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Something Worth Fighting For by pixiedust97
Chapter 7 : Upside down and inside out.
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“Gryffindor is in possession of the quaffle,” Remus’ voice echoed through the pitch. “Potter passes it to Brown, who is now flying to the goals- ooh, and just misses that bludger from Crabbe- it’s passed to Jones and he shoots, he scores! Gryffindor is now in the lead with 40- 20.”


The stadium erupts with cheers, mainly from the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw stands. The red and gold colors that surround me remain as enthralling as ever, and flying in the middle of the pitch, surrounded by all this is the best feeling in the world.


The match has been going on for about half an hour, and by now neither the Slytherin seeker nor I have spotted the snitch. I mean seriously, there’s gold EVERYWHERE, how do you expect me to find a tiny golden ball flying at the speed of light? I mean it’s pretty much impossi- Hey there it is!


Almost as if my body had a mind of its own, I dive down the bottom of the Hufflepuff stands. That sneaky ball always flies to the weirdest of places.


The October wind slashes against me as I begin to fly faster, sending my hair flying in various directions.


“Looks like Stone has spotted the snitch, and is flying to the Hufflepuff stands with Walker right on her tail.” The announcement makes everyone stop in their tracks.


The crowd becomes still and the rest of the players remain in hovered in the air, waiting at the edge of their brooms. All eyes were on me, I could feel them tracing my every move.No pressure there.


As I got closer to the golden ball, I could see Walker inching closer as well, and if it were even possible I sped faster, and my dive became even steeper. Almost there, come on...


My hand was outstretched in front of me as my palms edged towards the snitch. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Walker mirror my actions. Suddenly, my fingers were enclosed around something small, my hands felt heavier and I stopped abruptly.


"Stone caught the snitch, Gryffindor wins!”


This time the cheering was even louder than before. As my feet touched the ground, I was almost instantly engulfed in a hug from the team. My heart sped faster and the adrenaline rushed through me.


I did it.


Soon, the rest of the school came down to pitch to congratulate us. Lily and Alice sped towards me and gave me a bone crushing hug.


“You were amazing,” Alice screamed over the roaring of the crowd.


“Team, to the locker room, now,” James bellowed from somewhere in the crowd.


“Better get going, bye guys,” I waved them off as I headed to the locker room.


I was walking alone, and decided to take my shoes off to feel the soft, damp grass on my feet. As soon as a tickling sensation was spread through the soles of my feet, I instantly relaxed. However, that feeling was short lived as I found the ground beneath me disappear as I was hoisted from it, by two strong hands that held my waist.


I let out a small shriek and before I was rapidly placed on two broad shoulders. My eyes darted down to see a familiar mop of black hair and a wide grin spread across my face.


“Contrary to your belief, I rather like walking, Oreo,” I commented with mock annoyance.


“Don’t insult your knight in shining armor,” he replied with a smirk.


“Oh, you’re right,” I replied placing a hand to my forehead and sighed dramatically, “What would I ever do without you oh great one? Knight Oreo, has a ring to it, don’t you think?”


“Call me Oreo one more time and I’ll drop you on the ground.”


“So much for chivalry,” I retorted acerbically.


“That’s me,” he replied with a huge grin. “Nice game today, Belle, you were awesome.”


“Thanks Smores,” I grinned.


“Now, how did Smores come about?” I could practically see him rolling his eyes.


“Oreo, Ors, Smores,” I answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.


“Did you call him Smores because of his soft, gooey inside?” James voice came from behind us, interrupting Sirius as he was about to comment on the newly acquired nickname.


“Yup,” I replied popping the ‘p’


“But that’s not manly,” Sirius whined playfully.


“And whining is?”


“Well, I- I mean, I never- Stop ganging up on me!”


James and I roared with laughter as we got closer to the doors.


“Why do his nicknames all relate to food?”


“I like food,” I shrugged.


“Aah, that explains everything.”


“Well, here’s the door,” Sirius interrupted. “I guess you can walk from here,” he commented dropping me from his shoulders unexpectedly.


I shrieked as I was left without a surface to sit on, but before I could hit the ground someone else caught me.

I looked to see Sirius smirking, “that’s for calling me mushy.”


“OI, no injuring my players,” James replied putting me back on the ground slowly.


As my feet once again touched the ground, the feeling of wet grass seeming so foreign to me, I turned to face the boy who caught me.


“Thanks Jamie-cakes,” I grinned.


“Again with the food,” he replied with a groan. “At least don’t call me something that doesn’t make me sound like an authoritative captain.”


“Sorry, never realized you were so touchy about anyone other than Lily calling you that,” my smirk widened as Sirius bark of a laughter erupted from next to me.


The laugh felt even more contagious as James walked inside the room muttering something about ‘soft food’, and how ‘no one understands him’ and various profanities directed towards Sirius and I.


Trying hard to contain our laughter, we entered the locker room to find that the rest of the team was already there, and staring at us with us with amusement.


