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Jump and Fall by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 3 : January
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I used to think white weddings were the only way to fall in love.

When I was 10, I used to fantasize about my perfect husband and how I would just waltz in to the dress boutique down the road from Aunt Jessa’s house and find the perfect one. Then we’d have the wedding in the snow, under a tent with beautiful white lining.

But then I realized the only thing that would get me is frost bitten and grumpy guests.

Until I met him.

Late Winter

Sunday, January 30

In all my twenty-four years of living, I have yet to attend a wedding.

So I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me that the first would be my little sister Lizzie’s. Believer in fairy-tales and true love, Lizzie has been planning her magical white wedding for the past eight months, and today is the day.

Lizzie got engaged to a Welsh boy last year at 19. Now newly 21, Lizzie will soon be Mrs. Oliver Hortan and moving to their small house in Wales.

With Mark being the oldest, Lizzie and I being the middle children, and Laura just 8 years, Lizzie and I were always so close growing up. I just…

I can’t believe she’s leaving me.

Selfish, I know. I just can’t shake the feeling of dread when I come home from my cold lonely apartment at Christmas and Lizzie just… won’t be there.

Now, as I help her get ready for her unforgettable day, I can’t help but think, when am I going to settle down? I never went to Uni after Sixth Form and am now working at a crappy job and living in an old crappy apartment, struggling to get by.

It’s not that I’m jealous, I’m just… resentful.

When is my prince going to come?

All of our magical family and friends were rounded up to use a port key to travel to Whales for the wedding. Except for Mark and I, he had to side a long apparate me there.

The wedding however had to be strictly, non-magical, as there were many muggle guests coming.

It took place on a beautiful snowy hillside with romantic white flowers and tapestries. As soon as I saw Lizzie’s face looking up at Ollie, I put my feelings aside and felt genuinely happy for my little sister, because I knew she loved him. Everyone had thought it was a bad idea, getting married this early, but I knew they would be together for a long time.

As much love as there was however, it didn’t do much to the fact that I couldn’t feel my toes. I urged the ceremony to hurry up, as I was ignorantly unprepared for the cold.

Thankfully, before I knew it, the ceremony was over and we being ushered inside the heated reception center.

There was dancing and music and food and wine, and Lizzie and Ollie did a traditional Welsh dance to open it up. Lizzie loved a good party, so the reception had all of her Hogwarts and muggle friends plus all of Ollie’s friends and family…

…including a Raven haired boy who, for some reason, keeps popping up in my life.

I stood dancing with my brother when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and met his eyes.

“Mind if I cut in?” He asked.

Mark smiled and kissed my cheek.

“Love the tie,” I called to him, eyeing the tie I had bought him just last month. He chuckled and walked over to the bar.

“Lydia Storben.”  He said, as I turned to him smiling.

“Mind if I have this dance?” He asked as he put his hands around my waist. I placed my arms around his neck, and began to sway to the music. This felt like an awkward primary school dance, me looking anywhere but his eyes.

“Lydia?” I looked up and he smiled down at me, and I felt something stir inside my chest.

“James…” I said trying to think if he ever told me his last-name. “I’m sorry; I don’t think I caught your last name.”

“Uh, it’s uh…” The music stopped and James looked away, as he dropped his hands from my waist and rubbed his neck. My eyebrows creased.

“James Thompson.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I replied smiling. “Are you a friend of Ollie’s?”

“Yeah, our mums were friends a while back. I ought to be going now; I’ll see you later, eh?”

I smiled at him and turned around to go meet my brother over at the bar.

“Wait! Uh, Lydia…” He called. I turned around and waited as he stumbled on his words.

My heartbeat faster. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t love at first sight. But when a very attractive man stands in front of you and wants your number, who am I to deny him of it?

I recited my muggle telephone number and he smiled and waved as he walked off to the other end of hall in an alarmingly fast rate, before stopping and shouting, “I’ll call you!”

I laughed and nodded as he turned around once more and headed out of the hall.

I took out my phone and set the ringer up as high as it would go.


A/N- So much for 500 words eh? Thanks for all your help and support of this story! J Please feel free to leave a review if you so choose.

Updates should start to even out as about every two to three weeks, as I am extremely busy with school and real life…. But don’t worry… I’m still here! Thanks again!

Xoxo GD76

***EDITED 21-4-13

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Jump and Fall: January


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