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The Hoax by ihootanniex3
Chapter 26 : Chapter 26
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. . . . . .


“It’s Christmas Eve, Hermione! Do you know what that means for you? Well, for us?” Ginny asked her friend with huge grin as she pointed from herself to Blaise. “Well?” She pressed and wiggled her eyebrows excitedly.


“I’d rather not say.” Hermione said quietly as she avoided eye contact with her friends, looking over at Draco for help. She placed her elbow on the table and pressed her cheek against the palm of her hand, staring at Draco. “We should get the hell out of here before they can stop us.” She whispered hurriedly to Draco. She widened her eyes and allowed her pupils to swiftly look over at her friends as a clue for him.


“What do they have planned for us?” Draco asked in a whisper, leaning into her ear. “Is it something bad?”


“Zabini wants to spend time with me and Ginny wants to spend time with you—“


“Bloody hell! That will never happen! Over my dead body.” Draco yelled as he shook his head ferociously.


Ginny and Blaise exchanged glances and smirked together. “What are you two whispering about?”


“We’re . . . well—we were whispering sweet-nothings to each other.” Draco told them with a groan as he glared at them.


“I’m assuming you know what today is, then?” Blaise asked as he winked over at his friend.


“No, I will not allow this to happen. Never. You’ll both have to hex me to oblivion before you make me do—“


One minute later . . .


“So . . . Draco, what is it that you like about Hermione?” Ginny asked him as she smiled at him, nudging him slightly with her elbow.


“Don’t push it, Weaslette. Just don’t.” Draco warned her deadpan as he shook his head ever-so-slightly.


The smile that was once glued to Ginny’s face was kicked off. “Weaslette? Really? I thought we were on first name basis here!”


“We were never on first name basis and we never will be.” Draco scoffed as he got up, fixing his shirt. “If you’ll excuse me, I have better things to do.”


The redhead glared at Draco and sighed, rolling her eyes. “I really didn’t want to do this because you’re my best friend’s boyfriend, but I guess I have no choice.” She huffed under her breath as she pulled out her wand. She stood up and shot a nonverbal spell at Draco.


A yell soon followed suit.


. . . . . .


Hermione let out a laugh as she and Blaise continued to walk down the corridors of the school. “Draco did what?”


“He fell out the window once while trying to impress a girl. The girl got impressed, I mean, he fell a 10 ft floor building for her.” Blaise divulged all the embarrassing moments made by Draco Malfoy with a huge smile on his face.


“But it was accidental . . . and she probably wasn’t impressed, probably pitied him.” Hermione said and shook her head. “Goodness, he fell out a window? How stupid is he? Did he lose balance or something?”


“Well, don’t you know how guys roll? We have to look cool for you girls so what do we do? We lean against the window sill and look cool but in his case, he fell out because he was too nervous.”


Hermione beamed over at Blaise. “And who was this lucky girl?” She asked and suddenly clapped as she shook her head. “Wait, no, don’t tell me.” She quickly said before Blaise could open his mouth to speak.


“Why not?” Blaise asked with a scoff as he looked over at Hermione with an are-you-jealous –look.


Hermione shook her head as she frowned. “I’m just not curious anymore.”


“Oh, are we jealous?”


“What?” Hermione asked as she whipped her head towards Zabini. She laughed and shook her head. “Me? Jealous, no. And I am most certainly not jealous of the mystery girl who fell for Draco.” She said as she punctuated each word, trying to drill the words into Blaise’s head.


“No, I think you’re jealous.” He pushed a bit more as he stared at her intently.


Hermione felt a blush bloom across her cheeks and pressed her lips into a thin line. “I’m not jealous.” She said and glared at him. “I don’t need Draco to fall out a window for me to be impressed. I’m simply impressed by just . . . him.” She said and mentally slapped herself as she cursed under her breath for telling Blaise her feelings for Draco.


“Ah, and so the stubborn, fiery princess decides to speak the truth now, eh?” He teased her as he winked over at her. “So just Draco being his stupid self is enough for you to fall in love with him?”


She shot him daggers and cleared her throat; her cheeks were now blazing red. “Oh, shut up.” She said as she continued to walk on. Hermione stepped outside and found the whole place covered in white snow. “To the lake?” She suggested and watched as Blaise nodded his head in agreement.


