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The Unwritten Words by TheSecretMarauder
Chapter 2 : An Unwanted Visit
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Characters and plot belong to me and everything that looks familiar belongs to JK Rowling. Hope you like this chapter :)

PS Thank you to the 17 people who have read my story so far! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!







“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” came the cold, snake-like voice of Voldemort.

I glared menacingly at him fully aware that my eyes were clearly filled with a burning hatred I had never felt before. I knew he would see the flames that appeared in my eyes when I was angry and I knew he would know what they meant. I was aware that I was starting to glow red slightly but I knew how to control it so I wouldn’t alert anyone of my full potential of being an elemental. Hatred was a good factor at the moment for me. Hatred fuelled my occlumency and with the anger raging under the surface right now felt like I could take on about 100 Voldemort’s without them obtaining any information.

“You are filled with anger stupid girl. You believe you can defeat me? Come join me and live. There is no good and bad in the world. Only power and those too weak to seek it. Join me and have power in my army. You would make a wonderful addition. Yes having a seer would be a great advantage to me.” Voldemort said.

His voice was icy and strangely hypnotic but I didn’t let it faze me.

“The anger I feel is the hatred I feel towards you and your twisted ways and mind.” I said in a menacing voice I didn’t know I possessed. “You will never corrupt me with you twisted point of view. I will never join you and if I have to die resisting you then so be it. I don't know how you found out about my seer powers but I can tell you that you would never risk killing someone who could tell you much about what you want to know. The only thing is I will die an infinity of deaths before I join you!” I continued.

“If that is how you wish to play stupid girl then so be it. Crucio!” he said calmly.

 I felt the curse hit me and felt pain I had never felt before. It felt like there were white hot knives piercing into my skin and bones, torturing me, causing me to scream. He relented after what felt like an eternity but what must have only been about 20 seconds. Anthony knelt beside me and helped me to my feet. I could feel the anger he was feeling. He wasn’t as brave as me so he wouldn’t say a word but I would. I didn’t care if he was feared by most I was going to stand up for my beliefs and help whoever is trying to defeat him.

“You will regret that Tom Riddle.” I spat venomously at him.

“Yes I know your real name, don’t be so surprised.”

“How...” he managed to say before I cut across him. “Dumbledore told me when he came to warn me that you were really back and to ignore the daily prophet’s attempts to cover it up and say it was a lie. He told me everything I need to know Tom Riddle and I will use it against you. I will use it to aid in your defeat by Harry Potter. The boy who will never die at your hand. The boy who will kill you once and for all.” I finished by spitting at his feet.

“Stupid girl. Do you not realise that if I must kill you to stop my secrets getting out then I will even with your seer abilities. There are more like you who are more easily corrupted but aren’t as powerful as you but yes they will be fine replacements once I have disposed of you.” He replied calmly.

“Avada Kedavra!” he screamed.

I saw the jet of green light coming my way and easily side-stepped it and watched it hit the shed behind me, the combusting into flames upon contact. Voldemort was furious. He smiled his evil smile then moved his wand to point at Anthony. He looked at me before calmly stating,

 “Join me or he will die. He may have pureblood unlike your half-blood but he is useless to me as he will never join me. He will follow you and no one else. He is loyal to you. Join me or he will die.”

 I could feel the anger inside me reaching bomb point and I could no longer hold it in even when I heard the pleas of Anthony telling me to stop but they were cut short as I blocked out all noise and flames surrounded me. I felt my clothes transfigure into a long, pure white, strapless dress while the red flames that surrounded me grew taller and I started to float off the ground. My hair floated around me and within my eyes, behind my eyelids, flames burned dangerously. 







My eyes snapped open and I saw Voldemort directly in my line of vision, staring at me in confusion. He obviously hadn’t learnt about my elemental abilities. He quickly recomposed himself before saying with a trace of awe in is voice,

“So the little seer is an elemental as well. That is unheard of. Your powers together is a rare powerful thing and you could accomplish so much in my service. Join me and you could have people follow your orders.”

“You mean be your slave and use my powers to do your evil bidding” I hissed.

“No you would not be a slave. You would be a powerful force alongside me.” He said rather arrogantly.

“Let me think about that for a moment,” I replied with sarcasm dripping off my words as I pretended to think about his offer.

“NO!” I shouted at him.

“You will be destroyed and I will help the people who will bring about your death. I will not help you defend yourself against them you foul, loathsome, evil asshole! You will not get rid of me either as you want my power, you will not give up until you get it. I know you Tom Riddle, I know what you will do to get power but you will fail every time.” I spat venomously at him.

He turned his wand back to Anthony.

“So be it then stupid girl. Avada –” He started to scream until he was knocked off his feet by a whip of burning fire.

I had lashed out but he was going to kill one of my best friends and I wouldn’t allow that. The flames around me grew higher and my eyes flashed more dangerously as I encircled him by a ring of burning white fire, impenetrable by magic unless I released it.

“You will leave here right now Tom Riddle; you will not come back here as long as I live. Do I have your word that you will leave and not come back when I release the ring of fire?” I asked as calmly as possible.

“You have my word stupid girl. I will still be able to get to you even if I am not able to come back here to find you.” He said somewhat quickly.

I released the fire and watched him disapparate then put a complicated ward around the town that blocked Voldemort from returning to the town and creating a ring of invisible white fire around the town that could only be accessed by people invited into the town if they were on foot. I could feel my energy fading fast so I was doing this as quickly as possible. Just as I finished I drifted down until I was only a few centimetres from the ground before I collapsed and passed out. That was the bad thing about reaching bomb point and using my full elemental power; I would collapse and pass out afterwards because it drained me of most of my energy. I barely felt Anthony’s arms catch me as I fell to the ground before I blacked out completely.