“Now that we’re all here,” James looked pointedly at us, as we offered him sheepish grins before sitting down on one of the benches. “I just wanted to tell you guys that you all were all great out there. Now our next is against Ravenclaw, and I want to win. So, there’s practice every day at six, till dinner.”


“Are you crazy-“


"-absolutely bonkers-“


“Dropped as a baby, or something-“


“Do you want us to die-“


“Come on, mate, give us a break-“


“We have lives you know-“


Our disapproving statements overlapped each other.


“Come on, guys. Please? It’s my first year as captain, and I really want to win,” James said with pleading eyes.


“Fine,” we all agreed simultaneously, giving into his puppy dog face. I swear that look should be illegal.


“I love you guys!” James shouted before jumping on us and we were trapped in a group hug on the floor of the locker room.


“Can’t breathe,” Fabian gasped from under me.


“Alright guys,” James said getting up. “Party in the common room!”



This is what happens when you leave a room full of drunken teenagers by themselves: all hell breaks loose.


So you can understand what I must be feeling when, from my safe spot on the stairs, I could witness drunken mayhem.

Somehow, once again, someone snuck in firewhiskey to the party. 3 guesses on who did it.


People were dancing to the loud blasting music that echoed through the common room. And by dancing I mean either adulterated dancing or falling repeatedly on the floor with your partner in tow.


Many guys, including James and Sirius, were having a drinking competition, seeing who can take the most shots. People loose either by fainting or throwing up. Fun.


There were people snogging everywhere, I mean seriously? Despite what you think, PDA is very disgusting guys.


I could see Gregory Finch leading Rachael Finnegan up the boys’ dormitory. Eww, now I’m scarred for life.


Looking down at my glass of firewhiskey that I had clutched in my hand, full and unused; the thing is I don’t like the idea of losing control of myself, and become so oblivious of my actions that I might end up getting in trouble.


Call me old fashioned but if I do anything wrong, I want to be able to blame myself for it, not something that controls me like a puppet.


“Hey,” I looked up to see my boyfriend standing in front of me.


“Hey, yourself,” I said as Alex sat down next to me, giving me a soft peck on my cheek.


I guess you're thinking 'She has a boyfirend now?' Well, two weeks ago, after my Hogsmede trip with Alex, I realized I did enjoy his company and we had such a great time that when he asked me if I would be his girlfriend, I had no reason to say no.


I looked up to see Sirius looking at Alex with a scowl on his face, and then quickly turn back to having his drink. Stupid Quidditch rivalry, I thought.


“Where are Alice and Lily?”


“Lily is upstairs, obviously not in the mood for a party; and Alice is dancing with Frank over by the dance floor.”


“Why aren’t you doing anything entertaining?”


“Cause, I don’t really feel like doing anything else. When did you get here?”


“About a minute ago; couldn’t find you anywhere.”


“Yeah, well I have been sitting here for the past half an hour, looking around.”


“So, I see you’re having a nice time,” he commented sarcastically.


“Oh, I’m having a great time, dandy, really,” I replied with a grin.


“Dandy,” he commented amused.


“Why does everyone oppose to me using that word?” I replied, hysterically throwing my hands around.


“I don’t oppose, it’s cute, actually,” he leaned closer.


“Aww, I think you’re full of it,” I smirked.


He let out a small chuckle before attaching his lips to mine. My heart fluttered a little. But the fireworks, explosions and butterflies? They weren’t there. 






“I pick yours, and you will not back out, deal?”




We both held out our hands at the same time, and shook on the aforementioned pact.


And what might this brilliant deal be, you ask? Alice Prewett is now in charge of my Halloween costume. Why does this have my ultimate doom written all over it? Because Alice is under the impression that I am- without a doubt- in love with none other than Sirius Black; not Alex, Sirius. Which, I’m not. Nope. Not at all. Why would I have a boyfriend if I liked someone else? Duh.  So, back to why this is a bad idea… she will, and I quote, “prove that you two are in love with each other, whether you two realize it yet or not.”


This means that next Hogsmeade trip, I will expect a very, umm, unique costume.  


Before you question why I was stupid enough to go along with this, I must tell you:




Actually, she just dared me to wear whichever costume she would pick for me for the upcoming Halloween party. Fun! Can’t you see how excited I am about this? I’m basically sprouting rainbows and sunshine.


If there were any perfect time for you to roll your eyes, this would be it.


“No matter how interesting this is going to end up, don’t you think it’s a bit unfair, Al?” Lily piped up.


“Thank you! You,” I added in pointing an accusing finger towards Alice, “just abused the rules of truth and dare.”


“Actually I-“


“Abuser!” My arms went flailing about as I interrupted her reply.


“Are you calm yet?” Lily sighed.


Taking in a deep breath I replied, “Yes, I am, Lily-kins.”


“I will kill you,” her eyes narrowed as she glowered at me for using the nick name. But, that small hint a smile playing at her lips was the only thing that stopped me from cowering under her wrath.