Hermione and Blaise finally walked over to the lake and sat down at on the snowy ground. “Okay, enough about Draco and me. How is it that you and Ginny are so close?” Hermione asked as she cocked an eyebrow over at Zabini. “You didn’t think I’d forgotten about you two, right?”


Blaise cursed under his breath and scratched the back of his head. “We happened to become friends since our best friends were drooling over each other.”


“We were not drooling over each other.” Hermione corrected him as a scarlet flame brushed across her cheeks. “Wait, no, don’t try to turn this over to me. We are going to talk about you and Ginny.”


“Actually, we’re going to talk about you and Draco.” Blaise fought back as he stared at her with a complacent grin.


“I don’t think so.” Hermione told him with a hard stare as she frowned. “Look, there’s obviously something going on between you two. I’m not positive it’s a romantic relationship, but there’s seriously something going on. What is it?” She asked sternly, determined to get the answers to her questions once and for all.


Blaise looked at her for a long time before he finally cracked. “We aren’t in any romantic relationship . . . she’s with Potter.” He told her slowly and looked down with a small scoff. “But, what I’m telling you is the truth,” He started as he looked up back at her, looking Hermione straight in the eye. “Since you and Draco started spending every waking moment with each other, we ended up spending time with each other, too. Besides, I do believe Ginny told me that you coerced her into talking to me, hoping I’d divulge a few scandalous secrets about Draco.” He finished with his signature smirk as he nodded his head. “I know all about that. How? Draco asked me to do the same thing.”


“I did not coerce Ginny into doing any. . .” The brunette abruptly looked at him with astonishment, completely caught off guard by his statement. “Wait a minute . . .” She finally spoke as she suddenly shot up from the ground.


Blaise furrowed his eyebrows as he looked up at Hermione. It took him another second to realize his mistake and he quickly got up, staring at her with wide eyes. “No—“


Hermione took a step away from Blaise and glared over at him. “Why would Draco want you to get close with Ginny? A-and how would you know that I asked Ginny to get close with you?” She began to throw questions at Blaise left and right without hesitation.


“Granger, it’s not what you think—“


“I’m not even sure what I’m thinking, but you seem to know damn well.” She snapped at him with a deep sigh. “Do tell, Zabini. Tell me the big secret. Tell me what’s going on.” She ordered with a strict tone. She was going to get her answers. She had to. “What’s the big secret that I don’t know about?”


. . . . . .


“I don’t think the hex was necessary.” Draco mumbled as he rubbed his face from the pain.


“Oh, hush, it’s not like it was my first time using it on you.” She brushed it off with scoff and instantaneously brightened up. “But, enough about the hex.” Ginny plopped herself down next to Draco as she placed her hand on her cheek. “What did you get Hermione?”


“I don’t have to te—“ He suddenly got cut off by the sight of her wand. “I got her a necklace, okay?”


“Hermione does like necklaces, good choice.” Ginny lightly laughed as she nodded at him. “Why do you like her?”


“Why do I have to tell you?” He asked her as he rolled his eyes with an exasperated sigh.


“You know, Draco, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” Ginny told him with a sigh as she cracked her knuckles.


“I’m not telling you anything anymore.” Draco stated stubbornly.


“Okay, fine the hard way.”Ginny said as she got up, sitting on the coffee table in front of Draco. “You know you should just really spit it out. I know you’re in love with her, everyone does, except for her.” She said and sighed.


“Everyone?” Draco asked with a slight frown.


“Ah, so you do love her.” Ginny said happily and clapped her hands together while Draco mentally kicked himself. “Okay, enough with the stupid games. Tell me, what made you fall in love with her?”


“I’m not telling you.”


Ginny’s eyes widened with frustration and she suddenly smirked. “Oh, okay, fine! I give up, you stubborn arse.” She said bitterly, lightly kicking his shin. “I’m just going to tell you this—you make Hermione the happiest girl in the world. She smiles every damn time she talks about you, frankly, it gets repetitive, but nonetheless, she’s happy. After my incompetent arse of a brother broke her heart . . .” She stopped and let out a sigh, thinking about her friend. “I was afraid she would never love again. She shut herself out from all of us for months and it took me a long time for her to start spending time with her old friends again.”


“Wow, you and Potter must really be a couple. I’ve been hearing this lecture from both of you—“


“I hope you’re learning from them, then.” She said as she patted his shoulder. “I do believe you’re quite a smart fellow, you understand what I’m saying?”


“Don’t treat me like a kid.”


