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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 14 : Pressure
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A/N: Hello again! Sorry for the wait, was updating my other story and my internet then went down! Happy reading!




We left the Burrow fairly late and didn’t wake up till incredibly late the next day and Dom and I spent the day being lazy. In fact, we spent the next two days (the twenty six and twenty seventh) like that. On the twenty eight we decided it would be better to get out of the house to get some fresh air.

Dom and I were sitting glamorously in a little café in Diagon Alley wearing jeans boots and glamorous jumpers- in Dom’s case cotton knit and in my case a black long sleeve t and a fur vest.

“This is pretty good weather for London winter,” I smiled looking at the sun.

The sun was shining down onto the thick blanket of snow over Diagon Alley, with the sky a peaceful blue and only a couple of clouds in the sky. The snow looked extra white thanks to the sun’s rays.

“Mmmm, lucky we went out today,” Dom sighed sipping her earl grey tea.


“You mean pulling ourselves out of hibernation,” I joked stirring my cappuccino, which was one of my first forms of coffee in about a week, which was good news as I swear I was extremely close into going into,


Thank Merlin I had a coffee and we had dodged that barrier. I don’t think Harry Potter needs to save the world a second time, one dark wizard per life time is enough.

Besides, I heard that Harry was actually enjoying his quiet and happy life with his family. Apparently he is enjoying the ‘No Dark Wizards’ thing going on at the moment.

“True,” Dom gulped down more tea.

I sighed and drank my own studying my surroundings. People were wandering in and out of shops chatting aimlessly about Christmas. Everything looked normal, even though I swore I saw someone point at me. This was considerably normal after the James and I incident with the Hogwarts Weekly.

Though after Dom and I had left the cosy café, it was becoming unbearable with all the stares I was getting shot by passing teenage girls, one girl was actually crying.

“What the hell is going on?” I asked Dom as another girl glared at me.

“I have no idea,” Dom whispered, pulling me along.

“Stop staring!” I screamed at one girl, “What the fuck is this happening?”

“You don’t know?” a girl shrieked.

“Know why people are staring at me?” I asked her, “Does it look like I know?”

“You know all right,” she huffed, “You think it’s a secret but everyone knows,”

“She doesn’t have any secrets you little slut!” Dom roared, “Now back off!”

The little girl shrieked and ran off, yeah bitch, don’t mess with my part werewolf- part veela- Weasley best friend, she’ll knock you down.

We walked on, me about of crack under the stares, but I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

“No fucking way,” I whispered.

“What?” Dom asked.

I was already storming up towards the glass window and staring at an enlarged magazine cover.

“Merlin’s pants!” Dom cried.

In the window was the enlarged cover of the latest Witch Weekly which had been in released this morning. On the front was a huge picture of  me at the Ministry Christmas Eve Ball with James, it was one of the moments where we had dropped our barriers and looked very in love, we were dancing and you could see on my right finger was my ring. James was laughing and I was grinning up at him.

The main story of the magazine was, 


“Oh my Merlin,” Dom cried, “What crap!”

I wasn’t listening. I stormed into the store and grabbed the first Witch Weekly I saw, slamming it down on the counter, the shop keeper jumping in shock as I threw six bronze knuts at him and ran from the shop. I kept running until I reached the Leaky Cauldron with Dom trailing behind me, she was yelling at me to slow down but I didn’t until I was in front of the fireplace holding a pot of Floo Powder in one hand, magazine in the other.

“Follow me,” I yelled at Dom, stuffing the magazine into my bag.

“Where are we going?” she asked me, with a worried expression.

I raised my eyebrows and grabbed a handful of Floo powder, stepping into the fire,



* * * * *


Before even stepping out of the fireplace, I was screaming my head off.


I raced across the Entrance Hall of the Potter Mansion, wiping the hair out of my eyes and pulling the magazine out of my bag.


I raced up the stairs and I heard Dom arrive and run after me. Someone emerged from a door, Lily.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Where is James?” I screamed.

“His room,” Lily answered, pointing down the hall to a door.

I took off with my little minions and kicked open James’s door, amazingly, he was still asleep.

“WAKE UP YOU PRAT!” I yelled, shaking him.

“Whatsthematter?” he grumbled, opening his eyes.


