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In the Broom Cupboard. by Phoenix_feather123
Chapter 1 : The 12 hours in the cupboard.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.


Written For Pottergirl7's Broom Cupboard Challenge!!

“Al! Albus!” Lily Potter, daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter, called out to her older brother.

 “What?” Albus called back, not bothering to wait for her. He just came back from Hagrid's, which meant he missed dinner. And Hagrid's cooking isn't the best thing to eat.

 “Look what I got! Uncle George sent it to me! He said it was an early birthday present!” Lily squealed.


Albus turned around and saw a pink puff ball in Lily's hand. “Uncle George sent you a ball of fluff?” He asked.


Lily glared at him. “Pinkie isn't a ball of fluff!! She is a pygmy puff! Isn't she adorable!!”


“Uh, sure.... Listen, I need to go somewhere.” Albus started, but Lily cut him off.


“Say hi to her! And where are you going? ” Lily asked.


Albus sighed. “Hello, Pinkie. There, can I go now?”


“You didn't answer the question!”


“Fine! I am going to get something to eat, happy? Now go back and play with your plymgy fluff.”


“Pygmy Puff! Now you are just being rude!” Lily replied. “ Didn't you have dinner? I am guessing you didn't, I didn't see you there. I will come with you, Pinkie is probably hungry!” Lily rambled. “I didn't get to feed her yet, and she had a long journey.”


As if on cue, Pinkie squeaked and tried to nibble Albus's finger.


“Ow! Lily, tell your... fluff to stop chewing me!” Albus cried.


“She isn't chewing you! I told you, she is hungry! So, I am coming with you! Now hurry up!”


Seeing that he had no other option, he followed her down to the kitchen.



Twenty minuets later both of them were carrying armfuls of pastries and a jug of pumpkin juice. After the climbed two flights of stairs they stopped next to a large broom cupboard and took a break. Albus drank some juice and Lily gave Pinkie some cake. Albus was just about to get up and take their snack back up to the common room when he heard a unwelcome voice.


“Hey there Potty! Why are woo with your wittle sister? Did your friends leave you because you are such a baby?” Scorpius Malfoy, Albus's enemy, called out.


“Your just jealous that Gryffindor beat Slytherin in that quidditch match last week!” Albus shot back. “I wasn't surprised. It would of been impossible for you to catch the snitch with that smell of yours blocking your sight. Or maybe you are just lacking skill.”


Lily clapped. “Good job Al!”


Malfoy's face was now tinged red with anger but he sneered and replied coldly. “ I wouldn't talk like that, Potty. You don't have your big brother to protect you.”


“I could beat you in a duel with my eyes closed.”


Malfoy faked a pouting face. “It isn't good to buff, if someone found out you were, you wouldn't be so popular. Oh wait, the Potters are only popular because was happened years ago. They really aren't worth -” His words were interrupted by a flash of light from behind Albus. Albus turned around and saw Lily, holding her wand up, her eyes burning with anger.


“No one makes fun of our family.” She managed to say. When Malfoy sat up, his face was covered with weird stuff.


“Bat Boogie Hex, where did you learn that? You could make mum run for her money.” Albus said. But their victory was short lived. Malfoy muttered something and a force pushed Albus and Lily back along with all of their stuff. They got pushed in the broom cupboard. The door locked behind them and they could hear Malfoy laughing, (or what he could manage with a bat boogie hex).


“Take that Potties! Locking charm with a little twist from my dad! Taught me it last summer. That door is locked for twelve hours with no way to undo it.”


“You must be joking!” Albus cried.


“Well, I am. There is one way...” Malfoy said.


“Tell us or when I get out of here you are going to wish you have never been born!”


“The only way to undo the charm is to say 'Malfoys are always better than Potters At Everything' And mean it.”


“No way.” Lily said. “I am not going to say something not true .”


“Well then, enjoy twelve hours in a broom cupboard.” Albus heard Malfoy's foot steps fade away.


“Now what?” Lily asked.


“Looks like we are stuck here for the night.” Albus replied.


“Can't you do anything?”


“Didn't you hear Malfoy? He said it is impossible.”


“He might be bluffing.”


“I don't think he would.”


“Can you at least try it out?”


Albus looked Lily in the eye. “Why do you think I will be able to? Why do you think I can do everything! I cant! What makes you think I can do the unlocking charm?!” Albus said with fury. “I just wanted to eat something and then sleep in my room! And I bet if you hadn't cast that Bat Boogey Hex, he would of probably of left us ALONE!”


Lily looked scared. It seemed that she had tears. “Because you are my big brother, and I trust you more than James.” She said in a quiet voice. “But it appears that I am wrong.” She turned around and pulled her knees up to her chin


Albus immediately felt bad. “Look, I am sorry Lils. Your hex was amazing and I will try to get us out. Worse comes to worse, we would be here for the night. No big deal. We have food, and this is a pretty big cupboard. I mean, it can fit both of us with room to spare! Please don't be mad at me.”


Lily nodded. “I'm still mad at you, just not as mad.”


Albus laughed. “There's the Lily I know.” And he got up, examined the door, and tried a few spells. It wouldn't budge. After forty minuets of trying, he gave up and sat down on a bucket.

“Try hexing it.” Lily said.




“Try hexing the door! Maybe it would break.”


“Uh... I wouldn't do that Lils. It might bounce back. All my other charms did.”


“Oh. I guess we are stuck here in the dark for a long time then.”