(Anthony’s POV)

I only just managed to catch Bella as she blacked out from the use of her full elemental powers. I picked her up bridal style before apparating to her front door. I let Bella down while still holding her up and pounded on the door with my free hand.

“Daniel! Joanna! Gabby!” I shouted as loud as I could until I could hear one of them coming.

Daniel opened the door looking a bit annoyed at having to get out of bed so late but his eyes widened when he saw Bella’s limp form in my arms.

“What happened?” he asked urgently.

“She used her full elemental powers against Voldemort.” I replied quickly.

“ Here? Fighting against you two? You can fill me in later but right now quickly come inside and take her to her room.” He said quickly, the worry evident in his voice.

I picked her up bridal style once again when he ushered me inside and carried her up to her bedroom and setting her down on her bed with her father following me.

“Stay here while I get her mother and sister and a few things we need to help her” he told me before hurrying out of the room.

I heard hurried footsteps going down the hall and then running footsteps from two people as her mother and sister came into the room. They stopped just inside the room as they saw me sitting next to her. It was obvious I wasn’t mentioned when her father had told them what had happened.

“What are you doing here? And how did you hear about this before us?” Gabby asked me curiously.

“I was with her when he attacked. He was trying to recruit her. I bought her back here after she drove him out of town.” I supplied.

“Oh OK. You can fill us in later. Right now we need to focus on getting her awake.” She replied with intense worry in her voice.

They came and sat on the other side of her bed next to her while I sat on the other. After a couple of minutes her father came back with a bag of potions, potion ingredients and a tiny cauldron. He conjured a table and placed everything down and lighted a fire underneath the cauldron.

“Aguamenti.” He said, pointing his wand into the cauldron to half fill it with water.

He took a restorative draught, a revive potion, a strengthening solution and a draught of peace while the water boiled.

“Give her the revive potion first Gabby then give her the restorative draught and strengthening solution when she’s awake and can sit up.” He told her sister while handing her three of the potions.

“Anthony can you cut the lavender and sage for me?” he asked while pulling out aforementioned ingredients and a board and silver knife.

“Of course” I replied while starting to cut the ingredients.

After I finished cutting the lavender and sage and handed them to Daniel to put into the cauldron along with a few drops of the draught of peace. The cauldron started emitting a sweet scent that calmed everyone down when they smelled it. I moved as far away from it as possible because it made me drowsy as well and I wanted to be awake at the moment.

After a few minutes Bella started to wake up and was able to sit up with her mother’s help. She was able to drink the potions and started to get more strength after a few minutes. She blinked and looked around her room as if seeing where she were for the first time. She saw me and practically jumped up to hug me.

“Thank Merlin you’re alive” she whispered so only I could hear before turning to hug her family.








(Bella’s POV)

I woke up with a dull pounding in my head. I sat up wearily with some help from my mother and drank a couple of potions. After a few minutes I had enough strength to open my eyes properly. I blinked and looked around and saw that I was in my bedroom. My gaze landed on Anthony and I jumped up to hug him tightly.

“Thank Merlin you’re alive” I whispered in his ear before turning to hug my family thankful that nothing had happened to me and that I wasn’t still blacked out.

“Dad do you have two vials? I need to give the memory of Voldemort’s to Dumbledore and so does Anthony.” I asked and explained.

He handed me and Anthony a vial each and then I spoke to Anthony.

“Everything from eleven o’clock to know and don’t leave anything out.” I said sternly.

I picked up my wand and thought back to the night I had had from when I had arrived at the lily field. I extracted the memory and placed it into the vial. I drew up a label with my name on it then took Anthony’s vial once he had done the same.

“Fawkes” I called softly

There was a flash of fire in the room before Fawkes flew over to perch on my shoulder.

“Take these to Dumbledore Fawkes. He needs to see them urgently.” I instructed the Phoenix.

He flew up to the ceiling of my room before disappearing in a burst of flames.

“Can I go to sleep now?” I asked.

“Yes you need to restore your energy. Anthony you are welcome to stay here in a guest bedroom if you would like. I’m sure Dumbledore will want to talk to you when he shows up later.” My mother replied, speaking for the first time.

“Thank you Joanna. That would be helpful.” Anthony accepted kindly.







Later that night when everyone had gone to sleep I conjured my tiger patronus and sent a message to Anthony.

 “Nothing happened at the lily field between us. No one will know but you and Dumbledore and probably Mad-eye and Professor Rose Cousins.”

A few minutes later his husky patronus came into my room and replayed his reply.

“Wait, won't you know about it too?”

A conjured my patronus and sent another message back.

“No I am going to wipe the memory as it is something I don’t want to remember unless necessary and Dumbledore has it so I can ask him to give it to me. I have to ask for his permission to do it anyway.”

He sent back a reply with his patronus again.

“Ok then. I won’t tell anyone then.”

“I know. We can’t tell anyone about it either when they decide to question us. OK?” I asked, sending my tiger back.

“OK, I promise” he replied.

I put my wand down and laid down. I was asleep within minutes of my head touching the pillow, my mind filled with a swirl of thoughts about everything that had happened. My dreams were terrible that night. I saw Voldemort killing innocent muggles in his rage knowing that I would feel the guilt. Did I mention I see visions in my dreams? Well now I guess you know now. When I woke up later I was covered in cold sweat and tangled in my sheets.








Hope you liked it! I know I am terrible at writing but please write a review, it will be much appreciated! Does anyone have any suggestions for the story? i know that i havent really described the MC's parents or her two best friends but i will get around to that somewhere. I will try and get the next chapter up ASAP! :D

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