“What’s wrong with you?” James cried, pulling himself out of bed and revealing that he was only wearing boxers. Normally I would swoon over seeing James just in his boxers and just waking up, but today wasn’t exactly classed in my ‘normal’ days.

“THIS IS WHATS THE MATTER JAMES!” I shrieked throwing the magazine on his bed.

Everyone crowded round the bed and gasped at what they saw.

“Shit,” James murmured.

“It’s a bit more than ‘shit’ James,” I cried, “They think we’re engaged and we’re not even dating!”

“You guys actually look like you are engaged,” Lily said as I shot her a death stare, “In the photo,”

“What have they said about us?” James asked.

“I actually don’t know, I haven’t read it yet,” I admitted.

Before anyone could snatch the magazine from the bed, I lunged for it and found the page of the article.

“Mother of Merlin!” I growled.

“What?” James asked, looking at the article.

James and my story were sadly taking up two whole pages of the magazine. There wasn’t a lot of writing but there were a lot of photos. The first was a door opening and James and I removed with a sly look on his face, the second was us sitting at a table and he was holding my hand, the third was us hugging, the fourth it was him kissing me goodbye. There was also three of us at Christmas outside, one was me jumping onto James in delight of my present, the next was him helping it on, with the last being James slinging his arm around my shoulders and walking back towards the house, whispering in my ear as I grinned. There was also one of me talking to Harry and Ginny.

We were so screwed.

My eyes darted to the written part of the page, it read,

Witch Weekly’s Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year is no longer a bachelor. That’s right ladies, James Potter is apparently tying the knot with his girlfriend Mae Flick.

James Potter and his bride-to-be, Mae Flick, were spotted at the Ministry of Magic’s Annual Christmas Eve Ball on Thursday night with Mae wearing a giant sized ruby and diamond ring on her right finger leading people to ask, has James finally found the girl of his dreams? But we all ask the same question, who is Mae Flick?

Mae is a very talented Gryffindor sixth year. Mae is a perfect alongside Albus Potter, and is taking nine N.E.W.T’s in order to achieve her goal, to become a healer. She also is a member of the Gryffindor Quidditch team where she plays Chaser under James’s captaincy, but apparently isn’t very good.

“She can’t play to save herself,” Justine Dowley admitted to Witch Weekly, “She probably tortured poor James to be on the team. I feel so sorry for him,”

This raises another question about our mysterious Mae, is she playing dirty? Is Mae a nice person?

“Mae is a horrible person!” classmate and fellow sixth year, Alessandria Sun told the Witch Weekly, “Mae thinks she is better than everyone and is a massive slut. It’s just a matter of time before James gets hurt, we’ve all tried to warn him, but she’s got him under her spell. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s using love potion on him!”

Love potion is banned within Hogwarts. If Mae has been using this potion on James, she could be facing a lot of consequences under the Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall.

We have tried to contact Headmistress McGonagall to ask her opinion on this subject but she told us ‘to back off before the school ghouls came after us.’

The new couple were also spotted outside the Burrow on Christmas day looking extremely happy. James presented Mae with a necklace for a Christmas present and the staff at Witch Weekly believes that Mae was at the Burrow being introduced as his new fiancée as her ring was in plain sight on her finger, she was seen happily talking to Harry and Ginny Potter, admiring her ring.

All the staff members of Witch Weekly wish Mr Potter the best and say that we will all be here for him after this time in his life.

To see more pictures of the Ministry of Magic Christmas Eve Ball; see page nine.


I quickly flicked to page nine and just saw more horrendous pictures of me and James at the ball looking all lovey dovey. I sighed and put it back down and everyone went silent before someone burst into through the door.

“James, mum says,” Albus started, “Oh, hi guys. What are you guys doing here?”

“So you mean that you didn’t hear Mae’s extreme shouting in the Entrance Hall?” Dom asked.

“No?” Albus said, “Why were you screaming Mae?”

“This,” I sighed, pushing the magazine towards him.

Albus just looked at the cover and sighed.

“Don’t worry about it, everyone will get over it soon enough,”

“But I want people to get over it know!” I whined, lying on the bed, “Don’t people have any fucking privacy?!”

“Seems not,” Lily whispered.

“What does it mean that ‘he gave you a necklace’?” Dom asked.

“This,” I said, pulling James’ necklace from inside my top.

Everyone crowded round to look at the shining necklace dangling from my fingers, Lily squealing.

