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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 21 : Torn
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The feeling of losing her hurt so badly the first time round. The second time, when I knew she still loved me and I still loved her. That made it ten times worse.

‘What do you mean?’ I croaked. She couldn’t go to America, she couldn’t leave, this wasn’t right!

‘I mean that I know they’ll drag me there, there’s no way that the Ministry will see my dad as suitable to look after us if he kidnapped a kid!’ She cried.

‘And you think that I’m going to let you go and live with some guy who abuses you and your sister?’

‘No one knows but me, you and Rory... and my dad,’ she replied, keeping her eyes trained to a point on the wall.

‘And you have proof, Charla,’ I pointed out, holding her at arm’s length so I could see her, ‘there is a scar running across your back, if that doesn’t say abusive, what does?’

‘I can’t go live with him James,’ she croaked, reaching out to latch herself onto me, ‘but it took me a year to tell you... how am I going to tell anyone else?’

‘If you don’t, I will,’ I threatened.

She burst into tears all over again.

I couldn’t believe I could do nothing about this. I could do nothing but sit here whilst my girlfriend... my best friend cried, breaking because some guy had hurt her. A guy I couldn’t even beat up because he was probably some huge manic with a reputation for murder or something.

Maybe he was one of the guys from the Wanted posters down Knockturn Alley...

Or Maybe he had escape from Azkaban...

Or Maybe... he was a Tattoo artist! SHOCK HORROR!

Dear Merlin, I think this is getting to my head.

‘JAMES!’ there was a screech coming from downstairs. It was a very Weasley like screech... Rose or Dominique or... Lily.

I bolted to the door and unlocked it, throwing it wide in time for a red head to come barging into me. Question was which redhead?

‘Rosie?’ I asked, tipping her head back to see her terrified expression, this earned me a punch... in the nose.

‘What the hell, Rose?’ I yelped, leaping back and clutching my bleeding nose, Merlin knows that girl can punch.

‘You’ve had us worried sick! Merlin James, your mother thought you were dead! Lily is frantic, don’t even get me started on Albus but-’

‘Yeah I get the picture but I couldn’t bloody likely drag Char into that mess.’

At the sound of Char’s name, Rose sobered up and peered into the room cautiously, ‘Charlie, you ok sweetie?’ she approached Charla’s crying form and touched her shoulder gently. Rose had a way with crying people, she was very good at comforting, almost instantly Char’s sobs stopped and she nestled into Rose’s arms.

‘I’ll be back in a moment.’ I figured Char would be in safe hands with Rose, but I told them to lock the door behind me anyways. I marched down the stairs, not caring about the screaming portrait on the landing and flew into the kitchen where a full blown row was taking place.

‘-You CANNOT expect me to let my daughters stay with a kidnapper!’ Katie screamed. The buff man who had come in after her in the ball, who I now assumed was Mr Van Blair, was standing beside her and nodding slyly.

‘Charla is going into her last year at school, Katie, don’t uproot her now!’ My dad reasoned. I was relieved to see he was ok.

‘You can’t tell me what to do Potter!’ Katie seethed. There was something off about the way she was talking, I had never seen her like this, she had always been so kind and motherly. And now as I entered the room, she glared at me too, ‘and you, you took her away!’

‘You were going to hit her with a curse,’ I reminded her simply. She did not seem satisfied with the answer.

‘Where is Charla, James?’ my dad asked gently, ‘maybe it would be best if she were to take part in this discussion.’

‘She’s upstairs, with Rose, she’s upset.’

‘Why?’ Mr Van Blair sneered, ‘her mother’s come to take her home, and me and her, we get along so well.’ He dragged out the ‘so’ unnecessarily so it sounded fake; sarcastic even.

‘She didn’t seem to think so,’ I grumbled.

Charla took that moment to enter the room, supported by Rose who had her arm around her. Char’s eyes were red and blotchy, not unlike Rory’s who was sitting in a corner with Lily. It seemed every member of the Weasley/Potter family was here, and more. I saw Scorp in a corner, and Aunty Luna, and Nana Andromeda who was really like a second grandmother to me. There was Oliver too, and a little blonde girl wearing a cute green dress and bunches sitting on his knee. I assumed this was Laurel.

‘You,’ Char’s eyes darkened, settling on Mr Van Blair.

‘You,’ Katie said, her eyes reaching her daughter, softening.

‘You!’ Mr Van Blair turned to Katie, as though surprised by the new, kinder tone in her voice.

‘Me!’ I said over the deathly silence. Every head turned towards me. I figured pretty much everyone would be angry at what I was going to do next, so I gripped my wand and hoped for the best.  ‘Yeah that’s right, listen up! You aren’t taking Char anywhere, not with him!’ I pointed at Mr Van Blair.

‘Why not?’ Katie snapped, ‘it isn’t your choice.’

‘Because,’ I raised an eyebrow, ‘look at Laurel,’ I nodded to the little girl, she scanned me over with big blue eyes, ‘does she look ill to you?’

Katie shook her head reluctantly.

‘Does she look like she’s been mistreated?’ I asked.

Katie shook her head again.

‘Does she even look unhappy?’

Katie had to shake her head yet again.

I’ve got to say I was good at this, look at me reasoning with an unreasonable mother and a... I didn’t even know what Van Blair was.

