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The Jar of Marmalade by talltwin18
Chapter 11 : Intervention
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I don't normally write anything before a chapter but I thought I should apologise for the shortness of the chapter. I know it's short but I think it was the only way this chapter was going to work and I didn't want to fill it with unecessary waffle (kind of like this note is turning into really). So anyway I hope you like it


Chapter 11

Harry’s scared face looked back at them all for a moment before he slammed his shields back down and a look of emptiness replaced it.

‘An intervention?’ he said, his voice as devoid of emotion as his face.

The members of the sitting room exchanged nervous glances as if trading off who would go first.

‘Yes Harry,’ J said, walking over to the sofa his parents were sat. He paused for a moment searching for the right thing to say. ‘Do you know why we’re doing this?’

This question took Harry by surprise. He had anticipated the usual barrage of, are you ok? How are you? Those questions Harry was an expert in answering, answering in a lie so smoothly that nearly everyone had begun to not notice. This was going to cut it today, they weren’t going to let him get away with ‘fine’ today; they knew. But did they know how far from fine he was? No. He could answer that one immediately. None of them would understand how could they?

The gathered family watched Harry silently and James recognised the look on Harry’s face showing his mind was working at a million miles per hour to try and resolve the situation back into his control.

‘Harry?’ J repeated, trying to drag Harry’s attention back to the living room. ‘I said; do you know why we’re doing this?’

Harry snapped back to reality and said automatically, ‘I’m fine.’

At this Lily dropped her head in defeat but most of the male occupants of the room let out various snorts of morbid amusement, the loudest of which being from Andy as he stood and began to pace next to his brother and parents.

‘Well at least you’ve still got your sense of humour,’ Andy said darkly, his voice entirely humourless. He was stilled by J placing an arm on his shoulder.

Harry looked at the scoffing men in confusion, ‘Well I am fine.’

At this Andy seemed drop to the same level of resignation that his mother was already at.

‘Harry you’re not and we all know it,’ said Hermione in a tiny voice, her eyes only meeting Harry’s once she got all her words out.

‘She’s right Harry,’ Ron said quietly after it was apparent Harry wasn’t going to say anything. Hermione held his hand even tighter as he said, ‘I know you aren’t sleeping.’

At this Harry visibly flinched as though he had been dealt a physical blow. How could they know about his nightmares? He had always been so careful with silencing spells and keeping himself awake, especially in the darkness of night-time.

‘You don’t let anyone touch you,’ James said, masking his fear and concern for his youngest. ‘You never go outside when it’s dark anymore...’

‘You aren’t eating,’ interjected Molly quietly looking at Harry’s wrought and pale figure.

‘And...’ James hesitated knowing that this was the point when Harry would go running. ‘And you haven’t talked to anyone about what happened,’ James finished resignedly.

As predicted Harry took a step backwards towards the door, ‘I don’t need to talk about anything,’ he garbled out rapidly, eyes flying across the room, from side to side.

‘Harry you do need to talk about what happened to you,’ J pleaded with his brother.

‘J is right Harry,’ Sirius said in agreement. ‘We are all here because we care about you, but no matter what you think you are not dealing with what happened to you at Malfoy Manor.’

With those last 2 words Harry felt ice grip his heart. He knew his left hand had begun to tremble and hid it quickly behind his back. He couldn’t live through that again, it was bad enough that he had to in his dreams but not here as well, not in the one place he thought he was safe.

The rest of the family looked on as Harry’s gaze darted around the room and he tried unsuccessfully tried to hide his shaking arm. They all knew this was what might happen; J had talked them through it. They had to force Harry to his breaking point before he would ever deal with what had happened to him. The whole room knew this was necessary but it didn’t make it any easier on any of them.

‘Harry, you’ve got to recognise what they did to you and not just bottle it away,’ J urged gently watching Harry try to compute what he was saying. They were nearly there, J could tell.

‘Harry, we are all here for you. You can talk to any of us...’ James began but that was enough smash the bottle.

‘I can’t talk to any of you!’ Harry cried, his whole body trembling with fear and buried rage. The room turned silent at this outburst.

‘Everything they did to me,’ Harry continued shouting now at the whole room. ‘Every time I sat curled up in that little cage waiting for what cruel torture they could think of next to try out on me! Every time I would try and escape the horror of my surroundings in my unconsciousness and that damned charm would make my most unimaginable fears come true!’

Harry was breathing heavily now, the only other sound in the stony silence of the living room. ‘None of you could ever understand!’

And with that he sprinted out of the room and through the front door with a bang.

Sobs began to escape from Lily as James though an arm around her, holding her close against his chest. Fred and George looked as though they had gone into shock, as did Mr and Mrs Weasley and Remus and Tonks, whilst Harry’s two brothers just looked broken.

Everyone was broken out of their reverie by Ginny. She hadn’t moved an inch or uttered a word since Harry had entered the room but now she silently uncurled herself from the armchair and all eyes in the room followed her as she walked up to Ron, Andy and J. Her face was white as a sheet and in a quiet, strained voice she called Fred and George over. Her brother’s shared a worried look. They knew that when Ginny was angry you ran for cover and hoped it wasn’t you that annoyed her, but when she went quiet was when she was beyond angry.

‘I want the 5 of you to go outside and find him,’ she said in the same impossibly flat voice, emphasising ‘him’ with a hint of the underlying venom. ‘Find him and bring him back here. Drag him if you have to. Now.’

Without hesitation the 5 men got up and left the room and Ginny resumed her seat in the armchair, directly facing the door. The adults shared concerned looks but said nothing, hoping that this might be what Harry needed to break him free of his past.



The group of 5 didn’t have a hard time finding where Harry had stormed off to. As they left the house through the back door they all saw his hunched and withered silhouette pacing at the bottom of the garden in the low light of dusk. They all marched over to him, without thought as to what they would say to make him return to the house.

As they got closer it was clear that Harry was not faring well. His whole frame was trembling, his skin was a mottled grey and he looked as close to a breakdown as you can get, while still clinging on.

It was with surprise when they reached Harry that Andy found he knew exactly what to say to get Harry back in the house.

‘Harry,’ Harry’s head shot round at the sound of his brother’s voice before focussing in on the one word, his world.




What do you think? I'm worried my writing might be getting a bit bitty, and a bit focused on describing the scene and character placements than the emotions of the characters. Let me know what you think, and anything you'd like to see- if I can't get it into this story then it will definitly go into my next one.

Thanks to reviewer Celia who I can’t respond to- anyone who reviews knows that I always reply to reviews so I just wanted you to know that I’m not ignoring you, and thank you for the lovely things you said and please keep reviewing as it makes me smile getting a review :D

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The Jar of Marmalade: Intervention


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