“It’s so pretty!”

“It looks pretty expensive,” Dom exclaimed, “For a best friends present,”

“Nah,” James said, “It was nothing! Exact same any of you would have spent on your best friend!”

I grinned but my smile fell quickly, “Can’t this go away though,” I gestured to the magazine on the bed.

“They will soon enough, some big story will come and out and everyone will forget,” James smiled.

“Haven’t they noticed that the ring is on my right hand?” I cried, holding up my hand.

“Obviously not,” Dom sighed.

“I wouldn’t wear that round though,” James muttered.

“What? Why?” I whined.

James raised his eyebrow.

“I like my ring,” I whined as I pulled it off and popped it in my bag. My finger suddenly felt bare.

“If it is alright everyone, I’d like to speak to Mae alone,” James asked.

Everyone just grumbled and walked out the room, while I laid on James’s bed silently staring at the ceiling and James lay down next to me, still just in boxers. I didn’t care, I’d seen him nude. James wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a cuddle.

“You ok?” he asked.

“Fine,” I muttered.

“What do you want to about it?” he asked.

“Just ignore it I suppose and deny rumours?” I sighed.

“You missed an important point I taught you,” he murmured in my ear.

“What point?”

“Flirt with every guy possible,” James thought for a moment, “Snog a couple too,”

I was shocked this was coming out of his mouth, “Ok,”

I lay in his arms for a minute or so before I stood up and stared at James. He looked so gorgeous sitting there, I pushed his hair back off his face and turned away to go back to the Weasley’s to hide from the world.

“Thank you, for everything,”

“No problem, what are best friends for?” James grinned.

“See ya later,” I smiled walking from the room to find Dom.


* * * * *

“Mae! Are you ok, dear?” Fleur asked, as she saw me walk into the kitchen of Shell Cottage with tears running down my face.

“It’s nothing,” I whispered.

“It’s not nothing!” Dom shrieked, before slamming the magazine on the kitchen bench, “This is what’s wrong mum,”

Fleur carefully read through the article and scanned through the pictures, very silently with the only sound in the room being my crying.

“Darling, come here,” Fleur said, opening her arms.

I raced into her hug, flinging my arms around her. She held onto me tight as I did to her.

“It will be ok, it’s just a passing phase,” Fleur whispered.

“But its James Potter,” I cried, “His whole fan club will be out to get me and I’ll have absolutely no life! I’m ruined!”

“Those girls will figure it out soon enough Mae,” Fleur whispered, “Once they get their heads out of there arses,”



I giggled at myself.

“Thanks Fleur,” I smiled, starting to unwrap myself from her hug.

“GROUP HUG!” Dom yelled, flinging herself around me and her mother.

Too late.


* * * * *


The day after the article came out, I was already receiving hate mail. Most of it was along the lines of ‘You whore’ or ‘You have no right to be with a complete innocent boy like James!’ I scoffed at that one thinking of James’s ‘innocence’ and how he was still grounded from when Ginny had found the condoms in his room.
That’s definitely innocence. 

After I began to receive things like Bubotuber pus and biting liquorice, I just burned them.

I was also getting a lot of harassment over Parchment. A lot of girls had either posted on my wall or sent threating messages. My poor new ePhone was going into hysterics from all the notifications coming through.

I was hoping it didn’t blow up.

I had decided to change my name back to Mae Flick as I thought that people will definitely get the wrong idea when my name was Mae ‘scumbag’ Flick.

Dom was trying to get me out of the house, but I wouldn’t move. I spent my days owling Ginny, James, Albus, Lily, Rose, Roxanne, Freddie (by default), Carolyn and Robyn. My poor owl was getting extremely tired. Dom had also been trying to get Louis to get me out of the house and Victoire had tried once. The girl was getting desperate if she was talking to Victoire.

It’s not that I didn’t want to leave, but every time I looked out the window, I could see a person with a camera hoping to get a snap to sell.

It was way too dangerous.

There were groups of fan girls trying to kill me all because I was engaged to James Potter.

There was no safe place outside my room now. 



A/N: How did you like it? Lots of pressur on her now! 

The little grey box at the bottom of the page is feeling really lonely right now, you gys should make it feel happy by posting in it :)

By the way, could some amazing personhelp me on a banner?I wouldlve you forever and ever!

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