“Give me a reason not to.” She slapped him with her words as she gave him a complacent grin.


He lowered his gaze on her as he cursed under his breath. “What do I have to do to get away from you?”


“Tell me what you love about Hermione.”


Draco groaned as he sunk down in his seat. “Do you really want to know?” He asked and received an eager nod from Ginny. “What do I love about Hermione?” He repeated the question to himself and pondered on that question for a minute or two. “She’s Hermione Granger—what is there not to love about her? She’s intelligent, beautiful, generous, loyal, and extremely brave, not to mention stubborn.” He said with a minuscule twitch of his lips that looked like a smile. “But I’m afraid that one day, I’ll wake up and she’ll be gone. Instead of a warm smile, she’s give me a scowl like she did the past six years. I’m afraid that one day, she’ll find out the truth about me and she’ll leave me.” He said as he started to frown, furrowing his eyebrows.


Ginny’s plan had worked—better than she had thought. It had worked too well. She felt her heart waver for Draco due to the fact that he truly did love Hermione, but his guilt was eating him up, badly. She just wanted to tell him about Hermione’s plan but she couldn’t bring herself to say it. “She loves you, she won’t ever leave you.”


Draco suddenly broke out of his trance and shut his eyes as he sighed. “What I just said, don’t repeat it to anyone or I will hex you.” He said as he opened his eyes.


Ginny laughed and smirked. “I promise not to tell.” She said and reached over, grabbing Draco’s hand hesitantly in a consoling matter. “Just know that you make her very happy. She changed you but you changed her, too. You two may not know it, but I believe you two are soul mates. You two love each other so much . . . the love you two share is so innocent and pure; it’s just full of trust and friendship. Don’t forget that. You two fell in love with each other by just spending time with one another and talking, am I right? It’s as innocent and pure as a child’s heart, you two truly love each other so don’t let anything get in between that connection you two share.” She told him with honest eyes. “And whatever happens . . . don’t let anyone steal it away from you. Keep it safe—locked up far away from everyone. Life may throw things at you, but with the love that you share with Hermione—I think you can get past it. Just trust each other.” She advised him slowly with a sad frown. These were the only words she could tell Draco. This was the only way for her to help them.


Draco let Ginny’s words sink in and somewhat grinned. “Thanks.”


“You welcome.” Ginny said as she patted his hand and stood up. “Wow, I am feeling great today. Why don’t we go outside for a bit?” She recommended as she looked over her shoulder, already walking out of the dorm.


“It’s not like I really have a choice.” Draco grumbled, dragging his feet behind her.


“Everyone has choices . . . just not in this situation.” Ginny laughed as she waited for Draco. You know, I think if we keep this up, we’ll become great friends in no time.” She smiled at him as they began to walk towards the doors.


“And that’s what I’m afraid of.”


“Shut up.” Ginny said as she slapped him on the arm.


. . . . . .


“Zabini!” Hermione’s voice called out with annoyance as she snapped her fingers in front of his face. “What’s the matter with you?” She asked with a perplexed plastered across her face.


Blaise blinked a few times and finally snapped out of his nightmare. He shook his head repeatedly and surreptitiously pinched himself to check if he wasn’t dreaming. “Ah, sorry, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I guess . . . I dozed off a bit.”


“Are you okay?” Hermione asked with a more relieved sigh as she gently allowed her shoulders to relax.


“O, of course! I’m fine, you don’t have anything to worry about.” He reassured Hermione quickly with a furtive look.


“What were you thinking about so hard? It seemed like you were in a completely different world.”


“It was a bloody nightmare . . .” He muttered under his breath and caught a very puzzled Hermione. “What was the question again?” Quickly changing the subject, Blaise stretched casually and faked a yawn.


“Maybe next time . . .” Hermione told him slowly as she looked away from him. “We should probably get going now. I think we’ve had enough . . . bonding time for today. It seems to me like you need some sleep.” She said and got up at a snail's pace as she brushed off the snow from her jeans.


“That sounds like a great plan.” Blaise agreed and timidly stood up as he glanced over at Hermione.


“Do you think that the ice is thin?” Hermione asked Blaise suddenly, her eyes glued onto the frozen lake.


“Well, it sure isn’t thick, if that’s what you’re saying.” Blaise answered, now relieved to see that Hermione wasn’t suspicious of anything.