Truth was, there was nothing wrong with Laurel, she was healthy, clean, well fed, and all smiles. She was pretty sweet and looked like she would be great friends with Micaela.

‘what’s the point of this James,’ Katie sighed, ‘you’re wasting time and I want to go home,’ then she added, ‘with all of my daughters.’

‘I don’t blame you Katie, but you can’t take Charlie home,’ I said, ‘or Rory, or even Laurel I don’t think.’

‘James,’ Mum said soothingly, ‘she is their mother-’ I held up a hand to shush her and she closed her mouth. I didn’t want interruptions.

‘Mr Van Blair,’ I nodded to the arsehole who was surveying the scene with narrowed eyes, like he knew just what was coming his way. ‘Is not a suitable father, or step father.’ I said, ‘he’s abusive, and no offence but bloody ugly!

‘How dare you!’ Katie accused stunned, ‘I can’t believe you, lying about my husband like that, I thought you’re mother had taught you more manners.’

‘Katie that’s going far enough,’ Dad stepped forward glaring. I thought Katie was his friend. Turned out if you insult My mum you’re not allowed to be dad’s friend.

‘Shut up children!’ I declared. ‘Now look at this.’ I coaxed Char over, lifting my hand to meet hers. She seemed to realise what was going on now because she stepped back behind Rosie, looking absolutely petrified. But I took her forward and let her bury her head into my shoulder.

Gently I pulled down the back of her dress, and the back of her bra. And there was her scar. Shining brightly in the strange kitchen light. For everyone to see.

Rory burst into tears. Char burst into tears. Nana burst into tears. Lily burst into tears because everyone else was bursting into tears and with this kind of comforting, even Rosie was in a bit over her head.

Then, to my surprise, Katie burst into tears.

Yeah, I think she got the message.

‘You!’ Mr Van Blair snarled.

I barely had any time to say Me. Before everything went black.  

~ ~ ~


Beep, Beep, Beep.

You know, I hate beeps, they’re stupid and they remind me of alarm clocks. Alarm clocks are stupid.

Beep, Beep, Beep.

Beeps also remind me of hospitals. I really hate hospitals. They’re worse than alarm clocks.

Beep, Beep, Beep.

But you know what’s worse than alarm clocks and hospitals? Alarm clocks in hospitals.

That’s the worst.

And there was James, he was lying so still. I couldn’t believe he was back in here, I mean, after the Dragon Pox, and breaking his wrist, and you would not believe the amount of times he ended up in the Hospital Wing because of Quidditch or something, and Lily’s fall... I didn’t want to think about that. What if he ended up like Lily. Remembering nothing.

What if he didn’t remember me?

I don’t think I would be able to bear it, it would hurt so much. I know Lily now was still ever Best Friends with Rory, but the kind of friendship James and I have... it’s one of a kind... and I don’t think it’s the kind you can get back once it’s lost.

What if he didn’t love me?

That would hurt too, like you wouldn’t believe... or maybe you would. Because maybe you’ve lost someone you love too... I don’t know. But what if he doesn’t remember the kisses we shared. Or all the times we’ve talked and laughed.

I buried my head in my hands and waited for more tears to come.

James was my everything. He was my best friend, my boyfriend, he listened, he comforted me, he laughed when I was happy and held me when I was not. He never needed everything in return. When Lily was in her coma, he was still my rock, the one thing I could rely on to always be the same.

And now, why did I feel like this was being torn away from me.

I watched his sleep – I liked to tell myself he was asleep, because sleeping people wake up... people in coma’s they don’t always wake up – his chest rising and falling under the white sheets. His expression peaceful. Like he was just sleeping. His lips were slightly parted. I could kiss them, like Sleeping Beauty, the Muggle fairy story my mum used to tell me, but I would be the prince and him, the Damsel in Distress.

I almost laughed. James would hate being the Damsel in Distress, he liked to be the Knight in Shining Armour... he was my Knight in Shining Armour, he always would be.

Maybe, James losing his memory wasn’t the only thing that I was afraid of. The doctors told me, as I came into the hospital, the night that Lily woke up, that she was lucky to be alive. She had been in a coma for so long, they were sure she wasn’t going to make it.

James took a curse, the same one that I took for Rory... he took it for me. I remember standing there, I had turned around to see the horrified expressions worn on everyone’s face, my scar had been on display, a secret I’d kept for over a year. I knew Van Blair wouldn’t be forgiven so easily, perhaps Dad was hoping if he kidnapped Laurel I would have to tell her and she would get rid of the evil bastard. But it didn’t work out.

Van Blair pulled out his wand, fast as lighting. His eyes trained onto me. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain that hit me the first time round.

And then there was a yell. It wasn’t my yell, it was too masculine, but it held the same about of pain. I had opened my eyes and saw James, my James, lying on the floor, lifeless, breathing shallowly.

I screamed.

I could never live with myself if James didn’t wake up.

Because if he didn’t, he would have died for me.

And now I am feeling quite sorry for Char, but just to warn you, the next chapter will be in her Point of view as well. As usual anything recognisable isn’t mine and JK Rowling created Harry Potter. Thanks for reading and please leave a review, I haven’t had many reviews and they’re reall helpful. .



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