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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 21 : Admitting the Truth
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Chapter 21

It was now Winter break and Christmas was only a few short days away. Snow sprinkled the ground outside, and often kids could be found playing in it. Everyone was in such happy spirits. Andrew could still see a sad expression on Kristen’s face once in a while when she thought he wasn’t looking, but for the most part, she seemed to be doing a lot better, which Andrew was thankful for.

Currently, Fred, Louis, James, and Andrew sat in James’s room. This was the last chance they’d see of each other until the annual Christmas party the Potter’s hosted the day after Christmas.

“So who did you all get for secret Santa?” Louis asked.

Secret Santa was a thing all of the kids did every year at the Christmas Party. They would pull names from a hat and have to get that person a present.

“I got Rose,” Fred replied, “I wish I could have gotten someone a little more fun to buy for. All she ever wants are books.”

“I got Taylor,” Andrew stated happily, “I’m not sure what to buy her though.”

“You could always just get her some quidditch stuff,” James replied.

“Yeah, but I want to get her something special.”

“Does Andrew have a crush?” Fred taunted.

“No, that’s ridiculous.”

However, his face gave away the fact that he was lying. He blushed just as red as most of the Weasleys did, which was really saying something.

“You do fancy her!” James exclaimed, “Taylor and Andrew sitting in a tree, K-I-“

James would have finished his little rhyme, except Andrew tackled him to the ground before he got the chance. This caused Fred and Louis to roll on the floor laughing.

“Shut the bloody hell up!” Andrew shouted.

“I will when you admit that you fancy Taylor,” James replied.

“While you’re at it, you should admit that you fancy Kristen, James,” Fred stated.

Andrew groaned, getting off of James and putting his head in his hands. He’d thought for a little while now that his friend’s feelings for his sister were a little deeper than James wished to admit. To be honest, it really bothered him that his best friend fancied his sister. He wondered how James’s uncle Ron had felt when he learned that his best friend fancied his sister. He probably wasn’t too happy about it.

“That’s preposterous. I don’t fancy Kristen,” James lied, “I just think she’s hot. That’s all.”

“If you just thought she was hot, you wouldn’t have beaten the shit out of Joey Renolds knowing that you would end up with a boat load of detentions,” Louis pointed out.

“I was trying to make a point!”

“Bullshit!” Fred argued, “You fancy Kristen! Just admit it already, James!”

Andrew kept his head in hands, softly muttering to himself, ‘this isn’t happening’ over and over again.

“Fine, I fancy her!” James exclaimed, giving up his protests, “I fancy Kristen Wood! Are you happy I admitted it?”

“No!”Andrew replied.

“I’m sorry, Andrew. Would you have preferred if I just lied about the fact that I have feelings for your sister?”

“Actually, yes I would, James. For six years, you’ve done nothing but been an ass to her. You almost killed her six months ago! Then suddenly a couple months ago I hear you talking about how you think she’s hot and now you’re telling me you bloody fancy her! That’s crazy James! You have done nothing but hurt her for six years! I’m absolutely terrified about the fact that you have feelings for her! You’ve never had an actual relationship, just bimbos you snog in a broom closet!

“I am frightened to even think how capable you are of hurting her, and this kind of hurt would hurt her a hell of a lot more than the stupid pranks you’ve been pulling for years. You saw and heard what Renolds did to her. I don’t think anyone has ever seen Kristen in a worse state then I did that day she caught him cheating and he said those terrible things to her. That hurt her a lot, but you are capable of causing a lot more pain to her then he was.

“You’ve known her for six years, James. You’ve had a relationship of hate with her for six years. If you were to pursue these feelings of yours and for some fucked up reason she felt the same way towards you, you would have the power to destroy her. If you used this power, I don’t give a shit if you’re my best friend or not James, I will hurt you. I will hurt you so badly that you’ll wish you’ve never been born. Just, don’t hurt my sister.”

After Andrew was finished, everyone was quiet. Never before had they seen Andrew go that crazy. James was honestly terrified for his life. He fancied Kristen, but maybe it wasn’t worth all the trouble it would cause.

“I’m sorry Andrew,” James mumbled, “I won’t do anything to pursue her. However, I do have to get her something. I got her for secret Santa.”

“If you get her the same thing you got her last time, I will never speak to you again,” Andrew replied.

Once before, in their second year, James had gotten Kristen as the person he had to buy a gift for. However, that had been when James was extremely immature. He had gotten her a makeup kit, telling her it would hide some of her ugliness and that she should use it. After that fiasco, Andrew had ignored him for weeks and Kristen’s hatred for him seemed to grow.

“I’m not that stupid anymore,” James replied, “I was thinking of maybe getting her a book. Do you know what kind of books she likes?”

“Books written by muggles,” Andrew answered, “Either fantasy, action, or adventure. Just don’t get her any lovey dovey crap. She’d probably just chuck it out the window.”

“I can’t imagine your sister chucking any book out a window,” Louis stated, “The Ravenclaws would probably kick her out of their house.”

“It would be quite fun to watch,” Fred agreed.

“You could always get Taylor jewelry that has quidditch stuff on it or something like that,” James suggested to Andrew.

“Do you think she would like that?” Andrew asked.

“She wears jewelry, especially earrings, all the time; they’d definitely be worn a lot. She also loves quidditch, so you’re good there. Besides, she’s a really good friend of yours. She’s going to like anything you give her.”

“Thanks, James. I do fancy her; I just don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“You just have to look for an opening, mate,” Fred stated, “Maybe you could have James totally flip out at her too for something quidditch related. It worked well enough for Jessica and I.”

James glared at his cousin. He hated flipping out at people on his team; he only did it when necessary, such as his seeker being unable to catch the snitch because she was talking. Last thing he wanted to do was to purposely flip out on someone else to help them get together with his cousin.

“Can you believe that all of us are leaving our broom closet snogging days behind? Whoever thought that the four of us would end up falling for girls like them?” Louis asked.

“You didn’t mention that there was a girl you fancied,” Andrew stated.

“Who is she?” James asked.

“Alyssa Lee,” Louis replied.

“The quidditch announcer?” Fred asked.

Louis nodded shyly.

“Wow, I guess our snogging bimbos days are behind us,” James stated.

All four of them were quite happy to have put that behind them. It was more exciting to actually try and go for a girl with a personality. A girl who didn’t just want them for the snog. They had all found a girl worth fighting for.





***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Today is the 3 month anniversary of when I first posted the story (posted not validated; you all didn't get to see chapter one for a few more days). I can hardly believe it's been that long! In honor of that, I have decided to make an announcement to all of you dedicated readers. Well, I know you still have several chapters left of The Chaser and The Keeper to read before the story ends, but even then, you won't be done with these characters. That's right, I'm making this the first book in a trilogy :) The next two will gradually be getting darker. More news on that later. Thanks to all of you who have read and reviewed the story so far, and as always, I really hope you continue to do so :D ***

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