“It’s thin?” Hermione asked and turned to him with a sharp glare. “Then, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, Zabini.” She said in a low whisper. “You’re walking on thin ice right now . . . you should really be careful. You’ll never know when the ice will crack and swallow you up.” She told him in a dangerous tone as she pushed her lips together to form a thin line. “It’s just a friendly warning. I really don’t know what you’re up to with Ginny, but whatever it is . . . I think it should end now.” She stated ominously.


Blaise’s blood and body froze simultaneously when he heard Hermione’s whisper. He was terrified she knew about their plan but soon thought about different possibilities. “Wait, Granger,” He started and felt his blood start to flow through his body properly again. “Do you think that Ginny’s having an affair with me?” He asked with a bewildered expression.


“You’re not?” Hermione suddenly asked with surprise as she blinked up at him with her big eyes.


Her words were music to his ears. Blaise was completely relieved to see that Hermione hadn’t caught him. He burst into laughter as he realized how absurd Hermione’s conclusion was and how afraid he was just a minute ago.


“You two aren’t in a romantic relationship?” Hermione asked once more,  still mystified by his laughter.


“No, of course not!” Blaise said as his laughter soon died down, wiping away a tear from his eye. “If we were to have any romantic relationship between us, we wouldn’t even be civil to each other in front of you two! We would’ve continued to act like strangers—mutual friends.” He explained thoroughly to get it through her head. “Like I said, we’re only friends—just friends.” It hurt to hear those words come out of his own mouth but it was true. His smile slowly sailed off his lips when he ended his explanation. “We’re just friends—nothing more and nothing less.” He convinced Hermione—mostly to himself.


“Oh, I-I’m sorry for thinking that! I thought you two were dating behind Harry’s back this whole time, that’s why I was so suspicious of you two!” Hermione exclaimed with a comforted laugh. “I’m so glad you two are just friends. I didn’t want to go through the whole situation.”


“That’s why you were so suspicious of us? You thought we were dating?” Blaise asked and received a nod from Hermione. “You’re delusional—but, I can see why you thought that. We have been hanging out with each other a lot. I see where you’re coming from, but just know that it’s nothing.”


“Thank you.” She said with a wide grin. “Okay, now that that’s off my chest,” She threw her arm over Blaise’s shoulder but struggled due to the face that he was taller than her. “you and Draco both need to shrink, it’s impossible for me to do this.” She complained but smiled over at Blaise. “Now, that we cleared that up, we should get going.”


“We shall.”


“You  know, I think we can be great friends. And I’m really happy that Ginny has a friend like you, too.” Hermione approved as they walked back towards the castle, laughing like two good old friends.


. . . . . .


Harry continued to read his book as he sat down on the couch in the Gryffindor common room. Right when he flipped the page, he suddenly heard his friend speak.




Harry stopped midway from flipping the page and turned his over to see Ron staring at him like a lost puppy. “What is it, now, Ron?”


“I’ve been thinking, Malfoy’s been acting weird ever since the holidays, don’t you think?” Ron asked as he sat himself down next to his friend.


Harry averted his eyes away from his friend with a stealthy sigh. “Ron, what is it with you and Malfoy? That’s all you’ve been talking about the past few days ever since you and Her . . . ever since you two stopped talking to each other.”


“J, just hear me out, Harry. I think I found something about Malfoy.” Ron told him in a quiet voice as he glanced behind his shoulder and around the room. “Is there anyone else in here?”


“Considering the fact that there are only ten Gryffindors who stayed here, I’m positive we’re alone here. Everyone’s probably all outside.” Harry told him with a grumble.


“Have you seen Lavender anywhere?”


“Now, you’re talking about your girlfriend? What—“


“Did you see her leave?!”


“Yes, she left a few hours ago—why?”


Ron let out a sigh as he glazed his tongue around his teeth. “Lavender’s been acting up these days.”


“Are we seriously talking about your problems with Lavender now?” Harry asked with a loud groan. “We were just talking about Malf—“


“Shut up and listen to me, will you!” Ron hushed Harry and swallowed hard. “We all know that Lavender stays by my side, right? She’s always stuck with me—whether I like it or not. Lately, she’s been running off somewhere in secrecy by herself. She never tells me where and I’m starting to get worried. She seems to be stressed about something.”


“She probably doesn’t like you anymore.” Harry mumbled under his breath, scratching his head.


“I’m serious, Harry. What worries me most is that I think Her—Hermione might be involved in all of this.” Ron stated with a low groan. “Lavender doesn’t know this, but I followed her last night . . .”