“Who said we had to be in the dark? Lumos.” Albus's wand tip lit up. Lily did the same. Though not quite getting it till the third try. “There, not dark anymore.”


“Yeah, but you do look creepy.” Albus swatted her lighty.


“Not as much as you. Your red hair looks freaky in this light.”


Lily smiled and looked around. “I think we should clean up a bit. Make things more neat.”


“Why should we do that?”


Lily looked at Albus like he was crazy. “We are going to be stuck here for twelve hours!”


“Oh, right.”


Lily looked at him. “Well?”


“Well what?!”


“Gosh, Rose wasn't kidding. You are dumb some times. Do the vanishing spell! Make all of this dirt go away! Rose learned it, and you are in the same year as her. So do it!”


“Why me?”


“Wow. Your not dumb. Your Stupid. I am in my first year, your in your third. I don't know it. And I am sure Pinkie doesn't know it either.”


“I was joking! Ill do the spell. It might not be good though.”


After what seemed like hours, but was only thirty minuets, they managed to clean up all the gunk and trash on the floor. They also stacked the buckets and brooms to the shelfs above and made a makeshift table out of smaller buckets and a piece of wood they found. They also found some hidden dung bombs, what seemed like an empty box of extendable ears, and some old candy. The things people hide in a cup board these days. Crazy.

“That's better.” Lily said as she put the last cake on the table. “It is like a mini room!”


“A mini disgusting room where you can't even stand ” Albus said.


“Better than what it was before.”


Albus agreed.


“Oh, I forgot to tell you the rules.”


“What rules?”


“The rules of the cup board of course!”




“Yup! First, no going bathroom. As you should of noticed, there is no restrooms in this area, so if you gotta go, you can't go. Did I make myself clear?” Lily said.


“Yes.” Albus replied, vowing not to drink more juice unless if he is really thirsty, and no more than a few sips.


“Second rule is-” Lily started, but Alus tuned out. He thought of what Lily said, when she said that she trusted him more than James.


“Did you mean it?” He asked all of a sudden.


“Of course no eating the old candy if we run out of our food- wait, you aren't talking about rule #8, are you?”


“No. I was talking about when you said that you trusted me more than James.”


“Yes. I meant it. You are cleaner, less crazy, and seriously, who can trust James?”


“Thanks. Your not as bad of a sister as I thought.”


“Your welcome, and I will try to take that as a compliment.”


Albus smiled. Maybe Lils isn't really the annoying sister he thought she was.


“I am officaly bored.” Lily said after their tenth round of guess that number. Lily was really good at it. She knows more about me than I thought. Albus thought. He stiffled a yawn and looked at his watch. It was 11:30pm. They got stuck in there at 7:30pm. 4 whole hours. Albus realized his legs where cramping up. He stood up and stretched, almost hitting Lily in the face.


“I don't know about you, but I am sleeping.” And with that, he fell asleep, snoring slightly. Lily did the same and soon they were both out like a light.


“Albus, what time is it?” Lily asked.


Albus woke with a start. “Whahuh? Whyareyouinmyroom...” Albus started before he remembered what happened. “Oh my gosh what time is it?”


Lily rolled her eyes. “I just asked you, dude with the watch.”


Albus didn't know which was stranger. The fact that they had managed to make it this long thu the night or that Lily just called him a dude. He choose the latter.


“Um...” Albus squinted at his watch. “It is 5:00 am. We only slept 6 hours.”


“Yeah, I know right? I could barley sleep.”


Albus nodded and yawned.


“You know, I thought being stuck here with you would horrible, but it turned out to be okay.” Albus said to Lily.


Lily smiled. “And I thought you were smarter, but you are actually dumb sometimes.”


Albus smiled with her and looked at the door. “Yeah, I am dumb sometimes, aren't I?”


Beep Beep Beep Beep.


Albus glanced at his watch and noticed that it was 7:30 am. Which mean that the 12 hours where up. Which means that he survived 12 hours with his little sister, and learning to like her. This should be put in the world record book of Potters.


“Twelve hours are up.” Albus said.


Lily was dozing, but she woke up at the sound of his voice.


“Really?” She said through a yawn.


“Yup. Lets see if Malfoy told the truth.” He pushed at the door. It opened. They both crawed out, vanishing the trash in the cup board before they left. The walked for a few seconds before Albus's friend, Mike, and their cousin, Rose, saw them and ran toward them.


“Where have you been?” Rose cried! “Mike told me you haven't returned last night, and I wanted to go find you but it was past curfew-”


“I am okay. Malfoy trapped me and Lily in a broom cupboard for 12 hours.” Albus said, making Rose stop talking.


“Whoa, it must suck. Didn't you say that you didn't like your sister, and that she was very annoying? I wouldn't want to be you, Albus. Want me to go hex that git Malfoy?”


Albus looked back at Lily. She looked hurt. Normally Albus would agree with Mike, but not anymore. Lily wasn't what he thought she was.


“No. It wasn't horrible being with Lily. She is a nice person and not annoying. C'mon Lily, lets curse Malfoy till we can't even tell what he is. Bring your pymgy puff, Pinkie, with you.”


Lily looked like the happest person on earth. And that made up for the look on Mike's face.


Okay... Not my best piece of work, And in my novel, Albus Potter, the Journey Begins, Mike and Albus have different personalities, exaple: Albus loves lily and doesn't think she is annoying, and Mike is really nice and likes lily too. So don't judge the characters from my Albus Potter: The Journey Begins from here.

Read Albus Potter: The journey begins on my Authors page!

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