“Belle, shut up, it won’t be that bad. It’s not like I’m going to pick something that overexposes you… too much,” Alice said, “and Lily, stop being dramatic. Now that you agreed to go on a date with him, you have no reason to get angry at his nicknames.”


“Fine,” she huffed and sat up straight, leaning back to the edge of her bed. I mimicked her posture, doing the same with my bed.  


Right, well we’re in our dorm right now- 10 galleons to whoever already guessed that- and were having our monthly sleepover. Don’t judge, its tradition. Every time something interesting comes, that either of the three of us have to share, we hold a sleepover.


And the something interesting that came up: Lily just agreed to go on a date, with *drum roll* James Potter. I was so excited that when she told me that she would finally give him a chance, I did a happy dance.

You know if you look past the constant bickering and sexual tension –seriously, it’s so thick you can cut it with a knife- they are perfect. The only person who doesn’t know that yet, is Lily. She would realize it, if she would stand being in the same room as him for more than ten minutes. Idiot.


“I still can’t believe you agreed to go out with him,” I exclaimed gleefully.


“Only to stop him from asking,” she pouted.


Both Alice and I shot her identical knowing looks saying ‘Who are you trying to convince here?’


“Fine,” she sighed before continuing, “I sort like him. Not a lot, because he is still an arrogant big-headed moron. But, he seems a bit different this year. I mean, he seems nicer, does not keep asking me out, and since we have been able to do okay being friends for the past three months, I guess I figured why not.” Her speech ended with a short shrug, as her our eyes questioned our acceptance of the idea.


“That’s great, Lils. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t mess this one up.” I nodded in agreement to Alice’s remark.  


“Right, well I’m tired, and its past curfew, we should go to bed,” Lily added, heading back to her bed.


The two of us groaned in annoyance to having to go to sleep early, but complied anyways, realizing that there was no way to beat Lily in an argument. I mean seriously, have you ever tried arguing with her? If you go against her, it’s like a muggle World War Three would begin.


Just as I parted my hangings to get inside, a knock on the window made me jump. Don’t judge me. You never know when some death eater or serial killer tried to get into your bedroom and try to kill you. I mean, they wouldn’t knock, but…


Peering out the window I saw Sirius grey owl, flying outside with a note attached.


“Hey, Bits, what you got there?”I asked reaching for the letter.


The owl seemed to give me a look saying ‘a letter, no shit dumb ass.’


After extracting the letter, as I went to pet it, he bit me. THE BIRD BLOODY BIT ME.


“Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine,” I commented trying to wipe the blood off my finger. I guess that’s where he got his name from. And here I was, thinking it was short for Bitsy, or something.


“Are you talking to yourself, again?” Lily commented sleepily from her bed.


I decided to ignore the fact that my best friend thought I was psychotic and went on to opening my letter.



Did I wake you? Never mind, I don’t care. Get your fat arse down to the kitchen this instant. We need to talk to you.


Being the awesome ninja that I am, I was able to quietly tip toe out of the dormitory, without disturbing the other sleeping girls. Then out of the portrait hole, and- still in stealth mode- continued towards the kitchen.

As I passed the Hufflepuff common room, I couldn’t help but think how different this year had been. If last year you would have told me that I would be friends with The Marauders, best friends with one of them, wandering about the castle in the middle of the night, going to the kitchen at midnight to meet these afore mentioned friends,and dating Alex McKinnon, I would probably have laughed at you for at least an hour, and told you to lay off the Gillyweed.


An involuntary smile spread across my face, as I watched the giggling pear turn into a handle. Entering the kitchen, the sound of pots and pans, and hushed whispers echoed around me. The distinct smell of cinnamon and chocolate spread throughout the room, and I just stood there for a second to intake all of this.


“There you are Milady, where art thou been?”




James groaned from next to him, “he’s been talking like this since history of magic, when Winters asked Professor Binns about the state of wizards in the olden ages; it’s seriously getting annoying.”


Just as Sirius opened his mouth to remark on the pun used, Remus cut him off, “No, Pads, there was absolutely no pun intended.”


Just as Sirius was about to retort, I cut him off, too. “Aww, don’t get upset Smores, remember: it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”


“Yeah, and we all know his are all soft and delicate.”


The three of us burst out into hysterics and started poking Sirius to see if goo came out of him.


After the laughter died down a bit, and Peter finished his pie, I continued, “Why hath thou summoned me at this late hour? It is past thine, umm, nap time?” I ended unsure on how to go on.


Instead of replying Remus and James looked at me as if I had murdered a first year, and Sirius grinned proudly at me, whilst patting my back showing me that I had indeed passed. Passed what, exactly, I wasn’t very sure.


I sighed as this was going nowhere, “In other words: I’m here at this ungodly hour, because?”


“Right well,” James started off, but Sirius continued for him.


“You want in on our prank on Avery?”


Hell yes!


“So, what do I have to do?” 

This Hogsmeade trip was going to be too good for words. 

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