“And?” Harry asked a lot more interested in the conversation than before.


“I heard her talking to a girl . . . I wasn’t able to see her face or anything but, it sounded a lot like Parkinson.” Ron barely whispered the name as he looked around the place again.


“Parkinson? What does Parkinson have to do with this?” Harry asked as he looked at his friend. “Wait a minute! I thought she left for the holidays.”


“And that’s what I’m wondering, how is she back? No, more like, why is she back so early?” Ron stated his rhetorical questions to Harry with an I-told-you-I-was-onto-something-didn’t-I look.


“Tell me what you’re thinking.” Harry said, completely ignoring Ron’s smug smile on his face.


“Haven’t you ever wondered why Malfoy took a sudden interest in Hermione ever since the break started? And how quickly Hermione took interest in him?”


“What are you getting at, mate? Stop beating around the bush and tell me.”


“I heard Parkinson talk about getting rid of ‘the mudblood’.” Ron told Harry slowly and looked at him with a meaningful glance.


“Hermione . . .”


“She’s in danger. Hermione might be hanging out with the wrong people. I think Parkinson’s plotting something to hurt her. I may be mad at her right now, but she’s my best friend and I still love her. I don’t want anything to happen to her. Do you suppose Malfoy might be in on the plan with Parkinson?”


“Malfoy’s trying to get rid of Hermione? Why would Parkinson and Malfoy want to get rid of Hermione? Why now?”


“I, I haven’t gotten that far yet.”


Harry suddenly thought back to the conversation he had with Malfoy when they played Quidditch together.


. . . . . .




“Potter, don’t worry about me hurting Hermione.” Draco stated reassuringly as he balanced himself on the broom. “I do love her . . . you were right about that.” He said and flew over to Harry. “I just have a feeling that something bad might happen to her. I think she might be in a trouble . . . I don’t know when but I think she will.” He told Harry in a low whisper.


“What are you talking about?” Harry asked as he furrowed his eyebrows. “Who would hurt Hermione?”


“She’ll get hurt because of me . . . someone close to me might put her into harm’s way.”


“Why are you telling me this right now?”


“You’re the only person I know that will guard Hermione. You’re the only one I trust with Hermione.”


“How do I know you’re not lying?”


“I told you that I loved her, didn’t I? You know damn well I do, don’t you?” Draco asked and looked away. “Since I promised you something back there, I need you to promise me something.” He said and looked at Harry with sincerity.


“What is it?” Harry asked quietly as waited for Draco.


“No matter what anyone says about me after the holidays . . . just know that I really do love her. Will you just protect Hermione? Whatever anyone might say about her, just believe her and protect her.”


“I, of course, I promise.”


“Thanks . . . Potter.” Draco said quietly with a nod of his head. Before Harry could even open his mouth to speak, he flew away from Harry and started the game.


. . . . . .


“Malfoy isn’t in on this plan.” Harry stated as he looked over at Ron.


“How do you know?” Ron asked, his eyes beaming with questioning.


“I talked to him . . . Malfoy really does love Hermione. You can see it in his eyes. It’s sincere. Ron, you have to believe me. I know what I’m saying.”


“I . . . believe you, too. As much as I hate to say it, Malfoy seems to truly love her. I’m actually thankful he came in time to make her happy. I broke her and he fixed her.”


“You said you heard this last night?”




“Then, I think we need to talk to your little girlfriend when she gets back.”


“No, I have something better.”




“I have a feeling Lavender will leave again to see Parkinson again tonight. I say we follow her and see what this is all about.” Ron divulged with Harry and nodded.




“Okay, tonight is it.”


. . . . . .


Hermione stared at Ginny as she fixed her curls with her wand. “How was the date with Draco?”


“It went horrible. As a friend, Hermione, I really think you should break up with him. He’s truly a dangerous bastard.” Ginny replied, deadpan.


“What?” Hermione asked, putting on a frantic look. “What happened?”


Ginny cracked a grin and raised an eyebrow. “You know, he’s quite a gentleman. Not really, but let’s just sugar coat him up a bit.”


Hermione immediately frowned as she glared at her friend. “Really?”


