyone with a glare on my face and they all went back to what they were doing before I yelled at Pansy. I had had enough of this place and I left the common room.




The rest of the week past by slowly with some very weird happenings. Pansy was ignoring me and Hermione gave me a small smile in potions when we had been working on the draught of living death potion, it was small but it was a big thing for me.









 I walked down the corridor planning to go have breakfast in the Great Hall when I heard some yelling coming from a nearby classroom. I walk towards the door and noticed it was slightly ajar I looked through to see…




 Ron and I were having another fight, I had had enough of all this I didn’t love him anymore I just wanted him to leave me alone.









“Just leave me alone Ronald” I said in a quiet voice, I couldn’t manage anything else.






“No! What the hell is your problem, Lavender is five times the better person than you so stop talking crap about her or else!” He pointed a chubby finger towards me.






“Or else what Ronald! You’ll hurt me your friend of seven years! All for that Whore” I felt his hand make impact with my face, I fell to the ground out of shock.






“She is not a whore!” He spat at me, but before he could leave someone entered the classroom we had been yelling in”




Draco’s POV









I had watched as he had yelled at her and felt her emotions spin out of control feeling angry, tired, confused, and saddened. I was about to enter when she started to yell at him. I thought she was going to be fine but once again I missed judged Weasley’s friendship as he slapped her across the face, hard.






This time I didn’t walk away I entered the classroom feeling the sharp stinging pain in my left cheek.






“Oi Weasley what the HELL do you think you are doing!” I got right up in his face and started yelling at him like he deserved.






Out of the corner of my eye I could see Hermione on the ground tears streaming down the sight of her face as she held her hand to her throbbing, red check.






“What do you care Malfoy!”






“I care a lot more than you obviously do”






“Sure says the one has been nothing but a jerk towards her for the last seven years”






“At least I never hit her. Look what you did. Who’s the jerk now? I know I have done bad in the past but I can say that I have never hit a girl and never will.”






After he didn’t say anything I continued. “Leave before I do something I regret I never said I didn’t stupid, good for nothing idiots that don’t respect the ones that mean the most!” I spat in his face before he left the classroom at a quick pace.






I turned to the most important person in this world to me.






“Hermione are you alright?” I looked at her worried as I knelt down beside her and her caressed her cheek where she had been hit.






“Y-yeah I-I am alright” I looked into her chocolate brown eyes and saw despair and relief.






“Are you sure it looks quite sore, do you want me to heal you?” I asked once again another question obviously expecting the reply of a no seeing as who I had been.






“Umm if you could that would be good” She answered in a quiet voice I almost didn’t catch.






I am sure she saw the shock in my eyes and face as she allowed me to heal her cheek giving her relief from the pain as well as me. I stood up and gave her my hand to help her up as well that she hesitantly took. Once she was standing up we both looked into each other’s eyes.






“Thank you Draco if you had not have been there I doubt he would not have stopped, it means a lot and I would also like to apologise for the other day I know that you did not want to be a d-death-eater and that you did it to save your family as well as changing to the good side in the war.” She looked at me the whole time and I could tell that the words that she had spoken had been the truth and I couldn’t help but feel relief feel up in side of me.






“That’s alright Hermione all is forgotten” I decided that now was my chance to ask...”Friends” I put my hand out for her to shake.






I watched as she had a debate on whether or not to be friends with me. As I was about to bring my hand back down though she took it.






“Friends” she gave me a warm smile before we left the classroom going each other’s separate ways not noticing the shadow of a figure behind the classrooms door.






Another Chapter is up. This is one of my longer chapters. Who’s behind the door? What do you think of the new friendship? And how will Hermione’s other friends react? In the next chapter we will find out as well as a little Jealousy, Revenge and Shopping. Please leave a review on what you think?







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