“Really.” Ginny said with a wink. “He really does love you . . . and he told me all the things he loves about you—but I swore I wouldn’t tell anyone.” She stated as she looked over at her friend. “But, who the hell said that I’m good at keeping secrets?” She said as she shrugged her shoulders. “You should’ve heard him. He’s a love sick puppy for you. I did happen to trick him and hex him a bit, but it’s all good now. I mean, we had a real heart-to-heart conversation.”


The brunette continued to stare at her friend with disbelief. “You’re ridiculous.”


“And amazing—not to mention sexy.”




“I have nothing to say about that.” Ginny said and smacked her lips together. “Hermione, in all seriousness, I really do think you two are perfect for each other. I just hope you realize that Draco’s an amazing guy for you.”


Hermione lightly smiled as she felt her heart race from thinking about Draco. “Thank you.”


“But really, he’s an arse. That is why we will be great friends.” Ginny finished their conversation with a laugh as she headed for the bathroom.


Hermione laughed as she shook her head. She stood up and fixed her hair once more before she walked out of her room.


. . . . . .


“How did it go?” Draco asked as he stepped out of the bathroom wearing nothing but jeans. He walked over to his drawer and searched through for a shirt.


“She’s scary.” Blaise said as he thought back to his nightmare and the way she acted. “But, she’s a great match for you, mate. I approve of her.”


“Thank you for the approval, father.” Draco rolled his eyes with a scoff, putting on a shirt.


“Well, isn’t someone sassy?”




“I’ve been spending time with girls this whole winter break; it tends to rub off on you.”


“No, your feminine side is finally taking over.” Draco remarked as he dried his hair off with a towel.


“You’re still an arse.”


“You’re still a girl.” Draco replied back with a smirk. “I’ll be going out now, father. I won’t stay out too long.” He mocked his friend before he left the room. He was greeted by Hermione as they walked over to each other.


“How was your day?” Hermione asked with a giggle as he kissed her on the lips.


“Horrible—I thought I was going to die missing you. Were you feeling like that, too?”


“No, I was perfectly fine.” Hermione answered with a smirk as she stared at him. “Okay, rule number one, if you want to date me, please do not make any lovey-dovey remarks and comments. I hate those the most.”


“What? I can’t say that I missed you?”


“I’d rather not want to hear it verbally. I just don’t feel the need say it or hear it.”


“So you want your partner to show that he missed you?” Draco asked in a low husky voice as he wrapped his arms around her waist.


Hermione smiled and looked at him. “It depends.” She whispered back as she looked at him, only a few inches away from kissing him.


“I had no idea Hermione Granger had such a—“


“You two should really find a room before shagging each other. It’s very rude to do it in the common room where everyone can see.” Ginny suddenly scolded them from the side.


Hermione looked over and saw her friend looking at them.


“I can most definitely feel the sexual tension in the air. It’s overwhelming, please go.” Blaise said from the other side of them.


Draco looked over at his friend and sighed. “We weren’t going to do anything.” He said as he pulled away from her, looking at the two parents on the sidelines.


“I don’t know, I think something was definitely going to happen.” Ginny said and sighed. “Well, Zabini and I have things to do, so you two can carry on. I suggest in the bedroom, though. We might come back early and you two might take long.” Ginny continued to tease her friend until she was out the door with Zabini.


Hermione felt like someone had painted a bright red onto her face due to her embarrassment. “I’m going to kill her.”


“But before you do . . .” Draco walked back over to Hermione and put them back into the same position they were before they were rudely interrupted. “Where were we?”


“We were going to wrap our presents now.”


“No, we weren’t.”


“Yes, we were.” Hermione stated as she pushed Draco away from her. “Christmas is tomorrow and I think we should just get the gift wrapping done today.” She told him and winked over at him. “Maybe tomorrow we can finish where we left off.” She whispered over to him and laughed as she walked over to her bedroom again. “We’ll meet back here in an hour. I think we should wrap our presents alone.” She said and walked into her room.


“You’re the biggest tease I’ve ever met!” Draco stated as he shook his head, reluctantly walking towards his bedroom.




Well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Hopefully, you guys are excited for the next few chapters because they will be ... exciting. :) The writer’s block is 99% gone. But, there’s still 1% left, so don’t get your hopes up that the next chapter will be phenomenal. XD I'll try my hardest, though. As always, please drop a review below. I love reading them and just reading about your thoughts and opinions on the story. &&If you have any questions for me or just want to chat with me, please just message me or visit my meet the author page over the forums. I’d love to answer your questions and chat with you. :) Thank you so much.


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